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Wednesday, March 10, 2004



type-74 is ranked 18 and has played for 1d2h44m in 14 days
Real Name: unknown (email: unknown)
ICQ: unknown
Website: unknown

General Statistics
Clan: Not in a clan
Rank 18
Skill 1834
Skill Bonus 689
Total Kills 917
Total Deaths 946
Total Damage 0
Total Headshots 265
Total Hits/Shots 4312 / 25366
Weapon Accuracy 17.00%
Suicides 0
Kill Streak 13
Death Streak 11
Killed Teammate 0
Death by Teammate 0
Kills per death 0.97
Kills per min 0.57
Kills per round 0.62
Deaths per round 0.64
Skill+ per round 0.10
Rounds Played 1477
Rounds Survived 567 / 1477
Life Expectancy 38.39%
First/Last to Kill 59 / 96
First/Last to Die 53 / 113
Team Wins / Losses 705 / 711
Team Wins / Lost Ratio 0.99
Auto Team Switch 8
Play Time 1d2h44m
Longest Session 1h23m
Total Connects 32
Total times cheated 0
Total times kicked 0
Total times banned 0
Latency low/high 24/23215
Last Connect 03/09/04

(this was copied and pasted from the offical web site, all servers restarted a few days ago, and yes i do die alot but i also kill alot ^_______________________________^)

offical web site

(much thanks to burnttoast's Pub)

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

SOLs the tests that determine my future

*sigh* today i had my writing SOL part 1 of 2, it was sooo easy but.... i had so much time left i didn't know what to do... so i sat for 2 hours straight in school with noting to do except plot world domination [ahem..] i mean to think of ... o crap... 0_0

anywayz moving on, i'm almost done with my hw for the day... and ya... pretty much bored...

well later

(i am currently ranked 31 in CS)

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Sunday, March 7, 2004


for the past few hours i've been waiting for some help on my spanish project, which is like 10 sentences ^_^ EASY!!!

so anyway during that wait i've been playing cs, sorry i didn't come here, i just wanted to shoot at some things (LmAo) =P.

also steam is finaly working correctly so it's ok to join now, you'll have to update steam if ya have it but it will auto-update on its own (when started). Then you have to update your games (that you have) example: Counter-strike, half-life, Opfor, etc. etc.

so if you manage to do all this look for Burnttoast's Pub (CS)-(my favorite sever, with alot of my friends) my name is type-74, keep an eye out for me ^_~

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Friday, March 5, 2004

I've been sick! -_-

i've been sick for the last 2 days, during that time i was playing CS ^_^

anywayz i'm sorry i disn't stop by, and it looks like this weekend is going to be rather hecktic with all my make-up work and my spanish project -_-

addtional info: for those of you who express an interest in playing CS or any half-life games online: you have to regester to Steam, which absolutly sucks. Yes, steam really does suck. Moldy can't even update his version, lucky i was already regestered and was out the day it was updating... also there system is down more than it's up, i can't even log into my account, i can only play from my favorites section! so the future of half-life online looks pretty bleak...

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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

tee hee

hehe i have dsl! w00t! Sooo i can play counter-strike again!!! w00t! for anyone else who is interested in counter-strike you have to download the 1.6 patch & Steam, i'm regestered to gamespy so it's not problem for me ^____^

however on the other hand i have a spanish oral presentation on friday, it was just assigned today!!! AAAAHHHHHH!

other than that i haven't done much, i'm really sorry for not stoping by!

oh and my name is type-74 in CS

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

i've been thinkin' alot recently, but i'll talk about later, not sure if it's the right desision ((my spelling sucks X_X))

on the more im portant matters i'm moving to msn, so if anyone has an msn screen name please inform me, also please submit your aim screen name, this will make it alot easier on me since all the make up stuff i have.

also i have to say "thank you, you all are such great friends, every time i come here you all are soo nice, it's abig diffence from school, i'm just so happy to have friends like all of ya ^_^ *hugs*

oh i'll try to come around today!

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Friday, February 27, 2004

i think i failed my spanish test, oh well can't win'en all ... i guess *sigh* i have soo much math hw maybe because i was sick yesterday and missed school.

for those of you who have CoD, doesn't the 1.2 patch destory everything that was good abot the multiplayer... *sigh* T_T

hmmm at least it's the weekend

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


heh... i have to many things to do, i have to finish my science project today... and study for a science test, then finish all those science worksheets... and thats just one of my many subject assignments, o well *sigh* (i bet most of you have it worse =P)

at least we got the new computer, and it runs BF 1942 (heh ^_^) aside from that nothing much as far as mood lifting has happened, i have to apply my self to my school work so i might not get to any sites, sorry folks but school counts first ... sadly ... *sigh*

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

i'm really down today, i don't know why. It's just that feeling you get deep inside when you don't want to do anything when you need to do everything; where you just want to escape from the world and be by yourself. It could be because i got a "B" on my math test. Though i'm not sure why i'd be upset over that... *sigh* at least i don't have any homework. I wish i was out of this mood, until then life just seems many shades darker...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

   nooo, please! no more projects!!!!

*sigh* i was assiagned another project... however it's a short & small one. Soo i'll still have time for ... what-ever

Ok this is really stange: i can't veiw my comments on posts, it says FORBIDDEN and that i can't acess though the server... i'm really confused T_T

please someone, anyone HELP ME!!!!

New other news: Iggy's on the move

yea dsl is on the way, by march 1st we'll have it ^__^

Later everyone!

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