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Monday, October 2, 2006


I have to say this first before anything....My friend Alea had this dream the other night, and I can't tell ya'll the whole story because she'll kick my ass, anywho, in the middle of her dream she was riding this GIGANORMOUS otter and they had to make this left turn underwater. Well, the otter had a blinker!! It's left ear went up and down and had a neon glow to it! I cracked up and cried, I was laughing so hard!! I had to draw my friend Tyler her poster for her book report...I had to draw With and Riku from D.N. Angel. Apparently Tyler doesn't know how much she owes me......It turned out pretty awesome!! I'm getting this poster back!! I drew it, it's MINE!! My day was okay I guess. How was ya'lls?
Alucard-Dont answer her...she's being punished.
Keiko-For what?! I glomped you!!
Alucard-You tackled me!
Keiko-You said something that made me happy!
Alucard-Yeah, but I didn't think you'd take it that far....
Keiko-*glares at him* Fine, I'll take the damn punishment....what is it anyway?
Alucard-You have to eat 10 bags of cotton candy.
Keiko-But I hate cotton candy!! It makes me gag!! *pretends to gag dramatically*
Alucard-That's why it's called a punishment *smiles manically*
Hellsing Ultimate AMV....Nightwish-Wish I Had An Angel

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

I'm sorry!!

Sorry I haven't updated guys!! I've just been too busy!! Please forgive me! I just got Hellsing Vol. 1. for my book report! THE LAST ONE AT THE MALL!! Hells yes I'm good!! And Tyler is making me stash her yaoi stories at my house....not that I'm complaining!! I've read most of em!! She has good taste in yaoi stories!! Hehe. She wanted to come over today, but sadly, mah mum said no. Should I keep this theme, or try another one? If so, what theme? Should I go back to a Trapnest theme? Sorry about the questions!! I just need to know!!
Alucard-She's been whining about it for 2 days now...
Keiko-How can I not?! I have to know!
Alucard-Why does it bug you so much?
Keiko-*thinks for a second* You know what? I have no idea why.....*gets deeper into thought on the subject*
Alucard-That should keep her busy for awhile, at least until she realizes she's drooling all over her Ed pillow she got at the mall....*watches Keiko drool with little interest* Oh yeah, she said to say that this is a clip from the Nana anime and.......she just fell asleep in mid drool....gross.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hey heya!!

I just got back from school!! Yay!! It was kinda boring today, cept Alea scared the teacher so much that he backed away and clung to the board!! She was drawing, and he said "Unless you're drawing like Alea" and she slammed her paper down and glared at him!! I cracked up so bad!! And Jay ran into another door when school got out.....And I took home my friend Tyler's anime folder, and she's got yaoi in it!! I'm in heaven!! Go Tyler!! So, how do you guys like my new Hellsing theme? And how has your Wednesday been? *cracks her neck* That feels better!! SQUEE!! And my dog ran into the entertainment center door again...*laughs* She cracks me up!! See ya'll later!! Ja ne!! ~Kei-chan
Alucard:I look good in this AMV
Keiko:....You look good anyway, what are you talking about?
Alucard:*changes the subject* I'm hungry, I'm going to eat...*leaves*
Keiko:Wait! Dont leave me!! *runs after him and trips in the process*
Hellsing AMV with Disturbed-Voices

What anime character are you?(girls only+lots of pics) by anime_lovar
fav. color:
your anime soul:

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hey guys!! What's shakin'? Alea-chan was taking pics in 5th today, and tried to take a pic of me!! I bloody HATE pictures!! I never look good in them! Any who, we had a party in anime club today, with DDR and singing. And I watched the last episode of Hellsing!! Damn cliffhangers! I love that series though!! My mom was so hyper the other day!! While we were in the mountains in Georgia, we had breakfast, and after breakfast my mom was SO hyper!! She like "I think I'm on drugs!! I think that lady put something in my coffee!! I'm wired for sound!!" I'm like "Mom.....calm down!" And poor Haru!! She has the flu today!! And I have her present here! And I have Tyler's here too! I forgot them today! Oops! I hope Haru comes to school tomorrow!!
Alucard:Dont mind Keiko, she's a little off today....
Kei-chan:Am not!! *pants get stuck to her chair and she falls bringing the chair down with her*
Alucard:I've proved my point....
Kei-chan:I'll let that slid for now!! *tries to get uncaught but fails*
Alucard:*sighs* Let me help...*gets her pants uncaught from the chair* See? Wasn't that easy?
Kei-chan:YAY!! *huggles Alucard*
Well, see ya'll later!!
Today's vid!! Bullet for My Valentine-Tears Don't Fall

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Kei-chan has returned!! AND HAPPY B-DAY HARU-SAN!!

I got back about an hour ago!! I'm SO happy to be home!! We went to this house that you can stay in when you're on vacation, and it was 2 stories! An I had my own room!! SQUEE! It took FOREVER to get there!! And we had cable!! Staying there wasnt that bad, but the beds SUCKED!! And it was always freezing!! I ate junkfood the whole time! Mmmmm....munchies....I saw 3 fawns, and 2-3 turkies. And bunnies!! CAnt forget the bunnies!! I went down into a gold mine, and went all over the place. And I couldnt sleep last night, so I texted my friend Haru-san to say Happy B-day!! She turns 17 today!! Thank god my friend Bridgett babysat my Sugar Gliders......I REALLY didnt wanna take em with me, as much as I love em, they wouldve been a handful!! If you dont know what sugar gliders look like, here ya go! Ja ne!!
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Thursday, September 21, 2006


So today will be the last post till I get back....sad, huh? Will ya'll miss me? Anywho, my friends Kyle and Haru (the ones who're engaged) got in another fight today.....Kyle doesnt like that Haru is friends with a guy that likes her. And she was crying!! I felt so bad!! Alea and I were gonna start yelling at em, because they were acting like children!! I was steamed that Kyle was acting like that!! And Jono was about to throw some punches at Kyle!! He gave him the look of death!! But they eventually worked it out, so everyone's happy! And I have to clean the kitchen, then go to one of my best friends in all the world. Alea's house!! But I cant spend the night like I originally planned 2 weeks ago. I leave for Georgia in the wee hours of the morn!! So, yeah!! Talk to ya'll when I get back!! Tell me how your day has been!! Gomen!! I cant visit any sites today!! ~Kei-chan
THE MANGA IM CURRENTLY READING!! W Juliet!! Its soo good!!
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

*sighs* What a day!

My back hurts!! And I have to do 2 projects tonight!! I'm worn out, and I just got home!! I have to find my Biology workbook or I'm screwed!! So yeah. And I'm not gonna post for like 4-5 days because I'm gonna be in Georgia....so yeah....I didnt get to go to the Diru concert! I'm so sad!! And my friend Tyler wants me to buy her a sub. to Shojo Beat! I said "Fuck no!!" I gotta do my Art and Science thing. So here ya go!
Vid of the day-CAKE!!Funny AMV! My sis says its from Lazy Town, or whatever its called....never seen it before....But here ya go!!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I got soaked walking home!! Darn you rain!! I was at anime club today, and we saw this really weird but funny anime!! The characters were some chick named Yuki, a guy named Kyon, and some chicks whose names I forgot....Anywho, it cracked me up!! So anyways, I'm so sad....I'm gonna miss Haruko's party....and the anime sleepover at Alea's....Hopefully I'll find some anime stuff in Georgia, if not I'll be PISSED!! If I dont get to your site, gomen nasai! *bows* So how has ya'lls Tuesday been?
Nightwish-The Phantom of the Opera!! (Awesome song!! Tarja did such a good job!)

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Monday, September 18, 2006


Hiya everyone!! I'm supposed to call my teacher to take an exam right now, but I decided to update instead!! Today was boring!!! Nothing happened! And Haru's 17th b-day party is this weekend and I'm not gonna be here!! NOOO!! I wanna go so bad, but my parents wont let me!! *cries* I'm so sad!! My puppy Kayleigh is feeling alot better!! She had something stuck in her system and couldnt eat!! But all that's over now!! It hurt me to see her so sick! She gained 12 pounds in the last week, so I know she's fine now!! I've been thinking of these avis all day!! They always cracks me up!! Enjoy!!
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

YAY!! MOO COWS!! How do you guys like my new theme?

GO BOU-CHAN!! Shinya-Flower temporarily (man, I cant spell!) made their theme moo cows!! THE POWER OF THE MOO COWS!! *Laughs evilly* *Ahem* Anywho, nothing really exciting happened......I'm sorry your ankle is still sucking bbast!! I hope it gets better soon!! OH!! Before I forget, go to everyone's sites and wish Bou-kun HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I gots some sites to visit, so if I dont get to yours, Im sorry!! I'll try harder to get to everyone's sites!!
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S QUESTION-The funniest name I've heard for a pet was Chairman Meow and Whitey Fish Pants!

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