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Friday, October 1, 2010

Nearly a century passes and Nara stands before Shin and Aurora, Ta and Lust, and Sessaru and Silmeria.

"I have called you here to suggest something to you. You don't have to do it but in light of the recent attacks on all of our castles it is wise to at least consider it." Nara says getting odd looks from everyone, "I have given some of my power to Kareen as a precaution. Since I have been spending more time in the Human Realm, I have noticed how my demonic aura affects nature there. It has a very negative effect. So I gave Kareen some of my power." Nara explains.

"Okay. Why are you telling us?" Silmeria asks.

"You wish for us to share our power with our familiars as well." Shin says.

"Will you be the one injecting me with your power?" Lust asks in a husky voice as she struts over and runs her hands over Nara's chest.

"(Cough.) No." Nara says.

"But it could be a lot of fun." Lust says before Ta grabs her hair and pulls her back, "Careful, you better not get my fire started if you can't put it out. I may just have to find someone who can."

"Just wait awhile and I will take care of you." Ta says.

"But you got to do someone else. Why can't I?" Lust says.

"It doesn't count if you join in." Ta says and everyone looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Getting back to the subject at hand. What do you say?" Nara says.

Everyone nods and Nara pulls out his book.


All throughout the lands small portals (about the size of a golfball) keep popping up.


Another century passes and peace has once again dwindled the natural resources down to almost nothing.

Nara looks out from his tower and is lost in thought when Kareen joins him.

"It will all work out." She says reassuringly.

"Its not that. I am sensing something but I can't put my finger on it." Nara says.

His book opens and the pages start to flip themselves. It stops on the portal spell.

"The portal to the Human Realm?" He says confused.

"Milord, it seems that several portals have opened up to the Human Realm." Koji says from the rafters.

"What?" Nara replies and looks down at his book.

"Over a hundred demons have made their way through and are terrorizing the humans." Koji continues.

"Alright here's what I need you to do. Get Shin, Ta, and Sessaru over here as quick as you can. We will take out the demons and you can destroy the portals around the Demon Realm.


A few days after the Demon Lords leave, word spreads to Shear and his comrades. He sits down and explains everything to Sephile and Roswell and within a week Sephile devises a plan to overthrow them in their absence.

"We will need our full group together on this." Sephile says.

"Well what is the plan? I want to take Nara's castle by tomorrow night." Roswell says.

"We will take his castle but first we have to take the other three lands." Sephile explains.

"Let's get started then." Shear says.

The three of them head to the Southern Lands first where Kogamaru has already taken over the lands. Large spiders roam around everywhere as the three of them ride in.

They ride up to the castle where the gates open up for them and Kogamaru greets them.

"Welcome to my lands." He says with a big smile.

"Impressive." Shear says.

"I have an army of wolf spiders for you to use to take over the other lands, if you wish." Kogamaru says.

"That would be perfect to take the castles quickly." Sephile says.

"Great. Tonight we shall celebrate you impending victory and my victorious take over of this castle." Kogamaru says.


Lust rides as fast as her horse can go towards Sessaru's castle.

"Shit!" She says looking back over her shoulder at the spider chasing her. It leaps at her and just as it draws it's fangs something blindsides it.

Koji lands on the back of her horse and she explains what has happened in the south while still riding.

"Warn the others. Then head to the Shin's castle. Shingi has taken control of those lands. You'll be safer there." Koji says and runs off into the forest.

"They must of found a willing army to fight for them." Koji says to himself.


Within 3 days, the western lands have fallen under Shear's rule and Roswell's patience have worn out.

"Why am I not Lord yet?" He asks slamming his fist on a table, breaking it in dozens of pieces.

"Milord, the Eastern Lands are the toughest lands to take over. We must be smart about it and not rush into it without thinking." Sephile explains, "Our scouts are doing their reconnaissance as we speak. We will have a report in the morning"

"We better or heads will roll." Roswell says angrily.


Two days later, Roswell and Sephile lead their spider army to the crossroads just before the capital of the Eastern Lands.

"They don't suspect anything, Milord." A scout says bowing.

"Excellent. Lead the soldiers in and kill all who oppose you." Roswell orders.

The scout bows and runs off with the army behind him. Roswell sits on the back of a spider with Sephile next to him. She glances over and he nods before the two of them take off after the army.

When they reach the city it is like a ghost town. There is not a single sign of life. Not one shop is open. Not even a wild dog on the street.

"Something isn't right." Sephile says.

Suddenly all of the spiders let out a horrific scream of pain as dozens of spears pierce through their undersides. Roswell and Sephile are thrown to the ground as their spiders are killed. The spears retract back into the ground as the spiders lay twitching all over the road.

"What is the meaning of this?" Roswell asks angrily as he grabs the scout.

"I don't know. It was busy as usual when I was here just moments before." The scout replies.

Roswell slams him to the ground and motions for the rest of the army to advance. (Roughly 400 demons.) They all march upon the castle. As they draw closer the gates open and Kareen is standing there alone.

"What is going on here?" Roswell asks.

"You honestly think your army could get the jump on me?" Koji says from the top of the stairs leading inside.

"What tricks do you have up your sleeve?" Sephile asks.

Koji laughs and shakes his head.

"Lady Kareen has decided to just give you what you wanted instead of having the innocent demons die." Koji explains.

"I am now Lord of the Eastern Lands?" Roswell asks.

"Yes." Kareen replies.

"Then that means you belong to me. As well as you." Roswell says to Kareen and Koji.

"No. I am only here cause this is my home." Kareen says.

"I only obey the true Demon King's orders. You are just temporary." Koji says and vanishes.

Sephile walks up to Kareen and back hands her.

"Bow to your new Lord." She demands.

Kareen stands back up with blood trickling out of the corner of her mouth.

"Bitch!" Sephile says and suddenly a sharp pain from her leg stops her in mid punch. Three crossbow bolts are sticking through her right thigh and two through her shin of her left leg.

Kareen raises up a small crossbow.

"I'm not yours to command, bitch." Kareen says and backfists her, sending her to the ground.

"Enough." Roswell orders.

Sephile picks herself back up and spits out a mouth full of blood as well as a tooth. She glares at Kareen.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Kareen says to Sephile.

Nara's army marches out and stand behind Kareen with their bows and arrows drawn. They outnumber Roswell's army 3 to 1.

"Just like we discussed earlier. Do as you please." Kareen orders.

All 1200 soldiers bow to her and march out the gates into the empty city streets.

"What is the meaning of this? Where are my soldiers going?" Roswell asks.

"Your soldiers? You mean Lord Nara's soldiers." Kareen corrects him, "As of sunrise today, they were released from duty. You may be Lord of this land but things here haven't changed since you last lived here. The title Lord still means very little." Kareen explains.

"We will see how long that lasts." Roswell replies.


A week has passed since Roswell has taken over and only about half the city stayed. Roswell's iron fist style ruling isn't working at all as the citizens don't pay any attention to him.

"If none of you will pay attention to your new Lord then you shall be killed." Roswell says into the microphone and again no one is listening.

"That's wise. Kill your subjects. Its not like you need them to support the castle in any way." Kareen says sarcastically.

Roswell stops and thinks before lowering his head. He slams his fists in frustration.

"Not so easy huh?" Kareen says and walks off.

In the distance, two horses approach.

"Milord." Sephile says pointing at them.

As they get closer, Roswell recognizes them.

"Its Shear and Kogamaru." He says happily.


They sit in the throne room talking.

"How does it feel to finally be Lord of the Eastern Lands?" Shear asks.

"Excellent. Now all I need is for my subjects to learn some damn respect." Roswell says.

"We came by to see if you want to head north with us to take the Northern Lands." Kogamaru says.


Shingi stands before the throne in his castle with Aurora next to him.

"Are you sure I have to do this?" He asks.

"Yes, Shin told me that if anything ever happened that you were to take the throne." She replies, "Besides the soldiers respect you as much as Shin."

He sighs and sits down on the throne and the soldiers cheer.

"Now what?" He asks.

"Go and meet the new Lords." Koji says from behind the throne.

"And why would I want to do that?" Shingi asks waving to the soldiers.

"If you don't then they will march up here and take these lands by force. Just go along with them and things will be much smoother." Koji replies.

"Fine." Shingi says, "As your new Lord, my first order is to mount up we are off to the Eastern Lands."

The soldiers bow and head for the stables.


A couple days pass and a lookout bursts into the throne room and falls to his knees before Roswell.

"A large army approaches." He says panting.

Roswell and the other Lords rush to the front doors.

"An invasion already?" Roswell asks.

"No, that looks like Shingi." Kogamaru says.

Shingi and his army ride into the castle gates and he dismounts. He is dressed in full samurai gear with his sword on his hip.

"You must be the new Lords." He says eyeing them.

"Shingi." Kogamaru says.

"Kogamaru." Shingi replies.

"What brings you down here?" Kogamaru asks.

"I came to see who was ruling these lands." Shingi replies.

"With your full army?" Shear replies putting his hand on his sword.

In the blink of an eye, Shingi has a sword to both Shear's and Roswell's throat.

"I did not come for a fight. I came to introduce myself to the new Lords as a sign of good faith but if you wish to turn this into a bloodbath then I will easily take over the Demon Realm and be the new Demon King." Shingi says coldly.

"What makes you think you could pull that off?" Shear asks.

Shingi nods and one of his soldiers rides off. He returns moments later with even more soldiers and all of Shear's soldiers as prisoners.

"Your little bugs have been subdued for the moment." Shingi says to Kogamaru.

"Now that you see that I am capable of doing as I say perhaps we can be a bit more friendly." Shingi says.

Kareen stands in the doorway watching everything.

"Shingi isn't the joking type. I suggest you don't reach for your weapons in front of him and he won't remove your body parts." She says.

Shingi puts his swords away and bows to her.

"Congratulations." She says and heads back inside.


"Shit!" Roswell says pacing back and forth in his room. Sephile looks up from the fireplace and watches him.

"What is it?" She asks.

"Shingi." He replies, "I thought Shin killed him a long time ago. This could ruin my plans."

"And what plans are those?" Sephile asks.

"I will be Demon King and rule all four lands." Roswell says.

"And with Shingi having the only proper army that has put a big hole in those plans?" She says.

"Yes, Shingi has the strongest army. He nearly took over the Demon Realm this afternoon." Roswell says, "How does it look when the true Demon King's army is the smallest of all four lands."

"Just be patient my Lord." Sephile says massaging his shoulders, "You are the Lord of the Eastern Lands. Just enjoy that for awhile. When the time is right I will devise a plan to systematically take the other lands."


Over half a century passes and still no word from Nara and the others. Koji has made hundreds of trips to the Human Realm but with each trip he has gotten one step closer to finding out what happen to them.

On his last trip he found Nara's book and he returns to Nara's castle with it.

With the passing years, the Eastern Lands have become the poorest of the four lands and fallen into a great depression. The food has to be rationed among the citizens while Roswell and Sephile eat their fill at every meal.

Kareen has set up a food trade with Shingi's land so that the Eastern Lands don't die from starvation. Even Roswell's army is suffering from the effects of the lack of food. About a quarter of the army has died from starvation or taken their own life to feed their families.

Kareen returns to the castle and slams her bedroom doors. She locks it and flops down on the bed. Amazingly, she has managed to keep the master bedroom to herself. Every time Sephile mentions that, "Lord Roswell deserves that room since he is Lord.", Kareen smacks her.

Koji lands silently next to the bed and puts his hand over her mouth. She freaks out and struggles to get free for a moment before she sees Koji.

"What the hell?!" She whispers.

Koji holds up Nara's book and she reaches for it. It snaps and snarls at her.

"What the..." She says.

"I'm not sure what has happened to the book but I found out what happened." He says.

He explains what happened to Nara and the other Lords to her and she smiles. (Read Sessy514's site to see what happened to Nara and the others.)

"I knew he was alive." She says and hugs him.

"You must not tell anyone that they are alive." Koji says sternly to her.

"Of course not." She replies.


Later that same year, Kogamaru arrives at Roswell's castle with several of his assistants.

"What brings you by?" Roswell asks greeting them.

"I need some more test subjects for my experiments." Kogamaru replies as they walk down the hall to the library.

"What?" Roswell asks.

"You have the list? Good. Don't come back till you have everything." Kogamaru says to his assistants and turns the portal on.

Roswell stands there dumbfounded.

"What is that?" He asks.

"A portal to the Human Realm. However, you cannot enter. High level demons can cause this to disappear forever and kill all of us." Kogamaru warns.

"Seriously?" Roswell says staring at the portal.

"Yes. Please sit down back there. My assistants should be tossing some extremely deadly specimens through." Kogamaru says.

A few hours go by and as Roswell tries to stick his hand in Nara comes flying through. He tackles Roswell making him scream.


Kogamaru stands there clutching his chest and panting as he realizes that Nara isn't moving. After closer examination, Kogamaru makes the discovery that brings an evil smile to his face.

Over the next couple hours, Shin, Ta, and Sessaru all come flying through the portal followed by the assistants.

"Load them into the cart and cover them up." He orders and his assistants bow. Kogamaru turns to Roswell and says, "You will not speak a word of this to anyone. This has to remain between us. If word got out that the previous Lords were still alive then we would have a riot on our hands that would surely result in our deaths."

"What is wrong with them?" Roswell asks.

"Their souls have been kicked out of their bodies." Kogamaru replies.

A small orb floats through the portal and starts moving towards Nara's body when Kogamaru turns the portal off and removes the key. The portal sucks the orb back in.

A loud "DAMN IT!!" is heard and everyone looks around confused.

Koji watches from the rafters.

"This should be interesting." Koji says to himself and disappears into the shadows.


The following morning, Kareen storms out of her room as smoke billows out.

"Room is all yours." She says to Sephile.

"You bitch! Why did you burn everything?" She asks.

Kareen smiles and continues walking.

"Guards, stop her." Sephile orders.

Two guards grab Kareen and drag her back to Sephile.

"You really need to learn that you are no longer in charge here. Perhaps some time in the dungeon should break you." Sephile says and slaps her.

Kareen spits in her face and laughs.

"This isn't over." Kareen says as she is dragged away.


Just over a year later, Kareen escapes with the rest of the prisoners, thanks to Koji. Sephile enters the throne room a few days after the escape and sees Kareen massaging Roswell's shoulders. Sephile does manage to control her rage in front of her Lord but every time he turned her back the two of them would fight.

Over the next 1400 years, life in the Demon Realm fluctuates drastically, especially in the Eastern Lands. The lands would prosper for a period then Roswell would bring them to the brink of destruction.

The other lands stayed about the same. Kogamaru started using his subjects for experiments on the former Lords' bodies but nothing successful.

Shear just ignored his citizens and let them do as they pleased regardless of the situation. And as for Shingi, he was the only Lord that actually had a functioning army for most of the time till just before the Former Demon Lords reappeared.

Just before the Demon Lords reappeared, Sephile started making contact with the humans and setting up a solid trade between the two realms resulting in the current story.

As the trading between the two realms grew stronger so did the technology in the Demon Realm. The Demon Lords gained access to modern day human technology, such as computers and electricity.


And now I leave you to read the continuation of the actually story on Sessy514's website. I hope you enjoyed this little prequel.

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