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Monday, January 26, 2004

   New avatar

i've updated my avatar, look for an opfor soldier ^_^ later peoples!

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Saturday, January 24, 2004


ok, i'm back from the lan party ^_^ man, it was awesome, hehe i school'ed moldy so many times!!! lol....

so we play a bunch'a maps, and we started with Office my fav. ^_^ i got the most kills and only 2 deaths! hehe, and we palyed others including a mod'ed version of assualt, cv_assault i think... anywayz i broke my kill record there: 22 kills and 14 deaths, oh ya! My name was Larry_the_laminated_lizard ,anyway i had a great time ^_^

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Friday, January 23, 2004



LAN PARTY!!!! w00t! ok sooo tomorrow = LAN PARTY!!! hmmm what should my name be... "nastybutler" "gravitation" ".hack//" or something else... i don't know ...

ok so i passed my spanish midterm! i got an 87% YAY and i got a 94% on my math as well ^_^ tee hee...



... ok for some reason i can't "copy and paste" so no piccy... sorry... it's out of my hands

ok soo wish me luck at the lan party!

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

   wow ... free time

wow this like weird i have free time! w00t!

soo i had my spanish midterm, it wasn't to bad, watch me do bad =p opps... o well

Saturday (hopefuly) = lan party! although it will be so small it's sad X_X *cough* 3 people *cough* o well the size of my normal lan parties, i invited another but he can't come *sigh* o well maybe next lan battle ^_^

o k soo not much happening... i wish the next .hack was out X_X

isn't this piccy sooo cool! ^_^ gooo opfor it's your birthday, we're going to party like it's your birthday! hehe ^_^

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

   right... midterms, *not studying*

i had my science "midterm" today and i have a true spanish midterm tomorrow... this sucks...

so anywayz still my life is pretty boring, hw hasn't attacked me but it will soon! after the weekend i'll be back to my normal load... *sigh* o well. Hmmm *still not studying* sooo *SHOULD BE STUDYING!!* (stop that self!)[self agrees] ... {ahem...}

so moving on, the only thing i did yesterday was come here and download bots into my TFC file and installed it. Then i watched 2 hours of the history channel, Barbarnas[sp] which was very cool, it was a movie/not movie thingie, very cool go GOTHS kill the ROMANS w00t!

ok, ...i turned in my project today but i still have to work on my other project [oops] but i also have to study for my spanish midterm/PALs of friday! NOOOOOO *sigh*

YAY i can't wait til the next .hack//SIGN is released!!!! w00t!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

   i'm back... i think?

i have slayed one of the foul projects but another has aproached me *sigh* ...

anywayz not to much it happening, yesterday i watched [adultswim] (finally) with all this school stuff going on i really needed sleep! soo i haven't watched it in a while... o well

my corter/semester is almost over just three more days then a 4 day weekend! w00t! And on satarday i (may) have a Lan party with my friends w00t! CS all the way! lol!

sooooooooo... i must have missed something? right? or not... i mean i was only gone three days... *sigh*

for soem reason this piccy looks very hyper... not sure what that ment... o well i'm off to download the next TFC patch! later all ^_^

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Friday, January 16, 2004

weekend ... PROJECTS!!!

*sobs* i have to finish my amendment project, and i think my teacher canceled the other one because she never went over the outline, and we don't know are topic!!!

anywayz anyone seen the screen shots of Doom3 yet? they are awesome! it looks creepy though... on another topic Half-Life 2 is soooo going to kick @$$ I MUST HAVE IT!!!! i'll show you all a few screen shots ^_^

this new half-life is going to have .. the administrator[sp] in it, no the g-man is not the administrator[sp]... anyone else played half-life OP. if you did, then don't you think the ending was bad... i mean sheperd should be in HL2! the character in blue shift is!!! *sigh* o well...

anywayz i'll talk to ya'll later ^_^

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

i really don't eat much sugar!

iggy doesn't eat tha many sweets, if i do then i'd be sick =p lol i just shot down that idea!

ok not much is happening, hw is dieing down so i'll be here ^_^ but i have to work on my projects and study for those two tests/quizs hehe watch me not study =p

ok, i really don't have much to talk about, i'm sorry i didn't come around yesterday, i played CoD for awhile, sorry! hehe the latest tally in CoD is 57 kills and 27 deaths, best map depot. hehe just give me a sniper rifle and i'll school anyone ^_^ i'm the sniper for the clan (CoD clan SB)

i have to beat the firt .hack and then get the second, someguy no need to worry i'm three games behind (lol) and besides i'm saving up for a video card so i can play Half-life2.

later all!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

creepyest dream of my life

ya i know i should be working on that project(s) *sigh* but i have to tell ya all about my crazy/creepy dream, who knows it my mean something....

ok heres my dream

i awake on the floor, it's white. Empty and useless, just white miles for miles into all eternty[sp]. Then all this "images" of my crush walk before me. Not facing any sort of derection. I got up and ran twords[sp] and tried to touch one (shoulder) but i had went right though. Then this sound, it sounded like a tuneing fort. And the images centered into the one i had touched. I quicky steped back, in fear. And then there was another sound, just the same as the last. Exactly after the sound the image of my crush shatered and evaperated[sp]. I still confused paniced and screamed. Then out of the blue, i can hear the music from .hack//SIGH (obsession) getting louder and louder. Then i start levaltating and slowly getting burned/melting/dessintercrating[sp]. I started screaming and screaming, into the vast eterinty, with no one to hear nor care until half of my body (lower) was completely burned off... i then was slowly turning into stone, until i was completely stone. Then Music from .hack//li- ummm? (whats it called?) but i only remeber hearing the line "as dark as eterinty[sp}" before waking up

-dearm over-

this dream really confused me... umm any ideas...

ok i must run, i have to work on science hw and project *sigh* and the death week continues...

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Monday, January 12, 2004

this is going to suck

this is soooo going to suck, i have 3 IB projects and other asorted major tests going on, not only this week but into the next X_X
so it doesn't look like i'll be here to much, i'm not even done with my hw yet T_T, *sigh* i hate school and i hate most of the people there Grrrr... today sucks because i was assigned another project, another civics project, thats cruel and unusal!!! she can burn in the firey pits of hell, and @($*Q!)%!&(#)))%(&!)(#&)%!#**!(#*885%*!(*% all the other teachers as well =P

ok i'll try to stay off that subject, anywayz i got the newest CGW (computer gaming world) and it's feature article is on MOH PA!!! this MOH is going to kick %*@ hehe, the grafics[sp] puts squaresoft to shame! to cut it so chase the other MOH titles ... to be honest they blow, but this one looks like it might challange CoD (call of duty)

oh ya, if any of you play Call of Duty online please join my clan == (red) and play on Flightlevel370 please ^_^ i got on the top 20 number of kills ^_^
and seach for ==.hack// that would be me ^_^

ok i have to run X_X and do hw T_T this sucks... *sobs*

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