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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter 6 part B

From the North Shin and Shingi ride leading their army of well trained samurai. They ride in perfect formation as they approach.

From the West, Sessaru and Silmeria lead their army of ninja styled soldiers. They are scattered about as they make their way to the battlefield.

From the East, Nara rides with Kareen toward the battlefield.

And from the South, Ta leads his men through the thick forest towards the battle. His men are more animal like then men. They are swinging through the trees like monkeys or running through the forest like a leopard.

Vasthor has his men take their positions and await their enemy.

"Remember! Keep them busy till I kill the Demon King!" Vasthor shouts from the center of the camp.

Within an hour, all four Lords have arrived. Each of which have their army before them. Shin's men dismount their horses and kneel with their swords before them.

Ta sits in the tree with his men scattered amongst the trees and bushes of the forest.

As for Sessaru and his men they stand there watching everything.

And Nara rides up lazily and stops just before the river that divides No Man's Land from the Eastern Lands.

"Where is your army, Demon King?" Vasthor asks walking up to the calm river.

"I was unable to bring them. I can make one real quick if you want." Nara replies.

"By all means, please do. I wish to take your crown fairly." Vasthor replies.

Nara smiles and pulls out his book. After flipping through a few pages he finds the spell he wants. Hundreds of small spell circles fill the land behind Nara and suddenly all of them turn into smaller Naras.

"How's that?" Nara asks with a smile.

"Trying to hide among them is cowardly." Vasthor says.

"Alright lets try this then. (Turns all of the Naras into Vasthors) Better?" Nara asks.

Vasthor glares at Nara.

"I am just trying to get a laugh out of you." Nara says and snaps his fingers. All of the clones vanish and reappear as a variety of scantily clad women.

"I assume this is better." Nara says, "Now what are you planning to do?"

"I am known as Vasthor the Great and I have come to take that crown of yours." Vasthor replies.

"Is that so. Well you are more then welcome to try and take it." Nara says and hops off his horse.

Vasthor takes a deep breath and calms his nerves before motioning for everyone to attack.

A massive cry erupts from Vasthor's army as his men move out. Shin's men don't flinch as the other soldiers rush towards them. In a blink of an eye nearly half of the charging demons fall to the ground in half.

The two generals halt their advance.

"Very impressive." Shingi says, "Why did you need me?"

"See those two down there?" Shin asks, "That's Tencia and Aucion. They were two promising swordsmen I trained. I taught them everything they know. They turned on me when I wouldn't show them any of my special techniques. Use caution when dueling them." Shin explains.

Tencia is a young female demon dressed in full samurai armor that is blacker then black while Aucion (Tencia's younger brother) is dressed in bright white samurai armor.

"Exactly what special techniques did they want to learn?" Shingi asks.

Shin gives Shingi a look.

"Oh, those techniques." Shingi says surprised.


Sessaru's ninjas run from the advancing horde when a sudden explosion shakes the earth. Body parts mixed with dirt rain down from the sky as the smoke clears. Nothing is left of the attacking horde and only a couple ninjas were caught in the blast. The two Generals lay on the ground with shrapnel embedded in their bodies. Within moments they die from loss of blood.

"Think that may of been too much powder?" Silmeria asks.

"Maybe but it worked very well." Sessaru replies looking at the large crater before them.


Ta smiles as he leaps back into the forest. The attacking demons rush into the forest and stop instantly.

"So nice to see you three again, Gatyam, Siina, and Lata." Ta says from a branch above the 3 Generals.

Gatyam is the tallest of the 3 by only a few inches but he is more muscular. Down his arms are tiger stripes and large tiger claws extend from his fingers. Orange and black mix through his hair and over the rest of his legs.

Siina has more of an eagle look. She is covered in tan feathers and has wing like sleeves on her jacket that give her the ability to fly. She has razor sharp talons sticking out of her boots capable of severing a head from its shoulders.

Lata is the reptilian one of the group. She has the snake scales all over her body and a forked tongue that is constantly flickering.

"How kind of you to show up. Once I sink my claws into your chest and rip your heart out, I plan on sinking something else into the beautiful Lust." Gatyam says stretching his claws.

"Trust me, you wouldn't last one minute." Ta replies with a grin.

Siina and Lata glare at Gatyam.

"Proceed carefully." Lata orders and the soldiers continue deeper into the forest.


Nara enters the river and never takes his eyes off of Vasthor.

"Why have you waited this long to try again?" Nara asks.

"So you do remember me, I'm truly honored." Vasthor says bowing slightly but never enough to take his eyes off of Nara, "When preparing to fight someone of your caliber then one must be in their top form. I am proud to say that I have achieved that."

Nara steps foot into No Man's Land and a barrier appears.

"Congratulations on your achievement." Nara says and claps.

Vasthor draws his massive mace from his back and swings it around a couple times before smashing it into the ground at Nara's feet. Nara looks up and raises an eyebrow.

"Welcome to my domain." Vasthor says as the shockwave ricochets off the barrier and straight into Nara's lower back sending him flying. He crashes into a marble barricade and falls to the ground.

He gets to his feet as Vasthor laughs.

"Very clever. I will admit this does have my mind racing on how you have accomplished this feat." Nara says applauding once again.

The shockwave hits Nara in the chest and sends him tumbling across the ground once more.

"Try as you like to figure it out. It will only bring your death." Vasthor says with an evil victorious laugh.


Sessaru and Silmeria make their way around the crater to rejoin the battle with his army.

"Next time we won't use so much." Silmeria says.

"Yeah, that may of been a bit excessive." Sessaru says.

The crater is about a quarter mile in diameter and almost a half mile deep in the center.


"Why don't you surrender? I promise to make it worth your while." Lata says to Ta and flicks her tongue seductively at him.

"As tempting as that may be I am going to have to decline." Ta says from his hiding spot.

"Why? I don't want you dead. You are more pleasurable alive." She says snickering.

"To be honest with you, that night at Nara's party I was stumbling drunk." Ta says and silently drops down behind Lata, "Why don't you surrender and join me instead?" He whispers softly into her ear while running his hands over her body.

Lata stops and enjoys his hands for a moment. Suddenly she is yanked underground and is laying on her back in a large web. She sits up and her snake skin clothes rip down her back.

"LATA!" Siina shouts, "Damn, Ta got to her."

"I think she let her feelings get the best of her. It doesn't matter. She is loyal to us regardless. She will complete the mission no matter what." Gatyam says.


Shin and Shingi stand among their fallen soldiers with Tencia and Aucion before them.

"You two have gotten a lot stronger. That is impressive." Shin says.

"We know your tricks. You can't defeat us." Tencia says pointing her katana at them.

"I never teach my students all of my secrets for this very reason." Shin says laying his katana down and kneeling with his back to Tencia.

"I guess its you and me." Shingi says looking Aucion over.

"And who might you be?" Aucion asks.

"Names are not important. The only thing you need to know about me is..." Shingi says drawing his katana slowly.


Kareen watches as Nara is brutally bounced around by the shockwaves.

"I can't do anything." She says to herself and something catches her eye. She looks to the side and spots several demons trying to get behind her. A smile crosses her lips and she draws her bow. Within a few seconds all of them are hobbling back to their camp.


Nara smashes into another marble barricade and rolls onto his back. Cuts and bruises mark his body all over.

"You can end this." Vasthor says, "All you have to do is die and it will be all over."

"Sorry, but dying isn't in my schedule this week. Perhaps we could reschedule next month." Nara replies as he gets to his feet slowly.

"Always quick with a joke even when you are about to die. No wonder the peasants love you so much." Vasthor says and smashes his mace into the ground again.

Nara stands there and waits. A few seconds later he is blasted across the battlefield and smashes into the barrier before dropping to the ground.

"Seven." Nara says and shakes his head. As he does one of his horns falls off.


Lata lays on the web completely nude with Ta next to her.

"Before we go any farther, I need to take care of the horde of troops above." Ta says and disappears into the darkness.

Ta stands on a branch and surveys everything. A smile crosses his lips and he whistles. Gatyam and Siina quickly go back to back as screams fill the forest.

Their soldiers are being snatched into the ground like a trap door spider. While others are snared in a variety of pitfall traps onto sharpened sticks, smashed by falling branches, or hit by swinging walls with sharp sticks jutting out everywhere.

"Come face us face to face you coward." Gatyam shouts.

"That won't work. You should know that if you didn't spend all your time hitting on Lust." Ta replies as he moves through the tree tops with ease.

"Well once your dead then I will just take her." Gatyam says looking around the tree tops.

Ta gets in position and lunges downwards at them. Gatyam turns and Ta tackles him full force. They roll into the bushes and Ta vanishes while Gatyam lays there holding his ribs.

"Lets see you get me that easily." Siina says as she starts to fly.

Ta leaps off a branch and lands on her back.

"Sorry, what did you say?" Ta asks and rips her sleeves off. Her jacket tears in half and they fall back to the ground. She lands on Ta and rolls off to the side.

Ta sits up and grabs her before dropping down a trap door.

"You two stay here." Ta says and tosses Siina onto the web next to Lata.


Shingi smiles as he watches Aucion limp around.

"The way Shin was talking is that you would be a challenge." Shingi says looking at the cut on his sleeve, "Apparently you are only good when you fight alongside you sister."

Aucion grits his teeth as the blood continues to ooze from the cuts on his calf.

Tencia crosses blades with Shin again before leaping back.

Her helmet has been cut in two and her long hair has also been cut. Dozens of cuts mark her arms, chest, back, and legs. None of them are bleeding, they are just deep enough to get through the armor and not cut the skin.

"What are you planning?" Tencia asks as she strikes again. Shin blocks and sends her tumbling backwards.

"You aren't concentrating. Is it because you are thinking about your brother?" Shin says.

Shingi walks up and tosses Aucion's lifeless body in front of Tencia.

"He died by a special technique." Shingi says just before Aucion falls to pieces and blood sprays everywhere, "The delayed thousand slice."

"Now maybe you will concentrate on our battle now that you don't have to worry about Aucion." Shin says.

Tencia sits there drenched in her brother's blood.

"You bastard!" She shouts at Shingi and rushes at him.

Shin blocks her attack and knocks her to the ground.

"Our battle is not over." Shin says staring down at her, "If you kill me then you may attack him.


Sessaru and Silmeria make their way around the crater and to their surprise the battle is practically over. Sessaru's ninjas wipe out the few remaining soldiers of Vasthor's and Sessaru looks back at Silmeria.

"Now what?" Sessaru asks.

"We should go see Kareen." She replies and points at Kareen.


Gatyam finds Siina's ripped jacket and looks around. He spots Ta climbing out of the trap door and he crouches down.

"Damn, he must of seen me." Ta says to himself running through the bushes. Ta quickly climbs a tree for an aerial view.

"Shit! He did see me." Ta says as he scans the ground for Gatyam.

In the bushes off to the right of Ta, Gatyam lies watching Ta's every move. His breathing is very slow and steady as he watches.

Lata opens the trap door and crawls out. She shakes her head and stands up.

"Ta, where did you go?" She asks.

"Guess that potion Lust gave me wore off." Ta says to himself.

A fierce roar is heard and Gatyam charges out of the bushes at full speed. Lata spins around just as Gatyam's powerful claws slice through her.

"TRAITOROUS WHORE!" He shouts and swipes at her a second time.

Siina climbs out and watches in horror at what Gatyam did to Lata.

"She was under some sort of spell." Siina explains.

Gatyam ignores her and roars once more.

Ta drops down in front of Gatyam with a smirk on his face.


Shin wipes the blood from his katana and looks at the slit throat of Tencia at his feet.

"She was definitely one of your students." Shingi says, "She handled that sword better then some of the seasoned veterans I have faced."

"She could of been better then both of us perhaps." Shin replies, "No one will know now."

Shin and Shingi both say a small prayer for Tencia and Aucion before walking towards No Man's Land to watch Nara.


Nara picks himself up again and pops his hip back into place. Blood is flowing from dozens of deep cuts all over his head and body. 7 of his 8 horns have been broken and Vasthor smashes his mace into the ground once more.

"Why won't you die?" Vasthor asks, "Its as if his body is acting automatically without him telling it what to do." He says to himself.

Nara flies head first into the cooking area and lands on a cooking pot, shattering his last horn. A pulse goes out and the barrier shatters. All of the soldiers Nara created turn to dust and Vasthor looks around nervously.


Koji watches everything with Ryuu from the safety of Sessaru's forest.

"This should be interesting." Ryuu says.


Nara floats up in the air and lands softly before Vasthor.

"You should of killed me when you had the chance." Nara says in a very deep voice.

Vasthor picks his mace up and smashes it on Nara's head. The mace shatters like glass. Nara punches Vasthor in the stomach and cracks the thick armor. The cracks run all over the armor and once it stops the armor falls to pieces. Vasthor coughs and blood comes spewing out. He stumbles and drops to his knees with blood just flowing from Vasthor's mouth.

Nara jams his two fingers into Vasthor's right eye and two into the left eye then his thumb into Vasthor's mouth. With a hard pull Vasthor's face and front of the skull come off. Nara crushes it in his hand and tosses it at has feet. Vasthor's lifeless body falls forward and Nara steps on it as he lets out an earth shaking victory cry (More of a roar really.)


Ta and Gatyam look over in the direction of the roar.

"Guess its time to get serious." Ta says looking back at Gatyam. Gatyam pounces on Ta and sinks the his claws deep into the shoulder muscles of Ta.

Ta struggles to hold Gatyam's powerful jaws open and away from his neck. Gatyam's eyes cross for a second and Ta throws him off.

"You may be cat like but getting kicked in the nuts hurts regardless." Ta says getting to his feet.

Ta ducks and dodges all of the strikes Gatyam attempts. Gatyam finally connects with one and Ta taps Gatyam on the shoulder.

"Missed." Ta says.

Gatyam turns and sees Siina laying there with claw marks on her face which is half crushed. Before Gatyam can react Ta puts his hand through his chest and pulls out Gatyam's beating heart.

"Sleep well." Ta says and bites the heart.

Gatyam collapses and Ta finishes the heart.


The four Lords meet in the middle of No Man's Land at the pit.

"Anyone know what that was about?" Silmeria asks.

"That would be someone who knew a lot about us and used that information to find demons from our past." Shin explains.

"Vasthor was once a highly skilled warrior who left my army to pursue his own ambitions. He came close to achieving them today. He was a great warrior." Nara says and bows slightly.

"There is someone in this pit." Sessaru says watching some trash move.

Everyone looks at him.

"Why do I have to go look?" He asks.

"You noticed them. Go save them." Ta says with blood still covering his mouth.

Silmeria hands her staff to Sessaru and Nara grabs her shoulder. Sessaru gives the staff back and hops in the pit.

"Good to see you again, Shingi." Nara says, "When you have the time, come and see me."

"It's Roswell and Sephile." Sessaru shouts, "And they are bound and naked."

Everyone shutters at the thought of why they are naked.

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