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Sunday, June 6, 2004

D-Day: The Hour Is Go
-Franis J. Turner, from his personal archives

"Ones's eyes close tight and families fade,
When going to war which evil men made.
Though anxios and frightened, we don't let show,
For the day is approaching, when the Airborne must go.

Each day now rolls past; we wait just the same,
But D-Day is near, and for this we all came.
The hour grows near; each man feels it inside,
And soon we'll be falling, with nowhere to hide.

Our eyes are now down and the chatter the same,
Each weapon now loaded, no longer a game.
Eagls gather round and bow your heads low,
Europe awaits and the hour is go"

hats off to the Airborne, Navy, Army, and every unit that was in D-Day.

"The World was counting on them, They were counting on each other"

Today, sometime, someway, say thanks... to the fighting men & women of your country, many countries participated in the allied Operation: Overlord, thank them for there courage and bravery, they will be forever know as heros, never forget them

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