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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kyaa~~Waiting for the APOCALYPSE!

Sorry about not updating in forever! I've had a HORRIBLE artblock! It's put me in the dumps! But I think I'm crawling back out with a VAMIRE KNIGHT fanart! Hopefully after that, I'll be back to my old self! ANYWHOOTLES, the a/c was broken for like....5 days. IT WAS HORRIBLE! I never thougt cool showers could feel so gewd! The animals all jumped on my bed when I got a window unit in my room until the a/c got fixed....BED HOGGERS! I haven't updated with any TWILIGHT stuff....I just noticed that. Crap, guess I'd better start posting more frequently! I'm in a Beniiro Hero mood as of late!!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

::.If only, if only nyaa~~.::Thinking of deleting MyO

:cough: Yup, since no one visits me on MyO, I'm thinking of deleting it.:cough:How are you guys today? I guess you could say I'm peachy! I might have a visitor from Florida this summer! One of my best friends! I could never live without my Weasel! Hopefully her parents say yes!
In other news, I have a new drawing request! No not Robert Pattinson, that one's for me! :ahem: It's Bou from An Cafe! Hopefully I'll be able to start on him AND Robert tomorrow since my classes are doing absolutely NOTHING! It'd be amazing if I got them done within a few days! Speaking of art, I need to finish my art project my tomorrow! It's a Red Panda Collage thing....frankly, it looks like SHIT!LAWLZ!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Just to warn you guys, I'll probably be posting Twilight stuff for awhile! You guys know how obsessive I can get! I DO have OCD ya know, nyaa! ANYWHO, today is Twilight Tuesday, and you know what that means! MORE TWILIGHT movie news!! Man, I'm REALLY excited about this movie!! Here's a snippet of an interview....just to get the obsessiveness out of mah system....for a milisecond anyway! =^w^=

"I'm dressed in baseball gear because during a baseball game, the bad vampires show up and they threaten to kill Bella," Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) said of "The Garage Scene," another iconic moment they're filming on this particular day. "So Edward is in a panic, and he feels powerless. He's extremely scared. We get back to the garage, and the entire family comes up with this plan to lead them in a different direction by wearing Bella's clothing and rubbing it up against trees, misleading the bad vampires."

On this mountainside property that can only be described as a mansion, the garage is housing three of the trademark vehicles mentioned throughout the novel. Parked nearby is Bella's orange-red Chevy truck. Hardwicke gathers her young, beautiful troops, shouts "action!" and watches movie magic unfold on a handheld monitor.

[LIST]Jasper: "I've had to fight our kind before. We're hard to kill."

Edward: "But not impossible."

Emmett: "We'll rip them apart with our hands, then burn the pieces!"

Carlisle: "I don't relish killing another creature. Even a sadistic one like James."

Rosalie: "He might get to one of us first."

Bella: "I can't let you guys do this! This is insane!"

Rosalie: "Too late."

Take after take concludes with the same sequence of events: Hardwicke steps in to give her thoughts, the young actors pair off (usually in the same groupings as their decades-long lovers in the film), and Stewart hops up on the workbench to have a moment alone. Since the scene ends with Bella in the backseat of Carlisle's Mercedes, being driven away from Edward, Stewart ends each shot with a tear so dependable you could set your watch to it.

No one bothers Stewart between takes as she comes back from whatever place she has to go to find her sorrow. On almost every occasion, it is Pattinson who will eventually walk over, give her shoulder a light rub, and bring her back for the next take. If chemistry is a concern to the "Twilight" fans, they can sleep well from here on out.

"I've revealed that I'm a vampire, essentially, and Bella knows and she still wants to be with me," Pattinson said of the common thread between the two scenes being shot on this, the 29th day out of 45 they'll be shooting. "I'm basically testing the waters of how far towards a normal human relationship Edward can have. ... I am seeing how much I can actually be physical with her, and how much I can say without scaring her off. Even though I've told her the basics, there's still a lot of stuff that I could say that could potentially ruin everything. [The meadow] is like a date scene."

For her part, Stewart prefers these days to such action-packed scenes as the baseball-field showdown that was recently filmed, which displays the other characters' superhuman speed, agility and propensity for violence. "In the big action sequences, it's a little scary because some people say, 'We're going to get done with the action sequences, and then we'll get to the acting scenes,' " revealed the "Into the Wild" actress who counts no less than Jodie Foster as one of her greatest fans. "And it's like, 'Well, that's just not how it works, man.' It's hard to keep what you're doing in the rest of the movie consistent. ... You can't lose what's going on with the characters. [Quiet scenes] are actually more difficult, because you have to strive to not let it go and not just focus on a wall that's being ripped out or something. In the more intimate scenes, you're given the time to get into it."

To help him "get into it," Pattinson tracked down Meyer during one of her set visits and got a rare peek at the closely guarded manuscript for "Midnight Sun," an upcoming novel that retells the "Twilight" story from Edward's point of view.

"I am definitely the only person apart from her and the editor who has read it," he said with pride. "Just me and Catherine [Hardwicke]. It is very top-secret. And it is like halfway, two-thirds finished. I read that right at the beginning [of filming]. I got a lot of stuff out of that."

Insisting that he's "not allowed to say anything" about the "Midnight" passages that even the 4,000-strong fan group "Twilight Moms" would likely give their firstborn child to read, Pattinson was willing to say this: "It's exactly the same events, but a couple of other things happen. You get the same gist, but it's funny how different things affect Edward in ways that you don't really expect if you have just read 'Twilight.'

"That is what I liked about [taking on] the job, because the guy doesn't really exist that much, so you can just create whatever you want," Pattinson said of a preproduction period that found him injecting his thoughts into the character. "Then, when I found out there was another book from Edward's perspective, [I read it and it turned out] we had the same perspective!"

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Monday, April 28, 2008

~*Twilight*~ movie!!

OMGAH, I'm SO excited about the new Twilight Movie!!!! It seriously looks KICKASS!!I know that I haven't posted anything Twilight related, so here we go! The new Twilight Movie is set for the release dat of December 12. 2008. It's based on the AMAZING(!!!!) book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It's the first of three in the ongoing series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse). The books take place in the small town of Forks, Washington and stars the two lovers Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Bella Swan, a human. Edward's family members, which include his 'mother' and 'father' Esme and Carlisle, his brothers the amazingly strong Emmett, the mysterious emotion controlling Jasper, and his sisters the pixie-like psychic Alice, and the gorgeous Rosalie. These aren't your vampires of legend though. These vampires don't fry in the sun....they sparkle like thousands of diamonds. Also, they're 'vegetarians'.They don't drink human blood like others of their kind, they drink animal blood. Their bodies are like that of hard marble, and the only bodily fluid they have is the venom they use to create others like themselves. There's more, but I'm afraid that I've said too much about the books already! You'll just have to read them to see how amazing they really are!
TWILIGHT MOVIE NEWS!!!- The cast have all been chosen and filming has begun in Oregon!! The cast is....

BELLA SWAN: Kristen Stewart
EDWARD CULLEN: Robert Pattinson

CARLISLE CULLEN: Peter Facinelli

ESME CULLEN: Elizabeth Reaser



ALICE CULLEN: Ashley Greene (She's from Jacksonville,FL, like me!!)

JASPER HALE: Jackson Rathbone


JAMES: Cam Gigandet

VICTORIA: Rachelle Lefevre

LAURENT: Edi Gathegi


ANGELA WEBBER: Christian Serratos

ERIC YORKIE: Justin Chon

MIKE NEWTON: Michael Welch

SAM ULEY: Solomon Trimble

Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner

Renee Dwyer: Sarah Clarke

Billy Black: Gil Birmingham

There was a little voting going on about what Twilight fans should be called! Michael Welch, who plays Mike Newton calls us TRI-HARDS....that kinda sounds like a sex toy if you ask me. But in the end the winner was TWILIGHTERS!! I like that one better! It's also said that Robert Pattinson is trying his hand at composing Bella's lullaby himself! I think it would add just the right touch to the movie if you ask me! His American accent sounds much more smokier than his native British accent! *swoon* Being in love with a bronze haired honey-eyed vampire would be amazing....Bella's lucky to have him!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ha, your ma's cool....LAWLZ!!

Hi guys! How've your days been? I'm trying to update more often, so HERE I ARE! Here's a funny story, if you want to listen to someone talk about their day's experiences! Today was uneventful mostly.....the creepy kid who stalks me at school all the time tried to get me to talk to him AGAIN, and some kid was spinning his desk around, flipped, and broke the desk....I DIED from laughter! Anywho, so after school I got in my car Cloud (yes, my car's name is Cloud....I'm a dork), and we started to drive out of the school parking lot. Well, as some people know, I have really bad A.D.D., and that doesn't mix well with me making turns while driving. I was about to turn and my sister decided to talk about something at that exact moment! ONE OF MY TEACHERS PULLED OUT IN FRONT OF ME WHILE SHE WAS TALKING TO ME! They were riding a bike (a dirtbike), and I ALMOST RAN THEM OVER!! I was like" OH [S]SHIT[/S]!! And I stopped just in time! I think he's gonna ask me about it tomorrow....YIKES. Thanks to A.D.D., I almost ran my teacher over! And it's DEM DEM!! Art by LadyChimera!!
demy's virginity

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You'd never guess! With jrock band video D!!

I never thought that today would go the way it would! First, I was asked if I had a boyfriend, and then when I said no, I was asked to prom! Then everyone was amazed at my Shunsui drawing! He's one of my favorite Captains! Right by Ukitake-kun, and Kenny! I still have a little bit to go, but I'm almost done! Then, after school, my car, Cloud, DIED!! I was stranded at school until mum got a new battery for me! THAT WAS 2 LONG HOURS IN PAINFUL HEAT!! UGH! But I still have to think about the whole prom thing....I never really thought of going with anyone else other than my group of friends at my old school. But now that I've moved, I just might consider going! Cloud's okay now at least! He's all hyper with a new battery! I thought I'd have to have mum drop me off for the rest of the year! (Even if there is only a month of school left!) Next post will be something like a band profile or Japan trend profile! I PROMISE!!

So now for the main attraction! THE AMAZING BAND D WITH THEIR SONG Ouka Saki Some ni Keri!!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hey guys! Sorry for not updating! I haven't had anything to post about lately! But I have a little news! I made some new friends! I haven't made one since I moved! Kei-chan is happy! I just downloaded the 23rd J-CAST off iTUNES. AMAZING music. I'm gonna listen to it on my MP3 player when I'm done typing this! I haven't been on Gaia in awhile and I went to the OH My GOTH guild forum, and MANA WAS THE PIC OF THE WEEK! I was so excited! Mana is a GOD! He ish so pretty! That's all for now! Au revoir!


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Monday, March 24, 2008


Yay! How are y'all? It's snowing right now! My friends just got their letters today (I drew Ian from Fairy Cube on one, and Axel from KH2 on the other) and they FREAKED OUT! Tyler's like, and I quote from her text, "Omg the envelope is fucking amazing. I screamed" And Alea said "D: I MISS YOU!" Poor baby! I just wanna hug her! Did you guys notice my intro? ZACK FAIR BABEH! To celebrate FFVII:CRISIS CORE! On that note, I have a little plan on how to get a PSP and CRISIS CORE(!). I'm saving up my lunch money. I have like 16 more weeks until I have all the money I need, then I have to find a game store. Yeah, a long ways away. *Cries* I'll talk to you guys later!












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Friday, March 21, 2008

OMGAH ANSWER! And a piccie of one of my kitties!

I've put this off long enough....remember the promise I made that I'd make a post about the question-thing? Here it is! Okay, Lemurturtle asked what I wanted to do when I got out of high school....Well for me, my first plan is to be a veterinarian! It might be a longshot though since my math skills SUCK ASS, and my memory is nothing to be proud of, but that's what I would really like to be! If that doesn't work out for Kei-chan, I'd want to do something with history or language. I'm AMAZING in History! I would like to be a historian or some sort of teacher. Also, if I can put my ass in gear, I bet I could be a translator for French or something! But getting into college would make me happy =^w^=

Here's a piccie of my kittie Tiger aka T-Man or T-bone! He's about my age (17) so he's old as hell, but I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!


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Monday, March 17, 2008

This is a copy and paste from Twilight Lolita

This are Keiko's rant....Soo....after Spring Break, we are REQUIRED to exercise everyday except Tuesday in 1st period and every Tuesday we do it in homeroom. WTF. That's what gym's for. Gym is REQUIRED to graduate. We have PE everyday in Elementary and Junior High, but I guess it's not enough. I HATE EXERCISE. The only exercise I LOVE is DDR!! That's the only exercise I NEED! *sigh* My back hurts now....being a Junior SUCKS at my school. All those heavy books....I think I have a back injury....*tries to crack back* OH YEAH THAT HURT....

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