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Friday, January 9, 2004

Important: NOOOOOO!!!!

ok, i have bad news for you all... i won't be around as much T_T i have to work on many projects, to huge IB design cycle projects and many other assorted hw, i'm really sorry, T_T if i manage to get some free time i'll come here, but these projects are a mayor part of my grade *sobs* i'm soo sorry, i'm in a hurry soo i won't be able to come around to many sites, i'm really sorry!

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Thursday, January 8, 2004

obession ... open the Valve

ok soo not much is happening, except my evil project but if i ration my time it will be aright, i've alrealldy done a few out lines on the info.

so since not much is happening i'm going to talk about Obession: open the Valve

Valve is a game producer company thingie, they have made my all-time fav. game
half-life, you just can't get much better. Half-life opposing force was ok, it didn't go into the first story line as much as i hoped... o well just a game ^_^ so anyway after may mods and half-life: blue shift, they are now making Half-life2, it looks .. ok i have to admit it doesn't ... look to good to me, but everyone else it drooling about it sooo.... i was turned off from some of the plot... so i'll wait for the review... ^_^ hehe but i hate the "G-man" what the hell is a "G-man" ....?

like i said not much has happened today...

but i almost missed the bus ... other than that not much els happened...

hehe let the blue sub. #6 piccy marathon continue ^_^

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Wednesday, January 7, 2004

   iggy doesn't = arsonist!!!!

today i was acussed {sp} of liting a match in my civics class room, and of course i didn't do it!!! but they made me empty my pockets and they interrcated me! why would I lite a match!!! later in the office someone came with a burnt match found in the class room! *groan* i didn't do it!!! eventally i was found inacent {sp} and sent back to my class. when i got back people were like "we knew it wasn't you" and "i was behide you all the way" and other things... so aside from that nothing much happend EXCEPT i have a HUGE MEGA CIVICS PROJECT OF DEATH!!! i have a book thingy to write a half/page on each 27 amendments and pictue for each one as well *sigh* this sucks ... T_T

so ya aside from almost being exacuted .. errr i mean suspended ... i mean ... aww crabs ... so nothing much else happened...

oh and that is a girl (picture) another character from blue sub. #6 ^_^

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Tuesday, January 6, 2004

crabs... *sigh*

note- i teed to say "crabs" instead of "crap" ... ok just a random fact...

anywayz today wasn't to great T_T o well, i'm back in the swing of things now so i'll most likely be able to get to sites, if not then mostly i'm pretty busy with HW...

*sigh* also since i went back to school i've been somewhat upset... *sigh* *every points and screams "NOT AGAIN, GET HAPPY!!!!!!!"* *sigh* sorry all... it's all down hill from here...

blue sub. #6!!! w00t! thats my fav. anime movie ...

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Monday, January 5, 2004

i got ... schooled

i hate school, how many more days till summer? anywayz today was bad, it rained half the day T_T and when it wasn't raining it was cold...

so... not much to say, i went to school. That pretty much sums it up T_T

lets turn this horrible post/mood into a fun descusion ^_^ i hear a few of you'll have played CS (counter-strike) hehe

all share one of my memeries ^_^

i was playing with three of my friends (one of them was moldy) and some other guy. Any wayz we were playing my fav. map "Office" so my other friend and i were CT's (counter-terrorists) moldy and the other person were T's (terrorists) we started the round: "go, go, go!" i quicky brought up the buy screen and bought an MP5 (my best weapon is the M4) so i showed my other freind the the way around (left way around the map) so we aproached the window, him being a noob he shot the window out (bad) he climbs up the ladder... now he's face to face with the other player (long pause) *BANG* deasert egale right in the face. I quicky level my MP5 but he moves around he jumps down and trys to hit me, i take aim and... *BANG BANG BANG* three shot and he was down, hehe i hit him once in the torso and twice in the head ^_^ i schooled him, and after that i hunted down moldy and quickly dispacted him in the same way ^_^ fear me...

-deleted- gordon is watching

sorry thats not a screen shot of the right map, but it is the skin i normaly play, oh and tomorrow i'll got back to posting anime piccys ^_^ hehe

wow it's pretty oivious i trying to avoid the supject of school, oh well ... don't ask T_T

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Saturday, January 3, 2004

old school fun...

i went over to my friend's house yesterday, we played Half-life: opposing force the whole time, i've had that game for a long time hehe, anyway my friend just got it and was having trouble so we played it and played it until ... i had to go hehe. So we got pretty far, i'd say 80% of the game (^_^) so when i got home i instaled it on my new comp. it may be extremely pixlaied but it's still pretty fun ^_^ also i've been spending to much time playing Counter-strike hehe such a fun game... here are some screen shots...

-deleted- blame the "G-man"

or just one <_> ok i have to go, have to finish my book and create a visual *groan*

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Friday, January 2, 2004


1: .H6
*static* ... *alpha team in position* ... *... no sign* ... *Go, Go, GO*

i woke up (still in dream) to the sight of the charatars from .hack//SIGN each was one of you... and a few another friends... heh i was Tsukasa *sigh* Bear was someguy, sora was moldy (sorry buddy) ummm BT was snowfox (sorry sis ^_^) Mimiru was chie, and subaru was my crush, ok. Anywayz we set out to the choas gate. waiting for us there was Alpha team (section blue) of DEVGU or seal team six. Sora (moldy) leaped forword and magicly a para Machinegun was in his hands, *5 mins later* we used the gate and ended in the phillipnnis (please help my sp...)(sorry about the spelling chie) anywayz we wondered with out a clue to where we were until an british commonweath soldier approached us, he told that the fortress is down the road... so *confused* ...

*static* *magnuim sniper rifle* ... *iggy falls over, blood mists every where* *BANG* ...

-deam over-

-ok i have to go, sorry i may not have much time to stop by sites today, i'm going to my friends house, but i'll try!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

did i miss anything?

yesterday wasn't to good either... sorry i didn't update yesterday, my sis was waiting for a call, and my uncle wasn't doing to good either...

well... yesterday my dad rushed off late at night to see him, later he informed us he is doing alot better

not much else is happening here, i have to work on a english report but i'll try to come around to sites anyway, well it's new years eve ... another year, not much to show for it... o well...

i've been haveing these weird dreams, right out of the blue, none make any sense ... *sigh* maybe i'll post one or two tomorrow... let me warn you though... they are weird...

i've been watching alot of .hack i have dvd vol 1-5 vol. 6 is a preorder... *sigh*

well i'm come to sites now, if i don't come by and you want me too, let me know

later all!

oh and i'm sending in two more pics! look for them ^_^

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

   not a good day

not a good day at all, my ungle [sp!] is in the hospital, but he's ok now, which is the important thing...

i went to my aunts house (my dad's side) to celebrate x-mas with them. My Other ungle (not with my aunt) has had recent heath proplems. after we ate, he didn't feel good, (heart burn we thought) we eventally had to call an ambulince [sp!?], it wasn't very good...

i was very upset, i got out the house and stood there shaking out of control, the last time something of this nature happened to me... i lost my grandpa, i didn't want that to happen again, i fought back tears, i calmed down a bit... and eventally got a grasp of the situation...

things are under control now...

sorry i haven't had much time to check sites, i came to a few. Although i was gone most of the day... i'll come around now...

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Friday, December 26, 2003

opps ^_^

almost didn't update! that wouldn't be fun, would it?

anywayz i had an awesome x-mas, how about you'll? It sure was fun spending time with family. Heres an interesting fact: all morning i was starving but at breackfast i didn't eat much <_> ?_?

oh, my sis gave me that Love Hina CD i REALLY wanted, THANK YOU SIS!!! (snowfox)
hehe good times good times

so whats up with you all?
*jams to love hina music*

behold this is my love hina wall scroll PUHAHAHAHAHA [ahem...]

later ya all!!

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