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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chapter 4 - Separation of Land and Power
In a bar the demon from the tree sits in a chair with his feet up on the table.

He has a very chiseled physique that's not overly muscular. Standing he is roughly 6 foot 6 inches tall. His hair is a dark black with glints of crimson in it.

"So Ta did you really kill all of those rebellious bastards?" Another patron asks.

"Some. The others were taken out by these men here tonight." Ta says patting the shoulder of the guy next to him.

The entire bar erupts into cheering.

Nara enters the bar and everyone falls silent. He orders a drink and turns around to survey the room.

"Don't mind me. Just passing through to the capital." Nara says with a smirk.

"To see that idiot ruler?" Ta asks.

"Sort of." Nara replies.

Ta looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

"I plan on kicking his ass for all these uprisings lately. I lost my farm because of it." Nara says lying his ass off.

"Is that so?" Ta says.

Nara looks at him and says, "For someone who dislikes the Lord of the Demon Realm why would you kill his enemies? Why not help the enemy of your enemy?"

"I could give a rat's ass about the Lord of the Demon Realm, we were defending our land." Ta explains.

"Then why did you let that samurai go by unharmed?" Nara asks downing the last of his drink.

Nara sets his mug down and leaves the bar.

"Yeah, why did you let them go?" A demon asks.

"That bastard." Ta says to himself and knocks the table over as he makes his way out of the bar.

He quickly catches up to Nara and hits him in the back of the head.

"Alright! Stop right there!" Someone shouts from the darkness of the village streets.

Ta puts his hands up and kneels.

A policeman steps out of the darkness.

Nara gets to his feet and sucker punches Ta.

"I said hold it!" The policeman says louder.

He restrains them and takes them to the jail.

"You two can cool off in here for the night." He says locking them into individual cells.

They sit there quietly for over an hour till Ta breaks the silence.

"Tell me something." Ta says, "Who are you?"

"You don't believe that I am a simple farmer?" Nara replies sitting up.

"No, you have the smell of blood on you." Ta says.

Nara laughs and rubs the back of his head.

"What did you do this time?" A man says from the doorway.

"Kogamaru?" Ta says standing up.

A man walks in and is roughly 5 foot 8 inches tall and slightly scrawny looking. He has an odd looking coat on and is wearing glasses. The way he looks resembles a modern day scientist.

"If you keep getting arrested, I may as well just marry the cop." A woman says walking in right behind Kogamaru.

She stands at an amazing 6 foot even and has an incredible body with a great even tan. Her curves make anyone stare at her, man or woman. Her hair is a beautiful deep crimson and her bangs covers her left eye.

"Lust?" Ta says smiling.

"She definitely lives up to her name." Nara says admiring her body.

"Thank you. You're not too bad either." She says walking up to Nara who is still seated.

He stands up and being 7 and a half feet tall, she looks up at him.

"Wow." She says almost breathless, reaching through the bars to touch his chest.

"Ahem." Ta and Kogamaru say together.

"Sorry." She says and snaps back to reality.

She opens the cell and Ta leaves.

"Talk to you later, farmer." Ta says and walks out with his arm around Lust's shoulders.

"Yep." Nara says and kicks the cell door down, "Say hello to Kyuso and Jealousy for me." Nara adds.

Ta stops dead and turns around.

"What? How do you know that name?" Ta asks.

Nara simply smiles and walks past him.

"Perhaps some other time. I have some other business to attend to." Nara says and disappears into the dense fog that has rolled in.


Nara returns to where he left Shingi and Shin.

When he arrives the smell of blood is thick even through the dense fog.

"Lord Nara you have returned." Roswell says greeting him.

Nara ignores him and heads straight to Shin who's kneeling in front of a tree. There is a large gash that goes from the middle of his forehead across his right eye and ending at the edge of his jaw line.

"Don't worry. I am fine. I let my guard down for a second and Shingi took advantage of it." Shin says with his eyes closed.

"I see he made off with your other sword as well." Nara says shaking his head.

"He will pay for that in due time. For now vengeance isn't a priority." Shin says.

"You say so." Nara says looking the gash over once more but can't see it real well in the darkness and the fog.

"Come on Roswell, I know where we can get this taken care of." Nara says.


In a small hut, Ta paces back and forth in front of Lust and Kogamaru.

"Just let it go. So what if he knew your parents' names." Kogamaru says.

"The only people who knew it is the three of us. How did he?" Ta says still pacing.

"Well, we are going home so let us know if you figure it out." Kogamaru says helping Lust up.

They leave and Ta throws a water bucket at the bookcase. A small box shatters when the bucket hit it, sending its contents everywhere.

As Ta is picking them up he sees a small scroll.

"Orders?" He says reading the outside of the scroll.

"By orders of Lord Eiji Nakahara, Your presence is requested at the castle for the seventh birthday of the future Lord of the Demon Realm, Nara Nakahara. Signed, Lord Eiji Nakahara." Ta reads.

He rereads it a couple times and slams his fist through the table on accident.

In his excitement he tries to leave the hut but the table that is attached to his wrist stops him in the doorway.

"Damn it!" He says and breaks free.

Across the village he slides to a halt and pounds on Kogamaru's door.

"I figured it out! I know who he is!" Ta says bursting in. Lust and Kogamaru quickly cover up and look at him.

"Sorry. That was Lord Nara Nakahara." Ta says.

"As in Lord of the Demon Realm, Lord Nara Nakahara?" Kogamaru asks.

"The one and only." Ta says.

"Really?" Lust says licking her lips.

"See you two later." Ta says and leaves.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Lust shouts to him.

"Gotta tell somebody about this!" Ta shouts back and disappears into the fog.

Lust grabs her clothes and gets dressed.

"Sorry, maybe next time." Lust says and runs off.

"The first night I have been home since we started dating and she leaves." Kogamaru says laying back in bed.

He finally gets up and dresses then follows after the other two.


"SESSARUUUUUU!!!" Ta shouts as he runs through the village in the early morning hours.

As he rounds the corner of a hut he is greeted by an elbow to the chest, that knocks him to the ground.

"It's too early to be shouting like an idiot." Misaka says standing above him.

"A "be quiet" would of been sufficient." Ta says standing up holding his chest, "Where is Sessaru?"

"Oh little Sessy, Ta is here to see you." Misaka says with a laugh.

Sessaru steps out wearing a fancy looking kimono with his black hair done up in a small bun. The blue streaks are barely visible. He stands at a mere 5 foot 7 inches tall and has an average build.

Ta stands there and holds his laughter back till Lust comes running up from behind him and dies of laughter. Both of them are on the ground laughing their asses off for several minutes.

"You both suck." Sessaru says to Ta and Lust.

"Sorry." Ta says getting up and wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Misaka, why must you dress me like this? I am a guy not a girl." Sessaru says.

"Because we love you." Misaka replies.

"Guess who I met last night and got a cheap shot on?" Ta asks excitedly.

"Who?" Sessaru asks swatting Lust's hands away.

"If you put some small sacks of flour or rice, he could pass as a female." Lust says squeezing Sessaru's chest.

"Mir is working on that now." Misaka says.

"And what about...." Lust asks pointing down.

"Got it covered. Here take a look." Misaka says lifting the front of the kimono open so she can see.

"Very interesting." Lust says reaching and touching.

Sessaru turns red and keels over in a little ball, holding himself.

"That's the downside." Misaka says.

Ta shakes his head and helps his friend to his feet.

"Lord Nara." Ta says holding up the scroll.

Misaka's ears perk up.

"You attacked Lord Nara?" She asks clenching her fist.

"He got me back." Ta says backing away and uses Sessaru as a shield.

"Let me go." Sessaru says and shakes free of his kimono. He stands there in front of everyone butt naked for a second before leaping inside.

"How's this sister?" A young girl asks dragging out two large bags of rice.

"Too big. We need them smaller." Misaka says in a sweet voice.

"What in the world is going on out here?" Amaya asks opening the door, "Misaka quit touching your brother. People may get the wrong idea."

"See ya mom. Ta and I are going to the capital." Sessaru says and kisses her cheek.

"Bye." Ta says and kisses her other one.

Kogamaru rides up on a horse and Lust climbs on.

"Aren't you going with?" Amaya asks.

"No. I have to help in the fields today. I'll go tonight." Misaka says.

Down the road, Ta is running next to Sessaru.

"Wait why are we going to the capital?" Ta asks.

"To get me out of my house." Sessaru replies.


That afternoon, Nara, Shin, and Roswell walk into the village.

"You sure have grown." Amaya says standing in her doorway.

Nara smiles and she gives him a hug.

"Come on in." She says.

Shin kneels next to the table and Nara sits next to him. Roswell sits across from them.

"That looks quite bad." Amaya says looking at Shin's gash, "I'll get the doctor."

That evening, Shin is sleeping peacefully while Nara and Amaya catch up.

"Mom, what's with the blue troll running around?" Misaka asks as she enters and closes the door behind her.

Amaya simply smiles till Misaka finally notices Nara sitting there.

She stands like a statue.

"Go on get cleaned up. Why don't the two of you hit the hot springs like last time?" Amaya says clapping her hands together.

Amaya laughs to herself and pushes Misaka into the back room to get her cleaned up.


Two days later, Sessaru, Ta, Kogamaru, and Lust all sit in a inn overlooking the castle gates.

"OPEN THE GATES!" One guard shouts.

Ta looks out the window and sees Nara ride up with Shin and Roswell.

"Misaka?" Sessaru says surprised to see her.

The four of them scramble to get to the gate before it closes and get there just in time.

"Lord Nara!" Ta shouts.

"Shin go straight to the doctor." Nara says, "Aurora make sure he gets there." Nara says to her before heading down the stairs to Ta and everyone else.

He motions for them to follow as he leads the horses back to the stable.

"So how did you figure it out?" Nara asks Ta.

Ta hands him the scroll and Nara reads it.

Lust takes a step forward and an arrow zips by her head.

"Don't even think about it." Kareen says with an arrow pointed straight at Lust.

Nara looks back and Kareen stands down.

"We will discuss this later." He says to her and walks back to the gardens with the four of them.

"Still haven't changed." Misaka says walking past her.

"Humph!" Kareen says and storms into the castle.

Roswell peeks out from behind a wall and smiles as he watches Kareen go inside.


Over the next couple weeks, Nara shows Ta and Sessaru around the castle while Kogamaru sticks close to the massive lab. Lust and Misaka compete for Nara's attention but are chased off by arrows each time.

Roswell tries his best to seduce Kareen but fails miserably each time.

One evening while sitting in the library with Ta, Sessaru, and Shin, (who's wound has healed rather well considering its location.) Nara stands before them.

"I have an idea that I would like to propose to the three of you." He says, "I have given it much thought and consideration. I know my father fought to bring the lands together as one but I would like to offer each of you your own land. You would still be under my command but you would be able to rule the land your own way." He adds.

The three of them nearly drop their drinks.

"I don't want to destroy my father's vision but this is proving to be rather difficult to rule by myself. He was very fortunate to have Daisuke by his side to help him." Nara says.

"You want to give each of us a part of the Demon Realm to rule?" Sessaru asks.

"Yes. Any way you see fit." Nara says.

"How would you split the lands?" Shin asks.

"Easy, You would take the North. Sessaru the West and Ta would take the South." Nara replies.

The three of them sit back and think it over.

"It sounds good to me. Count me in." Shin says after thinking it over.

"What brought this about?" Ta asks.

"I wanted to repay a small bit of the debt I owe for slaying my father." Nara says and then looks at Shin, "I figured giving control of the North to my father's closest friend would be part of it.," Looks at Sessaru, "The land to the son of the only other woman whom my father loved but couldn't have." Looks at Ta, "To the closest thing my father had to an older brother." Nara says and looks up at the ceiling.

"We're in." Ta says agreeing for Sessaru.

"Your father had it right at that party. He said we would all become good friends one day." Nara says.

"I think we were destined for this." Shin says raising his cup up.

"To our fathers!" Ta says and they all drink.


"LORD NARA!" Roswell shouts down the hall the following morning.

He runs down the hall and Nara waits patiently.

"Is it true you have split the lands?" He asks.

"You should really not listen in on private conversations. I have." Nara replies.

"I was wondering if I may be the Lord of the Eastern Lands?" Roswell asks.

"We just met. I'm not even sure I can trust you." Nara replies.

"You just met Ta and he attacked you first." Roswell says.

"True, but my father knew his father and trusted him with his life. So I am doing the same." Nara says.

Roswell sighs and Nara rolls his eyes.

"I'll think of a test for you and if you pass I will consider turning the Eastern Lands over to you." Nara says.

Roswell's eyes light up and he runs down the hall.

"Now for that nice hot soak." Nara says and continues his way to the bath.

He sits down in the hot steamy water and relaxes.

"Milord?" Lust says in a seductive voice.

"Yes?" Nara replies.

"Can I ask you a favor?" She says pressing herself against him as she sits on his lap.

Nara opens his eyes and looks at her.

"I appreciate the offer and it looks like a wonderful deal but I am going to have to pass at the moment. It would be better for both of us." Nara says and glances at his hand.

Lust stands up and steps right over his head.

"Any time." She says and slowly bends over for a towel.

"I swear this would be a wonderful way to go." Nara says to himself.

Suddenly a sharp pain in his thigh snaps him to reality.

"Master, you seem to bleeding for some strange reason." Kareen says removing a small dagger from his thigh.

She sits next to him in the warm water and relaxes as well.

Thanks to the steam her red face is hidden.

"I could sit on your lap if you'd like." She whispers.

"What?" Nara asks.

"Really you don't have to help. I can do it." Shin says walking in with Aurora right behind him.

"But my brother did this to you and stole something of yours. The least I can do is become your familiar." Aurora says.

Shin sighs and hangs his head.

"All right. I give up. You win." Shin says and Aurora smiles as she starts to wash his back.

"Lady Kareen, there is someone at the gates to see you." A guard says from the doorway.

Kareen leaves and Misaka slips in next to Nara.

"That was clever." Nara says.

Misaka sits there next to him and swallows hard with her heart racing as she lays her head on his chest.

"Finally." She says to herself with a large smile.


Three days pass and the entire Demon Realm has packed into the capital.

"Citizens of the Demon Realm, I stand before you today with a joyous announcement. I realize some of you are unhappy about the way I run things. That's fine. Today I have a solution for that problem. Allow me to introduce the three new Lords of the Northern, Western, and Southern Lands!" Nara says into a microphone and the crowd is full of mixed responses.

"Nothing is changing. I will still be Lord of the Demon Realm but these three will be rulers of the lands so that the uprisings will stop. If you have a problem in the Northern Lands you can go to Lord Shin Ohayashi, son of the late General Daisuke Ohayashi. My father's right hand. For you Western Lands may I present to you Lord Sessaru Shuiel. (The demons from the West cheer as they recognize that name.) And for those Southerners, Ta." Nara explains and the crowd erupts with cheering.

Nara pushes each of the new Lords up so that the people can get a look at them.

Amaya and Hikaru both stand off to the side with tears of joy in their eyes as they cheer for their sons.


A year later all three new castles have been built and the citizens have gotten rather used to the idea. For the most part peace has overcome the lands.

Nara sits in the throne room on the floor staring at the throne.

While he is lost in thought, Kareen enters and sees him sitting there. She smiles and closes the door.

"I understand and will figure something out." Nara says to the throne.

"Lord Nara?" Kareen says opening the door again.

Nara walks over and looks at her.

"The doctor wishes to see me right?" Nara says and heads to the doctor's room.

Kareen stands there confused.

"Lord Nara, I have been doing some research and came across something very interesting." The doctor says and sets down a book about the same size as Nara's book.

"This is a book of every S ranked demon in the entire history of the Demon Realm." The doctor says and opens it.

"That's a lot." Nara says.

"There are only thirteen. The rest is blank pages. I noticed a pattern and am very concerned." The doctor starts.

"Go on." Nara replies.

"Well, aside from the Demon Spell Castor that wrote your book and Lord Osamu, who died at your father's hands, all the other S ranked demons went mad from the overwhelming power and died. I'm afraid that this could happen to you someday." The doctor explains.

Nara sits there quietly for several moments before finally saying something.

"I have a question." Nara says.


That evening while Nara sits in the library, Roswell enters.

"Lord Nara it has been a year since you said you would test me to see if I am qualified to run the Eastern Lands." Roswell says.

Nara puts down his book.

"You're absolutely right. I have finally thought of something. Its perfect. I have an errand to run and you shall run the lands in my absence." Nara says jumping up.

"You mean it?" Roswell says excitedly.

"Of course. Kareen shall oversee you and make sure you don't get out of hand." Nara says.

"Thank you!" Roswell says and runs off nearly running over Kareen.

"What was that all about?" Kareen asks.

"I am off to see Shin, Ta, and Sessaru. While I am gone he is going to run things with your supervision." Nara says.

"If I must. I don't trust him." Kareen says.

"I know what you mean but just keep the damage to the minimum while I am gone." Nara says and leaves.


"Listen up!" Roswell says into the microphone the next morning, "Lord Nara has left me in charge while he is away. I am Lord Roswell and you will give me the respect I deserve." Roswell says with a big smile.

Kareen rolls her eyes and watches as the citizens go on about their business not even paying attention to him.

"Why aren't they listening and bowing before me?" Roswell asks.

"They are self governing." Kareen replies and Roswell looks at her confused, "They don't need Lord Nara for anything. Hence why they didn't listen to you."

"So what exactly will I be doing while he is gone?" He asks.

"Not a damn thing. I use these times to hone my skills. I suggest you do the same." Kareen replies.

"Lord Roswell!" A woman shouts from the gates.

Roswell straightens up and looks at the woman with a big smile.

"Let her through." Roswell tells the guards.

The woman runs and kneels before him.

"I am Sephile and I wish to be your familiar." She says still bowing.

Kareen rolls her eyes as she watches.

"Is that so. Stand so that I can get a better look at you." Roswell says.

She stands and is roughly about 6 foot tall, slender, with long silver hair down to the back of her knees, and large golden eyes staring at him. Strapped to her thigh are a dozen poison tipped throwing knives.

Roswell is speechless as he looks her over.

"You'll do very nicely." Roswell finally says.

Kareen turns and heads for the archery range. Roswell quickly follows behind her with Sephile behind him. A sly smirk crosses her lips as she admires the castle on the way to the archery range.

Once there a young girl hands Kareen her bow.

"Thanks Becky." Kareen says as she takes the bow.

"Alright, what are some of your strengths and your weaknesses?" Kareen asks Roswell.

"I am all muscle. (flexes for Kareen who ignores him) I can regenerate from any wound." Roswell says.

Kareen fires an arrow into his upper arm and rips it out. Within a couple minutes it heals.

"You need to work on that. Go stand out on the range and be the target for the new archers." Kareen says and hands him a large helmet.

"He dies. You die." Sephile whispers.

"I die. Your entire family dies." Kareen replies with a smile.

"Bitch." Sephile says walking off to the side.

Seven new archers stand at the line and take aim.

"Fire at will." Kareen says and the archers fire.

A couple hours pass and Roswell's regeneration is slowly getting faster.


Up north, Nara rides through the canyon where Kenzo's screams can be heard clearly even though he has been dead for over a year.

"Hikaru was not joking." Nara says to himself.

He finally reaches Shin's castle which is beyond his home village.

"Lord Nara what brings you here?" Shin asks as he wipes the sweat from his face then sheaths his sword.

"More training?" Nara asks looking around at the dozen or so others training as well.

"Of course. This peace won't last forever." Shin says.

"May I talk to you, privately." Nara says.

In the library, Nara an Shin are seated.

"Has this ever been done?" Shin asks.

"A few times but they weren't like you. They were farmers and peasants so their bodies were made for it." Nara replies.

"What makes you think I need that?" Shin asks.

"The demons are becoming more powerful as the centuries go by. Think of it as a precaution." Nara explains.

Shin is silent for a moment and then asks, "What about the others?"

"Ta and Sessaru?" Nara asks, "They are my next stop. I came to you first since it will be the easiest and smallest. Ta is next and Sessaru is the last stop due to obvious reasons." Nara explains.

"Alright. Let's get this over with." Shin says and sighs.

Nara opens his book and flips through the pages.


As Kareen, Roswell, and Sephile make their way to the dining room, a guard shouts, "INTRUDER!"

A man in a black ninja outfit and a black mask drops from the rafters and sprints down the hall towards the approaching guards. Another group runs past Kareen and take their positions. The intruder is surrounded and the guards take aim with their bows.

Roswell and Sephile both try to intervene but Kareen holds them off.

The intruder runs up the wall and the guards fire their arrows. The intruder makes it to the rafters but jumps down immediately.

"Very good. You have improved greatly. Number eight you got the kill shot." The intruder says holding an arrow up with the number 8 on it.

"What is going on?" Roswell asks.

"Training. What's it look like?" Kareen says and walks up to the intruder and talks with him for a moment before continuing on to the dining room.

"Show me your face." Roswell demands as the man walks by.

The man looks at Roswell and keeps going till Sephile blocks his path. She holds up a poison tipped throwing knife.

"I only answer to Lord Nara." The man says.

"I am acting Lord till Lord Nara returns. My word is just as if he said it." Roswell says.

"I only answer to Lord Nara himself. You don't have the authority to order me around." The man says.

"You insolent bastard! I am the Lord of the Eastern Lands!" Roswell shouts.

"For a short time." The man says and ducks down while catching Sephile's hand with the knife and holds it to Roswell's throat.

The man stands behind Sephile with his hand grasping her throat tightly. Roswell backs against the wall and swallows hard.

"I see." He whispers into Sephile's ear.

"Now I will be on my way, Roswell. Sephile." The man says and releases her hand and throat.

He vanishes into the dark hallway as a couple guards laugh at the scene.

"How dare you laugh at Lord Roswell! You shall be punished for this." Sephile snaps at the guards.

"Who was that?" Roswell asks the guards.

"That would be Koji. Nara's personal scout, messenger, assassin, and bodyguard." One says.

"You two should be more careful. He may just kill you next time." The other one says before they get back to their posts.


"Heard you met Koji." Kareen says with a smile as they enter the dinning room, "I suggest you leave him alone. Even I don't have the authority for him to obey me."

"Why doesn't he have to obey Lord Roswell?" Sephile asks.

"Not sure. You'll have to ask Nara when he gets back." Kareen replies.


About three days later, Nara is standing before Ta.

"Alright. I can see what you mean. Come on." Ta says and leads Nara to the library.


Two days later, Sessaru is tied to a chair and struggling.

"Milord, Lord Nara to see you." A servant says through the door.

Nara opens the door and shakes his head at the sight before closing the door.

"New hobby?" Nara asks sitting next to Sessaru.

Sessaru is once again dressed like a woman. Mir (Sessaru's younger sister) enters carrying a small case. She is about 6 or 7 with black hair and deep blue eyes.

Misaka enters behind her carrying two small bags of rice.

She nearly drops them when she sees Nara sitting there.

"We weren't expecting company." She says pulling her short night shirt down which makes her chest stick out more before running off.

"Big sister likes you. She is always saying so. At night she calls your name out but she sounds funny." Mir says opening the case and climbing on to Sessaru's lap.

"Mir! Shut it!" Misaka says running back in. She has completely dressed herself in a fancy silk kimono and done her hair and make up.

"See. She gets mad that means its true." Mir says before jumping down and running away from Misaka.

Nara simply laughs and shakes his head.

"We need to talk." Nara says and unties Sessaru.

"Sure. About what?" Sessaru asks.

"Get cleaned up and I'll explain it." Nara says.


"Let me get this straight. You want to give me some of your actual powers to make me an S ranked demon." Sessaru says.

"Yes. You see, As a natural S rank I run the risk of losing my mind and obliterating the entire Demon Realm. But if I give you my power then I will be safe for a long while." Nara replies.

"What did Ta and Shin say?" Sessaru asks.

"They were given a spell since they were both A ranked. Since you are a C ranked demon you require more power." Nara answers.

Sessaru sits and thinks it over for nearly an hour.

"Alright. Let's do this." Sessaru says.

Nara nods and opens his book.

A bright light fills the room and a strange smoke pours off of Nara and enters Sessaru. A couple minutes later its over and both drop to the ground unable to move for awhile.

Sessaru is the first one up and moving around. Nara rolls onto his back and laughs.

"So how does it feel?" He asks.

"Not sure. I feel the same." Sessaru replies.

He helps Nara up and to a spare bedroom.


The following morning, Nara awakens to someone wiping his arm with cool water. He opens his eyes and sees Misaka there with a rag and a bucket of water.

"You were sweating real bad." She says and continues.

"I'm in your bed aren't I?" Nara says.

Her eyes widen.

"Your scent is everywhere." He adds.

She blushes.

"It's very nice and comforting." Nara says and closes his eyes once more.

She sits there holding his arm, completely stunned but with a smile on her face.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter 3 - Peace from the Father is No More
For three years Nara is in the Human Realm. He learns so much that when he returns he makes some drastic changes to the way things are done around the Eastern Lands.

"That should make things easier." Nara says after explaining everything to Daisuke.

"That it should." Daisuke says.

Over the next few weeks, Nara and Daisuke put Nara's plan into action. Slowly the citizens start to accept the changes and within a year they are completely governing themselves.


On the day of Nara's fourteenth birthday, just before sunrise, the entire castle is awakened by Nara's ear piercing scream of pain.

Daisuke enters the room right behind Kareen.

"What is the matter?" Daisuke asks.

"I'll get the doctor." Kareen says and leaves.

"My whole body hurts." Nara says writhing in excruciating pain.

A few minutes later the doctor enters with Kareen and he is knocked to his knees.

"We should all leave." He says getting back to his feet.

"What's wrong with him?" Kareen asks.

"He is growing in power at an alarming rate." The doctor says once the three of them are outside.

"How? His powers awoken already." Daisuke says.

"That is true. However, it seems that Lord Nara is still growing in power." The doctor says.

"What rank is he?" Kareen asks.

The doctor peeks in and looks through some glasses at Nara then closes the door.

"Right now. He is a rank D and rising." The doctor replies.

"Only a rank D? His father was an extremely high A. How did Nara kill his father at such a low level?" Daisuke asks.

"The ranking system is difficult to understand but I would say when Nara's let loose all of that built up energy at once it probably shot him from a level one to a rank A before dropping back down to a rank D." The doctor says, "Not entirely sure but that would be my best guess."

"General! We are under attack!" A guard says running down the hall towards them.

Suddenly the guard drops dead and arrows are sticking out of his back. A crossbow bolt ricochets off of Daisuke's katana and Kareen pushes the doctor into Nara's room.

She fires one arrow and two invaders drop with a hole through their heads.

"That bitch!" The leader says.

Without warning the doors to Nara's room fly across the hall and embed into the stone wall.

Kareen and Daisuke dive behind the door and Nara walks out with his head down.

Nara stands in the middle of the hallway and looks at the remaining invaders.

"That has to be the one. He looks about the right age." One invader says pointing at Nara.

"That other guy behind the door is worth quite a bit as well." Another one says.

"Die." Nara whispers just before they release their arrows. The arrows come about three feet from Nara and dissolve into nothingness.

The four invaders quiver with fear as Nara makes his way towards them. Before they can even inhale to scream, they are ripped to shreds.

Nara looks back at Kareen and collapses.


A week and a half goes by and Nara finally regains consciousness.

"You are full of surprises." The doctor says examining Nara as he comes to.

"Lord Nara." Kareen says relieved, standing before him.

"It would seem that some groups are opposed to your rule." Daisuke says.

Nara looks at his arm and sees tribal tattoos all over his arms. He then looks at Daisuke.

"Don't look at me kid. Those appeared a couple hours after you passed out." Daisuke says with a smile.

Nara clutches his chest and falls backwards.

Daisuke and Kareen hold him still while the doctor examines him once more.

"Incredible." He says looking at Nara.

"What is going on?" Kareen asks struggling to hold Nara still.

"His power. It is on the rise again." The doctor says.

"What?" Daisuke says before being flung across the room.

"Yes, he just may be the demon of legends. Lord Nara may be one of the few S rank demons." The doctor says backing away as Kareen is flung across the room as well.

"S rank? I have never heard of it." Kareen says getting to her feet.

"That's because there have only been a few for as long as I have been around. There was a demon spell caster that lived on the back of a mountain demon and the most recent was Lord Osamu whom was killed by Lord Eiji. Lord Eiji was one of the highest A ranked demons to of ever lived. Now his son has become an S rank. I fear for whoever sends him into a rage. Their death will not be swift." The doctor explains.

A few days go by and the doctor keeps close watch over Nara. Finally, Nara gets up and now his chest and back are covered in similar tribal tattoos.

"You my boy are a wonder for the scientific community." The doctor says before leaving.

Kareen sits with Nara and helps him.


"What did you find out?" Daisuke asks.

The doctor builds a small fire in a pan and says, "This is Nara's power normally. But when he sleeps for a long period of time. (pours oil onto the fire causing it to become bigger.) His power increases even higher. I believe he is a demon of untold power."

"That is absolutely frightening to know that a demon like that could actually exist. Especially a demon at such a young age." Daisuke says.

"Who?" Nara asks walking into the dining room.

"Tell him." Daisuke says to the doctor.

"You are an S ranked demon. One of very few." The doctor explains.

Nara looks at them confused.


Seven years have passed and the peace that has been around since Lord Eiji is finally starting to break down and give in to a few small skirmishes all over. Now at twenty one years old, Lord Nara is finally having to bring peace once more to the land.

Nara and Daisuke are in the war room looking at a huge map of the Demon Realm.

"According to our latest reports these two villages are battling for this lake. What would you like to do?" Daisuke asks.

Koji enters and bows before Nara.

"I have urgent news, my lord." Koji says out of breath, "It seems that Master Miyamoto has been slain by one of his pupils." Koji says.

"Are you sure?" Daisuke asks stepping closer.

"Yes. I don't have all the details yet but as I find out more I will inform you." Koji says to Daisuke.

"What else?" Nara asks.

"There are reports of mercenaries among your ranks." Koji adds.

"Who are you?" Nara asks as a couple guards walk past.

"Guards." One replies.

"Liar. I know all the guards and you two aren't guards." Nara says blocking their way.

"How very observant." The other one says, "It is just like your little scout said. We are mercenaries hired to kill you and anyone who tries to stop us."

"Too bad you are going to fail." Nara says as an arrow pierces the other guard's helmet and drops him to the ground.

The guard dives behind a corner and as he does so he shoots a couple crossbow bolts at Daisuke. One grazes his arm and he hides behind a table.

Nara wall kicks off the wall and grabs a rafter. He quietly sneaks his way to the fake guard and drops down on him crushing his neck.

Daisuke grabs his arm and drops to his knees.

"Forgive me, Lord Nara." He says.

"Daisuke!" Nara shouts running over to him.

"I think that bolt may of been dipped in poison." Daisuke says as poison moves through his bloodstream.

"Daisuke." Nara says unsure what to do.

"End it for me. I wish to die by the sword and not this." Daisuke says raggedly and hands him his sword.

Nara takes it and helps him to his feet.

"Please give it to my son and apologize for my carelessness." Daisuke says just before Nara stabs him in the chest.

"I will." Nara says and withdraws the sword.

Kareen runs into the room with her bow and looks around.

"Lord Nara are you injured?" Kareen asks standing next to him.

"I'm fine. Daisuke, on the other hand." He says kneeling next to Daisuke's body.

Kareen puts her and on his shoulder.

"Have the stablemen get a wagon together as well as my horse." Nara says lifting Daisuke's body.

The next morning, Koji and Nara are riding a wagon through the northern mountains. They arrive at a village at the base of a mountain and Nara hops off. Koji nods and rides on.

Nara looks around the village and heads to the bar.

He enters and everything goes deadly silent. Nara sits and everyone continues to stare at him.

A large (nearly 9 ft. tall and very muscular.) human looking demon sits down across from Nara and eyes him.

"What do you want boy?" The demon asks.

Nara ignores him and fishes for something in his pocket.

"If you want to live then I suggest you answer my questions, boy." The demon says standing up.

He towers above Nara and Nara looks up at him before standing up.

Nara is eye level with the demon's chin.

Nara is about 7 and a half feet tall with a slight muscular build. Not grossly over sized but you can tell. His tattoos over his chest, back, and arms are black and he has 8 1 inch horns protruding from his head like a crown.

"I am looking for the group of mercenaries hired to kill the Demon King." Nara says.

"And why would you want to see them?" The demon asks.

"That is between me and them. There is a small village north of here. Just before the village gates is a large bamboo forest. I'll be in there waiting for them." Nara says and leaves.

Nara leaves town and catches up with Koji just outside of town.

"How'd it go?" Koji asks.

"Good. Now for the second act." Nara says as they enter the small village.


That evening as the sun sets behind the mountains, Nara sits next to a roaring campfire.

Through the darkness, several demons surround Nara's camp as the large demon from earlier enters.

"What is it you wish to discuss with us?" He asks.

"There's no need to surround me. I have no intentions of attacking you. I simply wish to look upon the ones responsible for killing a very close friend of mine." Nara says as the others step into the light.

Nara looks past the large demon and smiles.

"Ah, the man of the hour has arrived. Please allow me to introduce you to the son of Daisuke Ohayashi." Nara says smirking.

A young boy around fourteen steps into the light. The mercenaries lunge at him and in a few swings of his katana, they all drop to the ground.

The tall demon slices in half and before Nara can react, he feels a sword tip at his throat.

"Are you the one looking for me?" The boy asks.

"If you are Shin Ohayashi then yes." Nara replies.

"What is it you want?" Shin asks.

"I just want to see if the rumors are true." Nara says and smacks the the blade away from his throat.

Shin backs a couple feet away and takes a defensive stance.

Nara walks around him a couple times looking for an opening. He attacks and is immediately sliced across the forearm. Nara looks at the cut and nods.

Nara stands still and assesses the situation before him. He smirks and attacks once more. This time Shin counters by slicing across Nara's throat and narrowly misses the jugular vein.

Surprised by Shin's quickness, Nara backs away once more.

A dozen more cuts appear all over Nara's body.

"You are truly amazing with that sword." Nara complements.

Shin doesn't respond.

Nara coughs and cracks his neck.

He lunges forward feet first and as Shin brings the sword down, Nara rolls to the side and with his long legs, kicks Shin in the back of the head. Shin stumbles forward and manages to get his sword stuck in Nara's leg. Nara hobbles around and removes the sword. He tosses it to the side and Shin reaches for it. Instead he is greeted by a kick to the face then a roundhouse sending him into the dirt.

"How do you do without your sword?" Nara asks.

Shin gets to his feet and delivers a swift kick to Nara's injured calf. Nara drops to one knee and Shin kicks him in the stomach then the back of the head.

"Not bad." Nara says.

Shin grabs his sword and turns back to Nara.

"I'm not sure of who you are but this is your final moments amongst the living." Shin says without and emotion.

"I think not." Nara says and tackles Shin to the ground. He delivers three devastating punches to Shin's stomach, chest, and his head.

Shin's eyes roll back into his head as he knocks out.

"Very impressive, Lord Nara." Koji says from the wagon.


Shin awakes the next morning in his home. He sits up and spots Nara sitting next to Koji. He reaches for his sword but Hikaru snatches it first.

"Calm down, Shin. He means no harm." Hikaru says. Its apparent that she has been crying.

"What is it mother?" Shin asks.

"Your father. He's dead." Hikaru says before bursting into tears.

"You killed him. Didn't you?" Shin says consoling his mother.

"I did as he asked. He was wounded by a poison tipped crossbow bolt and asked me to end him with his sword." Nara says and picks up Daisuke's sword.

"He wanted me to give this to you." Nara says bowing and holding the sword up for Shin.

Shin takes the sword and looks at it.

"Just who the hell are you anyway? And who were those demons outside of town?" Shin asks.

"I am Nara Nakahara. And as for those demons they were they ones responsible for the death of your father. They were mercenaries hired to kill me and anyone who got in the way." Nara explains.

"Then that would make you...." Shin says putting everything together.

"LORD NARA!" A man says bursting into the small hut. He bows before Nara and Nara looks at him confused.

Hikaru grabs a pan and smacks the man in the head.

"I've told you before to stop spying on me. Now get out!" Hikaru says hitting him several more times before the man dives out the door.

"Who the hell was that?" Nara asks.

"That would be Kenzo. He's been after me for years now. And now that Daisuke is gone, nothing is going to stop his advances." Hikaru says putting the pan back.

Nara glances back at Koji who nods and vanishes.

"LORD NARA!" Kenzo says bursting back in.

Nara shuffle side kicks him in the chest cracking most of his ribs. Kenzo lays on the ground holding his ribs and gasping.

"I believe Hikaru told you to get out." Nara says towering over Kenzo.

Kenzo crawls out very slowly and as he does Koji drags him back in.

"I have discovered some very interesting news about Kenzo here." Koji says throwing Kenzo to the ground and puts his foot on his chest.

"Go on." Hikaru says curiously.

"Seems Kenzo was the one who hired the mercenaries to kill you and Daisuke." Koji says putting more pressure on Kenzo's chest.

"You did this?" Hikaru asks.

"I only did it for you." Kenzo replies in almost a whisper.

"What would make you think for a second that I wanted my husband dead?" Hikaru asks.

"He took you for granted. He was never there for you. You need someone like me who will always be there for you. Someone who would never leave your side." Kenzo says.

Hikaru stands there quietly.

Within seconds, the air in the hut becomes suffocatingly thick. Koji backs out the door after releasing Kenzo. Nara taps Shin on the shoulder and they both exit the hut.

Kenzo's blood curdling scream of pain is only masked by Hikaru's scream of rage and sadness.

Kenzo's broken and mutilated body flies through the wall and lands at Nara's feet.

"Help me...." Kenzo mouths.

"Lord Nara, please grant me this one favor that I ask of you." Hikaru says on her hands and knees before Nara.

Nara picks her up and looks at her.

"For you, anything." Nara replies.


That night as Koji drives the wagon along the curvaceous mountain road, Nara and Shin are sitting in the bed of the wagon looking up at the crystal clear sky.

"Lord Nara, I have a question for you." Shin says.

"And that would be?" Nara replies.

"I wish to pick up where my father left off and to honor my parents' wishes." Shin says.

"That's fine by me but first you will need some more training. You are a highly skilled swordsmen but you lack in other areas. When we get back you shall be tested so that we can see what areas need to be built upon." Nara says sitting up.

"Thank you." Shin replies, "May I ask you another question?"

"Sure." Nara says.

"When you were surrounded by those mercenaries in the forest, how did you know I would show up just when I did?" Shin asks.

Nara simply smiles, his bright white teeth shining in the moonlight.


High up on top of the tallest mountain, Kenzo stands tied to a post in the ground.

"Let me get this straight. You want us to torture this demon for as long as we want and you will pay us whatever amount we want?" A mercenary says to Hikaru.

"Correct. I want his screams to echo from the mountains for weeks." Hikaru says glaring at Kenzo.

Kenzo tries to loosen his bindings but to no avail. The fear in his eyes made Hikaru smile as she walks around Kenzo.

"You said you could satisfy me better then Daisuke could. Now's your chance to prove that." She whispers and then walks back to her seat.

The three mercenaries break their huddle and the leader says, "Mam, you have yourself a deal. By the time we are through his screams shall echo through these mountains for centuries to come."

Upon hearing that Kenzo struggles franticly to get free.


Screams echo through the mountains, causing birds to fly through the night sky. Nara and Shin look back towards the tall mountain behind them.

"Guess those mercenaries took her up on her offer." Koji says.


The following afternoon, Nara and Shin arrive at the castle gates.

"Welcome to your new home." Koji says as they climb off the wagon.

Kareen walks down the stairs and greets Nara.

"Welcome home, Milord." She says bowing.


Back in Shin's village, a young girl stands before the sword school where Shin was the Master.

"He left.... He left without saying anything.... Not even a goodbye...." She says as the tears run down her face.

The young girl is about thirteen and is small and frail looking. She has black hair and looks like a traditional Japanese beauty. She's wearing a lovely kimono and geta sandals.

A young boy walks up and puts his arm around her shoulders. He consoles her and she starts sobbing into his shoulder.

"It'll be alright, sister." The boy says and hugs her tightly.


Nearly a month has passed since Shin has been at Nara's castle and during that time he has learned everything Nara has thrown at him.

"Well, I guess, the fighting comes natural to you. Even the book learning was easy. I must admit I am impressed." Nara says as he sits down to a meal with Kareen and Shin.

"Thank you, Milord." Shin says.

"Starting tomorrow you shall be tested by the veteran fighters to see if you are worthy of being the General." Nara says.

"Once again, thank you, Milord." Shin says.

A guard enters the room and bows.

"Pardon the intrusion, but their is a young boy and girl demanding to see Master Shin." The guard says and leaves.

Shin follows as well as Nara and Kareen.

Shin runs down the front steps and is blindsided by a sheathed katana.

"How dare you!" The boy shouts and hits Shin again.

Nara waves the guards back and watches.

Shin finally counters and judo flips the boy onto his back. After which he unsheathes his sword and points it at the boy's neck.

"What is the meaning of this?" Shin asks as blood flows down the side of face.

He immediately recognizes the boy.

"Shingi?" Shin says surprised.

"Not a word when you left. Not even a goodbye." Shingi says getting to his feet, "If it were up to me then I would just kill you."

Shin turns around and sees the young girl kneeling there with tear marks on her cheeks.

"Shouldn't you step in and say something?" Kareen asks.

"Nope. I gave him plenty of time to say goodbye." Nara replies.

"Aurora?" Shin says sheathing his sword.

"She has been crying everyday since you left. She believes you left because of something she did. We both know that's not true. You are just a pathetic excuse for a man. Once Master Miyamoto was killed by you, you got this big chip on your shoulder. You may be a excellent swordsman but you lack in other areas." Shingi says dusting himself off.

"It's alright. I'm sorry for being such a bother to you." Aurora says and quickly runs off.

Shin turns and is once again attacked by Shingi.

"We have unfinished business. I will prove once and for all that I am the rightful Master of the Miyamoto school." Shingi says and unsheathes his katana.

Shin wipes the blood from his face and draws his katana.

"Shingi, let's go. You promised you wouldn't attack him." Aurora says from the front gate.

Shingi looks back at her and reluctantly sheaths his katana.

"Next time you die." Shingi says and follows Aurora.

Nara stands next to Shin.

"Who were they?" Nara asks.

"Aurora and Shingi. I guess you could say they were my friends at one point but that is all behind me now. I have more important things to attend to." Shin says and heads back inside.

Kareen looks back at Shin then down to Nara.

Nara nods and heads out the gates.


A week passes and Nara has yet to return.

"Where is Lord Nara?" Shin asks at breakfast.

"Tending to the needs of the citizens of the Eastern Lands. He will be back shortly, I'm sure." Kareen replies.

"And this is the main dining hall. Where all the Lords of the Realm eat." Nara says as the doors burst open.

He walks by with Aurora and Shingi following close behind.

"Since we are here why don't we eat something." Nara says and pulls out two chairs.

They sit and Shingi glares at Shin.

"I will personally stop any and all altercations between the two of you." Nara says.

A waiter enters and serves Shingi and Aurora. Everyone continues to eat while Shingi glares at Shin.

Nara continues the tour after breakfast.

"Shingi during your training you shall stay in this room." Nara says pointing to a large room, "Aurora you shall be in that one there."

Shingi enters the room and sees a bag sitting on the table.

"Your belongings have been put in your rooms already. Get some rest. Training starts early." Nara says before heading down the hallway.

"Lord Nara, is it wise to have them both staying here?" Kareen asks as Nara enters the throne room.

"Probably not but I have a theory that I am testing out." Nara replies.

"Why must you use them as your lab rats?" Kareen replies.


A month has passed and Shingi is progressing in his training quite well.

Nara has postponed Shin's General tests till further notice.

"I have some business to attend to and will be gone for some time. In my absence, Kareen is in charge. You two shall continue this peace between you. If either of you attacks the other then she has my permission to kill both of you. When I return then you two will be given your final tests." Nara explains and retreats to the library.


Three years passes and Nara finally returns.

The peace of Lord Eiji has come to an end and wars have broken out across the land.

"Lord Nara, you're back!" Kareen says as Nara walks out of the library.

"I can smell blood in the air. I'm guessing the peace has ended?" Nara replies.

"Yes. I am sorry for failing you." Kareen says bowing before him.

"It was bound to happen sooner or later." Nara says grabbing his book, "Koji!"

"Yes, Milord?" Koji says appearing from nowhere.

"Bring me up to speed." Nara says as they walk down the hall to the War room.

Koji explains all the different factions that have formed and are competing for the land.

"These two are the main ones. What are you orders?" Koji asks.

"Assemble the troops into three groups. I will take it from there." Nara orders.

"Hai!" Koji says and disappears.

In front of the main gate, Nara sits on his horse before the large army. Shin and Shingi at his sides.

"You two know what to do. We shall meet at the old Western land's castle." Nara says.

The main gates open and Nara rides out followed by his battalion of troops. Even several merchants and peasants grab their horses and follow.

Shin and Shingi ride out after with their battalions. At the edge of town, Shin takes the southern route while Shingi takes the northern route.

The following day, Nara's battalion is the first to reach the opposing force.

"Make camp here. Tonight we strike." Nara orders to his officers.

Under the cover of darkness, Nara and his thousand soldiers make their way into the enemy camp.

Before the enemies even realize what is happening, half of them are dead.

"You bastard!" The General shouts and smashes his massive axe into the ground at Nara's feet.

"You know that's not going to kill me. In fact all of you are dead and don't even know it." Nara says pulling his book out of the bag.

His troops retreat back to camp and start packing.

"Surely you are mad. Your troops fled like the cowards they are. What are you going to do with that book? Bore us to death?" The General says laughing.

His remaining troops surround Nara and Nara laughs with them.

"No. I have more important things to do." Nara says and puts the book down at his feet.

Suddenly, a large spell circle surrounds the entire camp.

"Goodbye." Nara says and millions of arrows shoot through the ground and kill the enemy army.

The circle vanishes and Nara picks his book up.

"Milord, that was truly amazing." A blue troll says bowing before Nara.

"Who are you?" Nara asks.

"I am known as Roswell. I wish to join your ranks and be your General." Roswell says following Nara back to his camp.

"Listen up. Take what you need from the enemy camp and we will head to the next one." Nara orders the soldiers, "As for you. You may come along. No promises about the rank advancement." Nara says to Roswell.


Shin has caught the army he was chasing but to his surprise most of them have been killed.

In a tree just off the side of the road that is covered with the bodies of the decimated army, a demon sits on the highest branch. He is covered from head to toe in blood.

"I'm guessing you did this?" Shin shouts up to him.

The demon looks down at Shin and snaps his fingers. From the surrounding trees hundreds of demons drop down and surround Shin and his troops.

"Would you happen to be friends of theirs?" The demon asks.

"No. We were sent by Lord Nara to kill them. But seeing as that has been well taken care of we will continue to our destination." Shin says.

"Lord Nara? HA! He isn't worth serving." The demon says and snaps his fingers again. The demons step back and Shin continues on his path.

"Demon! When I am finished with this mission I will return for that head of yours!" Shin says and rides off.


Shingi on the other hand stands over a dead demon with his sword drawn and breathing heavier.

"Who's wounded?" Shingi shouts to his troops.

A few raise their arms.

"Alright. Mount up and lets get moving." Shingi orders.


At the western castle a battle rages between the two warring factions.

"General Tendo's troops are proving to be stubborn and not die." One soldier says to the other General.

"General Tendo is indeed a great leader. It is truly a shame that he is going to have to die." The General replies.

"General Sint, the reinforcements have arrived." A messenger says bowing before him.

General Sint is a massive ox demon that stands an incredible 12 feet tall. His very thick armor covers him from head to toe. And a large and heavy battle axe on his back adds greatly to his intimidation factor.

"Right on time. Open the gates." Sint says.

At the southern gates of the castle Shin and his army await the opening of the gate. While at the northern gate Shingi and his army break down the castle gate.

"GENERAL TENDO! We are being attacked by another force!" A scout says running into his tent.

Tendo is a rather tall and muscular demon. He stands at a staggering 9 feet tall with rippling muscles. His armor is covered in small dings and scratches showing that it has been in a lot of battles. His blue eyes shine brightly through his face shield.

"Who is attacking?" Tendo asks stepping out of the tent only to see his entire army laying in their own blood.

"NARA'S ARMY?" Tendo says surprised.

"Lay down your weapon and remove your armor." Shingi says sternly.

"You did all this little boy?" Tendo asks kneeling down and doing as Shingi says.

On the south side its a bit of a different story.

General Sint is putting up a fight and has wiped out over a quarter of Shin's army.

"Lord Nara would like to talk this over with you. Bloodshed isn't necessary." Shin says and blindly cuts down a dozen soldiers around him.

Sint backs away and looks down at his armor covered thigh. There is a clean deep cut that goes through the bone.

"How did he... I was a good twenty feet away..." Sint says before kneeling and tossing his weapon at Shin's feet.

A couple hours later Nara arrives and is quite surprised to find both Shin and Shingi kneeling next to one another. Behind them Tendo and Sint look at Nara for the first time.

"Seems you two had some fun in my absence and started these needless battles." Nara says as he looks at Tendo and Sint.

Before they can respond Nara nods and Shin and Shingi behead them.

"You two did very well. Shingi where are your men?" Nara asks.

Shingi raises his hand and his soldiers stand up.

"I had them pretend to be dead in order to trick Tendo into surrendering." Shingi says.

"Very clever." Nara says and looks around, "Seems both of you lost about the same amount of men."

"LORD NARA!!" Roswell shouts running through the gates.

Nara rolls his eyes as the blue troll runs towards him.

"Lord Nara, I thought you may of been in trouble so I came as fast as I could." Roswell says panting.

"Let's go home." Nara says and everyone heads back.

"Uh, Lord Nara. On the way here I encountered a demon that could start another rebellion. He had a few hundred troops already." Shin says.

"Is that so? Well lead the way." Nara says, "The rest of you head back to your families. Job well done today." Nara adds.

Shin leads Nara and Shingi with Roswell following close behind.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chapter 2 - Passing of the Crown
As they ride through the city, the peasant demons bow to Eiji.

When they finally get out of town, Nara looks around wide eyed in amazement.

"Those books don't compare to the real thing do they?" Eiji asks.

Nara shakes his head.

The two of them ride off at full gallop. They come to a small village and rest for the night. Over the course of the next year and a half the two of them will of visited most of the villages in the demon realm.

They ride into a very small village one afternoon and are greeted by the village elder.

"Welcome travelers." He says.

"Thank you. I was wondering if my son and I could work for a room and a meal for the night?" Eiji asks.

"Of course. Please follow me." The elder replies and leads them to the rice fields, "Misaka, would you kindly show them what to do." The elder says.

She looks up and wipes the sweat from her forehead and loses her tongue when she sees Nara.

"I believe I remember how to do this." Eiji says and tries to plant some rice.

The woman next to him laughs and corrects him.

"Come on, Nara. Get over here." Eiji says planting rice.

Once the sun set Misaka ran from the field to her house and quickly cleaned herself up while Nara and Eiji walked with her mother.

"Please make yourself at home. It's not much but it's comfortable." She says opening the door.

Eiji sits down and looks around.

"I was born in a house a little smaller then this." Eiji says taking the tea from her.

"Is that so? Where did you say you were from?" She asks.

"What is now called the capital. It used to be nothing but farm land." Eiji replies.

"Oh where are my manners, my name is Amaya and my daughter Misaka was the one who ran off earlier. Wonder where she went?" Amaya says.

"I'm Eiji and this is Nara." Eiji replies.

"Hey mom, where are the visitors stayi...." Misaka says opening the door.

Amaya drags her in and closes the door.

"Hey, Amaya did you see that visitor? Damn!" A woman says opening the door.

"I did. Meet Eiji and his son Nara, Kasumi." Amaya says.

Kasumi sits next to Eiji and whispers into his ear. He spits the tea back into his cup and coughs a couple times.

Kasumi gets up and stops at the door. She winks at him and runs off.

"Her husband left her awhile ago." Amaya says.

Misaka kneels next to Nara and her face is a bright red.

"So what exactly do you do?" Amaya asks while they are eating.

Before Eiji can answer the door flings open and the elder is kneeling there.

"Lord Eiji, please forgive us for not realizing who you were earlier." He says.

Eiji laughs and helps the man to his feet.

"It's quite alright. This was the first village to actually let me work for our meals. There is no need to give us any special treatment. I grew up in a village just like this. And it has been a real honor to do hard work again." Eiji says.

"But you are Lord of the Demon Realm. You shouldn't be doing manual labor." The elder says.

"Relax. It is something I wanted to do. And tomorrow morning, we will help plant some more rice." Eiji says.

"But..." The elder says before Eiji stops him.

"Consider it an order, if you'd like." Eiji says.

"This is the future Lord of the Demon Realm?" Misaka says to herself looking at Nara.

"Why do you blush every time you look at me?" Nara asks.

Misaka turns an even deeper red.

"Is there something on my face or something?" Nara asks rubbing his hand around his mouth.

Misaka bolts out the door and Amaya laughs to herself.

"I think she likes you. I have never seen her so quiet or girlish before." Amaya says to Nara.

Nara looks at her confused for a second before finishing his meal.

The following morning before the sun has even risen, Eiji is up and cooking.

The smell of the food wakes Amaya.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"Making breakfast." Eiji replies, "Please sit down and enjoy."

Misaka walks out a little bit later still half asleep with her yukata practically falling off of her.

Amaya clears her throat and motions for her to cover up. Her face turns a deep red as she sees Nara looking at her. She lets out a loud scream and dives under some nearby blankets. Nara shrugs and continues eating.

Out in the fields Misaka is talking to her friends as they plant.

"Did he see anything?" Emiko asks.

"Everything." Misaka replies.

"Well, then its settled. You are going to have to see him naked." Kagome says.

Emiko and Misaka look at Kagome wide eyed.

That evening while everyone makes their way home, Kagome, Emiko, and Misaka head for the hot springs.

Nara walks back with Eiji and Amaya, covered in mud.

"I don't understand why those girls would throw mud at me." Nara says picking some off.

Amaya giggles and says, "There is a hot spring up that path. Go get cleaned up."

"They made sure he was going to bathe." Eiji says.

"I'm betting this is a plan to see him naked after he saw Misaka naked at breakfast." Amaya says.

Eiji nods.


At the hot spring Nara undresses and rinses off the last of the mud.

"Stupid girls." Nara mutters and dumps water on his head.

He sits in the hot spring and relaxes.

Outside, Emiko puts a "Closed for Cleaning" sign up and runs back to her friends.

"All set." She says.

"Good. Ready?" Kagome says grabbing Misaka's leg and hoists her up.

Emiko grabs Misaka's other leg and hoists her up as well.

The three of them sit on the tree branch and try to peek in.

"I can't see anything." Misaka says looking through the branches.

Kagome drops down and runs off.

"She wouldn't?" Emiko says.

A couple minutes later they see her enter the bath area.

Kagome quietly makes her way to the hot spring and stops just before getting in.

"Mind if I join you?" Kagome says.

"Nope." Nara replies.

She takes a deep breath and gets in the water.

After her nerves calm down she looks over at Nara who is reading the book which is on a large floating chunk of ice.

"So does this make you nervous bathing with a girl?" She asks.

"Nope." Nara replies.

Emiko and Misaka both enter and get in the water quickly.

"What about now? You have three beautiful naked girls sitting around you." Kagome asks.

"Nope." Nara replies.

"Why not?" She asks.

"I usually bathe with the maids or the female guards and female soldiers at home." Nara says.

"..........." Kagome, Misaka, and Emiko say together.


A month later Eiji and Nara return home. To their surprise the city has grown quite a bit.

They ride through the castle gates and are greeted by the guards.

Daisuke comes running down the steps and greets Eiji and Nara.

"About damn time!" Daisuke says giving Eiji a hug.

"What? You have done fantastic since we left. The city has grown a lot." Eiji says.

"I know but this job is tiring. I don't see how you manage to do all of by yourself." Daisuke replies.

"Hikaru you look as beautiful as ever." Eiji says as the woman makes her way down the stairs holding a small infant in her arms.

"So the lazy bastard finally returns home?" Hikaru says and gives him a hug.

"I see you two still found some time for fun." Eiji says looking at the baby.

"Of course. I mean who wouldn't when your wife looks this good." Daisuke says and kisses Hikaru on the cheek.

"You still aren't getting any." She shoots back.

"Anyway, Eiji, this is our son, Shin. He was born just a couple days ago." Daisuke says proudly.

"Congratulations. Well, why don't you three head home for some rest. I think I can handle things around here." Eiji says.


A few months go by and Daisuke is still at home. A couple days before Nara's seventh birthday, Eiji calls him into the throne room.

Nara enters and sees several children about his age standing around holding weapons.

"Nara, come here." Eiji says from the front of the room.

"What's going on? Do I have to fight them?" Nara asks.

"No. No. Nothing like that. It's time for you to chose your familiar. Someone that will have your back and someone you can confide in." Eiji says.

"Like Daisuke?" Nara asks.

"(Chuckles) Something like that. All of these children are children of guards, soldiers, maids, and children from the city." Eiji says and nudges Nara forward.

Nara looks at each child and their weapon while the parents watch on. He finally chooses a young girl with a bow.

"What's your name?" Nara asks.

"Kareen." She says sheepishly.

Her parents hold each other excitedly and try to contain their joy.

"Have you made your choice?" Eiji asks.

"Yes. I pick Kareen." Nara says and grabs her hand.

"A good choice. Thank you all for coming." Eiji says.

Kareen's parents run over and hug her.

"As we discussed earlier, your daughter shall move into the castle and will continue her training." Eiji explains to her family.

"Will we be able to visit her?" Her mother asks.

"Of course." Eiji replies.

Nara looks her bow over and is amazed by it.


The day of Nara's birthday, he is awakened by a unfamiliar presence in his room. He jumps up and points a sword right at Kareen's throat. She stands there wide eyed and trembling.

"Please forgive me." Nara says putting the sword away.

Kareen swallows hard and tries to calm her heart that his beating a mile a minute.

"I am just not used to your presence yet. It may take a little while." Nara says.

Kareen calms herself down and nods.

"Master, Lord Eiji would like to see you in the dining room." Kareen says and bows.

"Thank you." Nara says and dresses quickly before following her to the dining room.

"I can't believe you slept through half of your birthday." Eiji says patting Nara's back.

Nara looks at him as they sit down to lunch. After they finish eating, the two of them walk through the garden together. They stop at Hiromi's grave.

Both of them are quiet and stare at the grave. The silence is broken by Eiji.

"She would be very proud of what you've become." Eiji says and pats his head.

Nara remains silent and wipes a single tear from his eye. He looks at it closely and wipes it on his pant leg.

"Come on." Eiji says and walks off.

As they enter the throne room, they are greeted by dozens of people.

"Nara!" Misaka shouts and makes her way through the crowd with Kagome and Emiko right behind her.

"Misaka. What are you three doing here?" Nara asks as they give him a hug.

"Release him or die." Kareen says with her bow drawn and aimed straight at Misaka's head.

"It's alright." Nara says looking back at Kareen, "I know them."

"Yeah! We are his friends." Emiko says.

"And this is his future wife." Kagome adds and shoves Misaka onto Nara.

"I have friends?" Nara says to himself.

Kareen blushes then glares at them before storming off.


"Little Eiji! Its been a long time." A very muscular guy says patting Eiji on the back hard enough to nearly knock him to the ground.

"Kyuso? Is that really you?" Eiji says hugging Kyuso.

Kyuso puts Eiji in a headlock and rubs his knuckles into his head. Eiji goes limp and once he feels Kyuso's grip loosen a bit, he breaks free and puts him in a sleeper hold.

"Still quick, I see." Kyuso says with a laugh.

Eiji releases him and shakes his hand.

"I haven't seen you since the day we took the Eastern Lands over." Eiji says.

"Yeah, I went home and wounded up getting married." He says rubbing his neck. A beautiful woman walks up and puts her arm around his.

"I see." Eiji says looking at the woman.

"This is Jealousy. Jealousy this is a good friend of mine, Eiji." Kyuso says introducing them.

"Pleased to meet you." Eiji says and kisses her hand.

"A pleasure." Jealousy says smiling.

"Excuse me for a second." Eiji says as he spots Amaya out of the corner of his eye.

"So glad you could make it." Eiji says greeting her.


"Why are you here?" Nara asks again.

"We got a royal summons." Misaka says proudly and holds up the summons.

"Why would my father summon you?" Nara asks.

"Cause it's your birthday, dummy." Misaka says.

"Why don't you give him his present?" Kagome asks.

"Yeah, the entire way here you talked nonstop about giving him your present." Emiko says.

Misaka blushes and becomes real bashful.

"I will. Eventually." She says softly.


"Lord Eiji, what a pleasure to see you again." Amaya says and gives him a hug.

"Where is Misaka?" Eiji asks.

"I believe she is with Nara." Amaya says as a man walks up to her and puts his arm around her shoulders, "This is my husband, Tanaka."

The two of them look at each other for a few long tense moments before Eiji is the first to speak.

"I remember you. You were one of the first groups to attack us when we were headed for Lord Osamu's castle." Eiji says.

"You have an excellent memory to remember that far back. Yes, that was me and once our leader was slain you gave us the option of joining you." Tanaka replies.

They shake hands and Amaya lets out a sigh of relief.

"There you are Eiji." Kyuso says patting Eiji hard on the back again.

Eiji turns around.

"I want you to meet my boy." Kyuso says.

Jealousy stands there holding a young child, about six months old.

"His name is Ta." Kyuso says.

"It seems all of us old battle veterans have settled down for the family life." Daisuke says with Hikaru next to him.

"NARA!" Eiji shouts. He runs over and stands next to his father.

"Kyuso you remember Daisuke. Tanaka this is my faithful General Daisuke. Daisuke. Tanaka and Kyuso." Eiji says introducing them.

"Are you expecting?" Hikaru asks Amaya.

"Yes. It's a boy." Amaya replies.

"How can you tell?" Jealousy asks.

"He kicks harder then my daughter did." Amaya says.

"What will his name be?" Kyuso asks.

"Sessaru." Tanaka says proudly.

"So, we have Ta, Shin, Nara, and Sessaru." Eiji says with a laugh.

"I have a feeling our children shall become good friends one day." Tanaka says.


They converse for a couple more hours till the cook comes in and announces that dinner is ready.

Everyone heads to the dining room.

Nara is surrounded by Misaka, Kagome, and Emiko.

Kareen follows behind glaring at the three.

Kagome nudges Misaka and she blushes.

"Fine." She says to Kagome.

She grabs Nara's hand and stops.

"What is it?" Nara asks.

"Close your eyes. I am going to give you your gift now." Misaka says.

Nara closes his eyes and Misaka blushes as she moves in to give him a kiss.

Kareen raises her bow and fires.

Nara turns at the last second and Misaka kisses his cheek.

Nara stands there stunned by the arrow sticking through his hand. Then the pain sets in. He hollers in pain and Eiji comes running into the hallway with Daisuke right behind him.

"What the hell?" Eiji asks looking at the arrow.

Daisuke examines the scene and notices a bit of a kiss mark on Nara's cheek.

"Allow me to handle this." Daisuke says and grabs Kareen by the arm.


In a room down the hall Daisuke sets Kareen on a box so that she is eye level with him.

"I see that you have fallen for Nara and out of jealousy tried to stop that girl from kissing him." Daisuke says.

Kareen lowers her head.

"It's alright. But in the future try not to shoot Nara. Tonight is a bit different. There is a demon here that has brought everyone's jealousy out regardless of age. Now, go and apologize to Nara and Lord Eiji." Daisuke says and sets her back down.


Nara has his hand bandaged and is sitting near Eiji with an open seat next to him.

"Please forgive me. I am deeply sorry for shooting you with an arrow." Kareen says on her hands and knees bowing.

"It's alright. Take a seat next to Nara." Eiji says.


Months pass and Nara and Eiji are sparring in the training hall while everyone watches.

Kareen and Daisuke watch as well.

"Are you Lord Eiji's familiar?" Kareen asks.

"Ha ha ha ha. Is that how it looks? (Kareen nods.) Well, I was originally his General for his army but since everything is at peace that title doesn't fit. I guess you could call me his familiar. I just started to take that role on when he became Lord and haven't stopped." Daisuke explains.

Kareen nods.

"Although I don't think he sees me as his familiar but more as a close friend." Daisuke continues.

Nara stumbles back from a punch to his head and holds it in pain. The pain amplifies and intensifies suddenly. He drops to his knees and screams in excruciating pain.

"Sorry but that trick won't work a second time." Eiji says rubbing a scar on his stomach.

Daisuke stands up and leans on the railing.

"Eiji, I don't think he is faking this time. Something seems odd." Daisuke shouts.

Nara's head throbs and the wind seems to be drawn to him.

Eiji cautiously approaches and examines Nara closely. He doesn't see anything strange and puts down his fists.

"You okay?" He asks.

Nara grits his teeth and gets up slowly.

"I'm fine. Let's continue." Nara says shaking his head.

The pain subsides and Nara takes his stance.

They resume the fight and Eiji pops him in the head again. Nara screams and a burst of energy sends out a shockwave that knocks everyone to the ground. It's so powerful that it cracks the walls of the training hall.

Nara goes berserk and violently attacks Eiji. Everyone scrambles to their feet and rushes to pull Nara off of Eiji. They struggle and finally pull him off and pin him to the wall.

Eiji has dozens of deep wounds all over his chest and neck.

"Help me up." Eiji says struggling to breathe.

Daisuke helps him up while a couple guards run for the doctor.

"Guess this is the end for me." Eiji says while looking at Nara snarling against the wall with his hands bound behind his back, "Always would of thought I would die in battle against my enemy and not my son."

"The doctor is on his way just hold on." Daisuke says reassuringly.

"No, my time has come. My vision is starting to blur." Eiji says, "Promise me you will look after him."

"Of course I will." Daisuke says.

"Good. You were always a great friend." Eiji says coughing up blood, "Let him go. He needs to finish what he started." Eiji says struggling to stay standing.

The guards release Nara and he viciously attacks Eiji. Once Eiji is dead, Nara collapses next to him.

Daisuke puts his hand on Nara's head and notices horns have broken through his skin.

"Guess these are responsible for that rage." Daisuke says to himself.

"What should we do?" A guard asks.

"Take Nara to his room and have the doctor bandage his head but be sure you don't touch these." Daisuke orders as he points to the horns.

"And what about Lord Eiji?" Another guard asks.

"Help me carry him to his wife's grave." Daisuke says.


The next few days everyone inside the castle is deeply saddened by the loss of their beloved Lord. Daisuke wanders the halls of the castle and sends everyone home. He has them tell everyone in the city that he has an announcement and to gather at the front gates.

The following morning Daisuke stands above the gates and looks out at the entire city before him.

"It saddens me deeply to inform you that Lord Eiji has been slain. (The crowd gasps and whispers amongst themselves.) I know most of you are saying I did it but that is not true. Lord Eiji and his son Nara were sparring and during which, Nara's powers awoken and he killed his father. (The crowd once again whispers amongst themselves.)" Daisuke explains to the crowd.

As Daisuke leaves his ears pick out several people whispering about murder. He glares at them and they run.

"Have the guards stay alert. There could be some backlash of this." Daisuke says to the guard captain.


Another two days go by and Nara finally wakes up. On the floor next to his bed, Kareen sleeps curled up in a ball. Nara covers her up and leaves. He walks through the empty halls of the castle.

In the throne room, Daisuke sits with his head buried in his hands.

"What's wrong?" Nara asks.

Daisuke looks up and smiles at Nara.

"Have a seat." He says getting off the throne.

Nara sits and looks at Daisuke.

"Nara, do you remember anything from the past few days?" Daisuke asks.

Nara shakes his head.

"I'm not one to beat around the bush so I will just say it. Earlier this week you and your father were sparring and your demonic powers awoken. In the surge of power you slayed your father." Daisuke explains.

Nara stares blankly at the floor as the shock settles in.

"How can this be?" Nara asks as his emotions get the best of him and he cries. Daisuke consoles him while he lets it all out.

"General! We have a problem." A guard says running in.

"What?" Daisuke asks.

"It seems the peasants have banded together and are staging an attack on the castle." The guard replies.

Daisuke runs with the guard to the castle gates.

"Have the archers take their positions on the wall and the pikemen behind the gate." Daisuke orders.

He stands above the gate and looks down at the peasants.

"What is it you are trying to do?" He shouts.

"Just hand over the child and this can all be avoided." Someone shouts back.

"Why? So you can kill him? Don't be stupid. (The archers take their positions and aim down at the crowd.) This isn't necessary. You want to kill the only descendant of the greatest Lord this land has ever seen?" Daisuke asks.

The crowd quiets down and quits trying to break down the castle gates.

"Tell me. How do you know that Nara didn't kill his father just to take the throne?" A man shouts from the crowd.

"How many of you have children? How many with children that had a sudden surge of power and caused damage to your home or store? Or to even someone else in your family?" Daisuke asks quieting the crowd further.

"We all loved Lord Eiji. He was fair and brought peace to this warring land. I was there when Lord Eiji died. He had no grudge against his son for what happened. He, instead, asked me to care for him. So if you wish to continue this meaningless assault then I shall have no choice but to defend this castle that Lord Eiji, himself, helped build." Daisuke adds.

The crowd puts down their weapons and looks at Daisuke.

"I know what you are all fearing but I do believe that he is like his father and the peace shall continue." Daisuke shouts.

The crowd disperses and Daisuke calls off the archers. As they walk pass Nara a few of them glare at him.

"Why does everyone hate me?" Nara asks as Daisuke walks up to him.

Daisuke grabs his hand and the two of them go for a walk through the garden.

"It's not so much hate but fear. They fear change. They are afraid that you are going to be different from your father and go on a rampage." Daisuke says.

"But that makes no sense. The entire Demon Realm is under my father's..... I mean..... my control. Why would I do that?" Nara says.

Daisuke laughs and pats Nara on his back.

"I forgot you use your head more then most. I guess that's true. I see you surpassing your father. I'm not sure how yet but my gut tells me that you will do something even your father never thought of." Daisuke says as they stop at Eiji's and Hiromi's graves.

"Take your time. I'll be inside." Daisuke says and leaves.


Four years pass and now Nara is eleven years old. With the help of Daisuke, he has taken the role of Lord quite well. Quickly the citizens of the Eastern Lands have forgiven him and accepted him as Lord of the Demon Realm. Word spreads and slowly the entire Demon Realm accepts Nara as Lord.

Kareen's skills with her bow have greatly increased. At ten years old she is teaching the new archers while holding her own against veteran archers.

Only a few small groups tried to overthrow Nara but with Koji's (Koji's father from Sessy514's story) intelligence on the groups, they were quickly squashed.

One afternoon, Nara is sitting in the library reading his book. He turns the page and something catches his eye.

"The Human Realm?" He says to himself.

Nara puts the book down on the podium and reads over the spell. A blinding light fills the library and Nara looks at the portal before him.

He puts his hand inside and he is instantly sucked in.

A second later Kareen enters.

"Lord Nara dinner is ready." She says looking around, "Lord Nara?"


A couple weeks pass and Nara returns through a portal that has appeared above the bath. Nara falls out and lands in the bath.

He gets up and turns to come face to face with an arrow tip.

"Lord Nara?" Kareen asks before dropping her bow and covering herself.

"Sorry." Nara says and bolts out of the bath.

"DAISUKE!" Nara shouts as he sprints through the halls and straight into the throne room.

"Nara? You returned?" Daisuke says.

"I was in the Human Realm. It was incredible. That had carriages but they were covered in metal and were incredibly fast." Nara says excitedly.

"You were where?" Daisuke asks shocked.

"The Human Realm." Nara replies.

Daisuke sits back down.

"What's wrong?" Nara asks.

"I didn't think it was possible to actually go there anymore." Daisuke says in shock.

Nara explains everything he saw to Daisuke, who sits there amazed.

"I am going to go back and see what else I can learn from them." Nara says.

"When?" Daisuke asks.

"Tomorrow. They are just so interesting." Nara replies.

"Be careful. I have heard from my father's generation that at one point there was an open portal between our world and theirs. At first they accepted us but one of their children died while a demon was nearby and instantly we were blamed, then hunted down. Any demon they saw they killed. I don't know if they have changed since then." Daisuke explains.

"I will." Nara replies and heads to bed. He stops and turns toward Daisuke.

"Why don't you go see your family? Or have them come here." Nara says and closes the door.

"He is just like his father." Daisuke says with a smile.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Chapter 1 - Rise of a New Demon King
This story is the prequel to the story on Sessy514's site and tells the story of how Lords Nara, Shin, Sessaru, and Ta came to be who they are now.


Demon bodies lay strewn about the grounds of a large castle while other demons roam the grounds looking for any survivors.

Inside the castle the sounds of a battle echo through the halls where more dead demon soldiers lie from both sides of the battle. After several intense moments, the sounds fade.

The General enters the castle and makes his way to the central throne room.

As he passes the library, he hears something in there and draws his sword. He takes a deep breath and jumps into the room.

"Easy there." A man says looking at the books.

"Milord? I thought you'd be in the throne room." The General says.

"I was. There is something in here and I can hear it calling to me." The man says looking through the many books.


"I don't hear anything." The General says.

"You hear it too, don't you?" A man says standing in the doorway bleeding profusely from a large gaping wound in his shoulder.

The General draws his sword and is about to attack when the man stops him.

"Stand down, Katashi. Let him speak." The man says.

"You sure, Eiji?" Katashi asks.

"Tell me what you know?" Eiji says.

The wounded man leans against the wall and coughs.

"I have been here for many years as you are well aware. However, my gold and land don't come close to this treasure. (Cough) I have been defeated by someone who shall bring peace to these warring lands and make this realm more like the human realm. (Cough) Take this. (Cough) It will lead you to my ultimate treasure. (Cough) You shall be a great ruler, young Eiji. (Cough) Don't let the power corrupt you like it did to me." The man says and coughs violently. Blood splatters the wall and runs down his chin and drips onto his already blood soaked shirt and armor.

Eiji looks at the key in his hand and back at the now fallen man.

"What do you think he was talking about?" Katashi asks.

"I'm not sure. Rally the men. We are taking everything and starting over back home." Eiji says.


Once all the books have been taken out of the library, Eiji looks over every square inch closely. Finally under one of the many bookshelves, Eiji finds the key hole.

He puts the key in and a hidden trap door opens right beneath the former Lord's body.

"Find it?" Katashi asks.

"I believe so." Eiji says looking down the trap door.

An echoing thud is heard as the former Lord's body hits the ground below.

Eiji jumps down and tries to look around through the darkness. Katashi drops down next to him with a couple torches. They cautiously look around as the voice in Eiji's head grows louder.

Eiji drops to his knees while grabbing his head in pain.

"Impossible!" Eiji screams still holding his head.

Footsteps can be heard running all around but no one is there.

Eiji gets to his feet after several minutes and in the distance an ominous presence can be felt.

"What is this?" Katashi asks.

Eiji walks over and looks at a large book resting on a podium.

"This is Osamu's ultimate treasure. This is what has been talking to me and making those footsteps." Eiji says.

"How can a book do all that?" Katashi asks drawing his sword.

"So you finally show your true colors." Eiji says turning to face his General.

"Yes. I have been waiting patiently since we were children for this day." Katashi says.

"Is that so? It wouldn't be because the Old Man chose me instead of you, now would it?" Eiji asks putting his hand on the handle of his battle axe.


"Where is Lord Eiji and General Katashi?" One demon asks.

"Listen up!" Eiji says standing in the doorway of the castle, "I want all of you who were following Katashi on his plan to take over after he killed me to gather here." Eiji says as the blood drips down his arm from a large gash on his upper arm.

A few demons step forward.

"That's all? Eight demons? The eight of you were going to take on all of my army? Pathetic." Eiji says snapping his fingers.

The eight demons are quickly attacked by the other demons and killed.

"Everything is packed up and ready to go. Just waiting on your orders, Milord." A Colonel says.

"Excellent. Have the men rest tonight and relax. We shall leave tomorrow." Eiji says.

"As you wish, Milord." The Colonel says bowing.

"You're Daisuke, correct. (The Colonel nods.) Congratulations you are now my new General." Eiji says before collapsing.


Three weeks have passed since the battle in the Western Lands and now, Eiji has returned to his rightful lands in the East.

"Lord Eiji, a messenger has arrived from the northern lands." Daisuke says.

"See him in." Eiji replies looking over a very large map of the entire Demon Realm.

"Lord Eiji, news of your victories over Lord Osamu of the West, Lord Watanabe of the East, and Lord Hidetada of the South have reached my Lord Satou. He has sent me to inform you that he will surrender his land to you and step down as Lord of the North. His engineers and work crews will be arriving in the next couple days to help with construction of your new castle as sign of peace." The messenger says.

"And his army?" Eiji asks.

"Currently engaged in battle with the remnants of Lord Hidetada's army." The messenger replies.

"Very well. Tell your Lord that I will wish to see him in person to make this official." Eiji says.

"Of course, Milord." The messenger says before bowing and leaving.

"You think he may be trying something underhanded?" Daisuke asks.

"Yes. According to Koji (This is Koji's grandfather from the current story on Sessy514's site.) and his scouts, there are dozens of small encampments all over this border. And there are more popping up each day. Send word to our allies here, here, here, and here to send their troops disguised as workers to these spots." Eiji says pointing to different spots on the map.

"Consider it done, Milord." Daisuke says bowing.


Two months have passed and the castle has been completed.

"All of the small uprisings have been squashed and no new ones have been reported." Daisuke reports.

"Very good. It seems that with Lord Satou's public suicide the resistance has subsided. At least for now." Eiji says.

"Milord, the preparations are almost complete. It is time for you to get ready." A servant says bowing from the doorway.

"I see. Well, Daisuke, guess we should get ready." Eiji says with a smile.


Eiji walks onto a large balcony and the roar of the crowd gathered in the streets below is deafening.

"I wish to thank all of you for your support. With Lord Satou's suicide it has become official. I am the first demon to become the sole ruler of the Demon Realm. (Loud cheering and applause.) Now that I am ruler there will be peace and prosperity throughout the land." Eiji shouts to the masses below.

The demons below cheer even louder as fireworks go off.

Eiji heads back to library and stares at the book.

"Still haven't figured out how to open it?" Daisuke asks walking up to him.

"No. I have tried everything I can think of." Eiji replies, "Is there something else?" Eiji asks.

"Nothing that can't wait." Daisuke says and walks off.

He shakes his head and continues down the hall passing a young woman, who is elegantly dressed, along the way.

"He couldn't be?" Daisuke says stopping and watching the woman enter the library.

Moments later the woman comes running out with a bloody knife in her hand and a panicked look on her face.

She runs straight at Daisuke who grabs the knife and her arms, then judo flips her.

Eiji walks out holding his stomach. Blood has stained his shirt and pants.

"Don't kill her." Eiji says.

"Why not? She tried to assassinate you." Daisuke says still holding the woman to the floor.

"No, I may of been a bit to forward and she defended herself. Let her up." Eiji says.

Daisuke reluctantly lets the woman up.

Eiji bows deeply to the woman as he says, "Please forgive my rudeness and forwardness towards you. I am highly skilled in the arts of war but a mere novice when it comes down to seducing a woman. I beg your forgiveness."

Daisuke and the woman both look at him surprised.

"I forgive you. This time. Try that shit again and I won't miss next time." The woman says.

Her manner of speech doesn't match her style of clothes.

"Daisuke, allow me to introduce you to my future bride, Hiromi." Eiji says.

Daisuke's jaw drops.

"When did you have time to meet a woman?" Daisuke asks.

"My father set this up when we were children with a neighboring village." Eiji says.

"Yes, his father was in debt to my family and to pay his debt, he talked my father into an arranged marriage. He also gave us his farm before he passed away not too long ago." Hiromi explains.

"That would explain why you had the other castle torn down and had this one built instead." Daisuke says.


A year has passed since Eiji has began his rule over the Demon Realm.

Daisuke stands besides Eiji and the other commanding officers looking out across the battlefield.

"I will admit that this threw me off guard. I wasn't expecting the Island regions of the South to make an attempt to reclaim their land." Eiji says as they walk to the center of the battlefield.

"Lord Eiji. I wish to resolve this peacefully. Simply restore our trade routes and return our land to us and bloodshed shall be avoided." The opposing Demon Lord says.

"Lord Kobayashi, if you would simply lay down your arms then this day shall end peacefully." Eiji replies.

"Your ships are repeatedly attacking and raiding our ships regardless if it is a merchant ship or not." Kobayashi says.

"I know. Lay down your arms and it shall stop immediately." Eiji says.

"Never! We shall fight to the death to defend our ways!" Kobayashi says with emotion.

"I am not interested in destroying your ways. Nothing is changing but your leadership." Eiji says, "If you do draw that blade against me then you shall die. Are you really ready to have all those demons die. I'm sure some of them have families they would like to get back to. Think carefully as you head back to your soldiers." Eiji adds.

After several intense moments a loud cry rises from the army.

"Guess he chose death." Daisuke says.

Eiji waves his hand forward and thousands of arrows shoot into the sky from behind a line of pikemen.

The cloud of arrows is so dense that it shakes the land when they all land.

Eiji hops onto his horse and rides out to the opposing army to survey the damage and check for survivors.

He comes to Kobayashi, who is laying on his side gurgling his own blood.

"All this could of been avoided. You were well out classed anyway." Eiji says and rides back.

"Word from the islands should be in shortly." Daisuke says.

"I'm pretty sure I know what they will find." Eiji says.

A messenger rides up at full gallop and slides to a halt.

"Milord, they are all dead. The entire island nation is dead." The messenger reports.

"Just as I thought. Have the men toss the bodies into the sea and then search the islands for anything of value. They can keep the weapons of the fallen." Eiji says.

"As you wish, Milord." The messenger says as he bows and rides off.

"You knew they killed their families?" Daisuke asks.

"Not for sure. I had a hunch though. It was in Lord Kobayashi's eyes. They were not the eyes of a battle hardened solider but of a peaceful man who did something horrible." Eiji replies and heads back towards the castle.


A hundred years pass and Lord Eiji has married, Hiromi. The entire Demon Realm is at peace and prospering wonderfully. There have been no major battles since Lord Kobayashi's. The small village that used to be at the front gates of the castle has now become a large city that surrounds the castle.

"Milord, there is a man outside claiming to be Lady Hiromi's husband." A guard says to Eiji as he strolls through the garden.

"Is that so? Take me to him." Eiji replies and follows the guard.

At the front gates, a man paces back and forth.

"You thieving bastard!" He shouts over the guards holding him back.

"While I don't disagree with that statement, what have I stolen from you?" Eiji asks as he waves the guards off.

The guards release the man and he attacks Eiji.

Eiji dodges the attacks and asks, "What have I stolen from you?"

"The only woman I have ever loved and who has ever loved me back." The man says.

A couple of guards laugh.

"I'm guessing you are referring to Hiromi? How could I of stolen something from you that was already mine to begin with?" Eiji asks and rips the sword from his hands.

Hiromi runs out of the castle and stops.

"ROKURO!! STOP!!!" She shouts and runs down the stairs.

"Hiromi." He says and opens his arms.

She stops at Eiji's side and looks at the sword on the ground and Eiji's bloody hand.

"What is going on?" She asks.

"According to Rokuro, I have stolen you from him. Would you care to clear this matter up?" Eiji says.

"Tell him the truth, Hiromi. We were to be married." Rokuro says.

"Rokuro, Lord Eiji didn't steal me away from you. (Rokuro's heart skips a beat.) He was promised to me when we were just children in order for his father to pay off his debt. If my father hadn't told me then it would of been you who would of stolen me from him." Hiromi says.

Rokuro stands there and his broken heart can be seen clearly in his eyes.

After several intense moments, Rokuro picks his sword up and holds it tightly.

"Lord Eiji, please take good care of Hiromi." Rokuro says holding his feelings in.

"Can I ask you something?" Eiji asks, "It has been a little over a hundred years since Hiromi came to me. Why didn't you come earlier?"

"I am nothing but a simple shopkeeper. I had to learn how to fight before I could even challenge you for her hand." Rokuro replies.

"I understand. That is very noble of you. What is your next move? You can walk out of here and no one will stop you." Eiji says.

"No, I came here with a goal in mind and I will see it through. I want to see if you are worthy of her love." Rokuro says taking his fighting stance.

Eiji takes a guard's sword and waits.

Rokuro runs at him and Eiji simply sidesteps him and stabs him in the heart. Rokuro falls to the ground and struggles for each breath.

"Thank you. A life without her would be worse then death." Rokuro whispers as his breathing stops.

Hiromi runs to his side and places his head on her lap.

"Oh Rokuro, why did you do this? I told you to forget me." Hiromi says and hugs Rokuro tightly.

"Have him buried with the other fallen in the back." Eiji says to a guard.

"Yes Milord." The guard replies.


A few more months pass and Daisuke enters the throne room where he kneels before Lord Eiji and Lady Hiromi.

"There is a traveling merchant at the gates that wishes to speak with you. He says he knows a great bit about literature." Daisuke says giving Eiji a look.

"Show him in." Eiji replies intrigued.

Daisuke returns a few minutes later with an elderly man and his cart.

His clothes are old and tattered looking. He looks as if he hasn't seen a bath in a very long time. The beard on his face is ragged and long as well as his hair. His eyes have lost their color and become almost entirely white but upon closer look there is a faint outline of color.

"What is it you wish to speak to me about?" Eiji asks walking up to the old man.

"It is here. Since you have it then that would mean, the other is dead." The Merchant says.

"What are you talking about?" Eiji asks.

"You have not been able to open it have you?" The Merchant asks.

"No, do you know how to open it?" Eiji asks interested.

"Take me to it, please." The Merchant says.

Eiji takes his arm and leads him to the library.

"It has not changed a bit since the last time I saw it." The Merchant says looking at the book.

"Is this wise?" Daisuke whispers.

"If he can get it open then it will be worth it." Eiji whispers back.

"This is amazing. I never thought I would see it again." The merchant says.

"What do you mean?" Eiji asks.

"I'll start at the beginning. About eighteen hundred years ago, I was a mere candle maker in a tiny village in the Human Realm. One night a bright light woke me and I went to investigate. Incidentally, I ended up here. After a few days of roaming around I came across a large mountain. As I was about to climb it, one large eye opened and stared straight at me. Naturally, I was petrified but the demon didn't take me as a threat and spoke to me. After many days of speaking to one another, he told me that a highly powerful spell caster had made his home on his back. Over the next few years, I became the Spell Caster's assistant and since I could write he had me write down everyone of his spells and seals. Once the book was finished, he put a special seal that he never told me about and sealed it up. Inside, this book, contains every single demon spell. The book also has the ability to record the history of this realm om its own accord. However to safeguard it from just anyone reading it, the ink I used is completely invisible. To the average demon, the pages look blank but with the special glasses it becomes visible. Unfortunately, since the book has not chosen you as its rightful owner I cannot give you those glasses. I am truly sorry." The merchant explains.

"I have heard of that demon mountain. It used to roam the northern mountains till a few hundred years ago. I believe it makes up the central mountains." Daisuke says.

"Yes, that's the one. His passing was very sad." The merchant says.

"You said the book hasn't chosen me? What do you mean?" Eiji asks.

"Simple. If the book chose you then it would of opened up but since the book remains sealed, it has chosen you as its keeper till the next owner comes for it." The merchant says.

"And when will the next owner come for it?" Eiji asks.

"That is a mystery. The previous owner was only it's second owner." The merchant replies.


Another hundred years pass and the Demon Realm is still at peace.

"Lord Eiji, Lady Hiromi is requesting your presence." Daisuke says rubbing his arm.

"What happened to you?" Eiji asks.

"She had a contraction while I was walking with her. She nearly broke my arm." Daisuke says as Eiji looks his arm over.

"Trying to steal her from me?" Eiji asks with a smile.

"No. My wife would kill me. While you are busy with your royal duties I take her for walks through the castle." Daisuke says.

"I know. Just messing with you. You should go and see your wife or have her come here." Eiji says before running off.

He enters the room and Hiromi lets out a blood curdling scream.

"How is Daisuke's baby doing?" Eiji asks with a laugh.

His eyes cross and he keels over holding his groin.

"Not funny!" Hiromi snaps before she is hit by another contraction.

Eiji lays on the ground holding his groin for several minutes before the pain quits. He gets up to his feet and stands besides his wife.

Hiromi grabs his hand and a crunch sound is heard. Eiji grits his teeth as Hiromi continues to apply pressure to his already broken hand.

"Hiromi, your doing just fine." The doctor says.

Eiji looks down at his wife and kisses her.

"That's odd." The doctor says.

Hiromi's eyes widen and a look of complete surprise and pain come over her face.

"Hiromi?" Eiji asks concerned.

Blood splatters everywhere and runs out of her mouth.

Suddenly the sounds of a baby crying fills the room. Eiji glances down and Hiromi's stomach has been completely ripped open.

"Congratulations, its a boy." The doctor says handing the baby to Eiji.

Eiji immediately gives the child to Hiromi.

"He's perfect." She says.

The doctor shakes his head and Eiji looks back at Hiromi.

On the child's forehead is a bloody kiss.

"Please leave." Eiji says calmly.

The doctor and his aides leave and close the door.

Daisuke is waiting by the door when they come out.

"What's wrong?" Daisuke asks.

Before the doctor could answer an earth shaking roar knocks them to the ground. Several miles away the land shakes and the roar can be heard.

"Something happen?" Daisuke asks standing up.

"Lady Hiromi didn't make it." The doctor says.

Daisuke looks at him shocked.

"Never seen anything like that before. The baby ripped through her stomach." The doctor says.

Later that night, the door opens and Eiji emerges with Hiromi's body wrapped in a sheet and a sleeping baby on her.

"Lord Eiji." Daisuke says.

"Daisuke, can you run things for me for a few days?" Eiji asks in almost a whisper.

"Of course. Do you need anything else?" Daisuke asks.

"No, I will be fine. I just need some time to gather my thoughts." Eiji replies.

"Is the baby alright?" Daisuke asks.

"He's fine. He's sleeping now. Allow me to introduce you to Nara Nakahara." Eiji says before making his way down the long hallway.

In the large garden behind the castle Hiromi is laid to rest beneath a large tombstone.

"Well, it seems you are just like your father." Eiji says to Nara who is sleeping in his arms. "When I was born I did the same thing you did. According to your grandfather it is a sign that you possess great power. We are the first two to possess such power. You see we come from a long line of peasant demons. That is until my father was taken prisoner by the former Lord Watanabe. During his imprisonment he managed to work his charm on one of the female soldiers. She finally got him out and they were married soon after. I came along and she died the same way your mother died. Its our family curse you could say." Eiji explains as little Nara drools in his sleep.

"I guess I'm going to have to get someone to feed you." Eiji says.


A few days later, there are a dozen women in the throne room.

"Lord Eiji, The women are here." Daisuke says as Eiji walks out of Nara's room with Nara.

"This should be fun." Eiji says sarcastically before entering the throne room.

The women bow.

"Ladies, you all know why you are here. So lets get this over with. Before we start though, I am not looking for a new wife so you can hold off on the advances." Eiji says.

For nearly three hours, Eiji interviews the women. He makes his selections and shows them to their rooms.

"Now listen up. Nara here is not your typical baby peasant demon. He is going to be difficult to handle. I know I was at his age so be careful." Eiji explains and hands Nara over to one of the women.

"Guess I am up first." The woman says holding Nara.

Nara sneezes in his sleep and the women's long hair sticks straight out from electricity flowing through her.

She hands Nara to the next woman and sits down.

"Like I said. He's different. If any of you care to leave go ahead and leave now." Eiji says.

No one leaves.

Nara coughs a wisp of smoke exits his mouth.

Over the next few days Nara is taken care of by the women. He spends most of his time sleeping peacefully and never cries.

As one of the women is changing his diaper she smiles to herself.

"Soon you will die in your sleep and your father will do the same." She says to herself.

Nara sneezes and a tiny black orb appears directly in front of her face. It suddenly expands and sucks half of the woman's head into it, killing her instantly.

A couple hours later another woman enters the room and screams at the sight.

That evening while Eiji sits in the library, Koji appears next to him.

"What happened this afternoon?" Eiji asks putting his book down.

"It's as you said. He is experiencing erratic power shifts. That woman mentioned something about killing him then you and that's when he sneezed creating that black orb, that killed her. It was as if he knew." Koji explains.

"Thank you. Keep me posted on any new developments." Eiji says.

The next morning smoke billows out of Nara's room. Eiji comes running down the hall and sees Koji holding Nara.

"What happened?" Eiji asks taking Nara from him.

"He sneezed and the entire room burst into flames. All of them were burnt to a crisp before they could even react to the sneeze." Koji explains.

Once the flames were extinguished, Eiji enters the room. Everywhere was blackened by the flames except where Nara's crib was and where Koji was standing in the shadows.

"Apparently he thought of them as threats and you as a friend." Daisuke says to Koji.

"I've never seen a baby with this much excess power that is triggered by a simple sneeze." Koji says.

"Neither have I." Eiji says.


The following week Nara learned to crawl and the third group of caretakers spent their time chasing Nara throughout the castle grounds.

"There he is!" One woman says to another as Nara crawls by.

"Is he sleeping?" The other asks.

"Yes. I laid him down for a nap and he started crawling." The first one says and they give chase.

Eiji walks out of a room and the women plow into him.

"Please forgive us!" The women say together as they bow.

"It's alright. I see Nara has been rather adventurous lately." Eiji says picking Nara up who is now awake.

He sets Nara on his feet and walks with Nara. After a only a few unsteady steps Nara starts walking.

"Thank you for all you have done but I think I can take it from here." Eiji says.

"Yes, Milord." One woman says.

"Speak with Daisuke and he will arrange the payment." Eiji says and walks down hallway with his son.


Two years pass and Nara has aged faster then most children. He may only be two but looks like a five year old.

"I've noticed that the rat population has dropped greatly." Daisuke says to Eiji as they eat lunch in the dining hall with the soldiers.

"So have I. I wonder if there is a disease going around." Eiji replies.


Eiji and Daisuke look at each other then under the table where Nara is sitting with a rat in his mouth.

"Mystery solved." Daisuke says.

"Look, other rats are coming to investigate." Eiji says as more rats surround Nara.

The next day, Eiji enters his library and sees Nara sitting on the ground with a book in his lap.

"Father." Nara says looking up from the book.

"What are you reading?" Eiji asks.

"Milord, that old man is back." Daisuke says from the doorway.

"Bring him to me." Eiji says.

"Father, this book is incredible." Nara says holding the book up.

Eiji glances at it and recognizes it instantly. He looks up at the podium and sees that it is indeed the book he could not open.

"The true owner has arrived." The man says from the doorway.

"You mean my son?" Eiji asks surprised.

"Yes. The Spell Castor that had me write it told me that someday a demon that will surpass all demons shall be born and will be able to read this book without the glasses." The man explains handing the glasses to Nara.

"Unbelievable." Eiji says.

"Now that the book has chosen it's final owner I am no longer needed. Take good care of that book and it will take good care of you." The man says turning to dust.

Nara looks at the glasses, then at the book.


Another year passes and Nara hasn't grown physically just mentally. He has spent most of the past year reading the books in the library. He is now three years old.

"Nara, your father would like to see you in the throne room." Daisuke says from the doorway to the library.

"Now?" Nara asks.

"Yeah. Put the book down and lets go." Daisuke says.

"Ah, Nara. I think its time to start training your body." Eiji says.

"What do you mean?" Nara asks.

"Well, for the past year you have read practically every book in the library at least twice. Now, I think its time for you to build up your physical strength. This will come in handy for battles when your opponent can't be reasoned with." Eiji says.

"What about my reading?" Nara asks.

"You can do that after your training for the day." Eiji says.

"If I must." Nara says unenthusiastically.


For two whole years, Nara trained with his father, Daisuke, all of the guards, and anyone else capable of teaching him a fighting style. With his never ending thirst for knowledge he picks things up quickly.

By his fifth birthday he is quite capable of holding his own against most of the guards but still lacks in the strength area due to his young age.


"Nara, come with me." Eiji says holding his hand out.

Nara grabs it and walks out to the stables with Eiji.

"Daisuke, you're in charge till I return." Eiji says as they trot by.

"What? How long will you be gone?" Daisuke asks.

"Not sure. I am taking Nara out to show him the outside world. So, a year or so." Eiji replies.

"WHAT?!?" Daisuke replies.

The front gates open and a woman is standing there. Daisuke looks at her for a second and she runs at him. She hugs him tightly.

"Thought you may get a little lonely." Eiji says as he and Nara ride out of the castle gates.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Chapter 5
"Milords, you have returned. The villagers were quite alarmed by that dragon the other day. Is everything alright?" The monk asks.

"Of course. Just taking care of those annoying little imposters by showing my true force." Akuma says.

"Ichigo. As of tonight you and your family are no longer bound to us. You may do as you please from this moment forward." Akurei says.

"Huh?" Ichigo replies.

"You have served us very well over the centuries. As has your family. But we no longer need your help. Feel free to do as you please with the temple and shrine. We leave them in your capable hands." Akurei explains and follows Akuma back to the pond.

"What's going on milords?" Ichigo asks.

"There is no need to worry about it. Go and find some nice girl and start a family." Akuma says draining the pond.

"But..." Ichigo says.

"No buts. Just do as your ordered. We will see you again." Akurei says grabbing a small box.

They leave, leaving Ichigo standing next to the pond confused.

The following morning, Inuyasha and company get up with the sun and begin their search for Naraku again. With each step getting closer to the waterfall and Naraku's castle.

That night as the sunsets Inuyasha catches Naraku's scent.

"Naraku is close. I just caught his scent briefly." Inuyasha say sniffing around.

"That's good. At least we know he is close then." Sango says.

"I don't sense any shards around here." Kagome says looking around.

Miroku looks down at his windtunnel hand and opens and closes it a few times.

"It's gotten bigger. If it gets any bigger then I am going to be swallowed whole. Before that happens I am going to have leave them." Miroku says to himself.

"This ends tomorrow." Inuyasha says looking up at the top of the mountain.

"It better." Miroku says to himself.

During their search the following day, they end up at the base of the waterfall.

"We have searched everywhere on this mountain and haven't found anything." Kagome says sitting down.

"How can we even be sure this is the right mountain? Maybe that brief scent of Naraku Inuyasha smelled yesterday was of Naraku fleeing?" Miroku says.

Inuyasha slaps his neck and Myoga floats down to the ground.

"Lord Inuyasha, I have done some searching and came across something that may help you." Myoga says.

"And what might that be?" Inuyasha asks.

"According to some of the older demons around here this particular waterfall had a shrine on top built for a very powerful demon long ago. They said that the shrine was abandoned but recently something has taken refuge in it." Myoga explains.

Everyone looks up to the top of the waterfall and sees nothing. From out of nowhere Naraku appears and smiles at them.

"Come Inuyasha!" He shouts down.

Inuyasha clenches his fists and sprints at the cliff face. The second his foot touches the cliff face he is sent flying backwards.

"Ah yes, I forgot to mention that these cliffs can not be climbed." Myoga says.

"A little quicker with that information next time." Inuyasha says getting up.

The waterfall mysteriously stops flowing and reveals a ladder carved right into the mountain. Inuyasha and his friends take to the ladder and quickly climb up it.

When they finally reach the top Inuyasha and Miroku are the first to see the shrine. They look at one another and run into the shrine.

Kagome and Sango reach the top just as the gates slam shut trapping Miroku and Inuyasha inside.

"Those symbols look familiar." Sango says pointing to the moon shapes that covered the gates.

"It couldn't be?" Kagome says.

Naraku sits on the steps of the main building as Inuyasha and Miroku look around.

"Something doesn't feel right." Miroku says to Inuyasha.

"NARAKU!! You die today!" Inuyasha shouts.

Naraku smiles and tentacles shoot out of the ground and attack Inuyasha and Miroku. The two of them are taken off guard and are sent flying. Both of them are beaten around like pinballs for over an hour. The sun is just about to set when the tentacles retract back into the ground.

Inuyasha struggles to his feet and wipes the blood from his face. Miroku also struggles to his feet and holds his ribs.

"Monk, how is it that you have managed to stay alive for all this time? Even your grandfather and father didn't last this long." Naraku says.

Miroku spits out some blood and doesn't say a word.

"I see. How about you use that windtunnel of yours and absorb Inuyasha into it. If you do then I shall break the curse I put on your family." Naraku says with an evil smile.

Miroku looks at his windtunnel then at Inuyasha.

"No. I am going to kill you and break the curse that way." Miroku replies.

Naraku stands and takes a couple steps forward. Inuyasha draws Tetsusaiga and walks toward Naraku.

"WINDSCAR!!!" Inuyasha shouts at the top of his lungs.

Naraku is hit by the massive blast of energy and laughs as his body instantly regenerates.

"ADAMANT BARRAGE!!!" Inuyasha shouts at the top of his lungs.

Again Naraku laughs as the large diamond shards rip his body to shreds and he regenerates instantly.

"Allow me to show you my new strength." Naraku says as the eye in his chest turns white and glows ominously.

Suddenly a beam of light shoots out and sends Inuyasha flying into the wall.

Kagome jumps at the sound of Inuyasha hitting the wall. She turns to Sango and her eyes widen and her face turns pale.

Tentacles wrap around Miroku's wrists and legs before wrapping around his entire body, completely immobilizing him.

Inuyasha crawls to his feet and Naraku looks at him curiously.

"Damn." Inuyasha says as he glares back at Naraku.

"This is very interesting." Naraku says.

"Out of all the times to turn human. Now would be the day." Inuyasha says to himself.

"Oh, Inuyasha." Kagome says and cries into Sango's shoulder.

Tentacles wrap around Inuyasha and bring him to Naraku, who looks over Inuyasha.

"Looks like you shall be joining Kikyo in hell soon enough." Naraku says picking up Tetsusaiga and stabs Inuyasha in the stomach.

"INUYASHA!!" Miroku shouts and struggles against the tentacles.

"Now, monk." Naraku says as a tentacle starts to undo the beads around the windtunnel.

The gates of the shrine unexpectedly coming flying right past Naraku. A look of surprise is on his face as he locks eyes with a very pissed looking Akurei and Akuma.

"Mind if we come in?" Akurei asks dropping his staff.

"You have saved me the trouble of coming after you when I was done here." Naraku says.

Kagome tries to run past but Akuma kicks her in the stomach and sends her tumbling into Sango.

"Stay out." Akuma says.

Naraku launches another beam at Akurei and Akuma. They step to the side and it misses.

"Naraku, you have stepped right into our trap and didn't even realize it." Akurei says.

"You have been under our supervision for the last fifty years. Every step you have made we have seen it. Do you honestly think we would leave our flesh out in the open for you to absorb?" Akuma says.

A look of fear and terror comes over Naraku's face.

"Don't run. There is a barrier surrounding the castle. You won't be able to break it." Akuma adds as Akurei grabs Inuyasha by the hair and flings him out to Kagome.

The tentacle opens the windtunnel and Naraku aims it right at them.

Akuma extends his hand out and locks eyes with Miroku. Suddenly Miroku's windtunnel stopped sucking in the debris.

"What is going on?" Miroku asks.

"How can this be?" Naraku asks as he watches the windtunnel seal itself up.

"Monk I suggest you leave now." Akurei says as the tentacles disintegrate from his body.

"How did you reverse the curse I placed on his family?" Naraku asks.

"Easy. You are a mere half demon and we are powerful celestial beings." Akuma says.

"Besides we are in our home territory." Akurei says spreading his arms out.

"Now is the time for you to die." Akuma says.

From out of the buildings, dozens of clones run out and surround Naraku.

"Didn't you learn anything from the last ones? These are no match for us." Akuma says slightly upset.

"But these aren't like the last ones these are perfect clones. Unlike you two they don't require the use of the moon." Naraku says backing up.

"Akurei, why not show him your technique." Akuma says walking back to Inuyasha and his friends.

Akurei grabs his upper arm and digs his fingers into his own flesh before ripping all the flesh and muscle from the arm. Then does the same thing to his other arm and chest. He looks at Naraku and grins as he rips his own jaw completely off along with his flesh.

"What is he doing?" Sango asks.

"His special technique that only he can do. I tried doing it once but nearly died from it." Akuma says.

Akurei lowers his head and chants softly as his staff glows bright crimson and suddenly turns to blood. Within seconds blood is oozing from every surface on the castle grounds.

"You see Akurei is completely different from me even though we are brothers. I was born under an eclipsed moon while he was born under a blood red moon. Which gives him certain abilities. You may want to back up some." Akuma says.

"Worthless." Akurei whispers a split second before a massive hand erupts from under the castle and raises all the clones high into the now blood red moon sky.

The hand closes and all the clones are instantly killed.

"Finish this." Akuma says.

Akurei smashes the ground with his fist and the large fist does the same.

Naraku lays there completely crushed as they hand retreats back underground.

Akurei walks across the blood soaked ground and crouches next to Naraku as he slowly regenerates.

"You see how small and insignificant your power is compared to ours? That was a basic attack for me. I mastered that before I could fully walk. You are nothing but a petty human thief" Akurei says.

"I am not beaten yet." Naraku says confidently.

Akurei snaps and Akuma throws a bag behind Akurei. The bag starts to cry as a baby would.

"We made a stop on the way here. Putting your human heart in the infant was very clever. However absorbing its protector wasn't." Akurei says and Akuma tosses Kanna's lifeless body next to the bag.

"Now is the time Inuyasha. Kill that infant and Naraku dies." Akuma says.

Inuyasha looks at him with a shocked expression.

"What?" Akuma asks and walks over to the child.

"The demons in hell are anxiously awaiting you in hell, Onigumo." Akurei says as a squishy crunch sound is heard and the infant stops crying.

Kagome and Sango look away and Kagome nearly throws up.

Naraku struggles to breathe and Miroku walks over. He looks at Naraku for a second before stabbing his staff into Naraku's chest.

"Naraku is no more." Akuma says.

"Demon slayer. Stand and draw your weapon." Akurei says standing up.

"Why? Naraku is dead. The land is at peace finally." Sango says.

"Trust us. It is something you must do." Akurei says.

"Besides, you are going to famous for being the one that killed the Lunar Demons." Akuma says.

Sango throws her Hiraikotsu and splits them in two.

"Finally we may return home." Akuma says before dying.

"Thank you." Akurei says as he dies.

"Okay. That was just weird." Kagome says.

Suddenly the entire shrine vanishes in the blink of an eye leaving two small orbs. They float over to Inuyasha and his friends.

"No need to worry. The mutt will be fine." One orb says floating over Kagome and Inuyasha.

"Akurei?" Kagome says looking up at the orb.

"Of course. Just thought we'd say goodbye before we left." Akurei says.

Sango suddenly stiffens up and a shocked look comes over her face quickly followed by an angry one.

"MIROKU!!!" She shouts and looks at Miroku who is laying down trying to recover from his injuries and staring at his now healed hand.

"I think I'm in love. Nothing quite like the toned backside of a beautiful demon slayer." Akuma says rubbing up and down across Sango's butt.

"What do you mean?" Kagome asks as Sango chases Akuma's orb around.

"We are finally going home after all these centuries." Akurei says

"Home?" Kagome says as the two orbs rise into the early morning sky.

"Sango, I will return for you." Akuma says making Sango blush.

"We had plenty of time for you to fall for a woman and now you finally do so." Akurei says.

"Like you can talk. Come on lets go." Akuma says.

That afternoon while Sango and Kagome look through the dirt on where the castle once stood, Sango sees something in the dirt.

Inuyasha awakens late that afternoon and looks next to him.

"Sango found it a little bit ago." Kagome says as Inuyasha picks up Tensaiga.

A few days later the four of them arrive back at Kaede's village where they are greeted by Rin and a very worn out looking Jaken.

As the four of them sit around the cooking fire, one question is on all their minds.

"What do we do now?" Inuyasha asks.

"Anything we want. I guess." Miroku says looking at where his windtunnel was.

"The Shikon Jewel is still missing. We should hunt that down before it falls into the wrong hands." Sango says.

"That's a good idea. First thing I am doing is going home for a couple days." Kagome says.

"That's a great idea. All of us should take a few days to fully rest up and finish healing." Miroku says.

"Fine but only two days. I want to leave as soon as possible." Inuyasha says.

In the morning Kagome leaves for the Bone Eater's Well.

"Mom, I'm back." Kagome says as she walks into her house.

"Welcome back, Kagome." Her grandfather says.

"Hey, Gramps. Where is mom?" Kagome asks.

"Still sleeping." Gramps says.

"Really? Is she alright?" Kagome asks.

"I'm sure she is." Gramps replies and walks outside.

Sota runs by and nearly knocks her over.

"Hey sis. Sorry. Gotta go." He says as he runs out the door.

Manami walks out of her bedroom and greets Kagome.

"Welcome home, dear. How long will you be staying this time?" She asks.

"A couple days." Kagome replies.

"Let me make you something to eat." She says and starts to get some food out.

That afternoon Sota returns and is talking excitedly to someone.

Kagome opens her door and heads downstairs after changing. She stops dead in her tracks as she walks into the living room.

Akurei and Akuma look at her.

"Welcome." Akurei says.

"Hey." Akuma says.

"What are you doing here?" Kagome asks.

"You haven't heard? Our shrine is still in tact and only about fifty miles from here so we stopped by for a visit." Akuma says.

"I thought you were going home?" Kagome asks sitting down.

"Pink hearts." Akuma says.

Kagome's face turns red.

"We did. It has been five hundred years since we last saw you." Akurei says and smacks Akuma.

"What? I saw pink hearts." Akuma says and is smacked again.

"So why are you here?" Kagome asks pulling her skirt down more in front.

"Living on the moon is very quiet and boring. But living in feudal Japan is too much excitement. This era is just right. We don't have to worry about any demons coming after us." Akurei explains.

"Oh, here." Akuma says handing Kagome the Shikon Jewel.

"You guys had this?" She replies.

"Yeah. Only one shard is missing. When you go back, we'll go with and get it for you." Akuma says.

"Really? Only one shard is missing?" Kagome says looking at the shard.

"Is that the real Shikon Jewel?" Gramps asks looking at it.

"Well we can go back tomorrow if you'd like? Inuyasha and the others aren't doing anything." Kagome says.

"Great. Then we'll leave in the morning. So why is there pink hearts on your..." Akuma says before being back fisted.

Kagome gets up and storms off embarrassed.

"Moron. Those are decorations so people will buy them. Now enough with the pink hearts." Akurei says.

The following morning Kagome walks into the living room and sees Akuma sound asleep on the floor snoring.

Before she can do anything, Akuma sits up and yawns.

"Morning, green horizontal stripes." Akuma says and is swiftly kicked.

"Mom, I am leaving now." Kagome says through her mother's door.

She opens it and nearly falls over by Akurei as he opens the door at the same time. She gets a quick peek at her mother who is sleeping peacefully with a big smile. Kagome gasps and Akurei pushes her back out of the room.

"Did you and her...?" Kagome starts to ask before Akurei interrupts her.

"Ready to go?" Akurei asks.

The three of them arrive back at Kaede's hut around noon.

"Finally." Inuyasha says as Kagome walks in.

"Mutt. Monk. And the lovely Demon Slayer." Akuma says sitting next to Sango.

"Inuyasha." Akurei says sitting down.

"What are you two doing here?" Inuyasha asks completely confused and shocked.

"They are living in my time period now." Kagome explains.

"Look, we aren't here to start any trouble. We just came back to put the last shard of the Shikon Jewel in." Akurei explains.

"I came back for my demon slayer. Watching her throw that weapon of hers really gets me...ughhhhh." Akuma says laying on the ground with a dented cast iron cooking pot next to him.

"So you are going to be with us till we find this last shard?" Inuyasha asks.

"Something like that." Akurei says.

"The way you speak its as if you already know where it is." Miroku says.

"Tell me where it is and I'll kill the bastard holding it." Inuyasha says grabbing Tetsusaiga.

Akurei glances over at Sango who lowers her head.

A thick silence comes over the hut.

"Go ahead. Kill your friend for the shard in her back that is keeping her alive." Akurei says calmly.

"I can't." Inuyasha replies.

Tears fall from Sango's eyes.

"Relax. Nobody is going to kill you. I need you three to leave." Akurei says.

Miroku, Inuyasha, and Kagome all look at him funny.

"I am going to remove the shard that Naraku placed in her." Akurei says.

"But if you remove it she'll die." Kagome says.

"It's alright. I knew this day would come. Just do as he says. Besides, I will be with Kohaku once more." Sango says undressing.

Kagome shoves Miroku and Inuyasha out and closes the door behind her.

"Just make it quick." Sango says laying on her stomach with her entire upper body nude.

"This will hurt like hell for a bit. But try to bear it." Akurei says putting a bone in her mouth.

"To bite into when it hurts." Akuma says getting up and laying in front of her so they are looking into each other's eyes.

Moments later Sango is floating high above the earth looking down.

"There." Akurei says holding up the shard.

Sango returns to reality and looks at it.

She covers herself and Akuma puts his hand on where the shard once was.

"You can come in now." Akurei says opening the door.

"I'm not dead?" Sango says confused.

"Nope. Most of the wound had healed just a few muscles and veins hadn't yet. You will be good as new in a little while." Akurei explains.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asks.

"Deep tissue massage to help it heal faster." Akuma says before Akurei tosses him the jewel and the shard.

"Stop molesting her for a second and fix this." Akurei says.

That evening they all sit outside and admire the stars.

"Here." Sango says and hands Akurei and Akuma two wrapped items.

"A gift?" Akurei says unwrapping it to find his staff and Akuma finds So'unga.

"Wow. Thank you for returning these." Akuma says and gives her a hug.

"You sure are different from last time we met." Miroku says hiding his jealousy and anger.

"I have learned from a long time ago to never let your enemies see your soft side. It has horrible effects." Akuma says.

"Well, I have to be going." Akurei says sometime later.

He gets up and starts back for the Bone Eater's Well.

"I'll be back when you are ready to face me, Inuyasha. Maybe if you impress me I'll teach you those techniques for Tetsusaiga." Akurei says and disappears into the darkness.

"Wait... What!" Inuyasha shouts back.

"I better go too. Later." Akuma says.

Miroku swallows hard and reaches for Sango but grabs Kagome's hand on accident.

"Sango will you bear my..." Miroku says before realizing that he has Kagome's hand.

"Miroku what are you doing?" Inuyasha asks clenching his fist.

"She ran off after Akuma." Kagome says.

She comes running back with a big smile and gives Miroku a big hug.

His eyes widen and a sad look overcomes his face.

She grabs her weapon and runs off with Kilala right behind her.

"Don't die Inuyasha while I'm gone." She shouts back and catches up with Akuma.

"What did she say to you?" Kagome asks.

"Nothing. Guess this is goodbye for me as well. Take care Inuyasha. And you too, Kagome." Miroku says and grabs his staff before walking off in the other direction.

Inuyasha and Kagome look at each other then up at the moon. Inuyasha looks around and quickly steals a kiss from Kagome.

"Ahem. Excuse me." Akurei says clearing his throat.

Inuyasha stands there like a dear caught in the headlights with Kagome in his arms.

"I just came back for one last thing." Akurei says and removes the necklace around Inuyasha's neck.

"It's obvious that he won't be needing this. Now please continue." Akurei says and walks off into the darkness.

"INUYASHA!!!!!!!" Kagome screams in the cool night air.


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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chapter 4
During the laughter the wind stops entirely and the area has a real heavy feeling to it.

"What's going on?" Inuyasha asks dropping to his knees while clutching his chest.

"I have never felt such a demonic energy before." Miroku says also dropping to his knees.

"I must have these two." Naraku says watching the action on Kanna's mirror.

A shadow figure bows and fades into the darkness of the castle.

The ground shakes and unexpectedly several nearby trees sink into a large hole that is forming. In the center of the hole a demon arises that looks just like Akurei. Except his tattoos are a dark blue and he has long black hair with blue streaks in it.

"May I present, Akuma, the other Lunar Demon." Akurei says walking towards Akuma.

"Brother. Long time no see." Akuma says jumping away from the hole before it completely seals up.

"Inuyasha. I suggest you take everyone away from here. It's about to get messy." Akurei says over his shoulder.

A sacred arrow shoots over Akurei's shoulder and Akuma catches it.

"Seems there is another person at this party." Akuma says, "SHOW YOURSELF!" He shouts.

Kikyo emerges from the dark forest on the opposite side of the village.

"Kikyo." Inuyasha mutters.

"I shall send the both of you to hell." Kikyo says drawing her bow.

She fires and the arrow dissolves in midflight. The air has become even heavier and electricity is coursing through the trees.

"What's going on?" Kagome asks.

"I think Akurei has released his full demon aura and it has combined with Akuma's." Sango says as she and Kagome run over to Inuyasha and Miroku.

"Well priestess. What are you going to do now? In your current state you can't even draw your bow. Not to mention, your soul collectors can't bring you new souls with our aura blocking them." Akuma says.

Inuyasha stands between Kikyo and the Lunar Demons.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Akurei asks as he stands at his brother's side.

"Yes, and it is simply beautiful." Akuma says as lightning strikes his hand and an ominous sword materializes.

"Impossible." Inuyasha says.

"Ah, your father had this sword but it now belongs to me." Akuma says holding So'unga up to the moonlight.

"Why isn't it possessing him?" Miroku asks.

"Long before So'unga was a sword he was a great and powerful demon. Our master once fought him and killed him. Then had his remains forged into a sword. Only the sword's true owner can wield So'unga without being possesed. Your father was an exception. Apparently, So'unga saw greatness in him and allowed him to wield him." Akurei explains.

"Excuse me one second." Akuma says and swings So'unga once causing a massive fire twister to wipe out the forest and all the ogres.

"You two shall not harm Kikyo." Inuyasha says drawing Tetsusaiga.

"Inuyasha leave me. It is my duty to kill these two." Kikyo says.

"I will not lose you again." Inuyasha says.

Kikyo draws her bow and fires one final arrow. It blows through the demon aura and narrowly misses Akuma's head.

Akuma stabs the sword into the ground and a massive column of fire shoots out burning Kikyo. Inuyasha turns and tries to jump into the fire but Sango and Miroku hold him back.

"KIKYO!!" Inuyasha screams as he watches her burn.

"Return to dust you abomination." Akuma says removing So'unga from the ground.

"You bastards! I'll kill you both!" Inuyasha shouts and lunges at them.

He runs into someone and looks up.

"Calm yourself, Inuyasha. These two are more powerful our father." Sesshomaru says coldly.

"If it isn't little Sessy." Akuma says walking towards him.

"It seems my nose was correct. So'unga has returned. Why?" Sesshomaru asks.

"Quite simple. We simply wanted our master with us. Now each of us has something of our master's." Akuma says.

"Sesshomaru, I see what you are thinking and that is not what we are going to do. We are simply regaining something that we lost years ago. We have grown to like this world. I have seen the future and it doesn't look too bad." Akurei says.

"We shall see soon enough." Sesshomaru says and walks off.

During the confusion, Kagome took off on Kilala with tears in her eyes.

"I doubt he would be that concerned with me." She says as she heads home.

"Well, I am ready for a nice long nap." Akuma says stretching.

"Inuyasha, that challenge is still open. Come and find me when you are ready." Akurei says as both he and Akuma vanish.

"Those bastards will pay for this." Inuyasha says through gritted teeth.

"Where's Kagome?" Sango asks as she looks around.

"There was a young woman who flew off that way, shortly after the column of fire shot into the sky." The village elder says pointing towards the Bone Eaters Well.

"Now what?" Miroku asks.

"You are more then welcome to stay here for the night. The fires should die out by morning." The village elder says.

Kagome sits in her tub a couple days later still upset about what Inuyasha did.

"I can't blame him. He was in love with her first but still." She says to herself.

"Told you this world was interesting." A familiar voice says.

"It's very interesting." Another voice says.

Suddenly the bathroom door opens and Akurei and Akuma walk in.

"This is their bathroom. They don't have to bath in a river." Akurei says completely unaware of Kagome.

Her face turns bright red and she lets out a blood curdling scream.

"What are they doing here?" Kagome asks her mom a little bit later.

"So you know each other?" Manami asks.

"Yes. Inuyasha wishes us dead. Me for insulting and beating him. And he wants Akuma dead for killing a resurrected priestess that Inuyasha is madly in love with." Akurei explains.

"I see. Well, I told Akurei, he is welcome any time. So he brought his brother to show what Japan is like in the future." Manami explains.

"That's part of it. We also came by to see if you'd like to come to our festival." Akurei says.

"Both of you are invited." Akuma says.

Kagome thinks for a second before saying, "I'd love too."

"That way I can forget all about this whole Inuyasha and Kikyo thing." She says to herself.

"Good. Go get ready." Akuma says.

Manami walks down the hall dressed in a kimono and is ready to go.

"That was quick." Sota says sitting on the couch watching T.V.

"Inuyasha. What is the plan now?" Miroku asks.

Inuyasha remains silent and continues to sit on the roof staring off into space.

The wind blows and Inuyasha sniffs the air.

"Kagome?" He says and sniffs a few more times.

"Where?" Miroku asks.

Inuyasha leaps from the roof and takes off running towards the Lunar Shrine.

"Sango! We're leaving!" Miroku shouts and runs after Inuyasha.

Sango hops onto Kilala's back and swoops down to pick up Miroku.

They start the long climb up the mountain path to the Lunar Shrine as it begins to rain heavily.

"Fortunately with this rain he won't be transforming tonight." Sango says as they climb higher and higher.

They reach the village and its deserted. The rain is making it tough for Inuyasha to follow the scent. He gets a good whiff and follows the path even higher.

"Guess everyone is at the shrine." Miroku says.

They climb through the clouds and are greeted by the sounds of a festival. Sango and Miroku climb off of Kilala and walk the rest of the way.

Inuyasha suddenly stops in his tracks and looks for the moon.

"Damn it." He says as he becomes human.

The three of them stop outside the gates.

"I think we should go back and find a place to lay low for the night." Miroku says.

"Kagome could be taken prisoner in there by those two bastards." Inuyasha says and opens the gates.

"A festival?" Sango says surprised.

They walk in and are completely unnoticed. Sango gets swept up by everyone having fun that she grabs Miroku's hand and starts walking to the food.

"Welcome, Sango. Miroku." The cook says.

Sango looks up and sees Akurei cooking.

"Relax. Tonight is a celebration. Just enjoy yourselves. I believe Kagome is over there." Akurei says and points to the other side.

Akuma is up front doing an acrobatic type of show with all kinds of flips and things of that nature. Kagome is helping a couple young kids paint their masks to look like Akurei and Akuma.

"If it isn't Inuyasha." Akuma says landing next to him.

Inuyasha glares at him and reaches for Tetsusaiga.

Akuma grabs his hand and Tetsusaiga's handle together and squeezes.

"Look. Tonight is a celebration and fighting is not allowed. If you draw that sword, then you'll die before you can even get it out of the sheath. It won't even transform since you are human any way. So have fun and when you become demon again then we'll talk." Akuma says and lets go.

"Why did you kidnap Kagome?" Inuyasha asks.

"Kidnap? We didn't kidnap her. She and her mother were invited. And if you'd like to speak with her then she's over there." Akuma replies

Inuyasha spots her and walks over through the crowd.

"Kagome." Inuyasha says.

Kagome looks at him and storms off.

Sango and Miroku are still at the food table stuffing their faces.

"This is so good." Sango says.

"Thanks. I try." Akurei says before walking away.

"Whoa." Miroku says seeing Kagome's mom. He walks over and grabs her hand.

"Hello." Manami says.

"Hello, I have a favor to ask of you. Would you bear me a son to continue on my quest." Miroku says kneeling before her.

She stands there in shock for a second.

"You must be Miroku the monk. Kagome has told me a lot about you." Manami replies.

"She has?" Miroku says confused.

"I'm her mother." Manami says as a large boomerang hits him in the head.

"Forgive his rudeness. I am Sango." Sango says.

Morning comes rather quickly and all the villagers head back home.

Inuyasha is sleeping outside of the gates while Miroku and Sango sleep near the pond. Manami is sleeping peacefully in Akurei's bed while Kagome sleeps in a spare bedroom.

Akurei and Akuma sit on top of the mountain overlooking everything.

"Not much has changed here has it." Akuma says.

"Not really. You thinking about leaving?" Akurei replies.

"Yeah. Just for a couple hundred years." Akuma says.

"Milords. You have a visitor." the Monk says.

The two of them return to the front gates and Naraku is standing there completely unaware of Inuyasha sleeping nearby.

"It seems we both have the same problem." Naraku says bowing deeply.

"And you are..." Akuma says.

"I am known as Naraku." Naraku says.

"What is it you want?" Akuma asks.

"I wish for the two of you to kill Inuyasha and his friends. Given your superior abilities this should be real easy for you. I also wish to thank you for killing Kikyo. She was a constant thorn in my side." Naraku says.

"For a half demon you seem strong enough. Kill him yourself." Akuma says not even thinking about it.

Akuma turns and leaves and Akurei follows.

Naraku smirks and vanishes.

Inuyasha wakes a short time later and has returned to his normal self. He enters the shrine and heads straight for the temple.

"I smelled Naraku. Where is he?" Inuyasha says barging into the temple.

"He left some time ago. He wished for us to kill you and your friends, completely unaware that you were sleeping less then thirty feet from him utterly defenseless." Akurei says.

"We don't have a conflict with you or this Naraku. We just want to be left out of this whole affair. However, we won't turn a blind eye to Naraku. There is something I don't trust about him." Akuma says.

"I told Sesshomaru the other day that Naraku was hiding out in the western lands and that he should check on it after the new moon. Fortunately, my vision was correct and all of those insects are on the move to watch our every move. Now all you have to do is find Naraku and kill him while your brother tracks down the other Naraku." Akurei says.

"Wait, so you have been watching Naraku the whole time?" Inuyasha asks.

"Not the whole time. About a year ago a small baby was brought to us by one of the villagers. Something didn't seem right so we had it cast off the mountain. Within an hour of it being thrown from here a young boy and those insects took off with it so we sent our own spies to watch it." Akuma explains.

"That's it! That's what I have forgotten. Naraku cast his human heart out to become a full demon and he hid that heart in a baby. To kill Naraku you have to kill the baby before he has a chance to regenerate." Kagome says walking in.

Back at Naraku's castle, Naraku sits in the darkness.

"It shall be completed this evening at the latest." Hakudoshi says.

"Good. This plan should bring the last few remaining shards of the Shikon Jewel to me and kill Inuyasha once and for all." Naraku says laughing.

"I have to take Manami home now but feel free to stay as long as you'd like. It seems the two of you need to work some things out." Akurei says and leaves.

Kagome looks at Inuyasha briefly then looks away.

"You two aren't leaving this room till you work this out." Akuma says locking the door.

Sango and Miroku run into Akuma in the hallway.

"Those two are working there problems out." Akuma says walking past them.

"SIT!!!" Kagome screams.

Throughout the surrounding canyon, "Sit" is heard echoing. With each one Inuyasha is slammed into the ground.

"Oh this is too good." Akuma says laughing as he walks back to his room.

That night Naraku walks out into the courtyard and standing before him is Hakudoshi and two kneeling demons.

"Show me." Naraku says.

The two demons stand and look exactly like Akurei and Akuma.

"With that information you collected this morning these two are perfect clones. No one will be able to tell the difference." Hakudoshi says with an evil smile.

"That's excellent. You know what to do." Naraku says with an evil smirk.

A couple days later, the monk runs into the central garden out of breath.

"Milords. I have bad news." He says sweating badly.

"What is it?" Akurei says laying in the grass.

"WHAT!?!?" Akuma and Akurei shout together.

"What's going on?" Inuyasha asks running in.

"It seems that Lord Akurei and Lord Akuma are attacking villages. Yet they haven't left the shrine since the new moon festival." The monk explains.

"I am willing to bet this is Naraku's doing." Akurei says.

"His blood shall stain this the soil for eternity for this transgression." Akuma says grabbing So'unga, "This is an act of war."

The wind suddenly stops and the entire mountain begins to shake violently.

"Naraku's head is mine." Inuyasha says pointing at Akuma.

Akuma looks back at Inuyasha and he flies through the wall.

"If you can get to him before I do, then he's yours. However, get in my way and you'll die." Akuma growls at him.

Akurei walks by with his bone mask and hands one to Akuma.

"Better get going if you want Naraku's head." Akurei says and leaves with Akuma.

"It seems Naraku has struck a nerve by duplicating them." Miroku says.

The four of them grab their stuff and also take off.

At the base of the mountain with a huge waterfall, Sesshomaru stands.

"This information better be correct. Jaken, stay here and watch Rin." He says and heads off towards the mountain.

Around sunset, Akurei and Akuma find the clones and chase them. The clones retreat back to Naraku's castle and stop in the courtyard.

"This is a trap you realize." Akuma says.

"So. What he doesn't shall be his death." Akurei says with smile.

As the enter they put their masks on. A couple minutes later, Inuyasha and company arrive and watch from the front gates.

Akurei and Akuma have squared off with their clones and haven't taken a defensive stance yet.

Akurei walks around his clone and smiles.

"This is some very nice work. Everything is an exact copy right down to the last detail. Even the aura is the same." Akurei says.

"Of course it is they are like you in every way. And once this battle is over they shall replace you at the shrine." Naraku says sitting on the roof of the main building.

"However, there are some flaws." Akuma says.

"Impossible." Naraku says.

"Not impossible. Just one flaw per clone which is rather quite easy to overlook. Nobody knows them so its understandable. Actually if these were to go to the shrine then they would be killed because of it." Akurei says with a laugh.

"What are these supposed flaws?" Naraku asks.

"We will tell you with our dying breath. If you can kill us." Akuma says and uppercuts his clone, breaking his jaw and sending him flying.

Akurei roundhouses his sending him spinning through the air.

The battle intensifies and the four of them are going blow for blow. The punches are so hard the ground is shaking from it. The battle rages even more as Akurei drops to one knee and straight punches his clone in the gut sending him crashing through a building.

"Why doesn't he just draw So'unga and kill them?" Miroku asks.

"Guess he doesn't want to rely on So'unga's power all the time." Inuyasha says.

Akuma grabs his clone and whips him into the wall next to the gates.

"What was that runt?" Akuma asks.

"I said you rely on So'unga's power." Inuyasha repeats.

"His power? I have never used his power. That would be a waste. The only power I use is my own. Watch and learn, mutt." Akuma says taking a punch to the jaw.

Suddenly a miasma seeps through the ground dropping Akurei and Akuma to their knees.

"Now you two die." Naraku says laughing demonicaly.

The Lunar Demons kneel there coughing as the clouds part and moonlight illuminates the castle.

Akurei and Akuma both get to their feet and the miasma eats through their flesh. They both rip their own flesh off and throw it on the ground. When they are done they are just standing skeletons with miasma oozing from their eye sockets.

"Now do you think you can beat us?" Akuma asks.

A white mohawk grows out of Akurei's head and the tips of it turn crimson.

"Enough of this." Akurei says grabbing his staff.

He twirls it around for a second before swinging it at his clone. The clone stands there unaffected and confused.

Akurei simply stabs the staff into the ground and leans against it.

The clones are standing their unable to move. Naraku tries to move as well but he too is stuck.

"No running away, you bastard. You will die tonight." Akurei says as Akuma draws So'unga.

"Hey, mutt. This is my power and So'unga's power combined." Akuma shouts.

"DRAGON'S WRATH!!!" Akuma shouts as the clouds overhead turn dark and lightning strikes everywhere.

The winds pick up and it starts raining. From out of the clouds a massive dragon's head emerges. The dragon roars and the villagers from miles around hide in terror. Akurei and Akuma walk back towards Inuyasha and company.

"A barrier, monk." Akuma says to Miroku.

Miroku makes a barrier and Akuma strengthens it.

The massive dragon roars once more before flying all around and then crashes into the center of the courtyard. It's massive body destroys the entire castle.

When the dust settles, the sky has returned to normal and Akurei and Akuma have begun to regenerate their flesh. Where the castle once stood is now a large crater.

"Too bad Naraku sent a demon puppet." Akurei says peering into the crater.

"Yeah, but he should think twice before cloning us again." Akuma says.

Inuyasha is speechless after seeing that.

"Now all you have to do is head to the western lands and kill Naraku and that baby." Akurei says fully regenerated.

"Thank you for your help." Kagome says.

"No problem. Just get going." Akuma says.

Inuyasha and company quickly run off and Akuma collapses first followed by Akurei.

They both look at the staff and see that the moons on it aren't glowing at all. After a couple seconds a faint light is seen in the moons and both of them sigh in relief.

"That was close." Akurei says.

"Didn't think I made that big of one." Akuma says.

Naraku appears at the bottom of the crater and surveys the damage. He spots something and smiles as he absorbs it into his body before he disappears again.

Two days later a massive beam of light is seen from all over shooting into the sky.

"What was that?" Miroku asks.

"No clue. Could of been Naraku." Inuyasha says running next to Kilala with Kagome on his back.

They finally reach the base of the mountain the following afternoon.

"I think we should rest and recover our strength before attacking Naraku." Sango says hopping off of Kilala's back.

"Lets rest in those trees over there." Kagome says pointing.

They make camp and Inuyasha sits there staring at the mountain.

Kilala wanders off on her own and returns a little bit later with something in her mouth.

Sango takes it from her and looks at it.

"A finger?" She says dropping it.

Kilala wanders off again and Sango follows her. She can't believe her eyes as Kilala shows her, her discovery.

"Inuyasha. Miroku. Come here." She says still surprised.

The come running and stop dead.

Hanging upside down in front of them from a tree is Sesshomaru. His face and most of his front side has been badly burned.

"Is he dead?" Sango asks.

"Looks like it. Who ever did this had to be strong." Inuyasha says.

"Tensaiga is missing as well as Tokijin." Miroku points out.

"What could of done this to him?" Sango asks.

"That light we saw yesterday, I bet." Miroku says.

"Naraku must be stopped." Inuyasha says and cuts Sesshomaru down from the tree.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken shouts from somewhere in the forest.

"Isn't that Jaken?" Kagome asks.

"Jaken!" Inuyasha shouts.

Moments later the small green imp waddles out of the bushes and gasps at the sight.

"What did you do?" He asks running to his Lord's side.

"Nothing. We found him hanging upside down in this tree, dead." Inuyasha says.

The imp breaks down and starts crying.

After burying Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and company return to camp.

"Jaken, take Rin and follow this road till you come to this village." Kagome says showing him a map.

"Why?" Jaken asks.

"Ask for Kaede. Tell her you are friends of Kagome and Inuyasha. Don't argue with me imp or there will be hell to pay." Kagome says shaking her fist at him.

Jaken runs off and does as he is told.

In the morning the four of them pack their stuff and head up the steep and treacherous mountain path following Sesshomaru's scent. Halfway up the path Tetsusaiga starts shaking violently. Inuyasha holds on tightly and draws Tetsusaiga.

"I think Naraku is close by." Miroku says as his hand pulsates.

Akurei and Akuma stand up and the dozens of villagers that have surrounded them back away.

"Damn." Akuma says rubbing his head.

Akurei sits up and grabs his staff. He looks at the moon and smirks at the moons on it. The two of them vanish leaving the villagers confused.

Inuyasha and company scour the mountain for clues on Naraku's whereabouts but don't find anything. They make camp as the sunsets and all of them look tired.

"How is it possible that he can just vanish like that?" Inuyasha asks.

"He has to be on this mountain somewhere." Kagome says.

"That strange light the other day didn't bother that much, but finding Sesshomaru like that has changed my mind. What if that light was from Naraku? If it could beat Sesshomaru who had Tensaiga then what could it do to us?" Miroku asks.

"There is no need to worry. I will simply just run in and cut off his head before he can attack." Inuyasha says boastfully.

The others ignore his comment and eventually one by one fall asleep.

At the top of the waterfall on the other side of the mountain, lies Naraku's castle hidden deep in the mist and miasma.

"Inuyasha and his friends are on this mountain searching for this castle." Hakudoshi says.

"I am aware of this fact. However Inuyasha and his little ground no longer pose a threat to me with my new found power." Naraku says with an evil laugh.

"Is that so? What do you have in store for them?" Hakudoshi asks.

Naraku glances over and smiles as he says, "Your services are no longer required. Return to where you came from." Naraku's flesh clamps onto Hakudoshi and slowly absorbs him.

"Come for me Inuyasha and you too shall join my flesh." Naraku says with a demonic laugh that echoes throughout the mountains.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chapter 3
A few days later Inuyasha is resting letting the wounds heal, against his will of course. On his forehead and mouth are two spirit wards.

"You had very serious internal injuries, Inuyasha. Now just lay there till they have healed." Kagome instructs.

"Well, Naraku is definitely responsible for that attack on the village." Miroku says sitting by the fire.

"It has been a long while since he has shown himself. I wonder what he has in store for us now." Sango asks.

"I have no clue. What I do know is that he is too powerful for us to stop on our own. He has something for everyone of us." Miroku says.

"What do you mean?" Kagome asks.

"Well, think about it. If there were no saimyosho then my windtunnel would help tremendously. Sango's Hiraikotsu is constantly being swatted away like a fly and everytime Inuyasha learns a new attack it is effective against Naraku once or twice at most. We need help." Miroku says staring at his windtunnel hand.

"I see what you mean but who?" Sango asks.

"Sesshomaru would say no, besides I think he has his hands full now anyway. Just look at the other day he didn't even bother to attack Inuyasha like usual." Kagome says.

"This is a short list. Koga is no longer with us so he's out." Miroku says.

At the Bone Eater's Well, Akurei jumps in and not twenty minutes later Sesshomaru lands in the field near the well.

"Where did that coward run off to?" Sesshomaru asks himself as he peers into the well.

Akurei leaps out and sits in the rafters for a second while he catches his breath. He holds his staff up and notice that the moons on it are very faint.

"Guess I am stuck here for awhile." Akurei says and jumps down.

"I'll get it!" Sota says jumping up from the breakfast table to answer the door.

"Akurei?" He says surprised as he greets him.

"Hello. Mind if I come in?" Akurei says walking in.

"Oh hello, Akurei. Welcome back. We are just sitting down to breakfast if you are hungry." Mrs. Higurashi says.

"No thank you. I already ate. I have a small favor to ask of you." Akurei says slightly embarrassed.

"What is it?" She asks concerned.

"This is real embarrassing for a demon like me to be asking but could I stay here till the full moon?" Akurei asks.

"Of course. With what you did for us you can stay as long as you'd like." She says smiling.

"Thank you. I will help out any way I can." Akurei says.

"That bastard got away." Sesshomaru says looking around, "You can't run forever, Akurei. I will catch you eventually."

Inuyasha's wounds have healed finally and Kagome removes the spirit ward from his mouth.

"(GASP) Finally. We don't need anyone's help. We can find a way to kill Naraku on our own." Inuyasha says calmly.

"How? We have hit him with everything we've got and nothing kills him." Miroku says.

"I don't know how. I just know there is a way and I will find it." Inuyasha says as Kagome removes the spirit ward from his forehead.

Less then two miles from their current location, Naraku's castle sits in a cloud of miasma that hides it from everyone's eyes.

"They are so close and they don't even know it." Naraku says sitting deep within the castle.

"We are forgeting something important. I know it." Kagome says racking her brain.

She closes her eyes tightly and thinks for a long time.

"No need to hurt yourself. If it is truly important then you will remember in time." Miroku says.

"I hear this place has a hot spring. Let's go check it out, Kagome." Sango says.

Miroku perks up and Sango shoots him an icy stare.

Kagome and Sango leave and find the hot spring a couple minutes later.

The memories of the past few years enter Kagome's mind. While she is lost in her own thoughts, Sango's mind begins to wander as well. Her mind quickly wanders to Kohaku.

While both of them are distracted, Miroku sneaks closer for a peek. As he peeks through the bushes he comes face to face with a saimyosho. Miroku looks at it confused for a second but once he realizes what it is, the saimyosho stings him. Miroku collapses to the ground in the bushes.

Sango and Kagome return from their bath and Sango notices Miroku's absence.

"Where is Miroku?" She asks Inuyasha.

"Not sure. He said he was going out for a bit." Inuyasha replies.

Sango storms out.

"I swear if he is out womanizing I a going to kill him myself." She says as she storms down the hallway of the inn.

Kilala picks up on his scent and jumps down from Sango's shoulder. Sango follows her and she is lead to the bushes where Miroku lays unconscious next to a dead Saimyosho.

"MIROKU!!" She screams and picks him up.

Inuyasha and Kagome come running out and stop next to them.

"What the?" Inuyasha says picking Miroku up and seeing the Saimyosho.

Sango picks it up and quickly follows the others back to the room.

Inuyasha takes the Saimyosho from her and looks it over.

"I am guessing he was trying to peep at you and he got what he deserved." Inuyasha says with a laugh.

Sango glares at him with such intensity that Kilala shivers and leaves the room. Inuyasha also makes for the door.

Kagome rummages through her large pack and pulls the first aid kit out.

"Oh no!" She says opening the first aid kit and seeing that the poison medicine is gone.

"If only Myoga were here he could suck out the poison." Sango says tending to Miroku.

Kagome looks deeper in her bag and pulls out one small vial of medicine.

"Here. Give him this for now. Inuyasha and I are going to run back to my time for some more." Kagome says before grabbing Inuyasha and leaving.

"Hey, wait. You want me to run all the way back to the well just for some medicine?" Inuyasha asks.

Kagome looks at him and he crouches down so she can get onto his back.

Akurei looks up at the moon the following night as clouds cover it.

"This could take awhile." He says.

"What will?" Mrs. Higurashi asks bringing him some tea.

"My staff gets all its power from the moon. And with all the cloud cover here it will take longer for it to power up." Akurei says sitting on the front of the shrine steps that overlook the city.

"I see. You are welcome to stay as long as you want. It is actually nice to have a man around here for a change. Even if it is a demon." She says sitting down next to him.

Akurei lays back and stares at the clouds.

"It's too noisy here. I can't see why anyone would want to live here." He says after several minutes of being quiet.

"This is quiet here." She says after listening to night air.

"Inuyasha is approaching." Akurei says closing his eyes.

"Mom?" Kagome says coming out of the hut protecting the well.

"Yes, dear?" She replies.

"Who is that with you?" Kagome asks walking closer.

"Oh, him? He is my house guest for awhile. Why are you back so soon?" Mrs. Higurashi says getting up and walking toawrds her.

Inuyasha walks past her and straight toward Akurei.

"What a beautiful night? Wouldn't you agree, Inuyasha?" Akurei says still with his eyes closed.

"You!" Inuyasha says and reaches fr his sword.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. This era isn't as understanding as your era." Akurei says, "Besides we both know you can't beat me."

"What are you doing here?" Inuyasha asks.

"Just relaxing. Our world is so.....eventful. That this one is more peaceful." Akurei says as gunshots go off somewhere in the city followed shortly by sirens.

"We ran into Sesshomaru on the way. He is looking for you. That wouldn't be why you are hiding here would it?" Inuyasha asks.

"That could be part of it. Your brother is a rather interesting demon." Akurei replies.

"I see. So what did you do to him that pissed him off so much?" Inuyasha asks.

"Told him that I have seen geishas that wear less make up. He didn't think it was funny and has been after my head for about a week now." Akurei says and sits up.

Inuyasha laughs and Kagome comes running out with a small bag.

"Let's go, Inuyasha." Kagome shouts and they take off.

Mrs. Higurashi returns and sits down closer to him.

"It seems that their monk friend was stung by some poisonous insect." She says.

"Sucks to be him. Those things hurt like hell." Akurei says laying back down.

"Who would of thought this would happen?" Grandpa says to himself from the front door. He closes it and heads back inside.

The following morning Akurei is woken up by Sota.

"You shouldn't really sleep on the stairs. People might think you are a bum or something." Sota says looking down at Akurei.

"Alright." Akurei says sitting up.

Several people at the bottom of the stairs give Akurei a weird look before continuing on their separate ways.

Akurei walks inside and Mrs. Higurashi greets him with a big warm smile.

"Good morning. Breakfast is on the table." She says finishing the dishes.

"Thank you. Where is the nearest creek or hot spring?" Akurei says quickly devouring the food.

"For what?" She asks.

"To bathe." Akurei replies.

She laughs and nearly drops a dish.

Akurei gives her an odd look.

She dries her hands and leads him to the bathroom where she draws him a hot bath.

"There you are. Feel free to soak for as long as you want." She says leaving him alone.

Sesshomaru sits patiently in the forest watching the well as Rin chases butterflies nearby.

Jaken opens his mouth to say something but quickly closes it before he says a word.

Hakudoshi walks into Naraku's room and says, "It's all set. Just have to wait now."

"That's very good, Hakudoshi. It may take longer then I anticipated though. It appears that the monk has been stung by a saimyosho and isn't doing so well." Naraku says watching everything through Kannals mirror.

"What of Inuyasha?" Hakudoshi asks.

"He ran off with that woman. They should be back soon enough." Naraku says.

Running back to Miroku and Sango, Inuyasha and Kagome are attacked by a small horde of demons.

"OUT OF MY WAY!!!" Inuyasha shouts as he unleashes a Windscar while running through them.

Akurei opens the bathroom door making Mrs. Higurashi jump a little.

"Oh, you're done. Good. I just came by to say that I am off to do some shopping." She says.

"May I come with? I would like to see this world." Akurei says putting on a shorth sleeved happi coat with a picture of a crescent moon on the back.

"What about your horns?" She asks.

They retract into his head.

"That better?" Akurei asks.

"Yes. You will still stand out but not as much." She says as they leave.

Akurei is like a child in a toy store,his eyes are wide as he looks at everything he can while riding the train.

When they arrive at the shops, Akurei calms himself down and is back to his normal self but still looks at everything.

A small group of women standing around gossiping to each other near a small stand, spot him. Before they can say anything they see him handing Mrs. Higurashi something.

"Manami is here with him?" One lady says in shock.

"I guess so." Another one says.

"Wonder what sort of back alley she picked him up in?" A third one says.

"Looks like she is so desperate for a man's touch that she'd sleep with anything." A fourth one adds making everyone laugh.

Akurei and Manami walk by and the women become sweet as can be.

"So who is your friend, Manami?" The first one asks.

"This is Akurei. He is one of Grandfather's friends." Manami says after greeting the women.

The women all crowd around Akurei examining him.

"Watch the hands, ladies." Akurei says protecting himself.

"So Manami. Have you claimed him as yours yet?" One woman whispers to Manami.

"Heaven's no." Manami says blushing slightly.

Finally breaking away Akurei rejoins Manami.

"Your friends sure were grabby." Akurei says looking back over his shoulder.

"Bet he is in her shrine every chance he gets." One woman says.

"Probably leaves a massive donation as well." Another one adds as they all laugh.

"Those women are not friends of mine. They talk badly about everyone in the market." Manami says.

They continue shopping and as they pass a sushi place Akurei stops in his tracks and drools over it.

"I guess you're hungry. Let me get some more money and we can get a bite to eat." Manami says looking for an ATM machine.

"I got this covered." Akurei says and walks across the street to a jewelry store.

The man reaches for the silent alarm and says, "I don't buy or sell stolen merchandise. Please go away."

Akurei puts two gems on the counter and jeweler nearly falls over trying to get to the jewels.

After inspecting the gems he hands Akurei a back pack filled with cash.

"If you have anymore please bring them to me." The man says excitedly as he clutched the gems.

Akurei returns with the back pack full of cash and Manami looks at him with disbelief.

"You didn't rob the place did you?" She asks as she pulls him aside.

"No. Just sold some gems I had." He replies and show her some of the gems.

They go inside and Akurei gorges himself of all kinds of sushi.

The following afternoon Inuyasha and Kagome arrive with the medicine. Kagome jumps from Inuyasha's back just before Inuyasha collapses from exhaustion.

"How is he?" Kagome asks.

"He has a very high fever. Not sure about the poison though. Some of it leaked out and burned a hole in the floor." Sango says replacing the wet rag on his forehead.

Inuyasha is sound asleep in a very deep sleep.

"He ran the whole way there and back." Kagome says yawning.

Before long everyone is asleep.

A few days pass and Miroku's fever has finally broken. He is sound asleep with Sango kneeling next to him.

"How's he doing?" Kagome asks entering the room.

Sango freezes and turns bright red.

Suddenly the water bucket shatters over Miroku's head.

"I'd say he was just fine." Inuyasha says entering in behind Kagome.

Miroku lays there bleeding from a small cut on his forehead.

"He just doesn't learn." Kagome says slapping a bandage on it.

"Miroku, why exactly were you laying in the bushes right next to the woman's bath?" Inuyasha asks with a smile.

The look on Miroku's face says it all and Sango proceeds to beat the hell out of him while calling him a pervert.

That evening, they all sit around the cooking fire. Miroku is covered in bumps and bruises.

"I heard some villagers talking about a strange castle nearby. I think it could be Naraku's." Inuyasha says.

The next morning as the sun is just coming over the mountains, Inuyasha and company are on their way to the castle.

"That's got to be it. I can smell Naraku." Inuyasha says sprinting down the road.

They all run inside and stop in the courtyard.

All of them stand with their backs to one another and carefully look around.

"Someone is here." Sango whispers as she reaches for her Hiraikotsu.

Miroku tightens his grip on his staff and Inuyasha puts his hand on Tetsusaiga.

In the main building red eyes peer through the shades at them.

Kagome taps Inuyasha on the shoulder and points at the eyes.

"NARAKU!!!" Inuyasha shouts drawing Tetsusaiga and running over to the building.

The eyes vanish and reappear in another building. They disappear again and appear in another building.

"I think we are surrounded." Miroku says backing back towards everyone else.

From out of one building a large horde of demons shoot out Inuyasha turns and windscars them to nothing.

Suddenly more demons shoot out of another building. Inuyasha turns and windscars them. Then more demons shoot out of another building. As Inuyasha is windscaring them, demons shoot out of another building.

"The buildings. They must have a barrier around them." Sango says staying behind Inuyasha.

"Get out of here. I can handle these." Inuyasha says to Kagome.

Sango and Kagome hop onto Kilala and leap into the sky. As they fly over the wall, they fly straight into a barrier. The castle gates slam shut and a miasma slowly seeps out of the ground.

"A trap!" Miroku says surprised.

"That bastard Naraku!" Inuyasha says still windscaring the demon hordes.

Inuyasha finally drops to one knee and is panting heavily.

"Kagome, purify the ground with your arrows." Sango says.

Kagome reaches for an arrow but there are none left.

"I'm out!" Kagome says before coughing.

Kilala slowly decends and returns to normal size as she coughs. Sango picks up the demon cat and runs to the others.

A demon horde goes straight through Inuyasha and Miroku as if they weren't there.

"An illusion?" Miroku says.

"They fell for it." Hakudoshi says watching with Naraku on Kanna's mirror.

Naraku laughs as he watches Inuyasha and company collapse to the ground.

"Die, Inuyasha." Naraku says with an evil smile.

Out of nowhere a sacred arrow lands next to Inuyasha and the air purifies. The demon hordes stop and just before Inuyasha completely blacks out he sees a soul catcher fly by.

"Ki.....kyo..." He says just before passing out.

Akurei is playing soccer with Sota when Kagome's friends, Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi, show up.

"Hi, Mrs. Higurashi." They say together.

"Hello girls. Kagome is not home at the moment." Manami says sweeping the stairs.

"Really? That sucks." Eri says watching Akurei kick the ball.

Manami follows their eyes and laughs softly.

"Go on." Manami says as the girls sprint off.

"Ever since he showed up, more people have come to the shrine." Grandpa says walking up the stairs.

"Yes they have." Manami says with a smile.

"I see. So that's how it is." He says and walks on by.

"What?" She says back to him confused.

Laying on a bank of a river next to a small cooking fire, Inuyasha and company lay.

"That was unexpected." Hakudoshi says.

"Not to worry. That was all part of the plan. Get the next part set up." Naraku says with a smile.

Hakudoshi leaves and Naraku's arm splits and changes sparatically before returning to normal.

"So you are still alive Kikyo." Naraku says in a low voice.

As the sun sets, the people start to leave the shrine grounds. Akurei goes inside and grabs his staff.

"Where are you off to?" Manami asks.

"The mountains. They have a better view and should help more." Akurei replies.

"Oh." Manami says.

"Wanna go with?" Akurei asks.

Manami grabs her sweater and is at the door in a flash.

Akurei crouches down and Manami hesitates for a second before climbing onto his back. A blanket is draped over Manami's shoulders and she looks back.

"Have fun you two." Grandpa says smiling.

Akurei puts his arms under Manami and are off like a shot.

The houses below zip by so fast that Manami's eyes can't even focus.

"Its best if you look up at the stars or close your eyes altogether." Akurei says as he leaps over a crowded city street.

In a matter of minutes Akurei is leaping from tree top to tree top. He leaps high into the air and Manami closes her eyes tightly, as she wraps her arms tighter around Akurei's neck. They land on the side of the mountain and Akurei leaps up the side of that with ease. After climbing through the clouds they arrive at the summit. Akurei sets Manami down and she opens her eyes.

"It beautiful." She says looking around.

Akurei jams his staff into the ground and it immediately starts to glow.

"Just as I thought." Akurei says.

"What?" Manami asks.

"The moon in my era is much brighter then the one in yours." He replies.

"You mean?" She says.

"Exactly. Welcome to Ancient Japan." Akurei says as the clouds part and reveal nothing but trees and a couple villages.

"How? When?" She asks.

"I found another way back to my time that's a lot easier for me." Akurei says.

"This is amazing." She says looking around.

They sit and stare at the night sky till Manami falls asleep.

The next morning Sango is the first to wake.

"What?" She says looking around and realizing they weren't in the castle anymore.

Kagome is the next to wake up followed by Miroku and then Inuyasha.

"Where are we?" Kagome asks.

"I'm not sure. I just woke up myself." Sango answers.

"Look, there they are." a villager says in the distance.

A small group of villagers walk down the river's edge and stop just before Inuyasha and company.

"That woman was right. Is one of you Inuyasha?" a villager asks.

"I'm Inuyasha." Inuyasha says.

"Follow us and we'll take you back to our village." One man says.

They follow and when they arrive the village looks like a ghost town.

"Where is everyone?" Miroku asks.

"Recently a demon has been terrorizing us. We are not sure what it wants but every night it attacks and kills everyone that it comes across. We have been all sleeping in a nearby cave every night just so he doesn't find us." One villager explains.

"But it gets closer with each passing night." Another one adds.

"And you want us to rid you of this demon? I think we could help but our services don't come cheap." Miroku says.

"Anything. You name it and its yours." The village elder says walking up.

"Then we will require your finest wome......" Miroku says before dropping to the ground.

"We will be more then happy to help you. No charge." Kagome says as Sango kicks Miroku in the stomach.

"That's wonderful! Please make yourself at home. That hut there is yours for as long as you'd like." The elder says and points to a hut.

Everyone makes themselves at home in the hut while they wait for night to fall.

That afternoon, Akurei and Manami return to the present day Japan.

"Thank you." Manami says and heads back inside.

Akurei jumps back down the well and as he leaps out he is greeted by Sesshomaru's poison claws.

"I have been waiting for you." Sesshomaru says gripping tighter.

"Is that so? This wouldn't be about that comment about the geisha girls would it?" Akurei says struggling to breathe.

Akurei's flesh around his neck begins to drip to the ground.

"You shall die for that." Sesshomaru says applying more pressure.

Akurei tosses his staff in Rin's direction.

Sesshomaru watches the staff and reluctantly let's go of Akurei. Akurei snaps his fingers and his staff returns to him.

Sesshomaru looks at Akurei with such hatred in his eyes.

"Relax. I wasn't going to actually hit her. It was just so you would release me." Akurei says, "I understand you are looking for Naraku."

Sesshomaru's ears perk up at Naraku's name.

"And if I am?" Sesshomaru asks.

"Then you may want to search the mountains in your lands. Particularly the one with the waterfall. It may prove to be interesting." Akurei says.

"I suppose you want to be forgiven for this information?" Sesshomaru asks.

"Not really. I do recommend you wait till after the new moon to go though." Akurei says.

"Why is that?" Sesshomaru asks.

"There are millions of Naraku's insects there that would give your position away before you could even get within striking distance. After the new moon they will be on the move and you can cross undected." Akurei says.

Sesshomaru turns and walks back into the forest.

Akurei lets out a deep sigh and vanishes.

The sun sets and a loud growl is head in the woods.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, and Miroku all sit around eating as the demon approaches through the woods.

Without warning the roof is ripped off and an ogre peers down at them.

"You must be the demon terrorizing this village." Inuyasha says grabbing Tetsusaiga.

"And you must be my meal." The ogre says.

"Wait! Isn't there a peaceful solution to this?" Kagome asks.

"Bring me Akurei." The ogre says.

"Why?" Miroku asks.

"He is the one that killed my family and I want my revenge." The ogre says.

"What if I just kill you instead?" Inuyasha says raising Tetsusaiga up.

The ogre grabs Kagome and Sango in a blink of an eye.

"Bring me Akurei and these women of yours will live. Don't bring him to me and they die. You have one week." The ogre says.

"What about the villagers?" Miroku asks.

"They won't be harmed unless you don't bring me Akurei." The ogre says and walks off.

"Guess we are off to the Lunar Shrine." Miroku says.

"That's not to far from here. We have a shortcut." The elder says snapping his fingers.

A young man runs over and bows.

"Show them to the Lunar Shrine." The elder says.

"Yes." The man says and runs off with Inuyasha and Miroku hot on his heels.

The next day the man collapses to the ground panting heavily.

"You alright?" Miroku asks.

"Yes. Just need to rest for a bit. We will be there later tonight." The man says laying down.

At the ogre's cave Kagome and Sango sit tied up next to a pile of bones.

"Gross." Kagome says as a rat crawls out of the bone pile.

"You do realize that Akurei won't be coming down here and that you two will join those bones." The ogre says.

"What makes you say that?" Sango asks.

"I just know him. He thinks he is the top demon but he's not. There is another that is more powerful then him." The ogre replies.

"He seemed quite strong when we have dealt with him." Kagome says.

"Trust me. His brother is a hundred times more powerful." The ogre says.

"His brother?" Sango says.

That night, Inuyasha and Miroku arrive at the shrine gates with their guide. They are greeted by the monk.

"Wait here for a moment." The monk says.

Miroku looks in and his eyes bulge out of his head.

"What's with you?" Inuyasha asks.

"Nothing but women. Where was this shrine when I started my monk training." Miroku says.

"I still don't believe you are a monk." Inuyasha says.

"Those are probably some of the women from surrounding villages sent here to marry Akurei." The guide says.

"Why so many?" Inuyasha asks.

"He has never accepted one. He sends them home with a gift of appreciation. Yet people keep sending their daughters here in hopes that he will accept theirs." The guide says.

"Milord, there is an Inuyasha and Miroku here to speak with you." The monk says.

Akurei sits up and rubs his eyes.

"Alright. Be there in a minute. Take them to the pond." Akurei says getting up.

The monk bows and returns to the gates.

"Please follow me." The monk says opening the gate.

The three of them wait next to the pond for a couple minutes before Akurei walks out.

"Have you come to take my head?" Akurei asks.

"Not yet but I will." Inuyasha replies.

"We came here because an ogre took Sango and Kagome. He wants your head and in return he will let them go." Miroku explains.

"So you want me to go and fight this ogre so you can claim your women?" Akurei says.

"Basically." Miroku says.

Akuei thinks for a minute.

"Was this ogre about this tall and say that I killed his family by chance?" Akurei says.

"Yes." Miroku says.

"Just as I thought. Not my problem. Thanks for coming by." Akurei says and turns to leave.

"What do you mean not your problem?" Miroku asks.

"Forget it, Miroku. He is obviously to afraid to fight this ogre. Let's go back and do it ourselves." Inuyasha says.

"Why is always mutt demons that say stupid things? Its not my problem because the one that killed his family is my brother. When he gets back he can deal with it." Akurei replies.

"Just admit it. You are too scared to handle this ogre." Inuyasha says and laughs.

Akurei extends his hand out to the monk who places a scroll in it. Then Akurei spins around bashes Inuyasha across the nose with it, causing him to yelp loudly, before flying into the pond.

"Bad mutt." Akurei says and gives the scroll back to the monk.

"Bastard!" Inuyasha says sitting in the pond.

"Look, that ogre has a problem with my brother, Akuma. So when he gets back from his little quest, I'll send him down there. Till then, I suggest you watch what you say." Akurei says sternly.

"We have five days to bring you back or he is going to eat Kagome and Sango." Miroku says.

"Again. Not my problem. Are you deaf?" Akurei asks becoming more agitated.

"Milord, this ogre is attacking our village and killing everyone. Our village has lost half of its people already." The guide says.

"You're Jun right?" Akurei says.

"Yes, milord." Jun says.

"I believe your sister is here. Fine since your father sent his daughter, the least I can do is see what is going on." Akurei says before turning to the monk.

"Thank you." Jun says.

"Put Jun and his sister up in a room for the night and make sure they get a good meal. As for the mutt and the monk. I will take care of it." Akure says.

The monk bows and leaves with Jun and his sister.

Jun and his sister are put into a lavish room with a full meal.

Akurei motions for them to follow and the three of them walk through the temple to the back.

They stop at a small pen with two wolves inside. Before Inuyasha can react, he is collared and tossed into the pen. A chain attaches itself to the collar and wraps around a post.

"Be a good mutt and we will leave in the morning. Don't and Kagome and Sango are dead." Akurei says in a very serious tone.

Inuyasha opens his mouth but nothing comes out.

Miroku is lead down to the basement and shackled to the wall.

"Can't have you doing anything that would result in me getting married and you losing a certain part of your body." Akurei says blowing out the candle and closing the door.

The following morning a well rested Jun greets Akurei and a very worn out looking Inuyasha and Miroku.

"Send everyone home with the usual things." Akurei says opening the gates.

The monk bows and all four of them take off.

They arrive at the village just before sundown and are met by the village elder.

"Lord Akurei. It is an honor that you have come to help us in our time of need." He says.

"I will see what I can do. Take everyone to your safe area till I come for you." Akurei says.

As the moon is rising above them, the ogre makes his way through the forest with Kagome and Sango in tow.

Akurei jams his staff into the ground and leans against it while he waits.

"Akurei! You bastard! How dare you look so calm and collected. You shall die tonight!" The ogre says.

"You are right about one thing. You shall die tonight." Akurei says pulling his staff out of the ground.

"NOW!" The ogre shouts and a hundred ogres stumble out of the forest.

Akurei darts forward and uses his staff. It connects with the ogre's bottom jaw and shoots the jaw through his neck, completely decapitating it. The jaw sticks into the tree behind him and his head rolls on the ground.

Suddenly the wind picks up and a strange but familiar scent blows through.

Several miles away, Sesshomaru stiffens up and inhales deeply.

"It can't be." He says with wide eyes and tiny pupils.

A demonic laughter fills the forest and sends shivers down everyone's spine. Akurei joins in the laughter and the ogres are frozen with terror.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapter 2
"You shall join a very long list of demons that has tried and failed." Akurei says.

"Shall we?" Inuyasha asks.

"Let's." Akurei says stepping to the side so Inuyasha may pass.

They walk all the way out to the open area near the Bone Eater's Well. Akurei puts on his mask and jabs his staff into the ground.

Kagome, Miroku, and Sango all run over and try to stop him but Inuyasha ignores them and draws Tetsusaiga.

Inuyasha raises Tetsusaiga high above his head and shouts, "WINDSCAR!!"

The energy wave scorches the earth as it makes its way to Akurei. The full force of the blast hits and Inuyasha feels Akurei's body dissolve.

"Heh, that was easy. For someone who claimed to be so powerful, he sure was weak." Inuyasha says.

Clapping is heard and Inuyasha looks over his shoulder at Akurei who is standing and clapping.

Large chunks of his flesh are missing or hanging. He rips the loose chunks and tosses them to the side.

"That was pathetic. At this rate I would die from old age before you ever killed me with that attack." Akurei says ripping more flesh from his body.

"Amazing." Sango says.

"That's just gross." Kagome says and covers her eyes.

"I have never seen anyone stay standing after receiving a direct blow from Inuyasha's windscar." Miroku says.

"I see you have yet to master that sword." Akurei says.

"I have mastered this sword." Inuyasha says and raises Tetsusaiga.

"ADAMANT BARRAGE!!!" Inuyasha shouts as dozens of large diamond shards fly at Akurei.

They shred through his body and Inuyasha smiles, as Akurei's head rolls across the ground.

"Survive that." Inuyasha says.

Akurei's body pulls itself together as Inuyasha turns and walks back to Kagome.

"Is that all? This is all the son of the Great Dog Demon has to offer? A couple parlor tricks?" Akurei says as his body picks up his head and places it on his shoulders.

"What?" Inuyasha says confused.

"I don't believe it." Miroku says.

"Adamant Barrage? If I used an energy attack against you then you would counter with Backlash Wave. And if I put up a barrier then you'd use the red Tetsusaiga and slice through it. It sucks that I know so much about your fighting style and know how to counter everyone of your attacks. Doesn't it?" Akurei says as his flesh regenerates.

"I will kill you." Inuyasha says and sheathes Tetsusaiga.

He runs at Akurei who simply stands there and waits.

"SIT!!!" Kagome shouts and releases a sacred arrow.

Inuyasha face plants into the ground and the arrow blows apart Akurei's chest and sends his left arm flying through the air.

Sango launches her Hiraikotsu and cuts Akurei down the middle.

"Inuyasha move!" Miroku shouts and opens his windtunnel.

Inuyasha moves out of the way a split second before Akurei's body is sucked towards Miroku's hand.

Just before he is pulled in, Akurei pulls himself together and stops a mere foot from entering. His left arm does enter however and Akurei catches just on the inside.

"Now I wonder how long you can keep this open before you are pulled in?" Akurei asks holding his left arm inside of the windtunnel.

"I can't hold it open much longer." Miroku says to himself.

Akurei removes his arm and Miroku seals the windtunnel.

"I must admit that was a well executed group attack." Akurei says reattaching his arm. "I see why Naraku wants you all dead now." He adds.

"Does that mean you aren't working for him?" Sango asks.

"No. A true full blooded demon working for a false one? No real demon would consider it unless they are weak." Akurei says and looks at Inuyasha.

"I will kill you next time." Inuyasha says with his hand on Tetsusaiga.

"Not with those current moves. Totosai will have to teach you the advanced moves of Tetsusaiga. Then when you have those mastered, come and see me at the Lunar Temple north of here. Until then." Akurei says and turns to leave.

"That's it? You are just walking away?" Inuyasha asks.

"Inuyasha. Just let it go." Kagome says.

"Would you rather have me end it with an attack?" Akurei asks.

Before Inuyasha can reply Akurei clotheslines him and then leaves him laying on the ground doubled up and unconscious.

"When he improves have him come find me. Until we meet again." Akurei says retrieving his staff.

"That is one truly powerful demon. It is almost scary that there are demons like him still around." Myoga says sitting on Kagome's shoulder.

"Myoga. When did you get here?" Miroku asks picking up Inuyasha's body.

"It is a long hop out here for a flea." Myoga replies.

"Sure. Whatever you say." Kagome says as they head back to Kaede's village.

A week has passed since Akurei laid Inuyasha out and not a moment has gone by that Inuyasha hasn't thought about it.

The group has traveled to Totosai's home and Inuyasha awaits Totosai's return. The rest have gone to the nearby by village and wait for Inuyasha at the inn.

"If it isn't Tetsusaiga. You haven't broken her again?" Totosai says looking at the sword.

"No. I was in a battle against a demon called Akurei and he told me to see you about some sort of advanced techniques." Inuyasha says.

"Oh my." Totosai says concerned.

"What is it?" Inuyasha asks.

"I must discuss this with Myoga. For now go to the village and wait." Totosai says.

Inuyasha looks at him and then walks off.

"What is it, Totosai?" Myoga asks.

"Those advanced techniques cannot be taught to him." Totosai says.

"I see." Myoga replies.

At the Lunar temple dozens of villagers have gathered in front of the temple. Each of them have brought gifts of some kind and placed them at the temple gates.

"Milord, the villagers are at it again." A monk says looking out of the temple.

"I know. I can hear them. Just let them do as they please." Akurei says sitting in the moon light that is pouring through the large hole in the roof.

"Yes milord." The monk replies and continues to watch the villagers.

"Any word yet?" Akurei asks setting his staff before him.

"Not yet. Our best men are on it. We should have word soon." The monk replies.

"Good. Tell me the instant you hear something." Akurei says.

Two more days have passed and Inuyasha paces impatiently back and forth in the room waiting for Totosai.

"Calm yourself Inuyasha. Whatever it is that Totosai needed to speak with Myoga about, must be important." Miroku says.

"I need to know these advanced techniques in order to beat that bastard, Akurei." Inuyasha says still pacing.

Kagome looks over at Sango and both of them roll their eyes.

"Those techniques were not meant for Master Inuyasha to learn. And knowing Master Inuyasha he will want to learn them even more now." Myoga says.

"It seems that Akurei knew this and that's why he told Inuyasha about them." Totosai says.

"Of course I did. I want to know how far he is willing to go in order to beat me." Akurei says walking in to Totosai's home.

"Akurei?" Totosai says surprised.

"Myoga. Totosai." Akurei says with a slight bow.

"I will not allow him to learn those techniques." Myoga protests.

"I understand completely how you feel but will Inuyasha? From what I have heard he is very stubborn and will go to any length to prove his strength. I want to know if he will go that much further to unlocking the true Tetsusaiga." Akurei says.

"Why?" Totosai asks.

"I have met with Naraku. He is determined to kill Inuyasha. Not sure why but he is willing to sacrifice anything for accomplishing his goals. Inuyasha must be able to do the same if he ever wishes to rid the world of Naraku." Akurei explains.

"I see what you mean. What are you planning?" Totosai asks.

The following morning Myoga leads Inuyasha and the rest to Totosai's home.

"Sit down. I have decided to test you to see if you are able to learn the advanced techniques." Totosai says in a serious voice.

"Okay. What do I have to do?" Inuyasha asks.

"Milord! I come bearing good news! He is alive and well!" The monk says waking Akurei.

"That's good. When will he return?" Akurei asks.

"He is not sure. He hasn't found what he is looking for yet." The monk replies.

"Alright. Keep me informed." Akurei replies and vanishes.

Totosai lets out a deep breath and looks at Myoga.

Inuyasha turns around and sees Akurei approaching.

"What do you want?" Inuyasha asks.

"I am here as an observer. I do not wish to fight with you today. You have more important things to concern yourself with." Akurei replies and takes a seat next to Myoga.

"What is the test?" Inuyasha asks.

"Draw your Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha." Totosai says.

Inuyasha does so and it transforms.

"Inuyasha, I want to show you something." Akurei says and snatches Tetsusaiga from him.

"Hey!" Inuyasha says and tries to take the sword back.

"Relax. I am not stealing this sword from you. I am going to show the advanced techniques." Akurei says and hands Kagome his staff.

"Its alright." Totosai says.

Akurei stands out in the barren lava flow and swings the sword in one powerful swing. The Backlash Wave occurs and Inuyasha is silent.

"You can do the Backlash Wave without having to wait for your opponent to use an energy attack first. The next one is Heaven's Fang." Akurei explains.

He swings the sword in an upward motion and a whirlwind sends a large boulder airborne.

"This one will allow you to do the final move if you wish or you can do any other move you want. Your opponent will be unable to dodge." Akurei says.

Akurei takes a deep breath and swings Tetsusaiga with such force that the lava parts, then throws Tetsusaiga at the boulder.

Tetsusaiga falls to the ground and everything becomes eerily still. There is not a sound. From out of nowhere a large void appears in front of the boulder and sucks it in.

"Those are the three advanced techniques of the Tetsusaiga." Akurei says handing the sword to Inuyasha and taking his staff back.

"Those were incredible. Naraku wouldn't be able to stand a chance against those." Inuyasha says.

"They were definitely something." Miroku says.

"Okay. Enough wasting time. What is the test so I can learn those?" Inuyasha says.

"You must........" Totosai starts to say, "You tell him."

"What Totosai meant to say was that you must kill those closest to you." Akurei says calmly.

"What!?" Inuyasha says.

"Eh!" Kagome says.

"......." Sango and Miroku say together.

"Yes. In order for you to learn those moves you must give up your human half and become full demon. Since you don't have the Shikon Jewel the other way to become full demon is to slaughter those that you love." Akurei explains.

Inuyasha drops Tetsusaiga and falls to his knees. The memories of Kagome, Miroku, and Sango flood his mind.

"How can he become a full demon if he slaughters us?" Miroku asks.

"Since Tetsusaiga can only transform for those that have compassion in their hearts and it acts as a barrier to keep Inuyasha's demon blood at bay, if he were to kill all of you with his bare hands as a full blooded demon then he would stay that way permanently. Myoga has kept this secret from Inuyasha because he knew that at the very beginning he would of done it without hesitation. Now that he has gotten to know all of you the choice will be much harder for him to make." Akurei explains.

Inuyasha kneels there with his mind flooded with memories.

Kagome looks at Inuyasha as Sango glances at Miroku.

"Is there any other way?" Inuyasha asks after several long intense moments.

"You can toss aside your precious Tetsusaiga and become a full blooded demon that way. Although you have to be taken to the brink of death and with that way you could die." Akurei explains.

"Why don't you head back to the inn?" Myoga says.

Kagome, Sango, and Miroku all start walking back to the inn.

"I can't believe he is taking this long to think about it." Kagome says.

"Well if you think about it, becoming a full blooded demon has been his goal this entire time. It's only natural that he would think about it." Miroku explains.

"But we have been with him for nearly four years now. We have become good friends. How could he sacrifice us just to gain the advanced techniques of his sword?" Kagome asks.

"I think he will make the right choice." Akurei says walking with them.

"What are you doing here?" Kagome asks.

"Heading home. He has a lot on his mind and it will take him awhile." Akurei replies.

"How can it be hard? The choice should be obvious." Kagome says.

"Yes to you perhaps, but Inuyasha has wanted to be a full blooded demon for as long as he can remember. Now that he has the opportunity to do it quickly without having to be brought to the brink of death." Miroku says.

"I agree with Kagome. This choice shouldn't be that hard for him. We have been together for way too long for him to kill us." Sango says.

"I understand. The four of you are very close and you are in love with him. Hopefully he chooses correctly or he may lose the only woman who loves him." Akurei says as he walks on ahead and vanishes.

Kagome blushes at the words and walks faster with her head down.

"Milord you have returned." The monk says as Akurei brings in the gifts the villagers have left at the front gate.

"Here. Sort through these. Any word?" Akurei says giving the gifts to the monk.

"Not yet. A villager dropped off one final gift last night." The monk says.

In the temple itself a young beautiful woman kneels before a statue praying.

"When will they learn." Akurei says to himself as he enters the temple.

"Welcome home master." The woman says and bows deeply.

"Thank you. Let me guess your father insisted that you were to marry me." Akurei says.

"Yes milord." The young woman says not looking at him.

"I appreciate the gesture however, I have no intentions of marrying at the moment. (a look of sadness overcomes her face.) If you'd like you can stay here tonight and I will return you to your home tomorrow morning." Akurei says.

She smiles and says, "Thank you milord."

Kagome, Sango, and Miroku all sit in the room thinking about Inuyasha.

As the sun rises, Inuyasha walks in and sits down.

Kagome is the first to wake up.

"Inuyasha? You're back!" She says and gives him a hug.

"So what was your choice Inuyasha?" Sango asks.

"I decided to not learn those techniques. They would be very helpful but I couldn't bring myself to kill any of you." Inuyasha says quietly.

"That's very good to hear." Miroku says.

"And what about Akurei? You still plan on fighting him?" Kagome asks.

"Yes, but not till after I kill Naraku." Inuyasha says clenching his fist.

"Did you hear any news about Naraku?" Miroku asks.

Inuyasha shakes his head.

"So where should we start?" Sango asks.

"Not sure. I can't go anywhere till after Totosai is done sharpening Tetsusaiga." Inuyasha says.

In a small village at the base of the mountain where Akurei's shrine is located, Akurei and the young woman walk to her home.

"What a nice village." Akurei says looking around.

"This is it, milord." She says and opens the door.

"Hana? What are you doing here? Don't tell me you ran away? Your father will be furious." The mother says.

"Not at all." Akurei says walking in.

The mother kneels before Akurei.

"No need for that. I have come to return her." Akurei says helping the mother to her feet.

"Was she not acceptable?" The mother asks.

"No, not at all. She is a very fine young woman, its just that I have no intentions of marrying at the moment. I do appreciate the offer and would like for you to have these as a token of my appreciation." Akurei says setting down several bundles.

"Ummm...." The mother says not knowing what to say.

"Just accept them and continue on. I must be going." Akurei says and leaves.

"Where is that bastard Totosai? He said he would have Tetsusaiga done by now!" Inuyasha says three days later.

"I'm sure he is just making sure everything is perfect with it." Kagome says trying to calm Inuyasha down.

Back at Totosai's, Totosai is sound asleep.

Just outside the village, Naraku stands next to a tall and vicious looking demon. The demon is a cross between a bear and ox. It has the body of an ox and the head of the bear with brown fur covering its body. In its powerful hands is a large battle ax.

"You know what to do." Naraku says handing the Shikon Jewel to the demon.

"Lay waste to this village? Sounds simple enough to me." The demon says taking the jewel.

His size nearly doubles and he is now taller then the trees.

The ground shakes as he walks into the town. The villagers scream and run for cover.

"What is that?" Inuyasha asks opening the door and seeing the demon.

"Oh my!" Sango says grabbing her Hiraikotsu.

"Let's go." Miroku says leaping out of the door.

Kagome grabs her bow and arrows and follows the others.

"Who the hell are you!" Inuyasha shouts.

"Inuyasha! He has a ton of Jewel shards!" Kagome says finally sensing the shards.

They all take a defensive stance as the demon laughs at them.

"Are you four supposed to stop me?" He asks still laughing, "Three pathetic humans and an even more pathetic half breed?"

"This half breed is going to be the one that will kill you." Inuyasha says as his knuckles crack.

"HA! Is that so little one? Lets see what you've got." The demon says and smashes the massive axe into the ground.

Inuyasha narrowly dodges the attack and reaches fo Tetsusaiga.

"Curse that old man!" Inuyasha growls and leaps out of the way of the axe.

Miroku removes the beads around his windtunnel and as he raises it, Saimyosho fill the sky behind the demon.

Sango runs around behind the demon and throws her Hiraikotsu at its legs. The Hiraikotsu bounces off harmlessly and the demon turns towards her.

"Guess I am going to finish the prettiest one off first." The demon says and swings the axe at Sango.

Sango blushes at what the demon says just before Kilala swoops in and rescues her seconds before the axe obliterates the ground where she was standing.

Inuyasha starts to run at the distracted demon as Miroku throws dozens of spirit wards at the demon's legs.

"Very impressive." Akurei says as he sips tea in the tea house just down the street from the battle.

"Lord Akurei. I implore you to make sure Master Inuyasha does not transform." Myoga says.

"Myoga, I am here only to protect the town and its people. If you want to save Inuyasha's soul then I suggest you go and get Tetsusaiga." Akurei replies.

Myoga hops off as fast as he can hop towards Totosai's.

The demon's left leg has become completely immobilized and Inuyasha's claws slice through the fur with ease. He removes a large chunk of fur and the fur regenerates.

"That won't work, little one. I can regrow parts faster then you can hack them off." The demon boasts.

Inuyasha thinks for a moment and while he is thinking the demon kicks him into the forest. A few trees fall and Inuyasha lays there in the woods lifeless.

Kagome fires an arrow and it blows a hole through the demon's chest. A couple shards fall but they are quickly caught by the Saimyosho.

Instantly the demon starts healing again.

"None of you can kill me. Why don't you just give it up and let me eat you." The demon says.

"I wouldn't say that. I can kill you." Inuyasha says as he walks out of the forest with his head down.

"Little one, you must of hit your head because you are delusional." The demon says.

With a flash, the demon's axe and wrist fall to the ground.

"What! You aren't the same half breed. You are full blooded now. How is it possible?" The demon says just before his arm falls off.

"Interesting. I thought these were just rumors." Akurei says.

Totosai and Myoga arrive as Inuyasha is toying with the demon.

"Master Inuyasha! Take this!" Myoga shouts as Totosai drops Tetsusaiga to him.

"I don't need it. I can do this without that sword." Inuyasha snaps back.

"Oh, Inuyasha." Kagome says with tears in her eyes.

From out of nowhere a blue lightning attack decapitates the demon. Its body disintegrates instantly and the jewel shards are retrieved by the saimyosho.

"Who the...?" Everyone says looking around.

"Show yourself!" Demon Inuyasha shouts.

Sesshomaru steps out of the forest with Tokijin drawn.

"You!" Demon Inuyasha says and tries to rush Sesshomaru.

"SIT!!!" Kagome screams and Inuyasha face plants into the ground.

Miroku and Sango quickly grab Inuyasha and run back to Kagome.

"What are you doing here?" Miroku asks.

"Following someone. His scent lead me here but it seems he has moved on." Sesshomaru says and walks right past them.

He walks through the town and disappears into the forest on the other side.

"That was weird." Kagome says.

"Yeah. He answered the question." Sango says.

"Lord Sesshomaruuu..." Jaken shouts stepping out of the forest, "Where did he go now?"

Ah-Uhn follow behind the green imp with Rin riding on their back.

Nobody says anything as they walk by. Rin turns and waves as they walk into town and they too disappear into the forest at the other end.

Everyone looks at each other and scratches their head.

"We should be going." Miroku says.

They walk off in the direction of the Saimyosho.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Chapter 1
It has been 2 years since Inuyasha and the gang ran off down the road chasing the ever elusive Naraku. During those 2 years, Shippo has died and Naraku is still on the loose.

Deep in a forest, Inuyasha and the gang are all sitting around the campfire.

"I can't believe Shippo has been gone nearly a year and a half." Kagome says sitting around a campfire on a beautifully star filled night.

"Yeah. It just doesn't seem possible." Sango says petting Kilala.

"Eh. The little runt deserved it." Inuyasha says.

"INUYASHA!" Kagome shouts.

"He did run off on his own." Miroku says.

Sango and Kagome both glare at Miroku and Inuyasha.

The next morning Inuyasha wakes with a jolt.

"I smell blood and a lot of it." Inuyasha says sniffing the air.

He wakes everyone else up and they quickly follow Inuyasha to the village.

When they arrive it is a massacre. The bodies of the villagers lay scattered about everywhere.

"What kind of monster would do this?" Kagome asks.

"Why would they do this?" Miroku asks.

During their search for survivors, Sango makes a gruesome discovery. She kneels next to a young boy and starts crying.

"Kohaku!" She screams and holds the boy close.

There is a large gash across his stomach that nearly split him in two.

After Sango calms down a little, Kagome helps her to her feet and leads her away.

"Didn't he have a jewel shard in his back like Sango?" Miroku asks.

"Yeah. Why?" Inuyasha replies.

"Its missing." Miroku says rolling Kohaku over and showing a massive hole in his back.

"Guess if we track down whoever did this then we should be able to get another piece of the Shikon Jewel." Inuyasha says.

"Probably. But for now we must lay these people to rest." Miroku says and hands a shovel to Inuyasha.

"I can't believe Kohaku is dead. Who could of done such a thing?" Sango asks.

"I'm not sure but we will figure it out." Kagome says consoling her friend.

Late that afternoon, they make camp near a small stream.

Sango is still in state of shock after seeing Kohaku dead.

"Something doesn't add up." Inuyasha says.

"How so?" Miroku asks.

"Well, its obvious that those villagers were no match for Kohaku yet somehow he was nearly split into two and had his jewel shard removed. I didn't see one weapon nor did I smell a single demon. So who could of done it?" Inuyasha explains.

"Well, tomorrow we can look around more and see if we can loacte a survivor." Miroku says.

During the night Kagome wakes up and heads to the stream for a drink whem she freezes suddenly.

"A jewel shard?" She says surprised and runs to Inuyasha.

"Wake up! I sense a jewel shard and it's close." Kagome says shaking Inuyasha.

Everyone else wakes up and they follow Kagome.

Sitting in a large tree is a demon staring at the moon.

"Hey you!" Inuyasha shouts.

The demon ignores him and continues to stare at the moon.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" Inuyasha shouts.

The demon ignores him once again while staring at the moon.

Inuyasha draws his trusted Tetsusaiga.

"To draw a weapon against me is to draw your final breath." The demon says while never taking his eyes off the moon.

"Is that so?" Inuyasha says.

"No doubt you are here to accuse me of slaughtering that village." The demon says.

"So why did you?" Inuyasha asks.

"It is true that I was there but that young boy drew his weapon against me and paid for his mistake with his life. In my defense though I eased him of his pain. This fragment of the Shikon Jewel was embedded in his back. It kept him alive but in agonizing pain." The demon says and holds up the jewel shard to the moonlight.

Sango reaches for her Hiraikotsu and the demon puts the shard in his pocket.

"I see. You are the elder sister of that boy. I offer my condolences for your loss. If it makes you feel better his final thoughts were of you. If you'll excuse me." The demon says and leaps from the tree to the forest.

"Hey! Get back here!" Inuyasha shouts but to no avail.

"What a peculiar demon." Miroku says.

"Very." Kagome says.

Over the next few days Inuyasha and the gang roam the Japanese countryside looking for any clues about Naraku's whereabouts. They have no luck so they decide to head back to Kaede's village.

"I wonder what was with that one demon?" Kagome asks as they enter Kaede's village.

"Who knows. From what I could tell he didn't have much of a demonic aura. He probably ran off because he was scared." Inuyasha boasts.

"I doubt that. I sensed that there is a lot more to him then he let us see." Miroku says.

"You are back already?" Kaede asks as she greets them at the door.

The group sits down and relaxes when one of the men in the village bursts in.

"Lady Kaede! There is a large group of demons in the southern fields!" He says and runs off to fight.

Inuyasha grabs Tetsusaiga and sprints to the fields.

"Finally something to do!" Inuyasha shouts as he reaches the fields.

He draws his Tetsusaiga and raises it up.

"WINDSCAR!!" He shouts and releases a massive wave of energy that completely obliterates the demon horde.

The villagers cheer as they kill the few remaining demons.

"That was easy." Inuyasha says sheating his sword.

The villagers stop cheering and look at the long and deep marks across their fields. Then they turn and eye Inuyasha.

Later that afternoon Inuyasha is repairing the damage he did to the fields while grumbling about it.

Deep within a castle hidden by a thick cloud of miasma, Naraku sits plotting his next move.

"Hmmmm.... Very interesting." He says as one of his Saimyosho relays some information to him.

The following morning Kagome heads off to the Bone Eaters Well for a much needed rest and to see her family.

In the mountains to the south Koga and his two henchmen, Ginta and Hakkaku, patrol their territory now that they don't have the Birds of Paradise to worry about.

"Hey, who's that?" Ginta asks pointing to a demon drinking from a calm river.

Koga takes off in a whirlwind leaving his two henchmen behind.

"Who are you and why are you in my territory?" Koga asks.

The demon stands and wipes his mouth. He is nearly two feet taller then Koga and a bit more muscular. He is also the same demon that Inuyasha threatened. There is a crown of crimson horns around his shaved head. Across his chest, arms, and back are black tribal tattoos. Along his chin and neck are crimsn tribal tattoos that look like blood flowing from his mouth. He has a pair of hakama pants and a pair of geta sandals. Next to him is a cloth bag with a single bone sticking out of it.

"I am here taking a drink of water. What does it matter to you?" The demon replies.

"I am the ruler of this area and we don't take kindly to strangers especially strange demons in our area." Koga says as Ginta and Hakkaku run up out of breath.

"I am just passing through. I will be leaving now." The demon says and turns to leave.

"Not so fast. What's in the bag?" Koga asks.

"Bones." The demon replies picking it up.

As he does so, the jewel shard drops from it. Koga's eyes light up as he sees the jewel shard.

"You aren't strong enough to take it from me so just let it go." the demon says picking the shard up and putting it in the bag.

"Now that you have that, I can't let you leave with it." Koga says and attempts a cheap kick.

The demon catches Koga's foot and squeezes it.

"Your life ends today." The demon says and crushes Koga's foot.

The jewel shard in Koga's leg catches the attention of the demon and he digs into the leg to fish it out. Koga hollers in pain as the demon drops Koga to the ground and fishes the other shard out of the other leg.

"Any more?" He asks.

Koga instinctively covers his right arm. The demon grabs Koga's arm and lifts him up by it all the while fishing the jewel shard out.

"I shall let you live but only because you had these." The demon says putting the shards into his bag. He walks off down stream and Ginta and Hakkaku rush to Koga's side.

"What should we do?" Ginta asks.

"Let's take him back home first." Hakkaku replies.

Koga passes out from the excruciating pain as they rush him back to the cave.

"We must get a party together and attck this mysterious demon." One of the other wolf demons says and is cheered by the others.

"You are not listening. Koga attacked him full strength and this demon didn't budge. He caught his foot with ease." Hakkaku explains.

Koga comes around and sits up.

"This bastard will pay for this. I just need to get my shards back and he will suffer." Koga says wincing in pain.

"Try not to move so much." Ginta says.

Sitting in her nice and hot bath Kagome's thoughts drift through all the things that have happened in the past few years.

"Wow. Has it really been this long that I have been with Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango? It doesn't feel like it. I wonder what should I do? Should I stay here and finish school or should I just forget about school and concentrate on defeating Naraku?" Kagome wonders to herself as she soaks in the tub.

After a long while she gets out and goes straight to bed. She sleeps most of the day and doesn't get up till after dark.

Kagome's Grandpa is sitting in the living room admiring a long staff with different moons and skulls carved into it.

"Uh, Gramps what is that?" She asks as she looks on from the table.

"This my dear is the sacred staff of the Lunar Demon who was said to have lived over six hundred years ago." Grandpa says eyeing the staff carefully.

"Sorry I asked." Kagome replies and continues eating.

"You going back tonight, dear?" Kagome's mother asks.

"Yeah. I think they want to get going tomorrow." Kagome replies.

"Alright. Your bag is all packed and wating by the door. Be careful." Mother says.

"I will. Thanks mom." Kagome says and gives her a hug before running out the door.

Inuyasha looks up at the moon and waits impatiently for Kagome to return.

"Finally. What took you so long?" Inuyasha asks as they walk back to the village.

Brightand early the next morning, Ginta and Hakkaku arrive with Koga.

"Kagome." They call out as they roam the village.

Kagome steps out of the hut and is surprised to see them.

"Ginta? Hakkaku? Koga?" She says then notices all the blood flowing from Koga's wounds.

"Well if it isn't the mutt?" Inuyasha says walking out.

"Now is not the time. Can't you see he is badly injured?" Kagome says looking at the wounds.

Kaede steps out of the hut and looks at Koga.

"A wolf demon?" She says a little shocked.

"What happened?" Kagome asks getting her first aid kit.

"We were on patrol the other day and we came across this unusal demon that had a jewel shard." Ginta explains.

"A demon with a single jewel shard?" Inuyasha asks.

"Yeah." Ginta continues, "Anyway, Koga saw the shard and attacked. The demon caught his foot and ripped out all three of Koga's jewel shards."

"You think it may be the same demon?" Miroku asks.

"Where is he now?" Inuyasha asks.

"No clue. We came here while the rest of the pack went to look for him." Hakkaku replies.

Kaede takes over healing Koga.

"You need to find this demon. Leave them here and I will tend to this wolf." Kaede says.

Kagome hops onto Inuyasha's back as Sango and Miroku jump onto Kilala. Ginta points towards where they last saw the demon and they head off.

Surrounded by wolf demons the tattooed demon smiles.

"You are the one who attacked our leader and now you will die!" One wolf demon says making the wolves growl and the wolf demons cheer.

"I did not attack. I merely defended myself from his unprovoked attack. It is not my fault you follow such a weakling." The demon says.

By the time Inuyasha and his group arrive, the wolf demon tribe has been completely slaughtered. The wolf demons have looks of fear on their faces.

"I think I can see a fire just down that way." Sango says looking down stream.

The group runs down to investigate and as they round the boulder they stop dead in their tracks.

The tattooed demon is sitting next to a fire and several of the wolves have been eaten and their bones lay next to the demon.

"I seem to keep running into the most unusal beings in this valley." The demon says putting a rib down on the pile.

"Why did you slaughter all those demons?" Inuyasha asks.

"Isn't it obvious? I was defending myself. They attacked me for defending myself against their worthless leader." The demon replies.

Inuyasha reaches for his sword.

"I would stay and fight some weak half demon such as you but I have more important things to do." The demon says and vanishes.

"Weak? Get back here you bastard and I will show who's weak!" Inuyasha shouts into the night sky.

"Perhaps next time." The demon replies from the cliff overlooking them.

Inuyasha leaps up the cliff after him while Miroku and Sango investigate the cooking area.

"Such an unusal demon. He kills only when attacked." Sango says.

"According to him, Kohaku was attacking the village and he stopped that. Have you ever seen this kind of behavior from any demons?" Miroku asks Sango.

"Not with one that is constantly moving. Usually cave demons will kill anyone that enters their cave." Sango replies.

Inuyasha returns and says, "He is heading east but I couldn't keep up with him."

"Let's sleep here tonight and return to Kaede in the morning." Miroku says.

Everyone nods in agreement.

The demon lays on top of a mountain and basks in the moonlight.

"Where can it be?" He says.

Kagome's Grandpa carries the Lunar Demon's staff outside to the shed where he keeps all of the other priceless items he has.

The demon snaps to attention and looks towards the Bone Eater's Well.

"I found you." He says as he takes off in the direction of it.

Grandpa holds the staff up to the moonlight and admires its beauty for a few minutes before putting it away.

The demon stops in his tracks and looks around.

"It disappeared?" He says surprised.

The following afternoon, Inuyasha and the rest of the gang arrives at Kaede's hut.

Ginta and Hakkaku are sound asleep as well as Koga.

"I have done what I can but those injuries will take some time to heal." Kaede says before leaving to attend to something else.

"I'll be back. I am going home to get some more first aid stuff." Kagome says and runs off to the Bone Eater's Well.

In the trees surrounding the well, the demon walks around looking at everything.

"I felt it coming from here." He says and walks out of the forest.

He sees the well and immediately looks in it. He jumps down and searches for a minute before leaping out of the well.

"Damn. I thought for sure it was in there." He says.

Kagome comes running out of the forest and the demon spots her. He quickly leaps into the forest and watches as she jumps in without a moments hesitation.

"What the.." He says and runs over to investigate. "Not in there? How could she of just disappeared?" He continues before jumping in himself.

Koga wakes up and sees Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku.

"Where am I?" He asks.

"You are in Kaede's village." Sango says.

"What about our brothers who went to find the demon?" Ginta asks.

"Not a one survived. It looks like he defeated them with ease." Miroku says.

"That bastard! He will pay for this!" Koga says through gritted teeth.

"Just calm down. We need to think this through. It's obvious that this demon is extremely powerful." Miroku says.

"You think that he maybe..." Sango says.

"Yes." Miroku says.

"What?" Inuyasha says confused.

"I think this could be one of Naraku's creations." Miroku says.

"That would make sense. I mean he did just take the jewel shards and leave." Sango says.

"Maybe Naraku created this demon just to gather the last few jewel shards." Miroku adds.

"Could be. I mean he did have almost an entire jewel at on point expect a few. Why now?" Sango says.

"Who cares. With this demon we can use him to figure out where Naraku is." Inuyasha says.

"This demon is mine. I just need some jewel shards to get my strength back." Koga says.

"And where do you plan on getting the shards from?" Inuyasha asks.

Koga looks at him.

"Not a chance you mangy wolf. You can die first before we hand over any shards to you." Inuyasha snaps.

"Inuyasha, there is no need to be so hostile towards Koga. He is only trying to avenge his fallen comrades." Miroku says.

Kagome walks back in with her oversized backpack. She sets it down and says, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. I do have a favor to ask of you." Koga says.

"Ooookay." Kagome says nervously.

"I need to borrow some of your jewel shards so that I may destroy the demon that did this to me and avenge my comrades." Koga says.

"I don't know. We don't have that many." Kagome replies.

In the well the demon looks around.

"What the hell just happened to me?" He asks himself as he climbs out of the well.

He looks up and notices the roof of the hut. Then walks cautiously up the stairs and peeks through a crack in the door.

Outside Sota is playing soccer and Grandpa is sweeping the shrine grounds.

"Humans." The demon says and opens the door.

Sota kicks the ball a little to hard and the ball rolls to the demon's feet. Sota stares at the demon in a state of shock and amazement.

"Grandpa?" Sota says backing away.

"What is it Sota?" Grandpa replies still sweeping.

"I think you should see this." Sota says backing away.

Grandpa turns and looks at the demon.

"Sota! Get inside. I will handle this!" He shouts pulling out some spirit wards.

The demon watches with curiosity as the old man runs at him with the spirit wards. Grandpa starts to put the spirit wards all over the demon at a feverish pace.

Once he is done he steps back and looks at his handiwork.

"Now be gone demon. Those spirit wards should be zapping you of your strength right at this moment." Grandpa says.

The demon looks down at the spirit wards that are covering his body then back at Grandpa.

"Old man, these aren't doing anything. These symbols aren't the right ones for strength sucking. In fact, none of these are right." The demon says pulling them off of himself.

"What! How can that be?.... I copied them perfectly from the ancient texts." Grandpa says and starts pondering.

"Allow me to show you the proper way to write these." The demon says calmly walking over.

Grandpa looks over and sees the demon walking his way. Before he gets a chance to run the demon grabs his shoulder.

Back in Kaede's hut, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Kagome sit around discussing if they should loan the shards to Koga.

"No. That mangy mutt doesn't deserve to use our jewel shards. He will just lose again and I'll have to get them back." Inuyasha says.

"I agree with most of that. I don't think Koga is strong enough to take on a demon of that magnitude. Look at how quickly he lost the first time. Besides we aren't even sure if this demon is one of Naraku's creations or not. He doesn't leave a scent trail for Inuyasha to follow." Miroku explains.

"What about if we lend him the shards and Inuyasha helps in the battle?" Sango says.

"That could work. If we join in as well, the chances of victory are higher." Miroku adds.

"If Koga would agree to that then I think I could lend him the shards." Kagome says.

"Humph...." Inuyasha says and folds his arms.

"Then its settled." Kagome says clapping her hands together.

"And this is the proper way to draw these spirit wards." The demon says as he finishes drawing one.

Grandpa compares it to his and nods.

Sota peeks out of his bedroom and silently sneaks downstairs with a baseball bat in his hand. In the dining room, Grandpa and the demon sit at the table with a stack of paper and dozens of completed spirit wards.

"You won't be able to kill me with that." The demon says drawing another spirit ward.

"What's going on?" Sota asks.

"This demon was showing me the proper way to make spirit wards." Grandpa replies.

"I am called Akurei." The demon says.

"I'm back." Mrs. Higurashi says as she comes through the front door.

"I see we have company." She adds seeing the geta sandals near the door.

Akurei stands and takes the groceries from her.

"Oh, why thank you. Just set them on the counter, will you." She says not noticing his size difference or his appearance yet.

"No need to thank me." Akurei says and stands to the side.

"Oh my!" She says finally noticing him.

"Mom. This is Akurei. He is a demon from Inuyasha's time." Sota says.

"I see. Very nice to meet you." She says unphased by him.

"Nice to meet you as well." He replies.

"Shall I prepare dinner?" She asks.

"Yeah! I'm starving." Sota says.

"I meant to ask you earlier, why are you here?" Grandpa asks.

"I am here to reclaim something very dear to me." Akurei replies.

"And what might that be?" Grandpa asks.

"It is not of importance at this moment. I must first repay the kindness you have shown me." Akurei says opening one of the bags of food.

"There's no need for that." Mrs. Higurashi says.

"I insist. If you could show me to your cooking fire, I will be more then happy to make dinner." He says.

"No luck. Its as if he disappeared. There is no sign of him anywhere." Ginta says running back from the forest.

"We didn't find him either." Kagome says jumping off of Inuyasha's back.

"Not a trace." Miroku says with a red handprint on his face.

"He has to be around somewhere." Koga says.

"Why don't we all rest tonight and resume searching tomorrow morning." Sango says.

Mrs. Higurashi, Sota, Grandpa, and Akurei all sit around the dinner table with empty plates and bowls in front of them.

"That was delicious.Thank you." Mrs. Higurashi says collecting the dishes.

"I have something to show you. Maybe you can verify some of the artifacts I have." Grandpa says as he gets up.

"Sure. Maybe you have what I am looking for." Akurei says.

In the shed Grandpa rummages through some things as Akurei stands in the moonlight waiting patiently. Suddenly, he senses something familiar. He looks down at the wooden box with different phases of the moon carved onto it.

"So it was here." He says as he carefully opens the box and picks up the staff delicately.

"Oh that. That is the staff of the Lunar Demon." Grandpa says before it dawns on him.

"That's correct. I am the Lunar Demon, Akurei. And as a token of my appreciation I shall bless these grounds and place a ring of protection around it." Akurei says bowing to Grandpa.

"You mean that was the real deal and not a fake?" He says surprised.

"Yes. It seems that a few of these items are authentic." Akurei replies picking out the real items.

Naraku sits in the shadows of his room as a Saimyosho flutters in and reports.

"That's very good. Bring him to me." Naraku says.

The following morning, Mrs. Higurashi, Sota, and Grandpa awaken to the smell of breakfast.

They head downstairs and are amazed at the sight of the feast before them.

"I wish to thank you for finding this. I have spent many years looking for it." Akurei says holding the staff.

"A simple thank you would of sufficed but this is incredible." Mrs. Higurashi says.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku all split up and search the surrounding area.

"One villager of a nearby village says they saw an unusual demon in the area the other night." Sango says to Inuyasha as she hovers on Kilala's back over them.

"Tell the others. I'll look around here with Miroku." Inuyasha says.

"I'm impressed, Inuyasha. You are not your usual hot headed self. You are actually thinking for a change." Miroku says.

"I guess. I just want to find the demon first so I can kill it before that stupid wolf gets our shards stolen." Inuyasha replies.

"Even after all this time you haven't changed much." Miroku says.

Around nightfall they end up near the Bone Eater's Well.

"I don't get how he could of just disappeared so easily?" Ginta asks.

"And without so much as a single clue telling us something on which way he was headed?" Hakkaku adds.

Akurei picks up his case and bag.

"I thank you for returning this to me. Take care and I shall return soon." Akurei says and walks into the hut containing the well.

"Since we are here I am going to go home for the night." Kagome says and jumps into the well.

The light vanishes and Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku look on in wonder.

"What just happened? Where did she go?" Koga asks.

"Back to her time on the other side of the well." Inuyasha says.

The light appears again and vanishes.

"Forget something, Kagome?" Inuyasha asks.

Akurei leaps out of the well and lands on the edge of it making everyone back away.

"I thought only Inuyasha could travel to Kagome's time." Miroku whispers to Sango.

"You!" Koga and Inuyasha shout together.

"I apologize for this late introduction but I was on a rather important quest. Now that its complete please allow me to introduce myself. I am known as Akurei, the Lunar Demon." Akurei says with a bow.

"I am Miroku. This is Sango." Miroku says.

"You must be the half demon that is making quite a stir for killing other demons with jewel shards, Inuyasha." Akurei says looking at Inuyasha.

"Yea, and your next to die." Inuyasha says drawing Tetsusaiga.

"I get him first. He killed my comrades and he will pay for that." Koga says.

"Will I? I see your manners and instincts have not improved since we last met but you do appear to have more shards that I shall relieve from you." Akurei says.

"I am Koga and you will die by my hands." Koga growls and attacks full force.

Akurei leaps from the well and lands in a tree several feet away.

"Just give me one moment to prepare myself." Akurei says pulling out a bone mask that covers everything from just below his eyes to under his chin. Around his forearms are hollowed out bones that fit snuggly over his forearms. He leaps down to the ground in front of Koga with staff in hand and motions for Koga to attack.

Koga does so without a moments hesitation and is meet by a crushing blow across the chest that drives the air from Koga's lungs.

Koga falls to the ground gasping for air. Inuyasha raises his sword and Akurei looks back at him. He points his staff and shakes his head.

"Wait your turn. I will be with you shortly." Akurei warns.

While Akurei is distracted Koga gets up and rushes full speed at him. Akurei steps to the side and catches Koga by the jaw. A distinct snap is heard and Koga drops to the ground like a ragdoll.

"Inuyasha. I would rethink this. Koga had nine shards of the Shikon Jewel and Akurei was able to dodge his attacks with such ease." Miroku says.

Ginta and Hakkaku rush at Akurei with their swords drawn. Akurei lifts Hakkaku high into the air and bashes Ginta across the jaw in one simple movement. As Hakkaku comes back down Akurei catches him with the satff and slams him into the ground.

"Miroku is right. Don't fight him." Sango says.

"Come at me, son of the Great Dog Demon." Akurei says standing there.

Iuyasha perks up and looks at him.

"What was that?" Inuyasha shouts.

"You are the son of the Great Dog Demon. I can smell his blood flowing through your veins from here." Akurei says.

A swarm of Saimyosho fly out of the forest and surround Akurei.

"What is this?" Akurei says looking at the insects.

"Those are Naraku's insects." Sango shouts.

"This should be interesting. Till we meet again, Inuyasha." Akurei says and vanishes.

The insects fly off and Miroku checks Koga's body.

"He took them." He says.

"That worthless mutt." Inuyasha says sheathing Tetsusaiga.

"I think this proves that he is one of Naraku's creations or at the very least working for Naraku." Sango says watching the insects fly off.

Before anyone gets the idea of following them, they split into a dozen different directions.

Kagome climbs out of the well and screams.

"KOGA!!" She screams and runs to his side.

Miroku intercepts her and holds her close.

"Who did this?" She asks.

"Akurei, the Lunar Demon." Miroku says.

Akurei is lead to the castle where he leaps over the wall.

He walks across the castle grounds and is greeted by Naraku sitting in his usual white baboon suit.

"It is an honor to meet a demon of your caliber." Naraku says bowing before Akurei.

"Judging from your scent. You are Naraku. A meager half demon that used the power of the Shikon Jewel to become a full blooded demon. I have heard quite a bit about from the different villages." Akurei says looking around.

"Your powers of observation are very impressive." Naraku compliments.

"What is it you want with me?" Akurei asks sitting before Naraku.

"I ask only one thing. I want you to kill Inuyasha and his companions. That's all." Naraku says.

"Is that so?" Akurei says rubbing his chin in thought.

"Yes. I will even give you this." Naraku says holding out the Shikon Jewel.

"This offer is tempting, I will give you that. However, I will do as I please. If I choose to kill Inuyasha then I will kill him. But due to the simple fact that you insult me by sending out this simple demon puppet instead of your true self, I may just have to hunt you down myself." Akurei says beheading the demon puppet.

"Forgive me for tricking you like that but I had my reasons. Perhaps there is a way we can work this out?" Naraku says stepping out of the shadows of a building.

"Let's hear what you have in mind." Akurei replies.

The following morning, everyone sits quietly around the cooking fire. Inuyasha slaps his neck and Myoga floats down.

"Well if it isn't Myoga the flea? What brings you back?" Inuyasha asks.

Myoga puffs back to his normal size and sits on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"My lord. I have heard that you were chasing a demon named Akurei. I must protest this and beg you not to battle that demon." Myoga says.

"And why is that?" Inuyasha asks.

"Because this demon is more powerful then any demon you have ever fought before. Ryukotsusei, was terrified of this Lunar Demon." Myoga explains.

"But I killed Ryukotsusei, remember?" Inuyasha says.

"Yes. I remember. However milord, Akurei is on a higher scale then the demons you have fought in the past. It was rumored that he is not a demon but a celestrial being of some sort." Myoga explains.

"That just means he will be more fun to kill." Inuyasha says.

"Inuyasha perhaps you should listen to him. Myoga has never been wrong before. I don't think you should fight him." Kagome says.

"I agree. Look at what he did to Koga who had nine shards of the Shikon Jewel." Miroku says.

"I will fight and kill Akurei the next time we meet." Inuyasha says and storms out.

"Is that so?" Akurei says making Inuyasha walk back in.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aurora is sitting quietly in her dark bedroom thinking. Delilah sits up in bed and wraps her arms around Aurora.

"You should get some sleep." Delilah says.

"I will. I just have something on my mind so its making it rather difficult to sleep." Aurora replies.

"I know how to take your mind off of things." Delilah whispers before kissing her deeply.


Ash and Celebi are sitting in Celebi's lab.

"Ash, I have a question for you. Do you regret killing Shino?" Celebi asks.

Ash is quiet for several minutes before he finally answers.

"In a way I am but in another way I'm not. The entire time I have known him, no one has ever gotten the jump on Shino. He has always been one step ahead of everyone, but that night it was like he was waiting for me. Just before I shot him he had said something. I can't remember what he said and it is really bothering me." Ash replies.

"I'm sure you'll remember it sometime. I want you to not worry about what you did. Think of it as doing the world a favor. You removed a large criminal element from the general population. In all honesty I believe he was happy to know that you were the one that did it instead of some random jackass." Celebi says.

"I guess you're right. I do feel like it was a mistake looking around at all the people who actually loved him." Ash says.

"First of all the only ones who really loved him were the ones he considered family. Akurei and his siblings, Maurice and Guadalupe, Karen's father, and his pokemon. You, he had a lot of respect for and trust in even if he didn't always show it. Don't let what people say get to you. Just hold your head high. In my eyes and Akurei's you didn't do anything wrong. That day I told Shino what was to come, he smiled and said, "I am going to simply let nature take it's course." Which means he knew this was coming for awhile and didn't do anything to stop it." Celebi explains.

The night Ash shot Shino replays in Ash's mind and Ash finally hears what Shino says.

"Thank you? Thank you? He was thanking me?" Ash says confused.

"Yep. He was glad to go. He has been secretly wanting this since Karen died but, he wasn't going to just give up and die either. He needed someone to do it who had reason to do it. And you were that someone. You should feel proud that he chose you." Celebi says.

"But why not Maurice or Akurei?" Ash asks.

"They wouldn't of been able to go through with it. It had to be someone that was pissed off enough that killing Shino was the only retaliation possible. Which I why he never said anything about Jesse spending the night in his bed. He had to get you so pissed that you would go through with it." Celebi explains.

Ash sits there for over an hour just letting everything sink in. He looks up and is actually smiling.

"I think you finally get the picture. So don't let it bother you anymore. You did the world a huge favor and a favor for a good friend. Like I said earlier just hold your head high and don't let what people say bother you. Just never tell anyone about it. There are probably hundreds of thousands that would kill you in a heart beat." Celebi says.

"I will. Thanks Celebi. I feel much better now." Ash says and leaves.

"Well, Shino your little scheme worked and you are now with the one you loved." Celebi says looking up.


"So the rumors were true." Mewtwo says standing next to Shino's grave.

"Wow." Mew says.

"So who pulled it off?" Mewtwo asks.

"In doesn't matter. We are under orders from Shino not to attack the person." Scizor says.

"I don't want to harm him. I want to shake his hand." Mew says.

"I am curious to see who it was." Mewtwo says.

"It would surprise you." Scizor replies.

"So it was him. I thought so." Mewtwo says.

"No surprise there." Mew adds.

"So what are you going to do now?" Scizor asks after several minutes.

"Nothing. I am going to go sleep for a very long time." Mewtwo says.

"I may travel around and be an elusive pokemon once more. Killing every pokemon that tries to attack me." Mew replies.

"What about you?" Mewtwo asks.

"I am going to stick around here and defend it till the day I die." Scizor replies.

Mewtwo nods and says, "If you need me you'll know where to find me." Mewtwo floats off into the darkness.

"Well, take it easy Scizor. We maybe seeing each other again." Mew says and shoots off into the sky.


Over the course of the next week, everyone leaves Purgatory and returns home.

Ash and Jesse retrieve the safety deposit box and buy a nice size home near the Lake of Rage in Jhoto.

Aurora and her band, Elemental, never perform again.

Akurei and Gauntlet continue to tour for a few more years before finally calling it quits.

As for Scizor, he defends Shino's property for years. Over ten thousand people try and not a single one is heard from again.

Brandon, The Demon of West, was killed a couple years later, in a massive city wide gun fight. Autopsy reports say that well over a thousand bullets ripped his body to shreds.

As for Maurice, the Demon of the East, he was ran over by a Ford Pinto and died.

The other Maurice and Guadalupe ended up getting married but tragically died on the way to the reception when a Ford Pinto crashed into their limo and exploded.

Chief Tendo retires several years later and lives happily with his family.

When Karen's father returns home he is greeted by a young girl, about 6 years old.

"How was your trip, Grandpa?" She asks.

"It was alright. When you get older I will tell you all about the man known as Shinogami." He replies as they go back inside.

"Daddy?" She says.


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