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Friday, October 1, 2010

Chapter 7 - The End of Peace
Shin and Shingi ride back through the northern lands and Shingi says, "We aren't friends because of this."

"I know. Aurora had me ask you to come with." Shin replies.

"It was just like old times though." Shingi says with a grin.

Shin nods and they ride the rest of the way in silence.


Ta and his men are the first to get back home as well as the only ones who didn't lose a single soldier.

Lust greets them at the castle gates and gives Ta a big hug and kiss.

"You've been kissing someone else haven't you?" Lust asks.

"Your little potion worked better then expected." Ta says handing her the empty bottle back.

"So who did you use it on?" Lust asks.

"Lata and Siina. Lata mostly." Ta says while they walk back towards the doors.

"The one with the tongue?" Lust asks and Ta nods, "Didn't you sleep with her after one of Nara's parties?" Lust asks.

"That's the one." Ta says.

Lust stares at him for a moment before she says, "I want full details on what happened between you and her."

Ta laughs and walks inside.


A few days pass and Nara has made a full recovery except his horns haven't grown back. He walks through the halls and makes his way straight for the tower where he has another library. He grabs one of his books and flops down in a chair.

Hiding in the back of the library between two book shelves, Sephile holds her breath as she stands there. From her position she can't see Nara.

Suddenly she is yanked out violently and slammed against the wall with so much force that the 18 inch thick blocks in the wall move a couple inches.

"What are you doing up here?" Nara asks in pissed off tone with his hand wrapped tightly around her throat.

Blood trickles down the wall from a gash in the back of her head.

"Answer me." Nara says getting angrier.

"Just curious to see what was up here." She replies.

"Bullshit!" Nara says and slams her against the wall again, "I know what you have been plotting with Roswell since you first came here. Remember all those men you had meet you in that old building? I gave the word to kill them and burn it down. In this castle, I. KNOW. EVERY. MOVE. YOU. MAKE." Nara says looking deep into her eyes while squeezing her throat more.

Her eyes start to roll back into her head.

"From this day forward you are banished to No Man's Land. Along with Roswell." Nara says loosening his grip a bit, "Step foot into any other lands and I will personally tear you apart with my hands."

Sephile struggles for air.

"UNDERSTAND!!!" Nara says slamming her against the wall one more time.

"Yes." She whispers.

"What?" He asks putting his ear closer.

"Yes, milord." She says a little louder.

Nara lifts her up and tosses her out of the window.


Standing in the hallway below Roswell waits patiently for Sephile to show up. Her screams catch his attention and he watches as she falls into the courtyard.

He turns to run to her aid and sees Nara standing right there.

"Milord." Roswell says surprised.

"You and Sephile have been banished to No Man's Land for the rest of your lives. If you step foot onto any other lands then you will die by my hands." Nara says then leans in and whispers, "I know how to kill regenerates like you."

Roswell gulps and stands there nervously.

Koji lands next to Nara and Nara whispers something to him.

"Hai!" Koji says and leaps out the window into the courtyard.

Sephile is laying on her back, unconscious from the fall. Miraculously, she is still alive. Koji grabs her by her hair and drags her towards the stables.

Nara shoves Roswell out the door and he stumbles before falling into the dirt. Before he can stand a thick chain is wrapped around his neck. A couple stable hands drag out a chariot and Nara opens his book.

"Consider this your final gift from me." Nara says and reads a spell.

6 circles of flames appear and 6 horses come out. The horses snort fire and with flames as their manes and tails, they just ooze evil.

Nara glances back at Koji, who nods and whistles. Nara picks Sephile up by her hair and drops her face into the water trough. She coughs and pulls her head out.

"To show you exactly what I meant when I said I know everything you are up to." Nara says, "Allow me to introduce your group of followers."

Several guards lead every one of Roswell's followers out.

"Please have mercy!" One of the merchants says.

"Not today. Look, see that smoke?" Nara says pointing to the smoke billowing into the sky, "That's your shop."

A look of horror comes over the merchant's face.

"The only question is should your family pay the price for your back stabbing?" Nara asks, "What do you think, Koji?"

Koji looks at the merchant who is crying at the moment.

"It would definitely set an example for the rest of the Demon Realm." Koji replies.

"Then its settled. They die at dusk." Nara says.

"All set milord." The stable hand says with a bow.

Nara wraps a chain around Sephile's neck and it's attached to the chariot. Nara hops into the chariot and looks back at Sephile and Roswell.

"This may be a bit bumpy." Nara says as Koji climbs into the driver's seat of a large wagon with the followers crammed into it. Each of them have been gagged and chained together.

Nara whips the flaming horses and they take off like a shot. Roswell and Sephile are dragged through the city streets at a high rate of speed. Koji goes through the city at a much slower rate of speed.

"Traitors against the Demon King." Reads the sign on both sides of the wagon.

The peasants start throwing everything and anything they can pick up. One peasant throws a large barrel full of animal intestines.


"It is really beautiful out here isn't it?" Silmeria comments on the countryside as she and Sessaru take their time to get back.

"Yeah. It has a mixture of all the other lands all rolled into one." Sessaru replies.

"Milord," A messenger says riding up to Sessaru, "Lord Nara wishes to speak with you at the crater."

Sessaru turns his horse around and rides with the messenger back to the crater.

The following morning, Sessaru and Silmeria ride up to the crater and spot Nara next to a raging river. Roswell and Sephile are trapped in the raging current.

"What's up, Nara?" Sessaru says.

"I got some demons that have decided to try and overthrow me. Actually, that was their plan but thanks to Sephile it has been found out." Nara explains, "I was going to banish them to No Man's Land but there have been some heavy rains up north and it washed away No Man's Land. So I was wondering if I can keep them in the crater that you so kindly made."

Sessaru peers down into the crater and ponders about it for a moment.

"Sure. I had no use for it." He replies.

"Excellent." Nara says, "Koji will be bringing some more in a couple hours."

Nara drags both, Roswell and Sephile out of the river. He stands them at the edge of the crater, where he unwraps the chains.

"Enjoy your new home." Nara says before shoving them in. They tumble and roll all the way to the center.

"Got tired of them?" Sessaru asks.

"Yeah, she kept spying on me everywhere I went. Like I wouldn't know she was there." Nara says.

Koji arrives shortly after and jumps off the wagon just before it goes into the crater. Everyone watches as the wagon and its passengers crash before tumbling to the bottom.

"I will remodel this so that they can't escape." Koji says holding the reins of the horses.

Surprisingly, only a few of them died.

"ROSWELL!" Nara shouts, "Congratulations! You are now Lord of this crater."

"So what are you going to do?" Sessaru asks.

"Probably stick around and watch them till Koji gets back." Nara says.


At a fighting school, along the borders of the Northern and Western Lands, a demon kicks down the doors and behind him the bodies of the students and teachers lay dead. He looks around his surroundings and clutches a bag in his hand.


Several days pass and Nara still sits at the top of the crater. The sounds of wagons approaching breaks him from his hypnotic stare at the center of the canyon.

"Finally!" He says getting to his feet.

Koji pulls up next to Nara and Kareen pulls up on the other side.

"Forgive me for taking so long." Koji says bowing.

Nara looks back at the twelve wagons full of demons.

"These are the ones who will make this crater almost escape proof." Koji says as the hooded demons climb off the wagon with a pick axe in their hands.

"And the other wagon has their families. That's what took so long." Koji explains.

Nara walks back to the last wagon and looks them over.

"How many of you know why you are here?" Nara asks and no one raises their hand, "Who here knows what your husbands and fathers have been doing as of late?"

They all look at one another then back at Nara.

"Lying will result in an immediate death." Nara says sternly.

"My husband wanted to help someone overthrow you." One woman says.

After a couple moments a couple others raise their hands.

"You and your family may hop off. The ones who had no clue may hop off as well." Nara says and only a couple families remain, "The rest of you should hold on tightly."

Nara motions to the driver and the driver starts to navigate his way down to the center of the crater.

"You all shall be given a choice since you were honest with me." Nara starts, "Your husbands are down there. You can either spend the rest of your lives with them here, trapped, or you may return to your homes." Nara explains.

No one moves.

"I will take it that you wish to not join in on your husbands' punishment." Nara says and they nod with tears in their eyes, "When the wagon gets back, you may go."

Koji marks off an area and the demons start digging. Within a few hours a decent section has been dug out.

"Looks good, Koji." Nara says with Kareen at his side. He wanders down to the center where he is swarmed by Roswell's followers.

"I thought my family was dead and here she tells me they are alive and just past that ridge." One merchant says angrily.

"Its true. They were the ones whom I gave a choice to. They chose not to have the same fate as you. The ones that were sent down here didn't." Nara explains, "This is what you brought upon yourselves. I am not to blame for this."

Nara pushes through the crowd and stands before Sephile who looks down at her feet like a scolded child.

"If you wish to point the finger of blame then perhaps you should point in her direction." Nara says and walks over to Roswell.

"Have you forgiven me yet, milord?" Roswell asks sitting on a large rock.

"Never even crossed my mind." Nara says and sits next to him, "I have a deal to offer you though."

"A deal?" Roswell asks.

"It's simple. Kill Sephile and you and everyone else may go home." Nara says and everyone looks at him.

"Kill her?" Roswell repeats.

"Yes. Kill the only woman who actually believes in you. The one who has stood by your side for centuries and probably the only woman who truly loves you. That's it." Nara offers, "If any of you kill her then the deal goes out the window."

Roswell sits there silently and thinks very long and hard about this. Meanwhile, Sephile stands there in shock from hearing the offer from Nara.

"I can't do it." Roswell says.

"That's the selfish choice but given the circumstances I can't blame you." Nara says and pats Roswell's shoulder, "Consider this your land. Let's see how well you handle your first actual ruling by yourself."

Roswell looks up and Nara walks off.

"How could you put her above all of us? I have a wife and young child back home." One merchant says grabbing Roswell by the shirt.

Roswell shoves him to the ground and grabs the guy by the throat.

"How dare you touch your Lord!" Roswell says and breaks the guy's neck.

"They won't last too long at this rate." Nara says to Kareen as he walks up to the crater ridge.


The following afternoon, Koji and his workers crawl out of the crater and admire their handiwork.

"Thank you. Your pay is in the wagons." Koji says and the demons leave with all but one wagon.

"I don't think they will be escaping anytime soon." Nara says looking into the crater.

In the center of the crater stands a mesa, that is a quarter mile high from a sea of lava surrounding it. From where Nara stands is an eighth of a mile to the center of the mesa that is over a half mile down. The mesa has been carved so that the edges are perfectly smooth and no cracks to grab on to.

"They would need someone's help to escape from this place." Kareen says.

"That's why I hired them." Koji says motioning to several wagons pulling up.

Dozens of mercenaries jump off the wagons and walk towards them.

"What is this job?" One mercenary asks.


"No luck, Milord." One merchant says and wipes the dirt from his face.

"Damn. We have been here over two months and still no luck with the escape plan." Roswell says.

"We had better think of something before we starve. The food and water supplies that Nara left us are running low." Sephile says.

"Well only about a dozen merchants remain so that has helped a bit." Roswell says with a laugh.

"Milord!" A merchant says outside the cave entrance.

The top of the mesa is now dotted with small caves they have made for shelter.

Roswell and Sephile emerge from their cave and use their hands to block the bright sun.

"What is it?" Roswell asks.

"Someone is standing up there looking down here." The merchant replies squinting to see better.

"HE JUMPED!!" Another merchant says.

A big dust cloud obscures the view of the person as he lands in the center of the mesa. A gust of wind blows the dust away and Nara is standing there. Everyone drops their weapons and backs away.

"What are you doing here?" Sephile asks hiding behind Roswell.

"I have brought some food and water for everyone. Although I should just let you all starve to death." Nara says walking around.

"Thank you." The merchants all say together.

"We don't need your help. We are fine by ourselves." Sephile says still behind Roswell.

"As you wish." Nara replies and his book materializes in his hand. He reads one of the spells and a big poof of smoke appears.

Once it disperses Roswell and Sephile are the only ones who remain on the mesa.

"You are setting us free?" A merchant asks.

"Yes. You have suffered enough." Nara replies and heads towards the mercenaries.

"So we get paid and well fed to just sit around this crater and make sure no enters or leaves?" He asks.

"Exactly." Nara replies with a smile, "Why don't you take your men to the town for a few days. I'll watch them."


A few years pass and the demon from the fighting school emerges from the forest on the western edge of the crater. He catches himself and peers down to the lava below.

"Someone is over there." A mercenary says to another as he points to the demon.

"It doesn't matter. Let him look." The other one says and sits back down around the campfire.

The demon walks into their camp and looks around quickly before coming closer.

"What's down there?" He asks casually.

"Some demons that tried to betray the Demon King." One mercenary says putting some more wood on the fire.

"Really?" He says.

The two mercenaries eye the demon cautiously and before they can draw their weapons the demon puts a kunai knife into each of their heads, killing them.

As the sun sets several more fires pop up along the ridge of the crater.

"They could be very useful if the Demon King has them stranded on that mesa." The demon says and runs off into the darkness.

Camp by camp, the demon sprints through killing everyone before moving to the next. Within an hour all of the mercenaries have been killed and their bodies tossed into the lava below.

He gathers all of the rope from all of the campsites and ties the ends together making one long rope before securing it to a large tree. With one final recheck of the knots, he runs and leaps towards the mesa, a half mile down.

He lands and dislocates both hips and sprains an ankle from the rough landing. Roswell and Sephile rush out of their cave and see the demon writhing around on the ground.

"Who the hell are you?" Roswell asks.


250 years pass and Roswell and Sephile are living on the outskirts of a tiny village in the western lands.

"I wonder where he went?" Roswell asks as he and Sephile walk up a hill to their hut.

"I believe he said he was going to the Capital to recruit some more, Milord." Sephile says.

Roswell walks inside and stops in his tracks as Sephile closes the door.

"Welcome home." Nara says sitting next to their cooking fire, "Hope you don't mind I made some tea while I waited for you."

"Lord Nara." Roswell says nervously.

Sephile hides behind Roswell and shakes uncontrollably.

"No need to worry. I haven't come to kill you. If that's what I wanted you would of been dead a long time ago." Nara says motioning for them to sit.

They sit and Nara smiles.

"You two are looking good. No children yet? That surprises me." Nara says and Sephile glances down.

"What brings you all the way out here, Lord Nara?" Roswell asks.

"Just thought I would check up on my old acquaintances while I was passing by." Nara replies.

"We are just trying to live a quiet normal life." Sephile says.

"Uh-huh." Nara says and pulls out a scroll with about 500 names on it, "Is that why you have these people in your little network of information?"

Sephile's eyes grow wide as she reads the list.

"How did he get these names?" She asks herself.

"I will give you credit you have done well to keep a low profile. However, you have a long way to go before you could ever surpass my information network." Nara says.


The morning after they escape from the mesa.

"Lord Nara, It seems that a demon killed all of the mercenaries and helped Roswell and Sephile escape." Koji says waking Nara up.

"Wow, they lasted longer then I thought." Nara replies rolling over to look at him.

"Should I have them killed?" Koji asks.

"No. Let them go. With all this peace they could be just the thing to spice this up just a bit." Nara says, "Keep a close eye on their movements and your usual intelligence gathering will suffice." Nara rolls back over and drapes his arm across Kareen's stomach.

"Hai!" Koji says and vanishes.


"Thank you, but why have you let us live for so long?" Roswell asks.

"That's simple. You two haven't posed a threat to me." Nara replies.

"You said you were going to kill us if we left that crater." Roswell says.

"I know but watching you two slink around and keep a low profile has been quite amusing. Besides you two spent a long time in that crater. I think you served enough time." Nara says.

"What do you mean we pose no threat?" Sephile asks quietly.

"You don't possess the ability yet to even get pass my front gates let alone kill me. With this list of demons I wouldn't even have to get my army involved. Besides, all I have to do is give the word and all of them would be dead by dinner." Nara says confidently.

"You are good but there is no way you can beat Lord Roswell." Sephile says.

"You have quite the mouth on you. Perhaps I should remove it for you." Nara says shooting her a look, "Roswell lacks the battle experience to take me head on. He is a linear fighter, meaning he fights only one way, where I am an adaptive fighter and fight each battle differently to achieve the same goal."

Sephile slides closer and more behind Roswell.

Everyone is quiet for a moment before Nara speaks again.

"Roswell, maybe if you honed your fighting skills you could beat me in a few thousand years when I am dying from old age." Nara says standing up, "Till then you two should pop out some kids to continue your quest for the crown." Nara pats him on the back and turns straight into the blade of sword that pierces his throat.

The demon stands there holding the sword while staring straight into Nara's eyes.

"And who might you be?" Nara asks in a whisper.

A smile creeps across Sephile's throat as she watches Nara's blood flow from the wound.

"Shear." He says, "You aren't the one I am hunting. Your eyes are all wrong."

He tenses up and slowly turns his head to look over his shoulder and straight into the emotionless eyes of Shin.

"Remove your sword from his throat and you shall die quickly." Shin says pushing his sword into Shear's back a little bit.

Nara backs away and the sword is pulled out.

"It's alright Shin. Let him be." Nara says rubbing his throat.

Shin sheathes his sword and Shear does the same.

"Haven't they shown up yet?" Ta says walking in.

Shear looks at him intently for a few seconds and shakes his head before having a seat.

The three Demon Lords all leave and Sephile turns to Shear.

"How the hell did he find us? You said this place was far enough from the city that no one comes out here." Sephile says to Shear.

Shear rubs his eyes and leans back in the chair.

"Relax they don't suspect anything." He says and Sephile throws the scroll at him.

"Nara knows everything. He has a list with everyone on our side." Sephile says.

"That's odd. He has the two that I just got today on here." Shear says.

"Then they must be spies. We should have them killed for betraying us and leaking information to the enemy." Roswell says.

"This doesn't feel like a betrayal. I bet this is Koji's doing." Sephile says.

"Who is this Koji?" Shear asks.

"Nara's silent right hand. He does all of Nara's intelligence gathering and other odd jobs." Sephile explains.

"Think we can get him on our side? Someone of that caliber would greatly increase our chances of success." Shear says.

"Not a chance. Koji listens only to Nara." Roswell says.

"He is perhaps more of an obstacle then Nara or the other Demon Lords." Sephile says.

"How so?" Shear asks.

"No one knows what he looks like. In all the time we were in Nara's castle we only saw him twice. Koji has to be our top priority. He must be the first to go before we take out the others." Sephile explains.

"Sounds fun." Shear says, "I knew freeing you would be worth while."

Laying absolutely silent and motionless in the shadows of the ceiling, Koji watches and listens.


A few hundred more years pass and the Demon Realm has been at peace for so long that the population has increased substantially and its starting to put a strain on the natural resources.

Nara sits in his library with Ta, Sessaru, and Shin.

"It's the same in my lands. Food is running out." Ta says.

"And its all Lord Nara's fault." Shingi says walking in, "While his intentions were noble they also had a negative effect. Since there are no wars, then everyone lives long natural lives."

"I never thought of it that way, but you are absolutely correct." Nara says.

"So how do we reverse this problem?" Sessaru asks.

"Have you ever been to the Human Realm?" Nara asks.


Back in Roswell's village a large spider runs across the fields and Kogamaru is right behind it.

Shear watches as Kogamaru chases the spider all over and finally catches it. To his surprise the spider acts more like a scolded dog then a spider. Shear walks out and the spider growls at him. Kogamaru glares at the spider and it stops.

"That's quite impressive. Perhaps you would like to join me." Shear says.

"I'm listening." Kogamaru says.

Roswell and Sephile return from the village and are surprised to see Shear have someone over.

"Allow me to introduce the future Lord of the Southern Lands, Kogamaru." Shear says.

"Kogamaru? I never thought you'd betray Ta. Weren't you best friends from childhood?" Sephile asks.

"We were but that is all in the past." Kogamaru says.

"Ta is completely unaware of his hatred for him so he is still living in the castle." Shear explains with a gleam in his eye.


5 years pass and the 4 Demon Lords return.

"Those creatures were sure interesting." Shin says.

"Very." Sessaru adds.

"But thanks to them we have solved our food shortage." Nara says.

Kareen bursts in and slams the door behind her. She pushes against the door and is breathing hard.

"She went in here. Break the door down." Someone says on the other side of the door.

Nara grabs Kareen from behind and puts his hand over her mouth. Kareen freaks out and struggles to get free for a second before Nara whispers into her ear.

"What's going on?" He asks.

"Someone is after Koji and somehow they knew you weren't here so they launched a full scale assault on the castle to find Koji." Kareen explains.

"His name is Strake and he is a long time rival of my family. Like me, he comes from a long line of intelligence gatherers. Only they do it for money and have no honor. They will sell their intel to whoever will pay." Koji says from the rafters.

"So go kill him." Nara says.

"First I have to find him. He is better at concealing himself then I am. I am a master of disguise but haven't reached his level of hiding yet." Koji replies, "If you could draw him out then I will kill him."

"Sounds good to me." Ta says popping his knuckles.

The door breaks open a dozen soldiers run in with their captain leading the way. Kareen lays on the floor with her eyes closed.

"What I am about to do to you will be totally worth this invasion." The captain says and removes his armor.

Kareen opens her eyes slowly and blinks a few times.

"Milord?" She says.

Before he can respond Nara's hand comes through his throat splattering his blood all over Kareen. Four of the soldiers drop to the ground in half with Sessaru standing behind them smiling at his work. The remaining eight soldiers fall to the ground in small pieces with Shin sheathing his sword behind them. Sessaru stares in amazement before glaring at Shin with jealousy burning in his eyes.

Blood sprays everyone and Nara drops the captain's crushed head to the ground.

"Shall we welcome our guests?" Nara asks with an evil grin.

Ta rushes past Nara and pounces on a group of 4 soldiers. He rips them to shreds and laughs while they scream for help. Ta stands up with their still beating hearts in his blood soaked hands. He offers them to the other Lords and they shake their heads no. He shrugs and devours the hearts.


On the very outskirts of the city Shear sits with Roswell and Sephile in a tea house.

"This was truly a great plan." Roswell says.

"How did you find this guy?" Shear asks.

"Everyone has enemies. The trick is to find them." Sephile replies.

A decapitated body crashes through the roof of the tea house followed by several decapitated heads.

"What the hell?" Roswell says wiping debris off of himself.


Within moments the castle has been cleared of the invading force.

Ta is covered in blood from head to toe while Sessaru has some splatter on his clothes. Shin walks out of a room without a speck of blood on him.

Ta and Sessaru watch as blood flows out of the room on the floor. They look inside and blood is everywhere.

"How the hell did he do that?" Sessaru asks.

Ta just shrugs as he spots someone running towards them. He runs and jumps, driving both knees into the soldier's chest. As they fall, he puts his elbow through the metal helmet and deep into his skull. Sessaru just shakes his head at his friend.


In the courtyard, Koji stands across from a man dressed just like him. Nara sits on the steps and watches with great interest. Shin, Sessaru, and Ta join him as the two spies circle each other.

"This job should of gone to my family." Strake says.

"You are only interested in the financial gain. You are an honorless spy." Koji says.

"So spies fight with words?" Sessaru asks.

"I wouldn't know. I have never seen Koji fight one on one before." Nara replies.

A large cloud of smoke surrounds them and completely blocks everyone's view. It's absolutely quiet from inside the smoke. The smoke finally disperses and both Koji and Strake are laying on the ground. Strake sits up and laughs at his victory over his rival. His laugh turns to a cough and blood comes out with each cough.

Strake looks at Koji who hasn't moved and falls over. Koji rolls over and slowly gets to his feet. He holds his side and blood drips through his fingers and onto the ground.

"That was very impressive." Ta says still covered in blood.

"You should really let someone look at that." Shin says as Koji stumbles towards them.

"No. I am fine. I have a job to do." Koji replies.

Nara stops him and shakes his head.

"Forgive me." He says and right hooks Koji, "Get Aurora here."

Shin runs inside as Nara carries Koji inside.

"You two can find the rest of the invaders." Nara says to Sessaru and Ta.


Roswell stares at the heads before him.

"These are Strake's men." Sephile says stunned.

Suddenly the wall collapses and Sessaru and Ta are standing there.

"Roswell, buddy." Ta says walking over the debris towards him, "I see you got my gifts I sent you. Wonderful."

Sessaru stands there with a wild look in his eyes and Shear stares at him with such intensity that everyone senses it. Before Shear can attack, Nara walks up and Shear holds himself back.

"Very clever, Sephile." Nara says, "I knew you would become a great planner one day."

Sephile just looks at him with a confused look on her face.

"That was a compliment. The proper response is a thank you." Nara says.

"Thank you." She replies hesitantly.

"I believe this is yours." Nara says and tosses Strakes body at her feet, "Your plan was well thought out and well executed. Koji is dead because of it. Congratulations." Nara adds with a slight bow.

Nara walks away and Sessaru follows.

"Ta?" Sessaru says.

Ta turns and notices something sticky on the bottom of his foot. He glances down quickly and sees a spider web before chasing after the others.

"Kogamaru is involved in all this somehow." Ta says to himself.


A week passes and Shear and Roswell are still celebrating their victory while Sephile sits next to the fire lost in her own thoughts.

"With Koji gone we can continue with our plans." Roswell says excitedly and takes a swig of his drink.

"What is it?" Shear asks.

"Something doesn't seem right. Why would he tell me that Koji was dead?" Sephile asks.

"We watched Koji go up in flames at his funeral." Roswell says.

"Maybe I am just so relieved that I can't think straight." She says.


Nara sits quietly in the darkness of his library deep in thought. Kareen enters with a tray of food for him.

"You alright?" She asks and Nara doesn't reply.

She sets the tray down before sitting on his lap and holding him tightly in her arms.


The following night as Roswell, Sephile, and Shear sleep peacefully in their beds, a horrendous stench blows into the hut. Shear wakes first and sees a large flame dancing through the window. He wakes the others and runs outside. Sephile and Roswell are out the door in a flash.

Standing nearly 50 feet high and 10 feet wide is a pile of burning bodies. Their screams fill the calm night air.

"It can't be?" Sephile says and rubs her eyes.

"What?" Roswell asks.

"I thought I saw someone near the base of the flames." She replies.

They all turn back and walk straight into the table. To their surprise their hut has been reduced to a pile of smoldering ashes.

"When the hell?" Shear asks.

Sephile picks up the scroll on the table and watches the names of her intelligence network disappear. She screams in pain as a kunai knife enters her thigh with a note attached to it.

Shear removes the knife and Roswell reads the note.

"It is impossible to kill a shadow with darkness." Roswell reads aloud.

"What does that mean?" Shear asks.

"Koji isn't dead." Sephile says gritting her teeth in pain, "He did all this to show us a portion of what he is capable of."

"You mean he set up five hundred demons like firewood and while we watched them burn, he burned down our hut without us knowing?" Shear asks and Sephile simply nods.

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Nearly a century passes and Nara stands before Shin and Aurora, Ta and Lust, and Sessaru and Silmeria.

"I have called you here to suggest something to you. You don't have to do it but in light of the recent attacks on all of our castles it is wise to at least consider it." Nara says getting odd looks from everyone, "I have given some of my power to Kareen as a precaution. Since I have been spending more time in the Human Realm, I have noticed how my demonic aura affects nature there. It has a very negative effect. So I gave Kareen some of my power." Nara explains.

"Okay. Why are you telling us?" Silmeria asks.

"You wish for us to share our power with our familiars as well." Shin says.

"Will you be the one injecting me with your power?" Lust asks in a husky voice as she struts over and runs her hands over Nara's chest.

"(Cough.) No." Nara says.

"But it could be a lot of fun." Lust says before Ta grabs her hair and pulls her back, "Careful, you better not get my fire started if you can't put it out. I may just have to find someone who can."

"Just wait awhile and I will take care of you." Ta says.

"But you got to do someone else. Why can't I?" Lust says.

"It doesn't count if you join in." Ta says and everyone looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Getting back to the subject at hand. What do you say?" Nara says.

Everyone nods and Nara pulls out his book.


All throughout the lands small portals (about the size of a golfball) keep popping up.


Another century passes and peace has once again dwindled the natural resources down to almost nothing.

Nara looks out from his tower and is lost in thought when Kareen joins him.

"It will all work out." She says reassuringly.

"Its not that. I am sensing something but I can't put my finger on it." Nara says.

His book opens and the pages start to flip themselves. It stops on the portal spell.

"The portal to the Human Realm?" He says confused.

"Milord, it seems that several portals have opened up to the Human Realm." Koji says from the rafters.

"What?" Nara replies and looks down at his book.

"Over a hundred demons have made their way through and are terrorizing the humans." Koji continues.

"Alright here's what I need you to do. Get Shin, Ta, and Sessaru over here as quick as you can. We will take out the demons and you can destroy the portals around the Demon Realm.


A few days after the Demon Lords leave, word spreads to Shear and his comrades. He sits down and explains everything to Sephile and Roswell and within a week Sephile devises a plan to overthrow them in their absence.

"We will need our full group together on this." Sephile says.

"Well what is the plan? I want to take Nara's castle by tomorrow night." Roswell says.

"We will take his castle but first we have to take the other three lands." Sephile explains.

"Let's get started then." Shear says.

The three of them head to the Southern Lands first where Kogamaru has already taken over the lands. Large spiders roam around everywhere as the three of them ride in.

They ride up to the castle where the gates open up for them and Kogamaru greets them.

"Welcome to my lands." He says with a big smile.

"Impressive." Shear says.

"I have an army of wolf spiders for you to use to take over the other lands, if you wish." Kogamaru says.

"That would be perfect to take the castles quickly." Sephile says.

"Great. Tonight we shall celebrate you impending victory and my victorious take over of this castle." Kogamaru says.


Lust rides as fast as her horse can go towards Sessaru's castle.

"Shit!" She says looking back over her shoulder at the spider chasing her. It leaps at her and just as it draws it's fangs something blindsides it.

Koji lands on the back of her horse and she explains what has happened in the south while still riding.

"Warn the others. Then head to the Shin's castle. Shingi has taken control of those lands. You'll be safer there." Koji says and runs off into the forest.

"They must of found a willing army to fight for them." Koji says to himself.


Within 3 days, the western lands have fallen under Shear's rule and Roswell's patience have worn out.

"Why am I not Lord yet?" He asks slamming his fist on a table, breaking it in dozens of pieces.

"Milord, the Eastern Lands are the toughest lands to take over. We must be smart about it and not rush into it without thinking." Sephile explains, "Our scouts are doing their reconnaissance as we speak. We will have a report in the morning"

"We better or heads will roll." Roswell says angrily.


Two days later, Roswell and Sephile lead their spider army to the crossroads just before the capital of the Eastern Lands.

"They don't suspect anything, Milord." A scout says bowing.

"Excellent. Lead the soldiers in and kill all who oppose you." Roswell orders.

The scout bows and runs off with the army behind him. Roswell sits on the back of a spider with Sephile next to him. She glances over and he nods before the two of them take off after the army.

When they reach the city it is like a ghost town. There is not a single sign of life. Not one shop is open. Not even a wild dog on the street.

"Something isn't right." Sephile says.

Suddenly all of the spiders let out a horrific scream of pain as dozens of spears pierce through their undersides. Roswell and Sephile are thrown to the ground as their spiders are killed. The spears retract back into the ground as the spiders lay twitching all over the road.

"What is the meaning of this?" Roswell asks angrily as he grabs the scout.

"I don't know. It was busy as usual when I was here just moments before." The scout replies.

Roswell slams him to the ground and motions for the rest of the army to advance. (Roughly 400 demons.) They all march upon the castle. As they draw closer the gates open and Kareen is standing there alone.

"What is going on here?" Roswell asks.

"You honestly think your army could get the jump on me?" Koji says from the top of the stairs leading inside.

"What tricks do you have up your sleeve?" Sephile asks.

Koji laughs and shakes his head.

"Lady Kareen has decided to just give you what you wanted instead of having the innocent demons die." Koji explains.

"I am now Lord of the Eastern Lands?" Roswell asks.

"Yes." Kareen replies.

"Then that means you belong to me. As well as you." Roswell says to Kareen and Koji.

"No. I am only here cause this is my home." Kareen says.

"I only obey the true Demon King's orders. You are just temporary." Koji says and vanishes.

Sephile walks up to Kareen and back hands her.

"Bow to your new Lord." She demands.

Kareen stands back up with blood trickling out of the corner of her mouth.

"Bitch!" Sephile says and suddenly a sharp pain from her leg stops her in mid punch. Three crossbow bolts are sticking through her right thigh and two through her shin of her left leg.

Kareen raises up a small crossbow.

"I'm not yours to command, bitch." Kareen says and backfists her, sending her to the ground.

"Enough." Roswell orders.

Sephile picks herself back up and spits out a mouth full of blood as well as a tooth. She glares at Kareen.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Kareen says to Sephile.

Nara's army marches out and stand behind Kareen with their bows and arrows drawn. They outnumber Roswell's army 3 to 1.

"Just like we discussed earlier. Do as you please." Kareen orders.

All 1200 soldiers bow to her and march out the gates into the empty city streets.

"What is the meaning of this? Where are my soldiers going?" Roswell asks.

"Your soldiers? You mean Lord Nara's soldiers." Kareen corrects him, "As of sunrise today, they were released from duty. You may be Lord of this land but things here haven't changed since you last lived here. The title Lord still means very little." Kareen explains.

"We will see how long that lasts." Roswell replies.


A week has passed since Roswell has taken over and only about half the city stayed. Roswell's iron fist style ruling isn't working at all as the citizens don't pay any attention to him.

"If none of you will pay attention to your new Lord then you shall be killed." Roswell says into the microphone and again no one is listening.

"That's wise. Kill your subjects. Its not like you need them to support the castle in any way." Kareen says sarcastically.

Roswell stops and thinks before lowering his head. He slams his fists in frustration.

"Not so easy huh?" Kareen says and walks off.

In the distance, two horses approach.

"Milord." Sephile says pointing at them.

As they get closer, Roswell recognizes them.

"Its Shear and Kogamaru." He says happily.


They sit in the throne room talking.

"How does it feel to finally be Lord of the Eastern Lands?" Shear asks.

"Excellent. Now all I need is for my subjects to learn some damn respect." Roswell says.

"We came by to see if you want to head north with us to take the Northern Lands." Kogamaru says.


Shingi stands before the throne in his castle with Aurora next to him.

"Are you sure I have to do this?" He asks.

"Yes, Shin told me that if anything ever happened that you were to take the throne." She replies, "Besides the soldiers respect you as much as Shin."

He sighs and sits down on the throne and the soldiers cheer.

"Now what?" He asks.

"Go and meet the new Lords." Koji says from behind the throne.

"And why would I want to do that?" Shingi asks waving to the soldiers.

"If you don't then they will march up here and take these lands by force. Just go along with them and things will be much smoother." Koji replies.

"Fine." Shingi says, "As your new Lord, my first order is to mount up we are off to the Eastern Lands."

The soldiers bow and head for the stables.


A couple days pass and a lookout bursts into the throne room and falls to his knees before Roswell.

"A large army approaches." He says panting.

Roswell and the other Lords rush to the front doors.

"An invasion already?" Roswell asks.

"No, that looks like Shingi." Kogamaru says.

Shingi and his army ride into the castle gates and he dismounts. He is dressed in full samurai gear with his sword on his hip.

"You must be the new Lords." He says eyeing them.

"Shingi." Kogamaru says.

"Kogamaru." Shingi replies.

"What brings you down here?" Kogamaru asks.

"I came to see who was ruling these lands." Shingi replies.

"With your full army?" Shear replies putting his hand on his sword.

In the blink of an eye, Shingi has a sword to both Shear's and Roswell's throat.

"I did not come for a fight. I came to introduce myself to the new Lords as a sign of good faith but if you wish to turn this into a bloodbath then I will easily take over the Demon Realm and be the new Demon King." Shingi says coldly.

"What makes you think you could pull that off?" Shear asks.

Shingi nods and one of his soldiers rides off. He returns moments later with even more soldiers and all of Shear's soldiers as prisoners.

"Your little bugs have been subdued for the moment." Shingi says to Kogamaru.

"Now that you see that I am capable of doing as I say perhaps we can be a bit more friendly." Shingi says.

Kareen stands in the doorway watching everything.

"Shingi isn't the joking type. I suggest you don't reach for your weapons in front of him and he won't remove your body parts." She says.

Shingi puts his swords away and bows to her.

"Congratulations." She says and heads back inside.


"Shit!" Roswell says pacing back and forth in his room. Sephile looks up from the fireplace and watches him.

"What is it?" She asks.

"Shingi." He replies, "I thought Shin killed him a long time ago. This could ruin my plans."

"And what plans are those?" Sephile asks.

"I will be Demon King and rule all four lands." Roswell says.

"And with Shingi having the only proper army that has put a big hole in those plans?" She says.

"Yes, Shingi has the strongest army. He nearly took over the Demon Realm this afternoon." Roswell says, "How does it look when the true Demon King's army is the smallest of all four lands."

"Just be patient my Lord." Sephile says massaging his shoulders, "You are the Lord of the Eastern Lands. Just enjoy that for awhile. When the time is right I will devise a plan to systematically take the other lands."


Over half a century passes and still no word from Nara and the others. Koji has made hundreds of trips to the Human Realm but with each trip he has gotten one step closer to finding out what happen to them.

On his last trip he found Nara's book and he returns to Nara's castle with it.

With the passing years, the Eastern Lands have become the poorest of the four lands and fallen into a great depression. The food has to be rationed among the citizens while Roswell and Sephile eat their fill at every meal.

Kareen has set up a food trade with Shingi's land so that the Eastern Lands don't die from starvation. Even Roswell's army is suffering from the effects of the lack of food. About a quarter of the army has died from starvation or taken their own life to feed their families.

Kareen returns to the castle and slams her bedroom doors. She locks it and flops down on the bed. Amazingly, she has managed to keep the master bedroom to herself. Every time Sephile mentions that, "Lord Roswell deserves that room since he is Lord.", Kareen smacks her.

Koji lands silently next to the bed and puts his hand over her mouth. She freaks out and struggles to get free for a moment before she sees Koji.

"What the hell?!" She whispers.

Koji holds up Nara's book and she reaches for it. It snaps and snarls at her.

"What the..." She says.

"I'm not sure what has happened to the book but I found out what happened." He says.

He explains what happened to Nara and the other Lords to her and she smiles. (Read Sessy514's site to see what happened to Nara and the others.)

"I knew he was alive." She says and hugs him.

"You must not tell anyone that they are alive." Koji says sternly to her.

"Of course not." She replies.


Later that same year, Kogamaru arrives at Roswell's castle with several of his assistants.

"What brings you by?" Roswell asks greeting them.

"I need some more test subjects for my experiments." Kogamaru replies as they walk down the hall to the library.

"What?" Roswell asks.

"You have the list? Good. Don't come back till you have everything." Kogamaru says to his assistants and turns the portal on.

Roswell stands there dumbfounded.

"What is that?" He asks.

"A portal to the Human Realm. However, you cannot enter. High level demons can cause this to disappear forever and kill all of us." Kogamaru warns.

"Seriously?" Roswell says staring at the portal.

"Yes. Please sit down back there. My assistants should be tossing some extremely deadly specimens through." Kogamaru says.

A few hours go by and as Roswell tries to stick his hand in Nara comes flying through. He tackles Roswell making him scream.


Kogamaru stands there clutching his chest and panting as he realizes that Nara isn't moving. After closer examination, Kogamaru makes the discovery that brings an evil smile to his face.

Over the next couple hours, Shin, Ta, and Sessaru all come flying through the portal followed by the assistants.

"Load them into the cart and cover them up." He orders and his assistants bow. Kogamaru turns to Roswell and says, "You will not speak a word of this to anyone. This has to remain between us. If word got out that the previous Lords were still alive then we would have a riot on our hands that would surely result in our deaths."

"What is wrong with them?" Roswell asks.

"Their souls have been kicked out of their bodies." Kogamaru replies.

A small orb floats through the portal and starts moving towards Nara's body when Kogamaru turns the portal off and removes the key. The portal sucks the orb back in.

A loud "DAMN IT!!" is heard and everyone looks around confused.

Koji watches from the rafters.

"This should be interesting." Koji says to himself and disappears into the shadows.


The following morning, Kareen storms out of her room as smoke billows out.

"Room is all yours." She says to Sephile.

"You bitch! Why did you burn everything?" She asks.

Kareen smiles and continues walking.

"Guards, stop her." Sephile orders.

Two guards grab Kareen and drag her back to Sephile.

"You really need to learn that you are no longer in charge here. Perhaps some time in the dungeon should break you." Sephile says and slaps her.

Kareen spits in her face and laughs.

"This isn't over." Kareen says as she is dragged away.


Just over a year later, Kareen escapes with the rest of the prisoners, thanks to Koji. Sephile enters the throne room a few days after the escape and sees Kareen massaging Roswell's shoulders. Sephile does manage to control her rage in front of her Lord but every time he turned her back the two of them would fight.

Over the next 1400 years, life in the Demon Realm fluctuates drastically, especially in the Eastern Lands. The lands would prosper for a period then Roswell would bring them to the brink of destruction.

The other lands stayed about the same. Kogamaru started using his subjects for experiments on the former Lords' bodies but nothing successful.

Shear just ignored his citizens and let them do as they pleased regardless of the situation. And as for Shingi, he was the only Lord that actually had a functioning army for most of the time till just before the Former Demon Lords reappeared.

Just before the Demon Lords reappeared, Sephile started making contact with the humans and setting up a solid trade between the two realms resulting in the current story.

As the trading between the two realms grew stronger so did the technology in the Demon Realm. The Demon Lords gained access to modern day human technology, such as computers and electricity.


And now I leave you to read the continuation of the actually story on Sessy514's website. I hope you enjoyed this little prequel.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter 6 - Demons from the past
Sessaru and Silmeria finish cleaning the blood off the walls a couple days later. They toss the rags into the bucket and sigh as they look at all of the blood on the floor.

"Lord Sessaru you shouldn't be cleaning this. I can do it." Silmeria says.

"Again, I am perfectly capable of helping. It's not like there is anyone to be ruling over at the moment." Sessaru replies.


Nara and Koji stand on the beach and stretched out before them is the ocean and its is dead calm.

"Is this him?" An elderly looking man with long white hair that is drawn back and a white fu man Chu. He is dressed like a Chinese man and even has the long finger nails.

"Yes, this is Lord Nara, son of Lord Eiji." Koji says and kneels.

Nara kneels as well.

"Your father did the same thing." The man says, "I am Ryuu and these are my islands. Please stand."

Nara and Koji both stand.

"My father spoke of you to me once. He told me of a great dragon that sleeps peacefully and only attacks when attacked." Nara says.

"That is me. I forgot I met him in that form. Just don't be foolish and I won't be forced to wipe the lands clean." Ryuu says.

Nara nods, "These islands are yours to rule your way. I have no intentions of attacking them." Nara says.

"Wise boy. Just like your father," Ryuu says and Nara raises an eyebrow, "Your father once attacked the islands to the south of the Southern Lands. I merely raised up to investigate and he surrendered immediately. He was very wise for his age. Well, I am going back to bed so Koji will show out." Ryuu bows slightly as Nara and Koji walk away.

Once they are out of the view of the ocean Nara exhales deeply and shudders.

"Something wrong?" Koji asks getting a boat from under some branches.

"His power was immense. I think he could honestly wipe the mainland out with ease." Nara says still shuddering.

"Wait till you see him in his other form. Then you will be able to grasp his power." Koji says and pushes the boat into the calm waters.

Nara hops in and they paddle out towards Koji's island home.


Ta looks in on one of Kogamaru's spiders.

"You got some more didn't you?" Ta says looking around.

"Yep. I never knew the human realm would be so interesting." Kogamaru replies, "So what brings you down here?"

"Lust wanted to speak with you but sent me instead." Ta starts.

"I know I haven't been there lately but I have almost made a breakthrough. Once I do I will be there for her." Kogamaru says and puts a glass bowl over a flame.

"About that." Ta says, "She has asked me to tell you that she has moved on."

"Moved on?" Kogamaru asks.

"Yeah, she has found someone else who is there for her." Ta explains.

"Why? I have been here only a couple days." Kogamaru replies.

"No, you have been down here for over a month." Ta says.

"Really? I have been down here that long? When did she start seeing someone else?" Kogamaru asks.

"A couple days ago." Ta replies hesitant to tell him the truth.

"It's Lord Nara isn't?" Kogamaru asks.

"No, its me." Ta says.

Kogamaru stands up straight and stares at Ta for several very intense moments. The tension is so thick that all of the spiders hide in their cages.

"I didn't start anything. She ambushed me." Ta says in his defense.

"Look, I gave you plenty of time to play with your bugs." Lust says coming down the stairs, "Twice a week was apparently too much time away from your experiments. All you had to do was have a dinner with me. We could of had some fun and possibly breakfast the next morning. That's all it would of taken for me to stay with you." Lust explains.

Kogamaru sits back down and sighs.

"You're right. I had my chance and blew it." Kogamaru says, "At least she chose a good demon."

Lust smiles and says, "Actually I thought it was you coming up the other night but it turned out to be Ta." She turns and heads back upstairs with Ta right behind her.

Kogamaru watches the shadows disappear up the stairs and looks around slowly at everything in his lab.

"Actually this may work out better then I had planned." He says with an evil grin.


Koji and Nara land on the shore of Koji's home island.

"Welcome to my home." Koji says.

Nara looks around as they walk up to the village. Misaka walks out of her hut with Mir following close behind.

"Nara!" Mir shouts and runs towards Nara.

Misaka looks up and drops the basket in her hands. Mir leaps and hugs Nara who crouched down for her. Misaka runs over and Nara stands up.

"You came." Misaka says softly and hugs Nara.

"Not for the reasons you are thinking." Nara explains.

"We have some time before everything will be ready so you may do as you wish. I'll come and get you." Koji says before leaving.

Nara is dragged by Misaka back to her little hut. Amaya looks up from the cooking fire and smiles.

"How is Sessaru doing?" She asks giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"He's doing well. Just as I hoped he has shown remorse for what happened. The last I heard was that he had gone back home to bury the dead and clean up his lands." Nara explains.

"I am so happy to hear that. I have been thinking about him a lot since we left." Amaya says.

"Everything should work out fine for him. I took responsibility for what happened and as far as the public knows he was not involved." Nara adds.

"Why would you do that?" Amaya asks.

"To protect him. The demons in the East have already hired some mercenaries to kill him. If Lord Sessaru were to be the one responsible then more uprisings would be likely take place to overthrow Lord Sessaru." Koji explains from the doorway.

Misaka frowns and releases Nara's arm.

"Everything is ready." Koji says and leaves. Nara gets up and follows.


Back in the city surrounding Nara's castle, Sephile walks through the busy city streets listening closely to all of the conversations around her. One of them catches her attention and she follows the couple men to the alley.

"Pardon me, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I was wondering if I may be of some assistance to your plan." Sephile says.

"I'm listening." One man says while the other gives him a weird look.


"So what exactly do you need help with?" Nara asks.

"This may come as a surprise to you but I am an S rank demon such as yourself." Koji says as they take a boat across the calm seas again, this time to a completely different island.

"Huh?" Nara says confused.

"It's true. I am an S rank demon. The only difference is that I was not born an S rank. I was given my power by my father." Koji explains.

"I thought you said it has never been done before." Nara says.

"The method you did has never been done before. The method my family uses is different. Your father helped me last time and now it is my son's turn to take over." Koji says as the boat runs ashore.

Nara gives him an odd look and follows him to another hut. Inside, Koji's son, Koji, sits there. The room is illuminated by a large fire near the center.

"What am I supposed to do?" Nara asks.

"Just help my son back to the island. After this is completed he is going to be very tired and weak for a few days." Koji explains.

Each of them sits in a circle and young Koji reads from a scroll as his father picks up a small dagger. He glances up at Nara and nods before slitting his own throat. Blood pours out and young Koji continues to read. The blood oozes across the wood floor and enters young Koji. Koji's body breaks down into a fine dust and circles around the room before entering young Koji as well.

"Amazing." Nara says as he watches.

Young Koji collapses and the fire goes out. Nara helps the boy up and realizes that he now looks exactly like his father.


A few days pass and Roswell is walking through town with Sephile. She leads him to an old building and they quickly enter. Inside dozens of bodies lay strewn about as if a bomb went off. Blood and guts were everywhere.

"What the hell?" Sephile asks herself.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?" Roswell asks.

"No. These were your faithful followers but it appears as if someone has discovered them." Sephile says.

Without warning several large clay jars drop from the ceiling and shatter, spilling their contents everywhere.

"Its lamp oil." Sephile says. Suddenly it dawns on her, "We need to go now." She grabs Roswell's hand and drags him out just before everything goes up in flames.

In the streets everyone stands there and watches the building burn.

"It seems that someone has been watching us." She says to herself and looks around. Not seeing anyone suspicious she leaves with Roswell.


Sessaru and Silmeria flop down on a large pile of clean blankets.

"There. Everything has been swept, mopped, and washed. It is as good as new." Silmeria says.

Getting no response she looks over and sees Sessaru sound asleep.


A few hundred years pass and everything is relatively peaceful for the four Demon Lords. A few small uprisings here and there but nothing to major.

In the center of the four lands lies what is referred to as "No Man's Land". It is a large area where the four lands meet and no one Lord rules it or defends it.

Hundreds of demons have gathered and all of them are ready for a change in leadership. One demon stands among them, whom all of them respect either out of fear or his accomplishments.

"Vasthor." One demon says, "The ones you have asked for have been assembled."

Vasthor stands at a staggering 12 and a half feet tall. He is very muscular and has that presence that commands respect. Scars mark his body everywhere. His head is shaved except a small portion in the back that is in a long ponytail. On his back is a long and extremely heavy looking mace. His battle armor is marked from many battles and is fairly thick.

He enters a tent and the demons inside bow to him.

"The eight of you shall be my Generals. Each of you is well versed in one particular Lord. Your only task is to keep the others busy till I kill the Demon King. Once that is completed you can divide the three remaining lands up as you see fit." Vasthor explains in a deep voice, "It is time to rejuvenate the stagnant blood that has been ruling these lands."


Shin stands on his balcony overlooking the expansive mountain range below.

"It has been wonderful to see you again." Aurora says making Shin look down. He sees Shingi hugging her and he nods at him. Shingi looks up at Shin and nods back.


Sephile closes Roswell's door and sits down on his bed.

"I am growing tired of having to bow to him. When can we overthrow him already?" Roswell asks.

"Patience. We still need some more followers. Right now we have about fifty and Nara has the rest of the demon realm." Sephile explains, "We must be careful not to make our intentions clear to anyone otherwise we will lose our followers again."

"So what do you suggest?" Roswell asks.

"A nice change of scenery." She replies with a smile.


Nara sits in his library that afternoon quietly reading when Kareen enters with some rice balls and tea.

"Sephile and Roswell have left the grounds. Guess they couldn't find anyone else to join them to overthrow you." She says setting the tray down next to him.

"Probably. They are determined that's for sure." Nara replies still reading his book.

"Why do you keep them around if you know they are going to try and overthrow you?" Kareen asks.

"Simple, its a lot easier to keep an eye on someone when they are close to you. Besides it gives me great joy watching them think I have no clue what they are plotting." Nara replies and sips his tea.

Koji drops down from the ceiling and makes Kareen jump a foot. He hands Nara a note and backs up.

"You don't have to be so quiet all the time." Kareen says glaring at him.

"That's my job." Koji replies.

"When?" Nara asks.

"Yesterday afternoon. I stood by her side till it was over." Koji says.

"I see. Thank you. I will go and visit for a couple days." Nara says.

"What happened?" Kareen asks confused.

"Sessaru's mother, Amaya, passed away." Nara replies, "I will be back in a couple days."

Koji and Nara vanish into the shadows.

"Off to see her." Kareen says jealously.


Sessaru stands on the walkway over his castle gates and looks out at the bustling city before him.

"I told you that this city would be full of your faithful subjects." Silmeria says.

"Yea, and it only took a few hundred years." Sessaru replies as he turns around and looks in on his army training.


Ta sits behind his desk with his feet up and he is sound asleep in the chair. Books litter the entire room. All of them on about animals of the human realm. Ta stretches and topples over backwards.

"Damn it. I should really get another bed to sleep in." He says standing up.

"Now why would you want to do that?" Lust asks as she sits on his desk.

"I need sleep. Not your definition of sleep but actual sleep." Ta replies.

"But I can't sleep alone. I am scared of the dark." She says innocently.

"Bullshit." Ta says and walks out the door.

Lust laughs and chases after him.


Kogamaru sits in his lab after another one of his failed experiments. He looks over his notes and double checks everything again.

"It worked before but why am I having trouble now." He asks himself.

"No luck?" Ta asks walking past all of the new cages.

"Nope." Kogamaru says still double checking the list.

"Need help?" Ta asks.

"Nope." Kogamaru replies.

"Mind if I borrow some of your insects?" Ta asks.

"You returned the cats right?" Kogamaru asks.

"Yep." Ta replies.

"Go ahead." Kogamaru says.

"Thanks." Ta says and grabs a dozen cages.


Vasthor walks around his territory watching his soldiers train.

"Lord Vasthor," A demon says before being back handed.

"What have I told you? I am not Lord yet." Vasthor scolds.

"Sorry sir." The demon replies, "We caught these two snooping around."

Two guards walk up with Roswell and Sephile.

"I know you. Your the Demon King's lackey." Vasthor says staring at Roswell.

"I prefer right hand man." Roswell corrects him.

"No you aren't. His right hand man is actually a woman named Kareen. You are nothing more then a puppet to him." Vasthor says as he walks around them, "Now I am curious as to why you are out here in No Man's Land."

"We are out searching for some like minded demons to join our cause." Sephile says.

"Your cause?" Vasthor says.

"Yes, we are looking for others who wish to see a change in leadership of these lands. Someone who will reunite the Demon Realm as one." Sephile explains.

"And you expect this blueberry here to be the one to reunite the lands?" Vasthor asks with a laugh.

"Of course!" She exclaims, "You are looking at the future Lord Roswell!"

"You are nothing but traitors. Bowing to the Demon King with knives hidden in your smiles. You are lower then the weakest demons." Vasthor snaps, "Bind them and toss them in the pit."

"We could be beneficial to you." Sephile pleads as she is lead away.

"If you do what you are thinking then your family pays the price of your stupidity." Vasthor adds as his aide leads the guards away.

The guards rip Roswell's clothes off and start to wrap a thick rope around his ankles and all the way up to his neck. Once that is completed, they chuck him into a large trash pit in the center of the camp.

Sephile is carefully undressed as most of the soldiers crowd around to watch. Once all of her clothes have been removed the soldiers cheer. She too is bound by a thick rope from her ankles to her neck, then tossed into the pit.

"We forgot these." One guard says holding up the gags.


Nara stands next to Amaya's grave with Mir and Misaka. Both women have grown up a lot and have developed into beautiful young women.

"How long will you be staying this time?" Misaka asks sadly.

"Only a couple days." Nara replies as they sit down to eat with Koji.

"Have to get back to her?" She asks jealously.

"She is part of it. You know it has been too long for you to still be jealous of her. I told you that a long time ago." Nara says setting his bowl down.

Misaka is quiet for a long time before slamming her bowl down and storming off. Nara sighs and follows after her.

Misaka sits on the beach and stares out to sea.

"I care for you. I really do." Nara says.

"You do?" Misaka asks looking up at Nara with tear filled eyes.

"Of course. If you had been there that day when I picked Kareen, I would of picked you without a moment's hesitation. But you aren't a fighter and being around me requires that someone has to be a fighter. One day they may have to fight against a mindless me and be forced to kill me. I know you wouldn't have the heart to do that, so that's why I am with Kareen." Nara explains and wipes her tears away.

Koji walks up and whispers something to Nara.

"Really? Inform the others." Nara orders then looks back at Misaka, "I have to go now." He gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves.


Shin walks through the empty streets of his city and stops before a sword school. He reaches for the knocker and the door opens. Shin enters and is greeted by Shingi who has his sword drawn.

"I have dreamt that you would walk through those very doors." Shingi says.

"I have not come here for a fight." Shin replies.

"Then what have you come for?" Shingi asks.

"For you to join me in battle. I know that night when you attacked me you could of easily taken my life but you spared me." Shin explains.

"Don't give me that much credit. I know I am good but that night I was just an inch to far back due to the fog that's all." Shingi replies.

"You are the only swordsman I have not beaten with less then three strikes. Which is why I want you to follow me into battle as my General." Shin says.

Shingi is stunned by Shin's request.

"Don't get the wrong idea, I have not forgiven you for this scar. I will get my retribution for it in time but you are a better ally then enemy." Shin says.

"Aurora is involved isn't she?" Shingi asks and Shin nods.

"That's what I thought." Shingi says, "I will do it to protect her not because you asked me to."


"THE DEMON LORDS ARE COMING!!" A scout shouts as he enters the camp.

Vasthor exits his tent and laughs.

"I knew it wouldn't be long before he caught wind of this." Vasthor says to himself.

Laying in the trash pit Sephile and Roswell struggle to keep their heads above the trash. Due to an overflowing river nearby some of the river water flowed into the trash pit.

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Chapter 6 part B

From the North Shin and Shingi ride leading their army of well trained samurai. They ride in perfect formation as they approach.

From the West, Sessaru and Silmeria lead their army of ninja styled soldiers. They are scattered about as they make their way to the battlefield.

From the East, Nara rides with Kareen toward the battlefield.

And from the South, Ta leads his men through the thick forest towards the battle. His men are more animal like then men. They are swinging through the trees like monkeys or running through the forest like a leopard.

Vasthor has his men take their positions and await their enemy.

"Remember! Keep them busy till I kill the Demon King!" Vasthor shouts from the center of the camp.

Within an hour, all four Lords have arrived. Each of which have their army before them. Shin's men dismount their horses and kneel with their swords before them.

Ta sits in the tree with his men scattered amongst the trees and bushes of the forest.

As for Sessaru and his men they stand there watching everything.

And Nara rides up lazily and stops just before the river that divides No Man's Land from the Eastern Lands.

"Where is your army, Demon King?" Vasthor asks walking up to the calm river.

"I was unable to bring them. I can make one real quick if you want." Nara replies.

"By all means, please do. I wish to take your crown fairly." Vasthor replies.

Nara smiles and pulls out his book. After flipping through a few pages he finds the spell he wants. Hundreds of small spell circles fill the land behind Nara and suddenly all of them turn into smaller Naras.

"How's that?" Nara asks with a smile.

"Trying to hide among them is cowardly." Vasthor says.

"Alright lets try this then. (Turns all of the Naras into Vasthors) Better?" Nara asks.

Vasthor glares at Nara.

"I am just trying to get a laugh out of you." Nara says and snaps his fingers. All of the clones vanish and reappear as a variety of scantily clad women.

"I assume this is better." Nara says, "Now what are you planning to do?"

"I am known as Vasthor the Great and I have come to take that crown of yours." Vasthor replies.

"Is that so. Well you are more then welcome to try and take it." Nara says and hops off his horse.

Vasthor takes a deep breath and calms his nerves before motioning for everyone to attack.

A massive cry erupts from Vasthor's army as his men move out. Shin's men don't flinch as the other soldiers rush towards them. In a blink of an eye nearly half of the charging demons fall to the ground in half.

The two generals halt their advance.

"Very impressive." Shingi says, "Why did you need me?"

"See those two down there?" Shin asks, "That's Tencia and Aucion. They were two promising swordsmen I trained. I taught them everything they know. They turned on me when I wouldn't show them any of my special techniques. Use caution when dueling them." Shin explains.

Tencia is a young female demon dressed in full samurai armor that is blacker then black while Aucion (Tencia's younger brother) is dressed in bright white samurai armor.

"Exactly what special techniques did they want to learn?" Shingi asks.

Shin gives Shingi a look.

"Oh, those techniques." Shingi says surprised.


Sessaru's ninjas run from the advancing horde when a sudden explosion shakes the earth. Body parts mixed with dirt rain down from the sky as the smoke clears. Nothing is left of the attacking horde and only a couple ninjas were caught in the blast. The two Generals lay on the ground with shrapnel embedded in their bodies. Within moments they die from loss of blood.

"Think that may of been too much powder?" Silmeria asks.

"Maybe but it worked very well." Sessaru replies looking at the large crater before them.


Ta smiles as he leaps back into the forest. The attacking demons rush into the forest and stop instantly.

"So nice to see you three again, Gatyam, Siina, and Lata." Ta says from a branch above the 3 Generals.

Gatyam is the tallest of the 3 by only a few inches but he is more muscular. Down his arms are tiger stripes and large tiger claws extend from his fingers. Orange and black mix through his hair and over the rest of his legs.

Siina has more of an eagle look. She is covered in tan feathers and has wing like sleeves on her jacket that give her the ability to fly. She has razor sharp talons sticking out of her boots capable of severing a head from its shoulders.

Lata is the reptilian one of the group. She has the snake scales all over her body and a forked tongue that is constantly flickering.

"How kind of you to show up. Once I sink my claws into your chest and rip your heart out, I plan on sinking something else into the beautiful Lust." Gatyam says stretching his claws.

"Trust me, you wouldn't last one minute." Ta replies with a grin.

Siina and Lata glare at Gatyam.

"Proceed carefully." Lata orders and the soldiers continue deeper into the forest.


Nara enters the river and never takes his eyes off of Vasthor.

"Why have you waited this long to try again?" Nara asks.

"So you do remember me, I'm truly honored." Vasthor says bowing slightly but never enough to take his eyes off of Nara, "When preparing to fight someone of your caliber then one must be in their top form. I am proud to say that I have achieved that."

Nara steps foot into No Man's Land and a barrier appears.

"Congratulations on your achievement." Nara says and claps.

Vasthor draws his massive mace from his back and swings it around a couple times before smashing it into the ground at Nara's feet. Nara looks up and raises an eyebrow.

"Welcome to my domain." Vasthor says as the shockwave ricochets off the barrier and straight into Nara's lower back sending him flying. He crashes into a marble barricade and falls to the ground.

He gets to his feet as Vasthor laughs.

"Very clever. I will admit this does have my mind racing on how you have accomplished this feat." Nara says applauding once again.

The shockwave hits Nara in the chest and sends him tumbling across the ground once more.

"Try as you like to figure it out. It will only bring your death." Vasthor says with an evil victorious laugh.


Sessaru and Silmeria make their way around the crater to rejoin the battle with his army.

"Next time we won't use so much." Silmeria says.

"Yeah, that may of been a bit excessive." Sessaru says.

The crater is about a quarter mile in diameter and almost a half mile deep in the center.


"Why don't you surrender? I promise to make it worth your while." Lata says to Ta and flicks her tongue seductively at him.

"As tempting as that may be I am going to have to decline." Ta says from his hiding spot.

"Why? I don't want you dead. You are more pleasurable alive." She says snickering.

"To be honest with you, that night at Nara's party I was stumbling drunk." Ta says and silently drops down behind Lata, "Why don't you surrender and join me instead?" He whispers softly into her ear while running his hands over her body.

Lata stops and enjoys his hands for a moment. Suddenly she is yanked underground and is laying on her back in a large web. She sits up and her snake skin clothes rip down her back.

"LATA!" Siina shouts, "Damn, Ta got to her."

"I think she let her feelings get the best of her. It doesn't matter. She is loyal to us regardless. She will complete the mission no matter what." Gatyam says.


Shin and Shingi stand among their fallen soldiers with Tencia and Aucion before them.

"You two have gotten a lot stronger. That is impressive." Shin says.

"We know your tricks. You can't defeat us." Tencia says pointing her katana at them.

"I never teach my students all of my secrets for this very reason." Shin says laying his katana down and kneeling with his back to Tencia.

"I guess its you and me." Shingi says looking Aucion over.

"And who might you be?" Aucion asks.

"Names are not important. The only thing you need to know about me is..." Shingi says drawing his katana slowly.


Kareen watches as Nara is brutally bounced around by the shockwaves.

"I can't do anything." She says to herself and something catches her eye. She looks to the side and spots several demons trying to get behind her. A smile crosses her lips and she draws her bow. Within a few seconds all of them are hobbling back to their camp.


Nara smashes into another marble barricade and rolls onto his back. Cuts and bruises mark his body all over.

"You can end this." Vasthor says, "All you have to do is die and it will be all over."

"Sorry, but dying isn't in my schedule this week. Perhaps we could reschedule next month." Nara replies as he gets to his feet slowly.

"Always quick with a joke even when you are about to die. No wonder the peasants love you so much." Vasthor says and smashes his mace into the ground again.

Nara stands there and waits. A few seconds later he is blasted across the battlefield and smashes into the barrier before dropping to the ground.

"Seven." Nara says and shakes his head. As he does one of his horns falls off.


Lata lays on the web completely nude with Ta next to her.

"Before we go any farther, I need to take care of the horde of troops above." Ta says and disappears into the darkness.

Ta stands on a branch and surveys everything. A smile crosses his lips and he whistles. Gatyam and Siina quickly go back to back as screams fill the forest.

Their soldiers are being snatched into the ground like a trap door spider. While others are snared in a variety of pitfall traps onto sharpened sticks, smashed by falling branches, or hit by swinging walls with sharp sticks jutting out everywhere.

"Come face us face to face you coward." Gatyam shouts.

"That won't work. You should know that if you didn't spend all your time hitting on Lust." Ta replies as he moves through the tree tops with ease.

"Well once your dead then I will just take her." Gatyam says looking around the tree tops.

Ta gets in position and lunges downwards at them. Gatyam turns and Ta tackles him full force. They roll into the bushes and Ta vanishes while Gatyam lays there holding his ribs.

"Lets see you get me that easily." Siina says as she starts to fly.

Ta leaps off a branch and lands on her back.

"Sorry, what did you say?" Ta asks and rips her sleeves off. Her jacket tears in half and they fall back to the ground. She lands on Ta and rolls off to the side.

Ta sits up and grabs her before dropping down a trap door.

"You two stay here." Ta says and tosses Siina onto the web next to Lata.


Shingi smiles as he watches Aucion limp around.

"The way Shin was talking is that you would be a challenge." Shingi says looking at the cut on his sleeve, "Apparently you are only good when you fight alongside you sister."

Aucion grits his teeth as the blood continues to ooze from the cuts on his calf.

Tencia crosses blades with Shin again before leaping back.

Her helmet has been cut in two and her long hair has also been cut. Dozens of cuts mark her arms, chest, back, and legs. None of them are bleeding, they are just deep enough to get through the armor and not cut the skin.

"What are you planning?" Tencia asks as she strikes again. Shin blocks and sends her tumbling backwards.

"You aren't concentrating. Is it because you are thinking about your brother?" Shin says.

Shingi walks up and tosses Aucion's lifeless body in front of Tencia.

"He died by a special technique." Shingi says just before Aucion falls to pieces and blood sprays everywhere, "The delayed thousand slice."

"Now maybe you will concentrate on our battle now that you don't have to worry about Aucion." Shin says.

Tencia sits there drenched in her brother's blood.

"You bastard!" She shouts at Shingi and rushes at him.

Shin blocks her attack and knocks her to the ground.

"Our battle is not over." Shin says staring down at her, "If you kill me then you may attack him.


Sessaru and Silmeria make their way around the crater and to their surprise the battle is practically over. Sessaru's ninjas wipe out the few remaining soldiers of Vasthor's and Sessaru looks back at Silmeria.

"Now what?" Sessaru asks.

"We should go see Kareen." She replies and points at Kareen.


Gatyam finds Siina's ripped jacket and looks around. He spots Ta climbing out of the trap door and he crouches down.

"Damn, he must of seen me." Ta says to himself running through the bushes. Ta quickly climbs a tree for an aerial view.

"Shit! He did see me." Ta says as he scans the ground for Gatyam.

In the bushes off to the right of Ta, Gatyam lies watching Ta's every move. His breathing is very slow and steady as he watches.

Lata opens the trap door and crawls out. She shakes her head and stands up.

"Ta, where did you go?" She asks.

"Guess that potion Lust gave me wore off." Ta says to himself.

A fierce roar is heard and Gatyam charges out of the bushes at full speed. Lata spins around just as Gatyam's powerful claws slice through her.

"TRAITOROUS WHORE!" He shouts and swipes at her a second time.

Siina climbs out and watches in horror at what Gatyam did to Lata.

"She was under some sort of spell." Siina explains.

Gatyam ignores her and roars once more.

Ta drops down in front of Gatyam with a smirk on his face.


Shin wipes the blood from his katana and looks at the slit throat of Tencia at his feet.

"She was definitely one of your students." Shingi says, "She handled that sword better then some of the seasoned veterans I have faced."

"She could of been better then both of us perhaps." Shin replies, "No one will know now."

Shin and Shingi both say a small prayer for Tencia and Aucion before walking towards No Man's Land to watch Nara.


Nara picks himself up again and pops his hip back into place. Blood is flowing from dozens of deep cuts all over his head and body. 7 of his 8 horns have been broken and Vasthor smashes his mace into the ground once more.

"Why won't you die?" Vasthor asks, "Its as if his body is acting automatically without him telling it what to do." He says to himself.

Nara flies head first into the cooking area and lands on a cooking pot, shattering his last horn. A pulse goes out and the barrier shatters. All of the soldiers Nara created turn to dust and Vasthor looks around nervously.


Koji watches everything with Ryuu from the safety of Sessaru's forest.

"This should be interesting." Ryuu says.


Nara floats up in the air and lands softly before Vasthor.

"You should of killed me when you had the chance." Nara says in a very deep voice.

Vasthor picks his mace up and smashes it on Nara's head. The mace shatters like glass. Nara punches Vasthor in the stomach and cracks the thick armor. The cracks run all over the armor and once it stops the armor falls to pieces. Vasthor coughs and blood comes spewing out. He stumbles and drops to his knees with blood just flowing from Vasthor's mouth.

Nara jams his two fingers into Vasthor's right eye and two into the left eye then his thumb into Vasthor's mouth. With a hard pull Vasthor's face and front of the skull come off. Nara crushes it in his hand and tosses it at has feet. Vasthor's lifeless body falls forward and Nara steps on it as he lets out an earth shaking victory cry (More of a roar really.)


Ta and Gatyam look over in the direction of the roar.

"Guess its time to get serious." Ta says looking back at Gatyam. Gatyam pounces on Ta and sinks the his claws deep into the shoulder muscles of Ta.

Ta struggles to hold Gatyam's powerful jaws open and away from his neck. Gatyam's eyes cross for a second and Ta throws him off.

"You may be cat like but getting kicked in the nuts hurts regardless." Ta says getting to his feet.

Ta ducks and dodges all of the strikes Gatyam attempts. Gatyam finally connects with one and Ta taps Gatyam on the shoulder.

"Missed." Ta says.

Gatyam turns and sees Siina laying there with claw marks on her face which is half crushed. Before Gatyam can react Ta puts his hand through his chest and pulls out Gatyam's beating heart.

"Sleep well." Ta says and bites the heart.

Gatyam collapses and Ta finishes the heart.


The four Lords meet in the middle of No Man's Land at the pit.

"Anyone know what that was about?" Silmeria asks.

"That would be someone who knew a lot about us and used that information to find demons from our past." Shin explains.

"Vasthor was once a highly skilled warrior who left my army to pursue his own ambitions. He came close to achieving them today. He was a great warrior." Nara says and bows slightly.

"There is someone in this pit." Sessaru says watching some trash move.

Everyone looks at him.

"Why do I have to go look?" He asks.

"You noticed them. Go save them." Ta says with blood still covering his mouth.

Silmeria hands her staff to Sessaru and Nara grabs her shoulder. Sessaru gives the staff back and hops in the pit.

"Good to see you again, Shingi." Nara says, "When you have the time, come and see me."

"It's Roswell and Sephile." Sessaru shouts, "And they are bound and naked."

Everyone shutters at the thought of why they are naked.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chapter 5 - Destruction of the Western lands
Sessaru lays in his bed curled up in a ball. He winces in pain and stretches out.

"Damn gas bubble." He says holding his stomach.

Suddenly he sits up and vomits all over the floor.

"Great...." He says to himself.

He vomits a couple more times and then lays back on his bed.

"Milord, is there anything wrong?" A young woman asks through the door.

"I'm not feeling well." He replies.

The young woman enters and leaves a second later. She returns only moments later with a mop and bucket.

"I'm sorry about this." He says weakly from his bed.

Once the mess is cleaned up, she sets a large bucket by his bed.

"In case you still have more." She says with a smile before leaving.

"Thank you." Sessaru says before the door shuts.

Down the hall Nara is still being tended to by Misaka.

"You realize it won't happen, don't you?" Nara asks.

"I know. But..." Misaka replies before seeing the young woman standing in the doorway.

"Lord Sessaru is sick and won't be getting out of bed today." She says before leaving.

"Why not?" Misaka asks softly to Nara.

"You know why." Nara says holding his hand up and a faint scar is still there.

"Will you at least give me this time while you're here?" Misaka asks.

"Finally got him in bed, I see." Amaya says from the hallway.

"Mother?" Misaka says surprised and embarrassed.

"Perhaps you two should close the door if you want to fool around." Amaya says and closes the door.

A strange wind blows through the window and Nara sits up.

"Excuse me." Nara says and opens the window farther.

"What is it?" Misaka asks.

"Come on in." Nara says to the window.

"Forgive the intrusion," Koji says climbing through the window, "but I have an urgent message from the doctor."

Nara takes the note and reads it.

"Hmm, He couldn't find anything at all?" Nara ask.

"No, Milord. Even my connections couldn't dig anything up." Koji replies.

"Guess we will wait and see. For now just do whatever it is you do." Nara says crumpling the note.

"Hai!" Koji says and bows before leaping out the window.

A loud scream comes from down the hall. Nara is out the door and looking around the hallway in a flash.

Amaya is leaning against the wall across from Sessaru's room, covered in blood. Koji comes through another window, landing quietly next to Nara.

They run down to Sessaru's room and see the young woman laying on the floor, torn to bits. Sessaru stands above her covered in blood.

"This can't be a good sign." Nara says.

Several of the nearby guards come running in and stand between Nara and Sessaru who is looking at the blood on his hands.

The commander blows a whistle to alert the other guards and Sessaru looks up at them with crimson eyes. He takes a step forward and the sound of flesh being torn is heard.

"What's going on?" Mir asks as she comes around the corner.

"No! Mir!" Amaya shouts.

Koji picks Mir up and keeps her from seeing Sessaru.

"Koji, take her to Misaka's room. Amaya, look at me." Nara says, "Go with Koji and I will handle Sessaru."

She hesitantly follows Koji.

Nara turns around and Sessaru's hand goes straight through his chest. Nara coughs up some blood and blinks a few times before falling over.

Sessaru removes his hand and runs off.

A massive thunderstorm has started to roll in with blinding heavy rain and fierce lightning. The wind picks up and is almost hurricane force in a few seconds.

As night falls, almost everyone in the castle has been slain. Nara gets to his feet very slowly and assess the situation. He stumbles towards Misaka's room.

"Koji?" Nara asks weakly, walking in and looking at the empty room.

Koji climbs through the window followed by Amaya, Misaka, and Mir.

"All of you alright?" Nara asks.

"Yes." Koji says picking up Nara's book and then gives it to him.

Nara's large gaping wound in his chest heals almost instantly.

"Koji, take them somewhere safe. I will get Sessaru back under control." Nara says.

"What happened to him?" Amaya asks with tears in his eyes.

"I believe my power may of been too much all at once." Nara replies.

"You mean this is your doing?" Amaya asks.

"Yes. I tried to make him stronger to compete with these younger demons, who are being born more powerful everyday. He went straight from a C rank to an S rank." Nara explains.

"Why so big of a leap?" Misaka asks.

"I have never done it before." Nara says.

"No one has ever done it before. It is not in any record books anywhere. Lord Nara did it to help his friend by making him an S rank so that he could protect his family. Sessaru is having a power conflict inside him. If Lord Nara can subdue him then Sessaru still has a chance of survival." Koji explains.

"Just stop him before its too late." Amaya says.

Nara nods and sprints down the hallway that is littered with dead bodies.


In a small village, only a few miles from Sessaru's castle, a young boy, around 5, is laying on his father's body crying.

Throughout the entire village, bodies of the villagers lay scattered about.

Nara runs through the village and shakes his head.

"He sure is thorough." Nara says and continues on.


Sessaru surveys another village full of dead bodies.

A man runs at Sessaru with his sword drawn.

A second later, the sword flies through the air and the man splits down the middle.


Around midnight, Sessaru is about to leave when Nara finally catches up to him.

Sessaru turns around and is sent flying through a hut from Nara's kick to his chest.

"Found you!" Nara says.

Sessaru gets up and lunges at Nara.

His razor sharp claws rip through Nara's face. Nara spins around and back hands Sessaru across the jaw dislocating it. He isn't even stunned by the hit and slashes at Nara a few times.

"Guess we have to do this a different way." Nara says and picks his book up as he ducks down to avoid Sessaru's attack.

As he stands back up he brings the book up and smashes it right under Sessaru's jaw. He lifts off the ground and Nara drives his fist deep into Sessaru's gut, knocking all of the air out of his lungs.

Sessaru falls to the ground unconscious and Nara falls to his knees.

"You my friend are definitely strong enough to protect this land." Nara says, "If there is anyone left protecting."

A massive spider (about the size of a semi trailer), that looks similar to a Black Widow, scampers through the village right past Nara and Sessaru's body.

"Huh?" Nara says watching it disappear into the forest.


The following morning Nara returns with Sessaru draped over his shoulder.

"Is he okay?" Amaya asks running to greet them.

"Yeah, he's unconscious at the moment." Nara replies.


"You want us to do what?" Amaya asks slamming both hands down on the table.

Nara sits across from her still covered in his own blood, later that afternoon.

"It is in his best interest." Nara replies.

"How! Tell me how is it in his best interest to think that he killed his only family?" Amaya asks.

"If he believes that he is responsible for killing those closest to him then he will learn from this. If he knows you are still alive then he will more then likely just shrug it off as if its all right to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent demons." Nara explains.

Amaya is quiet for a moment.

"What about you? You are responsible for his actions. You made him from a kind innocent demon to the crimson eyed killing machine." Amaya says.

"I know. My hands are just as blood soaked as his." Nara says and stands.

He walks around the table and kneels next to Amaya, then bows deeply.

"Please forgive me for what I have done to your only son. I am to blame for his actions not him. I did not know he would react this way to it. I was only trying to help a close friend of mine." Nara says, "I swear to you that I will look out for him as long as I draw breath."

Amaya picks his head up and sees the seriousness in his eyes.

"I should be furious with you for what you did but I know you were only looking out for him. I realize that as a Lord of the Western Lands he will have to take the life of anyone that opposes him. I guess I wanted him to stay my little boy forever but that's not possible." Amaya says with tears in her eyes.

Nara gives her a big hug and she holds him tightly.

"You better take good care of him." She says into Nara's chest.

"I will. That is my promise to you." Nara replies.

The door opens and Misaka jumps back, away from the door.

"Koji will take you somewhere safe and I'll visit once I clear this mess up." Nara says.

Koji walks out of Sessaru's room.

"He is sleeping peacefully right now but I think we should get going." Koji says.

While they pack, Nara talks with Koji.

"Understood." Koji says, "I will take them to the safest place in the Demon Realm."

They leave and Nara sees them to the gates then returns to their rooms. He trashes the rooms and smears blood all over the place.


The following morning Sessaru awakens feeling refreshed but a look of confusion comes over him.

"Was that a dream?" He asks as he rubs the sleep from his eyes. He stands and trips over a piece of the young woman's body.

"What the hell?" He says to himself and examines the room.

In the hallway Nara waits patiently for him.

Sessaru bursts through the door and straight into Nara.

"What happened here?" He asks.

"You killed them all. In a temporary loss of sanity you slaughtered the entire Western Land." Nara says calmly.

"You lie. I could never...." Sessaru says, "Where is my mother?.... My sisters?......."

"Died by your hands." Nara says softly, "I buried them in the garden just a little bit ago."

Sessaru blinks repeatedly, trying to make sense of what Nara said to him. Nara puts his hand on Sessaru's shoulder and hugs him.

A loud scream echoes through the empty castle.


"That was Sessaru." Misaka says riding the horse through a dense forest several miles away.

"Nara must of told him what he did." Amaya says riding in front of her with a sleeping Mir in her arms.

Koji stops at the mouth of a cave later that day.

"We'll make camp here for the night. In the morning we will continue." Koji explains and helps Amaya off her horse.

"We are going into that cave?" Misaka asks.

"Yes. It is the only way to get to where we are going." Koji replies.

"And where exactly is that?" Amaya asks.

"My home." Koji says.


Two days later, Nara has returned to his castle with Sessaru.

"Everyone has been gathered like you asked." Kareen says.

Nara stands in front of the microphone and looks out at the citizens of the Demon Realm.

"A couple days ago you may have caught wind of a massive storm in the Western Lands that blew the scent of fresh blood. Or you may of heard of the massacre that happened there. It is true. There was a demon that annihilated those innocent demons. And that demon was me." Nara explains.

The citizens gasp and mutter amongst themselves.

"I have no logical explanation to justify my actions. The only explanation I can offer is that it is part of my curse. I know many of you know that I am an S ranked demon. They are a rarity and I have been both blessed and yet cursed at the same time. It has become apparent that as an S ranked demon I am bound to go insane and slaughter everyone around me. It is the curse of every S ranked demon before me and shall be for every S ranked demon after me. If you do not feel safe then feel free to move away. To any of the family members of the Western Lands I apologize for my actions." Nara explains and turns off the microphone.

Sephile smiles slyly to herself as she listens to Nara's speech.

Sessaru sits quietly in the darkness of his room.

Nara enters and closes the door behind him.

"You okay?" Nara asks.

"Why would you take responsibility for something you didn't do?" Sessaru asks.

"You would of been killed by a group of mercenaries hired by any family members of the demons you killed. For now, let's just go with I did it. It will be easier." Nara explains.

Outside the door, Sephile tries to listen in.

"Damn, can't hear anything." She says.

Without warning, Nara kicks the door open. It hits Sephile in the face and sends her flying across the hallway into the wall.

"Listening in on my conversations could get you killed." Nara says and walks down the hall.

Blood drips down her nose and onto her shirt. She stands up and looks back at Nara.

"Give it up. You can't read him." Kareen says walking by.

Sephile heads down the hall straight for her room.


Koji leads Amaya, Misaka, and Mir out of the long cave and onto a long beach with large crashing waves.

"Its beautiful." Misaka says.

Koji jumps onto a large boulder and a large wave hits it. The sea becomes calm and flat. Koji lands next to them a moment later.

"Shall we?" He says leading them to the path.


"Lord Nara, may I speak with you?" Roswell asks.

"What is it?" Nara asks walking down the hall a couple days later.

"I was wondering what you thought of my ruling abilities?" Roswell asks.

"Tell Sephile to shut up and go to her room." Nara says stopping.

Sephile steps out from the shadows and runs from Nara's glare.

"You were fine. What do you expect from being Lord?" Nara replies.

"Respect and obedience." Roswell says.

"I see. How do you plan on getting those." Nara asks.

"Through any means necessary." Roswell says making a fist.

"Rule with an Iron fist strategy won't work well here." Nara says.

"Why?" Roswell asks.

"Let's go shopping." Nara says and walks off.

They enter the city streets and the peasants continue on with their shopping.

"Bow before Lord Nara you ungrateful peasants!" Roswell says angrily.

"Either buy something or move along fatass." One merchant says.

Before Roswell can throw a punch Nara drags him down the street.

"See, everyone here knows who I am and what I am yet they ignore me as if I wasn't even here." Nara explains.

"Why? You are the Lord of the Demon Realm. They should all be bowing to you. Thanking you for allowing them to live in the shadow of your castle." Roswell replies.

"Normally that would be the case but I set the Eastern Lands up differently. In the other lands they would bow to me but from what I have heard they too are changing to model themselves after this land." Nara explains.

"Why would you do that? They are peasants they have no other purpose other then to serve the Lord." Roswell says.

"Think about this." Nara says, "The peasants are the ones that make up your army. They supply the castle with food and other goods. If you treat them poorly then they will not join the army or send you food. They will pack their belongings and move to another land." Nara explains.

"For you sire." A man says handing Nara a pearana. (A fruit that resembles a pear but is peeled like a banana.) He peels the fruit open and a large Brazilian Wandering spider lunges at Nara's face. It sinks his fangs in deep and injects it's poison. A couple seconds go by and the spider falls to the ground dead.

"How can this be?" The man says in shock.

"You bastard!" Roswell says and grabs the guy, "Should we make an example out of him right now?"

"You had family in the Western Lands and now they are dead cause of me." Nara says picking the spider up.

"Father you did it didn't you?" A young girl says with tears in her eyes.

"Let him go." Nara says with sadness in his voice.

"He tried to kill you. He should not be allowed to live." Roswell says still holding the man.

"I SAID RELEASE HIM!" Nara shouts at Roswell, making everyone in the market jump.

Roswell lets the man go and follows Nara back into the castle.


"We should strike will the iron is hot." Roswell says to Sephile in his room.

"No. We must be patient a bit longer. We have no one on our side. It is the two of us versus the entire Demon Realm." Sephile says.

"He actually let a peasant go that tried to kill him. How can he be called Lord of the Demon Realm after that?" Roswell says.

"I haven't seen Koji around for a few days. I think he is out of the castle. If we had some followers then this would be the perfect time to overthrow that worthless Lord Nara and you could be Lord Roswell." Sephile says standing and removing her dress.

"And Kareen would be at my side." Roswell says completely oblivious to Sephile's nude body just a couple feet from him.

She puts her dress back on and sits back down on her chair.


"How much further?" Mir asks.

"One more island." Koji says as he runs the small boat ashore.

They climb back into another boat on the other side of the small empty island and Koji shoves off into the calm ocean.

"Welcome to the Ryuu Islands." Koji says as he runs the boat ashore again a few minutes later, "Your future home."


The Ryuu Islands are a group of over a thousand islands south east of the Demon Realm main land. It extends from the back Eastern Lands all the way around to the south of the Southern Lands. It is completely isolated from the main land and there are only a couple points of entry to the main islands. The entire island system is protected by the roughest seas imaginable, From high waves to whirlpools to hurricane force winds. As well as a mysterious Guardian. It is impossible to enter without the Guardian's approval.


Koji leads them to a small hut on the edge of the village.

"For now you can stay with my family." Koji says.

"Father, you have returned." A young man says.

"My son, Koji." Koji says, "Koji, these women will be staying here till a hut can be built for them."

"Of course." Young Koji says and starts preparing them an area to sleep.


Nara sits next to his parents' grave and stares at the ground. The poison from the spider bite slowly oozes out and drips from his chin onto the ground. He picks up the Brazilian Wandering Spider and looks at it.

"Something isn't right. These shouldn't be here." Nara says to himself.


Ta walks down the stairs to Kogamaru's lab located in the basement of Ta's castle.

"Where did you get all of these?" He asks.

"Aren't they interesting. They are spiders from the human realm." Kogamaru says looking in on one.

"A guide to poisonous insects of the world?" Ta reads from a book title.

"Isn't it great?" Kogamaru says looking around his lab full of insects.

"Just be careful." Ta says walking back up the stairs.

"Always. Oh, tell Lust I won't be able to make dinner with her tonight." Kogamaru shouts up the stairs.

Ta reaches the last step and is slammed against the wall. A split second later he feels the warmth of a woman's lips against his and he puts his arms around the mystery woman's back.

The kiss is finally broken and both are left breathless.

"Good. Come with me." Lust says pressing her hips against Ta's.


Shin sits quietly in the middle of a pond on a boulder. Nara's speech replaying in his mind over and over.

"Nara was not the one responsible for that slaughter. It was Sessaru. He was the one who smelled of blood." Shin says to himself.

"Lord Shin is everything all right?" Aurora asks as she enters with a platter of food.

"Yes, I am not hungry at the moment." Shin says.

"You have been in here since Nara's speech and haven't eaten. You must eat to keep your strength up." Aurora says and hops onto the boulder. Before Shin can protest, rice is shoved down his throat.


Sessaru sits in his room in Nara's castle still unable to grasp the concept that he killed his family.

"Here." Kareen says handing him a bowl of soup.

"I can't shake this odd feeling." Sessaru says.

"It's called remorse. You feel bad for what you did." Kareen says sitting next to him. She puts her arm around his shoulder and he rests his head on her shoulder.

"It gets a bit easier with time." Nara says entering the room.

"How do you know?" Sessaru asks.

"I killed both my parents by the time I was eight. I ripped through my mother's stomach when I was born and then when I was sparring with my father, I ripped him to shreds. Just like you, I have a very vague recollection of actually doing it." Nara explains.

"How did you get through it?" Sessaru asks.

"I was thrust into ruling the Demon Realm so I really had no time to deal with it." Nara says.

"I guess I will have to suck it up and try your method, then." Sessaru replies.

"I had this made for you." Nara says and Becky enters with a katana in her hand.

"A sword?" Sessaru says picking it up.

"Its called Surtanryu." Nara says, "And it will help keep your power in check. That way this incident isn't repeated."


A young woman around seventeen is kneeling next to a grave in the Western Land. In front of here is over fifty more graves. Her hands are blistered and covered with dirt and blood. Her black hair is dirty and matted down. She stands and looks around before grabbing a steel staff.

"Mother. Father." She says, "I will return with that bastard's head." She turns and marches toward Sessaru's castle.


As the sun comes through the window in Ta's bedroom, it hits Ta right in the eyes. He rolls away from the light and straight into Lust's chest. He squeezes one and opens his eyes. Before he can say anything Lust hugs him tightly to her chest.

"You wanna go again?" She asks still asleep, "I don't think I can. I'm too sore from last night."

Ta breaks free and jumps to his feet.

"Wake up." Ta says to her confused.

Lust opens her eyes and sits up without covering herself.

"Why are you in my bed?" Ta asks.

"Easy. Kogamaru hasn't paid any attention to his duties as my boyfriend. I need an itch scratched and since Nara isn't around I found the next best thing." Lust says and goes back to sleep.

"This doesn't bode well." Ta says and goes back to bed as well.


"I have to think of a way to get rid of Kareen. That way, Lord Roswell will have to take me for his queen." Sephile says as she walk down the hall to breakfast.

She enters the dining hall and sees Roswell sitting next to Kareen. Nara is talking with Koji and the only open seat is next to him. She sits down quietly and Koji leaves. Shortly after breakfast is through, Nara leaves.

"Lord Nara, can I go with you on your trip?" Roswell asks.

"Not this time. Trying ruling like I told you the other day." Nara says and the door closes.


Sessaru enters his empty castle and notices that most of the bodies have been dragged out. He follows the blood trails and sees the young woman digging graves in the back of the garden.

"Grab a shovel and help dig." She says pointing to a shovel.

Sessaru starts helping her and by nightfall, they managed to bury all of the bodies in the graves.

"Who are you?" Sessaru asks.

"I'm Silmeria. And to answer your next question, I am here to see Lord Sessaru but it seems that he has gone to the Eastern Lands." Silmeria says.

"He did go there but he returned awhile ago." Sessaru says.

She drops the shovel and runs inside shouting Sessaru's name.

"You lie. There is no one here but us." She says as it finally dawns on her. She drops to her knees and bows before him, "Lord Sessaru, please forgive me for making you dig graves. I had no idea that it was you."

"It's fine. What did you want to see me about?" Sessaru asks.

"I wish to be your familiar so that I can find the one responsible for the murder of my entire village." Silmeria replies.

Sessaru is quiet for a moment before agreeing to it.


Along the border of the Northern Lands and Western Lands, the young boy (who was crying on his father's body) knocks on the large wooden door of a fighting school.

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