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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I gots a new house in Tennessee! But I was told we're not moving in until the week of my birthday,though. That kinda sucks. But I lurve my room! I'm not gonna tell ya EXACTLY where it is though! Hehe! We're gonna be living in the NE of TN. The place where I'm moving to is PICKUP TRUCK CENTRAL! Oh, and I remembered how much I hated mountains....oh yes...OH SO MUCH! My friend Izumi got a little gift from Tennessee....Terry the Tennessee Tampon. Yes, she named it. THE MACHINE FRICKIN SHOT IT OUT AT HER!! That was bloody hilarious! While in TN, I got some new Tripp pants and a couple Snape shirts, makeup, earmuffs, an issue of Purple Sky, and Hello Kitty undies while there! My dad bought me Jack Skellington floor mats for my car Cloud too! So yeah....kinda eventful I guess you could say!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh, to travel.....

Going up to TN to look at houses and mah friend Zoom's coming with meh. Found out that I'm actually moving in March! YES! More Florida time! I frickin lurve this state so bloody much! I downloaded some Gackt, Jeffree Star, The Medic Droid, OLIVIA, Killswitch Engage, Diru, and some new Nightwish yesterday! (Can ya tell I'm trying to make this post more interestin'?)I saw Sweeney Todd and it was BLOODY AMAZING! No pun intended on the bloody part. Oh! I got Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas!....And that's about it....and mah birthday's in 2 months! Yay age 17!
Death Note

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moving so soon!

Yeah, I'm moving to Tennessee over Christmas Break, so that means no Christmas for Kei-chan! I've started drawing all of my friends pictures for Christmas since I'm poor and can't afford anything else. I think I'll come on here more often just to let everyone know that I haven't been murdered....2 of my friends have been fighting, and now they've stopped acknowledging each other. And one of mah other friends had a Warhead for the first time in years, and had the most hilarious puckered face! Then he started drooling and nearly choked on it! I've kinda been ignoring myotaku lately for some reason. Anywho, have a good day!

Death Note: Braindead. by *SilentReaper on deviantART

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Some.....interesting news.....

So nothing special has happened up until Saturday. Oh boy, Saturday. That's the day I found out that I'm gonna be moving to Tennessee in May or June. I really don't wanna move. It's gonna be my senior year, and I'm going to be at a different high school in a different state away from friends that I've known most of my life. I guess I shouldn't complain though....I'm coming back after high school. Not to mention that I'm finally gonna get mah chicken named Robertson (like Kousuke's baby chick in Spiral) when we move out there. And finally my own computer. Heck yes. Anywho, gotta go.
Love, Keiko

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ah, the lyrics you hear when you play Santuary from KH2 in reverse!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The translation is at the end! Can you tell I'm taking French?

Bonjour à tous ! ! Comment allez-vous des types ? Je me suis ennuyé hors de mon esprit ! OH ! Mon chat a juste attaqué ma jambe ! ! QUOI QU'IL EN SOIT ! Nous avons maintenant 50 minutes pour manger le déjeuner, et nous avons une carte de La ! Mais le prix stupide de repas scolaire est monté, tellement maintenant je juste vais aux endroits aléatoires et obtiens le déjeuner après école. Et maintenant mon kitty repose en mon-OH MON DIEU qu'il A PRESQUE JETÉ VERS LE HAUT SUR MOI ! Parler de mon chat faisant des choses, il a fait pipi sur mes pyjamas ce matin ! ! BRUT ! * soupirs * il vieillit, mon kitty. Ainsi je suis allé au mail hier avec mon ami Izumi, et j'y suis arrivé premier. Ainsi je suis entré et me suis assis dans sa chambre. Bien, peu de Zoomy est sorti de la douche et est entré dans la salle vivante et a demandé à sa maman, "hé maman, a fait l'appel de Keiko?" Sa maman va "ouais, elle aura lieu ici en quelques minutes." Ainsi le bourdonnement a hérité sa pièce avec sa serviette dessus et a crié le meurtre sanglant quand elle m'a vu m'asseoir sur son lit ! IL ÉTAIT HILARE ! ! Elle a crié l'"maman, j'a presque enlevé ma serviette !!" Bien, c'est au sujet de tous pour maintenant ! Bye ! Amour, Keiko

Hello everyone!! How are you guys? I've been bored out of my mind! AH! My cat just attacked my leg!! ANYWAY! We now have 50 minutes to eat lunch, and we have a la carte! But the stupid school lunch price went up, so now I just go to random places and get lunch after school. And now my kitty is sitting in my-OH MY GOD HE ALMOST THREW UP ON ME! Speaking of my cat doing things, he peed on my pajamas this morning!! GROSS! *sighs* He's getting old, my kitty. So I went to the mall yesterday with my friend Izumi, and I got there early. So I went and sat in her room. Well, little Zoomy came out of the shower and went into the living room and asked her mom, "Hey mum, did Keiko call?" Her mom goes "Yeah, she'll be here in a few minutes." So Zoom came into her room with her towel on and screamed bloody murder when she saw me sitting on her bed! IT WAS HILARIOUS!! She screamed "Mum! I almost took off my towel!!" Well, that's about all for now! Bye!
Love, Keiko

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Sorry for not updating! Nothing's been going on except me drawing to improve my art and writing skills! AH! My kitty just bit me! Bad neko-chan!HE DID IT AGAIN!!!Why does Tiger always bite me?! Oh well, I love the old ball of fur to death! After many failed Chi drawings and other characters, I finally got an OKAY one! HECK YES!! Not to mention school is starting in 2 weeks! *sigh* Stupid STUPID school! Oh something stinky's been happening! I mean REALLY stinky! We got my dog Kayleigh new dog food, and about 2 hours after she ate it.......she started farting like MAD! IT WAS SO HORRIBLE!! It would seep under the doors into the bedrooms!! I couldn't even get into the hallway it was so bad!! *shudders* Hopefully she'll stop soon....talk to you guys later!


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Monday, July 16, 2007

Wah! Long time no post!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile guys! Right after school got out, I was working on my art. That's mostly why I haven't been able to update! Then I went on vacation to Virginia, so I couldn't update then either! I'm just trying REALLY hard to improve my art skills! It hasn't been easy! I've messed up so many times!*cries* But I'll share with you guys what a little of what I've completed! So if I don't update, you'll know I'm drawing! (The best ones are at the end!)
Chibi Axel
L's Cake Trouble
Juri YYH Dark Tournament 2

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Friday, May 4, 2007


'Ello everyone!! Great news! I got my Miyavi scratchboard back! I'm so happy! I just put it up on my Deviant, so please go and take a look! I actually did gt 2nd place with it! S-core! Anywho, here's the link!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


For some reason, I can't upload any of my drawings onto here, so I put them on my DeviantArt. I have 22 pics on there I think, so please check it out! I'm home because I have double vision....AGAIN!! I was home yesterday because I had the worst migraine in all of history! I hate migraines! So now I have to see an eye doctor today at 3. This sucks, but at least my migraine doesn't hurt as much! Here's the link to my DA

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