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Friday, September 15, 2006


So I'm home sick...AGAIN!! This year sucks already!! I got my shot today....my sisters got the same shot and my youngest sister started crying. It didnt hurt THAT much. Only a pinch. I was supposed to tell yall something, but I cant remember what.....I'll probably remember later....
So how has yalls TGIF been?
TODAY'S QUESTION-What is the funniest name you've ever heard for a family pet?

Who's Your Jrock Guardian Angel?

Your Jrock Guardian Angel is KYO! OMG! Your so sqrewed! He guides the souls of the rebellious and insane. As far as he's concerned you can take care of yourself, damnit! Your probobly really fucked up. You better hope you are, becuase now that you have Kyo as your guardian, not only will you be on your own, he'll get you into serious trouble...and think it's funny. O__O
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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Kei-chan has food poisoning.....I accidentally gave it to myself....See, I was making dinner, and I didnt read the directions and yeah. Now I'm at home, sick...AGIAN!! And no picture day for me!! You might be able to tell what happened from there. So I was talking to my friend Zoom, and her stepdad tried to get rid of her dog!! While she was sleeping the other day, this lady and kid came to her house to look at puppies. Well, the little girl saw Zoom's puppy and is like "I WANT THAT ONE!" And of course, her stepdad being the ass he is tried to give them the puppy!! But I think Zoom's mom stepped in. And of course he got mad, cause he always does when he doesnt get his way. BASTARD!! And today is a special day, because its MIYAVI'S B-DAY!! *squeals insanely* He turns 25! YAY FOR MIYAVI!!
QUESTION OF THE DAY-If you could give Miyavi anything for his B-day, what would it be?
VIDEO OF THE DAY-Miyavi singing his own version of 'Happy Birthday'

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

YAY!! Shojo Beat!!

Kei finally got her Shojo Beat!! Hells yes!! And I got into a new anime this week!! W Juliet!! I loves it!! Onee-chan wasn't at school today!! No!! Nothing really big happened today.....EXCEPT TYLER DRY-HUMPED MAH LEG!! That was grody!! And my sister's friend....*sucks in a breath* get ready for this guys.....you're gonna cry......SHE SAID SHE DOESNT LIKE MIYAVI!! *cries big anime tears* IT WAS TRAUMATIZING TO HEAR THAT!!! *cries some more* And I just found out that I'm going to Georgia AGAIN! I FUCKING HATE TRAVELING!! (can you tell I hate it?)
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S QUESTION-I'm going to Japan and Europe!! And all the anime cons that I can!!
VID OF THE DAY-A band that I just found out about!! A metal symphonic band like 'Nightwish'! This is 'Within Temptation'-Angels

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yay!! Kei-chan's all better!

I'm illness free!! *does happy dance* Whoo! I feel so ALIVE!! Anywho, anime club was so AWKWARD!! Let's just say I almost got a nose bleed!! ...It was kinda perverted! And I chucked my phone at the ground and the screen got a little scratched, but no biggie! I was REALLY mad yesterday. I dont feel like explaining it right now. ANYWHO.....The peoples in anime club were playing a Japanese Naruto game and I'm like......."I WANT it......NOW!!"
QUESTION OF THE DAY-What would you like to do before or during your senior year? (If you're already out of school, what would you like to have done?)
VID OF THE DAY.....NANA-Glamorous Sky!! Hells Yes!!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm feeling alot better today minna! My best friend Alea called me last night , and she's like "Man Kei, your voice sounds like crap...." I'm like, "Gee, thanks for rubbing it in..." Anywho she said Haruko-san said "Oh God! We got Keiko sick!" My voice is still raspy though. Hopefully it'll be better by the end of the week!
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S QUESTION-I want to meet all of my favorite artists!
TODAY'S VID IS.....Gazette-Ruder!! Wa-choo!

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Hey guys....

Konnichiwa minna....I'm still sick....*cough* I had the WORST bloody stomach ache of my life last night! You know the stomahch aches where you feel like your gonna throw up, but you know you're not gonna, but you wanna anyway to make the pain go away? That's the kind I had last night. And I had a small one earlier today. That one only lasted abou 5 min though. Trinity Blood and Bleach are on tonight! Hells yeah! My voice is really raspy! I think I scared my friend Alea when I called her voicemail last night! I dont think she knew it was me because my voice was all raspy! Anywho......
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S QUESTION-Yes, I have a jrock song as my voicemail...its Miyavi's "Senor Senora Senorita"! And I feel like I'm gonna throw up......okay it's over!
QUESTION OF THE DAY-What's the thing you want most in the world? And what videos would you like to see on here?
VID OF THE DAY......Diru-Child Prey (Kei-chan loves this song!)

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Friday, September 8, 2006

   *groans ans rubs her temples*

Konnichiwa minna.....I'm home sick. My sinuses and throat are killing me, and I have been asleep for 11 hours. I have no idea where I got this from.....Probably from Haruko-san. But anywho how has ya'lls Friday been? My mom just called from her doctor's appointment and asked if I wanted anything to eat and I'm like...."Ewww, gross. Don't talk about food." Well, I'll visit ya'lls sites ASAP.
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S QUESTION-Right now it's Dir en Grey, because I just got their CD 'Withering to Death'! It takes me forever to get off of a new CD. But that CD is so FRICKIN AWESOME!! So yeah, GO GET IT IF YOU DONT!
TODAY'S QUESTION-Do you have a Jrock or anime song as your voicemail?
TODAY'S VIDEO IS......Miyavi-Jibun Kakumei!! YAY!!

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Thursday, September 7, 2006


To start off this post, there was a fight today in 5th period! These two guys got in a fight and almost hit my friend Alea while they were brawling because she was sitting there right in front of them! Thank goodness she wasn't hurt! The guys had been arguing all week! Now they'll have time to cool down in OSS. My friends Kyle, Haruko-san, and Jay + I stayed at school for about 2 1/2 hours and messed around! Poor Jay slipped while chasing Kyle and cut his knee open! It looked gross! And I somehow got sick and my throat is starting to hurt more and more! And I really dont feel good! But other than that today was the best day of school this year! So I'll chat with ya'll later! Sayanora minna!
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S POST-Yes, I've made some new friends! I barely made any new friends last year, so this year I'm making up for it I guess!
TODAY'S VID.....Moi Dix Mois-Monophobia

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Dunno why I put that as the subject but OH WELL!! My day was good! I hope ya'lls school days have improved!! Anywho, today was the easiest day so far!! I got my interim today, and I got mostly B's and one C! Actually the C is supposed to be a higher grade because she didn't add two assignment in there that were supposed to be. Dir en Grey is coming Sept. 19!! SCORE!! I'm gonna beg and whine to go!! If I do, It'll be my friend Tyler's B-day present! She's supposed to take me to Japan! Cha-whoo! Tomorrow's JROCK DAY!! Tell everyone!!
Today's Vid is.......HYDE-COUNTDOWN (yay!)

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Hiya everyone!! I got sprayed with guys body deodorant!! Now I smell like a guy!! EWW!! Anywho, about the other day......we were just inside the border of Florida and we stopped for a bite to eat at this one place......I dont think they liked me that much. Then these really religious people started arguing and talking about icky surgeries and stuff on the eyes and they went into detail and I had just gotten my food!! It was so GRODY!! And my dog is licking my arm like "OH MAH GAWD KEI-CHAN IM SO GLAD YOU'RE HOME!! NOW RUB MY BELLY PLEASE KEI-CHAN!!" I swear she's so cute!! You'd fall in love with her if you saw her!! My silly little golden retriever!!
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S QUESTION-The msot embarrassing thing I've ever done was when I was 2 and my mom and I were in K-mart and I was touching everything, and my mom said "Touch one more thing and I'll beat your ass!".....I touched one more thing. My mom dragged me out of the store while I was screaming "NO MOMMA!! DON'T BEAT MY ASS!! DON'T BEAT MY ASS!!" And everyone was staring!!
Any who, here ya'll go!! The vid of the day!
Gackt-Vanilla (Kei-chan lurves this song!)

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