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Friday, October 20, 2006

So bored......

I'm learning Japanese!! Well, basic Japanese! I've learned alot since last night when I went through alot of lessons!! And I got a D in art because I forgot to turn in my final sketch when I was absent. Since we're graded every 2 weeks, it counts alot if you miss something....Anyway, I'm obsessed with various bands at the moment, can ya tell? So yeah, I'm starting to get really irritated because I'm coughing and sneezing still! There's snot all over the place! Sorry if I grossed you out! I'm just really bored, and there's nothing on TV!! RAWR!! You know the little roomba vacuum(I have no idea how to spell it!) we had and we named it Rodney? The first day we got him, he chased me down the hallway! Well, anywho, we had to take him back today. He's been going in cirles and....that's about all he does! We got a new one named Rodnita.....My sister's idea...And I've been up since around 8:30 I guess. NO SCHOOL TODAY!! HECK YES!! My friends Alea and Haru are at Holloween Horror Nights down in Orlando right now. LUCKY BITCHES!!! But I'm not complaining! I hope they have a good time!! Well, here's a little vid for ya!
Kingdom Hearts DDR to the song Speed Over Beethoven! Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


I have the cold that Haru had the other day. Why am I always getting sick? I can't stop coughing and my nose is always running!! At least I feel good enough to eat! I'm at home with my puppy Kayleigh, and she won't let me out of her sight!! It's so cute!! It's like she's my little nurse!! *coughs again* Owie...my throat's sore....Anywho, I dunno if I'm gonna cosplay as Chii at the club on Tuesday, I'm feeling kinda lazy at the moment. But there's a good thing in all of this....I DONT HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY!! Heck yes!! But Frankie has my smexy sunglasses!! AH!! I'd better get them back on Mon.! Well, I'm off! *coughs again* WHEN WILL THIS TORTURE END?!
Atreyu-Her Portrait in Black

I love this song!!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Nothing good has really happened, so that's why I haven't been updating as often. I've started writing fanfics again, and they're currently on ff.net. The only thing about them is that they suck!! I haven't written in forever!! I've put a Gundam Wing one, and a Hellsing one on there. They're both rated M, and I still have to start the second chapter on both of them. That'll only happen if I get enough good reviews on them. I've been coughing all weekend and all week!! We watched Deathnote in anime club today, and we're having a cosplay contest next meeting!! Hells yes!! I'm probably not gonna cosplay though. I still have to work on my Chii cosplay.....*sighs* Maybe I'll get it done by then? Wish me luck on that!! Well, a moth tried to rape me today!! And it butt raped Jay!! It was hilarious!! Now, ya'll get to visit the world of true, awesome metal!!
Well, here's the vid of the day!!
Otep-Buried Alive

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Homecoming Game was a blast!!

Even though we lost the Homecoming Game, 38-0, we still had alot of fun!! We didn't watch the game at all, we just fooled around the whole time! It was SO much fun!! Our team sucks so bad!! Varsity sucks!! At least we win with JV! I got skirted 5 billion times yesterday!! Not fun!! There's a Uranium marathon on Fuse today! Hells yes! I've been watching it forever!! Ahhhh.....the sound of metal always calms me down!! A.J. almost got hit by a golfcart!! He was running to slam into a wall, and noone saw the golfcart heading his way!! I swear, it was an inch away from him! Then he slammed into the wall and this lady's like "QUIT DOING STUPID STUNTS YOU DUMB-DUMB!!" It was hilarious!! We were all so hyper!! I finished the first chapter of my fanfic!! It's called 'Home Alone', and its a Yushin/Nobara pairing!! I also made it M for stuff like cursing, sexual stuff, and all that jazz. I gotta start working on chapter 2 soon. Hopefully my writing skills will improve!! I haven't written a fanfic in 2 years!! Well, I'll get to as many sites as I can! Please don't be mad if I don't visit your site today! I'm short on time!
Here's a Hellsing AMV!! Trivium-Declaration

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Thursday, October 12, 2006


I had an awesome day today!! It was Culture Day today, and some guy I know from Anime Club dressed as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII!! I was like "Damn!! That's fucking AWESOME!!" and Jay's like "Shut up, Keiko" So yeah...good day...*smiles happily* I'm wearing a skirt tomorrow! Homecoming game!! My friends are all bringing cameras to catch Haru in a skirt!! Teehee!! Hells yeah!! I haven't seen Foamy in awhile!! If you've never seen Foamy, or Pillz-E, here ya go!! Jono and Haru are in a fight, and Jono smacked Kyle!! And Kyle was in a toga today!! Awesome!! So yeah!! About Operation Neverland....We stole Tinker Bell off of the vending machine! And we were supposed to get Peter, but the stupid janitor got to him first!! So I was pissed for awhile!! But I drew Peter at the end of the day, so I'm happy again!! It turned out really well!! Maybe one day I'll stop being lazy and put some of my drawings on here!! That'd be sweet huh? You all can see how I've improved since my shitty Sano on my AnimeGothGurl118 account!! I've REALLY improved!! Well, talk to ya'll later!!
Foamy- 5 more minutes (the first one I ever saw!)

Foamy-Nuts to You!

Foamy-Amytiville Toaster

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

'Ello loves!!

So hi!! My friends and I underwent 'Operation Neverland' yesterday!! I'll tell ya'll about it later... My school week's been okay I guess....my migraines have been more frequent. They REALLY suck!! I spoke with my friend Izumi last night, and she went to the talent show at her school and she's like "Holy crap Keiko, Cole was so hot in my belt and tie!" I just had to laugh at that!! And they couldn't find him with the spotlight and he was jumping up and down and waving his arms trying to get their attention!! It sounded so funny!! *sighs* Now I feel like drawing Peter Pan!! And I think I'll draw more Disney characters while I'm at it!! I'm a sucker for Disney!! I can't help it!! And I got my book report back!! I got an A!!! Hells yes!! Talk to ya'll later!! Till then, enjoy my Disneyness!!

"We can Fly!" (Japanese)

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Fun day at the mall!!

My friend Alea called me this morning and is like "Dude, you wanna go to the mall today?" I'm like "Sure" So she, Icky and her cousin Jessie get here about an hour later because she had to plan everything, and Jessie was driving, and he was blasting Avengend Sevenfold all the way to the mall. When we got there, we had to wait for my best friends Zoom-tush and Haru. Haru got there a few minutes after Icky. Izumi finally got there after we annoyed her to the depths of hell, and we went into the new Halloween Store in there. I got handcuffed by Alea!! We had such a fucking good time!! I have a migraine right now though, because I drank a mocha latte smoothie, and I dont feel good either. And I found out that Haru's step-dad was being an ass again!! You have no idea how much I wanted to torture him at that moment!! Thank God she moved out of his house!! She's now living with one of her British friends and his stubby little bro. So now she's be coming over to my house to get to school! Heck yes!! And Haru's dad found out about her stepdad being a little shit, so he's coming all the way down from Jersey to kick his fucking ass!!! Go Haru's dad!! So yeah, some happy points and angry points today....See ya'll around!

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

I changed my site yet AGAIN...

Sorry if the changing of my site's theme constantly is bugging you. I know it's annoying!! But please don't get mad! I can't help it! Anywho, the reason I changed my site to a Ghost in the Shell theme(even though you can't see it because Myotaku is being a jerk to me again), is because I just got the game! I know it's been awhile since it came out, but I just got it yesterday. I went to sears and bought it for like $20 I think. I don't know why, but there's something about the game that makes me addicted to it! Waah! Awww! My kitty's being sweet!! *Tiger purrs loudly* I saw Employee of the Month yesterday. It was pretty funny! And I about gagged when Jessica Simpson kissed Dave Cook! I'm like "Ewwww...Jessica Simpson herpes!!" It made me almost throw up! Anywho, my sister got Soul Calibur II and my other sister got this really weird sounding game. My dad got the two games he wanted so everyone's happy! And I'm just itching to play my game again! But I'm resisting! One more thing! Did anyone get the new Shojo Beat yesterday? Poor Yushin got cheated on!! I LOVE YUSHIN!! That made me angry!! Sorry! Just had to get that out!! So, how has yall's weekend been so far?
Ghost in the Shell 2 Opening!!

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Thursday, October 5, 2006


Ya'll know by now that I change my theme based on what I'm obsessed with at the time, and it changes everytime I'm obsessed with something new. Well right now it's supposed to be an AxelXRoxas theme, but I can't tell if anything worked because Myotaku is being stupid again. I have NO idea what I put on here!! It's starting to bug the hell outta me! So yeah. We had a Prep Rally today. That was HELL!! The greatest part was when the wind was blowing and a box started to skid across the track when the cheerleaders were cheering. Everyone was paying attention to the possessed box!! Everyone's like "Go box, go!!" And the cheerleaders didn't look happy about everyone not paying attention when they were cheering! That made me happy!! So yeah. I can't get to many sites today....I'm Sorry! I'll try to get to as many as I can tomorrow!! I promise!! I have to wear my purple plaid skirt on Mon. and I have to go to the Homecoming Game next Fri. So I'll talk to ya'll later!!
Axel-Finally! I thought she'd never get off!! I need the computer!
Keiko-FOR WHAT?!
Keiko-*giggles* HA! I knew you'd like yaoi eventually!
Axel-Yeah, yeah. Just scoot over!
Keiko-*giggles some more*

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006


I sent a dedication to Dedicate Live!! AND I GOT ON!! If you saw one on Cobra Starship-"Snakes On A Plane", and OK Go-"Here It Goes Again" Paramore-"Emergency" ANTI-FLAG-"Street Corpse" Stone Sour-"Through Glass" and Avenged Seven fold-"Seize The Day"And I got it in most of the songs!! If you saw em, lemme know!! And Twitch fell off the brick things yesterday! It was HILARIOUS!! And I get to borrow Tyler's iPOD for the weekend as long as I charge it. She has Miyavi, Gackt, Dir en Grey, and some other Jrock bands on it!! SQUEE!! I was doing my presentation on Hellsing and I got REALLY into it!! People were scared of my Alucard drawing because I drew him from a scene when he was about to kill Incognito! And my teacher told me to get onto the other areas of the report. Hehe...I tend to babble...So anyway....I made the class laugh today! I tried to do a Father Anderson accent! That made them laugh along with my Alucard evil laugh!! I was HYPER!! So yeah.
Avenue Q's "If You Were Gay" done in a skit at AX2006!!! I love this Vid!!

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