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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter 6 - Demons from the past
Sessaru and Silmeria finish cleaning the blood off the walls a couple days later. They toss the rags into the bucket and sigh as they look at all of the blood on the floor.

"Lord Sessaru you shouldn't be cleaning this. I can do it." Silmeria says.

"Again, I am perfectly capable of helping. It's not like there is anyone to be ruling over at the moment." Sessaru replies.


Nara and Koji stand on the beach and stretched out before them is the ocean and its is dead calm.

"Is this him?" An elderly looking man with long white hair that is drawn back and a white fu man Chu. He is dressed like a Chinese man and even has the long finger nails.

"Yes, this is Lord Nara, son of Lord Eiji." Koji says and kneels.

Nara kneels as well.

"Your father did the same thing." The man says, "I am Ryuu and these are my islands. Please stand."

Nara and Koji both stand.

"My father spoke of you to me once. He told me of a great dragon that sleeps peacefully and only attacks when attacked." Nara says.

"That is me. I forgot I met him in that form. Just don't be foolish and I won't be forced to wipe the lands clean." Ryuu says.

Nara nods, "These islands are yours to rule your way. I have no intentions of attacking them." Nara says.

"Wise boy. Just like your father," Ryuu says and Nara raises an eyebrow, "Your father once attacked the islands to the south of the Southern Lands. I merely raised up to investigate and he surrendered immediately. He was very wise for his age. Well, I am going back to bed so Koji will show out." Ryuu bows slightly as Nara and Koji walk away.

Once they are out of the view of the ocean Nara exhales deeply and shudders.

"Something wrong?" Koji asks getting a boat from under some branches.

"His power was immense. I think he could honestly wipe the mainland out with ease." Nara says still shuddering.

"Wait till you see him in his other form. Then you will be able to grasp his power." Koji says and pushes the boat into the calm waters.

Nara hops in and they paddle out towards Koji's island home.


Ta looks in on one of Kogamaru's spiders.

"You got some more didn't you?" Ta says looking around.

"Yep. I never knew the human realm would be so interesting." Kogamaru replies, "So what brings you down here?"

"Lust wanted to speak with you but sent me instead." Ta starts.

"I know I haven't been there lately but I have almost made a breakthrough. Once I do I will be there for her." Kogamaru says and puts a glass bowl over a flame.

"About that." Ta says, "She has asked me to tell you that she has moved on."

"Moved on?" Kogamaru asks.

"Yeah, she has found someone else who is there for her." Ta explains.

"Why? I have been here only a couple days." Kogamaru replies.

"No, you have been down here for over a month." Ta says.

"Really? I have been down here that long? When did she start seeing someone else?" Kogamaru asks.

"A couple days ago." Ta replies hesitant to tell him the truth.

"It's Lord Nara isn't?" Kogamaru asks.

"No, its me." Ta says.

Kogamaru stands up straight and stares at Ta for several very intense moments. The tension is so thick that all of the spiders hide in their cages.

"I didn't start anything. She ambushed me." Ta says in his defense.

"Look, I gave you plenty of time to play with your bugs." Lust says coming down the stairs, "Twice a week was apparently too much time away from your experiments. All you had to do was have a dinner with me. We could of had some fun and possibly breakfast the next morning. That's all it would of taken for me to stay with you." Lust explains.

Kogamaru sits back down and sighs.

"You're right. I had my chance and blew it." Kogamaru says, "At least she chose a good demon."

Lust smiles and says, "Actually I thought it was you coming up the other night but it turned out to be Ta." She turns and heads back upstairs with Ta right behind her.

Kogamaru watches the shadows disappear up the stairs and looks around slowly at everything in his lab.

"Actually this may work out better then I had planned." He says with an evil grin.


Koji and Nara land on the shore of Koji's home island.

"Welcome to my home." Koji says.

Nara looks around as they walk up to the village. Misaka walks out of her hut with Mir following close behind.

"Nara!" Mir shouts and runs towards Nara.

Misaka looks up and drops the basket in her hands. Mir leaps and hugs Nara who crouched down for her. Misaka runs over and Nara stands up.

"You came." Misaka says softly and hugs Nara.

"Not for the reasons you are thinking." Nara explains.

"We have some time before everything will be ready so you may do as you wish. I'll come and get you." Koji says before leaving.

Nara is dragged by Misaka back to her little hut. Amaya looks up from the cooking fire and smiles.

"How is Sessaru doing?" She asks giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"He's doing well. Just as I hoped he has shown remorse for what happened. The last I heard was that he had gone back home to bury the dead and clean up his lands." Nara explains.

"I am so happy to hear that. I have been thinking about him a lot since we left." Amaya says.

"Everything should work out fine for him. I took responsibility for what happened and as far as the public knows he was not involved." Nara adds.

"Why would you do that?" Amaya asks.

"To protect him. The demons in the East have already hired some mercenaries to kill him. If Lord Sessaru were to be the one responsible then more uprisings would be likely take place to overthrow Lord Sessaru." Koji explains from the doorway.

Misaka frowns and releases Nara's arm.

"Everything is ready." Koji says and leaves. Nara gets up and follows.


Back in the city surrounding Nara's castle, Sephile walks through the busy city streets listening closely to all of the conversations around her. One of them catches her attention and she follows the couple men to the alley.

"Pardon me, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I was wondering if I may be of some assistance to your plan." Sephile says.

"I'm listening." One man says while the other gives him a weird look.


"So what exactly do you need help with?" Nara asks.

"This may come as a surprise to you but I am an S rank demon such as yourself." Koji says as they take a boat across the calm seas again, this time to a completely different island.

"Huh?" Nara says confused.

"It's true. I am an S rank demon. The only difference is that I was not born an S rank. I was given my power by my father." Koji explains.

"I thought you said it has never been done before." Nara says.

"The method you did has never been done before. The method my family uses is different. Your father helped me last time and now it is my son's turn to take over." Koji says as the boat runs ashore.

Nara gives him an odd look and follows him to another hut. Inside, Koji's son, Koji, sits there. The room is illuminated by a large fire near the center.

"What am I supposed to do?" Nara asks.

"Just help my son back to the island. After this is completed he is going to be very tired and weak for a few days." Koji explains.

Each of them sits in a circle and young Koji reads from a scroll as his father picks up a small dagger. He glances up at Nara and nods before slitting his own throat. Blood pours out and young Koji continues to read. The blood oozes across the wood floor and enters young Koji. Koji's body breaks down into a fine dust and circles around the room before entering young Koji as well.

"Amazing." Nara says as he watches.

Young Koji collapses and the fire goes out. Nara helps the boy up and realizes that he now looks exactly like his father.


A few days pass and Roswell is walking through town with Sephile. She leads him to an old building and they quickly enter. Inside dozens of bodies lay strewn about as if a bomb went off. Blood and guts were everywhere.

"What the hell?" Sephile asks herself.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?" Roswell asks.

"No. These were your faithful followers but it appears as if someone has discovered them." Sephile says.

Without warning several large clay jars drop from the ceiling and shatter, spilling their contents everywhere.

"Its lamp oil." Sephile says. Suddenly it dawns on her, "We need to go now." She grabs Roswell's hand and drags him out just before everything goes up in flames.

In the streets everyone stands there and watches the building burn.

"It seems that someone has been watching us." She says to herself and looks around. Not seeing anyone suspicious she leaves with Roswell.


Sessaru and Silmeria flop down on a large pile of clean blankets.

"There. Everything has been swept, mopped, and washed. It is as good as new." Silmeria says.

Getting no response she looks over and sees Sessaru sound asleep.


A few hundred years pass and everything is relatively peaceful for the four Demon Lords. A few small uprisings here and there but nothing to major.

In the center of the four lands lies what is referred to as "No Man's Land". It is a large area where the four lands meet and no one Lord rules it or defends it.

Hundreds of demons have gathered and all of them are ready for a change in leadership. One demon stands among them, whom all of them respect either out of fear or his accomplishments.

"Vasthor." One demon says, "The ones you have asked for have been assembled."

Vasthor stands at a staggering 12 and a half feet tall. He is very muscular and has that presence that commands respect. Scars mark his body everywhere. His head is shaved except a small portion in the back that is in a long ponytail. On his back is a long and extremely heavy looking mace. His battle armor is marked from many battles and is fairly thick.

He enters a tent and the demons inside bow to him.

"The eight of you shall be my Generals. Each of you is well versed in one particular Lord. Your only task is to keep the others busy till I kill the Demon King. Once that is completed you can divide the three remaining lands up as you see fit." Vasthor explains in a deep voice, "It is time to rejuvenate the stagnant blood that has been ruling these lands."


Shin stands on his balcony overlooking the expansive mountain range below.

"It has been wonderful to see you again." Aurora says making Shin look down. He sees Shingi hugging her and he nods at him. Shingi looks up at Shin and nods back.


Sephile closes Roswell's door and sits down on his bed.

"I am growing tired of having to bow to him. When can we overthrow him already?" Roswell asks.

"Patience. We still need some more followers. Right now we have about fifty and Nara has the rest of the demon realm." Sephile explains, "We must be careful not to make our intentions clear to anyone otherwise we will lose our followers again."

"So what do you suggest?" Roswell asks.

"A nice change of scenery." She replies with a smile.


Nara sits in his library that afternoon quietly reading when Kareen enters with some rice balls and tea.

"Sephile and Roswell have left the grounds. Guess they couldn't find anyone else to join them to overthrow you." She says setting the tray down next to him.

"Probably. They are determined that's for sure." Nara replies still reading his book.

"Why do you keep them around if you know they are going to try and overthrow you?" Kareen asks.

"Simple, its a lot easier to keep an eye on someone when they are close to you. Besides it gives me great joy watching them think I have no clue what they are plotting." Nara replies and sips his tea.

Koji drops down from the ceiling and makes Kareen jump a foot. He hands Nara a note and backs up.

"You don't have to be so quiet all the time." Kareen says glaring at him.

"That's my job." Koji replies.

"When?" Nara asks.

"Yesterday afternoon. I stood by her side till it was over." Koji says.

"I see. Thank you. I will go and visit for a couple days." Nara says.

"What happened?" Kareen asks confused.

"Sessaru's mother, Amaya, passed away." Nara replies, "I will be back in a couple days."

Koji and Nara vanish into the shadows.

"Off to see her." Kareen says jealously.


Sessaru stands on the walkway over his castle gates and looks out at the bustling city before him.

"I told you that this city would be full of your faithful subjects." Silmeria says.

"Yea, and it only took a few hundred years." Sessaru replies as he turns around and looks in on his army training.


Ta sits behind his desk with his feet up and he is sound asleep in the chair. Books litter the entire room. All of them on about animals of the human realm. Ta stretches and topples over backwards.

"Damn it. I should really get another bed to sleep in." He says standing up.

"Now why would you want to do that?" Lust asks as she sits on his desk.

"I need sleep. Not your definition of sleep but actual sleep." Ta replies.

"But I can't sleep alone. I am scared of the dark." She says innocently.

"Bullshit." Ta says and walks out the door.

Lust laughs and chases after him.


Kogamaru sits in his lab after another one of his failed experiments. He looks over his notes and double checks everything again.

"It worked before but why am I having trouble now." He asks himself.

"No luck?" Ta asks walking past all of the new cages.

"Nope." Kogamaru says still double checking the list.

"Need help?" Ta asks.

"Nope." Kogamaru replies.

"Mind if I borrow some of your insects?" Ta asks.

"You returned the cats right?" Kogamaru asks.

"Yep." Ta replies.

"Go ahead." Kogamaru says.

"Thanks." Ta says and grabs a dozen cages.


Vasthor walks around his territory watching his soldiers train.

"Lord Vasthor," A demon says before being back handed.

"What have I told you? I am not Lord yet." Vasthor scolds.

"Sorry sir." The demon replies, "We caught these two snooping around."

Two guards walk up with Roswell and Sephile.

"I know you. Your the Demon King's lackey." Vasthor says staring at Roswell.

"I prefer right hand man." Roswell corrects him.

"No you aren't. His right hand man is actually a woman named Kareen. You are nothing more then a puppet to him." Vasthor says as he walks around them, "Now I am curious as to why you are out here in No Man's Land."

"We are out searching for some like minded demons to join our cause." Sephile says.

"Your cause?" Vasthor says.

"Yes, we are looking for others who wish to see a change in leadership of these lands. Someone who will reunite the Demon Realm as one." Sephile explains.

"And you expect this blueberry here to be the one to reunite the lands?" Vasthor asks with a laugh.

"Of course!" She exclaims, "You are looking at the future Lord Roswell!"

"You are nothing but traitors. Bowing to the Demon King with knives hidden in your smiles. You are lower then the weakest demons." Vasthor snaps, "Bind them and toss them in the pit."

"We could be beneficial to you." Sephile pleads as she is lead away.

"If you do what you are thinking then your family pays the price of your stupidity." Vasthor adds as his aide leads the guards away.

The guards rip Roswell's clothes off and start to wrap a thick rope around his ankles and all the way up to his neck. Once that is completed, they chuck him into a large trash pit in the center of the camp.

Sephile is carefully undressed as most of the soldiers crowd around to watch. Once all of her clothes have been removed the soldiers cheer. She too is bound by a thick rope from her ankles to her neck, then tossed into the pit.

"We forgot these." One guard says holding up the gags.


Nara stands next to Amaya's grave with Mir and Misaka. Both women have grown up a lot and have developed into beautiful young women.

"How long will you be staying this time?" Misaka asks sadly.

"Only a couple days." Nara replies as they sit down to eat with Koji.

"Have to get back to her?" She asks jealously.

"She is part of it. You know it has been too long for you to still be jealous of her. I told you that a long time ago." Nara says setting his bowl down.

Misaka is quiet for a long time before slamming her bowl down and storming off. Nara sighs and follows after her.

Misaka sits on the beach and stares out to sea.

"I care for you. I really do." Nara says.

"You do?" Misaka asks looking up at Nara with tear filled eyes.

"Of course. If you had been there that day when I picked Kareen, I would of picked you without a moment's hesitation. But you aren't a fighter and being around me requires that someone has to be a fighter. One day they may have to fight against a mindless me and be forced to kill me. I know you wouldn't have the heart to do that, so that's why I am with Kareen." Nara explains and wipes her tears away.

Koji walks up and whispers something to Nara.

"Really? Inform the others." Nara orders then looks back at Misaka, "I have to go now." He gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves.


Shin walks through the empty streets of his city and stops before a sword school. He reaches for the knocker and the door opens. Shin enters and is greeted by Shingi who has his sword drawn.

"I have dreamt that you would walk through those very doors." Shingi says.

"I have not come here for a fight." Shin replies.

"Then what have you come for?" Shingi asks.

"For you to join me in battle. I know that night when you attacked me you could of easily taken my life but you spared me." Shin explains.

"Don't give me that much credit. I know I am good but that night I was just an inch to far back due to the fog that's all." Shingi replies.

"You are the only swordsman I have not beaten with less then three strikes. Which is why I want you to follow me into battle as my General." Shin says.

Shingi is stunned by Shin's request.

"Don't get the wrong idea, I have not forgiven you for this scar. I will get my retribution for it in time but you are a better ally then enemy." Shin says.

"Aurora is involved isn't she?" Shingi asks and Shin nods.

"That's what I thought." Shingi says, "I will do it to protect her not because you asked me to."


"THE DEMON LORDS ARE COMING!!" A scout shouts as he enters the camp.

Vasthor exits his tent and laughs.

"I knew it wouldn't be long before he caught wind of this." Vasthor says to himself.

Laying in the trash pit Sephile and Roswell struggle to keep their heads above the trash. Due to an overflowing river nearby some of the river water flowed into the trash pit.

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