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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

i'm Back!

hehe i was craming my math project into the pass week end, sorry i din't come by.

WE ORDERED DSL!!!! YAY, it will be a-live on march 1st ^____________^ yay! now i can finally play Counter-strike again!!! w00t

ok aside from that nothing much happened, yesterday we had a sub in science... ya all hell broke lose. so some people got detention and the whole class put their deads down for 5 mins. Yea 5mins, that was soo screwed only 5 mins!? ig iwas the teacher i'd put every-one in AIA and give them 0's (except good people). Ok thats my opinion...

so anywayz i'm sorry i didn't stop by, but i was craming my huge math project T_T

hmmm ... not sure what to say.........


heh, i'm coming around to visit sites! ^_^

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Friday, February 13, 2004

i'll post somthing else later (maybe) ...

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

THQ trater R" us

*sigh* i got Firewarrior yesterday, and... it doesn't work *sigh* the trouble is my sound card!!! grr computers and games constantly leapfrog each other, it's enough to kill me. The fact that Moldy bursted out laughing at me for it not working really pissed me off.

Oh well i'll just keep playing Day of Defeat hmmm my parents just ordered a Dell PC (family comp.) so i'll be getting DSL soon,
which means i'll be moving to msn messager, anyone know where to download aol aim? ...

heh i'm thinking of starting a clan in DoD either ||SAS|| or |CBP| (cbp= canadian boarder patrol [it's an inside joke between my friends {sorry SG!}])

ok later!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


"I'll be there by your side
in the land of twilight
in your dream i will go
till we find the sunrise

you are lost in nightmare
deep in blue illusion
one more kiss to wake you up
come be mine, you are mine

i will be there seekin' for liminality
on destinations to see, i wander
in quiet places so dark as eternity
i'm crying, calling your name
i'm searching for you

dreaming in the land of the twilight
we are in the land of the twilight
deep in blue eternity
searching for liminality"

tell me what you think of (theme song of .hack//Liminality)

-yeah, you guessed it. I'm pretty bored...

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Monday, February 9, 2004


oops, i'm sorry i haven't up-dated in awhile, not much has happened though...

well on sat. i invited over a few friends and we had a 40k battle. 40k is short for warhammer 40,000; a board game with models (which you paint ect. ect.) [someguy should know about it] ... anywayz we had a battle, 3 players, each had 500 pts worth of troops ect. ect. the battle its self was a free for-all my friend matt won the battle; only lossing 5; however his troops are alot stronger then my cadians (humans) ... o well at least i got second... out of three

ok not much else is going on, hopefuly i'll get my copy of "Fire warrior" sometime soon...

hmmm everyone at my school (except a select few) are smacktards; honestly i don't like my school, much at all...

o well, i'll be comeing around to sites now!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

confused once more

hmm i'm sorry for not posting for awhile, i've just been thinking a whole lot... i'll talk about it later... maybe

anywayz today was a 2 hour delay from school, which gave me time to sleep for once. I got my report card today: 6 "A"s and 1 "B+". Other than that it's been pretty slow going and not much to talk about. The other day i ordered a game: "Fire-Warrior" a 40k based video game. It looks ok, nothing to notable.

So anywayz i've been pretty bored and way to lazy lately... i downloaded a mod for half-life, Redemption; after i installed it i realized i already had it *smack* oh well...

Oh i sent in the quiz so look for it ^_^


theOtaku.com: What Half-Life Character Are You?

hehe the quiz is UP ENjoY!! XD

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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Iggy the Origin: Wasted time Spent Well

wow it's been a while since the last Origin, so today i'll talk about less interesting things, sorry.

it all started with counter-strike, then star-craft, and spreaded to other titles such as Medal of Honor, or Call of Duty. These games were my escape from my life which i despised so much. I brought me to a different world where i could relax and not think of all my troubles.

(Although, i tend to escape to myO as well ^__^)

anywayz, i have somthing to admit... some-times i get VERY VERY VERY angery, like: a rage out-burst. Most-likely from bottled-up anger. Anywayz it's happend twice. Every Once and a while it has happend. THe first one was at pre-school (how could i not forget this one). Anywayz my best friend took somthing of mine and i was furious, all i remember was he was "in pain" and i was in BIG trouble. The next one didn't happen for awhile. I don't remeber what grade, but it was at summer camp. The last day we had a water-fight/thingie, someone pushed me into the posin evey patchs and pured soda on me. I was SO angery I cased him to the neutral zone and jumped on his back and ramed him into the ground. The last time one of these things happened was last summer, moldy was their... and he was the one that was pissing me off. I can't remeber but i was really mad, he kept poking me with his racket and I turned and YELLED, it freaked everyone out. I was just sooo pissed.

aside from rage out bursts, summer camp is usaly fun, heh once we capsized a boat, heh good times good times... or the time i was flung off the marry go roung and hit a tree. Or the time i got a black eye... wait summer camp sucks...

this has been a Iggy the Origin production

later all ^_^
sorry for spelling errors, but i have'ta go!

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Friday, January 30, 2004

   friday... hmmm oh-no

hmmm sooo i spent some time thinking today, every time i think about well... you know *cough* crush *cough* i get depressed and do nothing except sit in my self pity which makes me hate my-self to the extreme... sooo thats what is descovered... not much eh?

hmm today was the first day of art class, it was ok... it was WAY better than shop ^_^ i have a feeling it will be a good class.

so it's friday... hmmm i'm not sure what to do... NOOO i have a spanish oral next week!! NOOOO *sobs* crabs!!!

hmmm i feel a Iggy the Origin coming on! maybe!! maybe tomorrow ^_^

oh and the quiz i submited but i think i'll have to fix it...

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Thursday, January 29, 2004


hmmm have any of you noticed i haven't spoken on the matter of ... well ya'll know ... right?

i'm not sure why, hmm maybe ... ok now i'll erase this post so no one can comment on this matter... or send me death threats, i get to many as is *sigh*. Ok comment away, you all know i'd never delete a post/comment. Yep the subject is up for debate...

yea nothing is happening, hw isn't to bad, so lets have a good Q & A

ask away or stare mind-lessly and not do anything... hmmm wow i'm bored...

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

   Snow day

thank good-ness! SNOW DAY!!!! XD hehe, wow time sure flew, thats what i get for playing DoD all morning ^_^

ok not much is going on, i'm here. At my home doing about nothing... except playing games, but there's nothing wrong with that... right? Hehe, sooo yea. I'm trying to join gamespy so i can download patchs for my games, but since my family is thinking about getting dsl i have to wait... o well. Until then, i'll just play DoD ^_^

Oh! i'm workng on making a quiz!!! i'm almost done but i have to work on it a bit more, you know fine tune it ^_^ the quiz like be: Who are you in Half-life? ^_^ i'll be sure to let ya know when i've finished ^_^

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