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Monday, June 13, 2005

Another Weird Plushie Thing!

Yeah... I just added another drawing, 'tis my Kai plushie for you psycho Kai fans out there. I'm thinking about adding the thrid to the trio, the Maxie plushie. ^^

x.x *chokes on pop* ehhhh! X.x x.X *gasps* Help me.... *laughs* Ok... ^^ that was funny, except for when it hurt... <.< >.>

Yeah well, last night, I almost killed my elbow the way it was while drawing this one picture of Rei that took me at least a good hour. And my friend showed me this painted in picture that she painted in paint. I was... so.... COOL! >.< 'Twas a print club of me and Rei. I'd seen the orginal but the painted up one was cool! And this morning I realized she didn't give me glasses in the pic., but I'm just that thick to notice that now after a scan of the orginal has been sitting in my harddrive forever... ^^'''

And I got more hugs! Yay for hugs! ^^

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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Yay! I added a huggie thing so I can feel loved and have people hug me if they care about me ;-; I'll feel so loved. I saw it on Wolfspeed's profile-ly thingy and she gave me my first two hugs. Yay! *does happy kirby dance*

<(^^<) (>^^)> (^v.v^) (v^.^v)

and I'm working on some new drawings... <.< >.> if there is anyone who actually likes the crap I call art.... =v= *laughs* *is overly hyper*

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

   Howdy! ^^

Well.... since me and my friend are mad at each other any more I'm 100xs happier and all that good stuff that throws me back into my normal self. YAY! ^^ And finally school's out. Ended yesterday, finally... and next year... it's upto the High School for me... oy... *sarcastic* I'm so thrilled... well..... I guess I'll have to put up with it... but in three months I'm sure I'll be ready... or not I'll just have to see when it rolls around.

I think I'll change my colors too, so they match my new background and avi. Pastel blues, purple, yellow, and white..... yeah..... that'll do, maybe no yellow... *shurgs* I'll have to work on it.....

Ok..... I couldn't.... ;-; I'm just such a goth (not really) and have to keep the dark colors, I tried the pastels, and dislike 'em. I just like the dark thing... I don't know why though...

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

   Life sucks, then there's tomorrow....

Besides the fact I was completely depressed and ignored by my best friend today... I guess I could've been worse... though I don't know how... wait, my computer could stop working, it could've rained while I was sleeping in the hammock outside, I could've fallen down a flight of stair, or ran into a door, or I could've sweat to at school... wait... that happened... strike that last comment... well I guess today could've been worse... oh well.... life sucks then there's tomorrow. But taking this one quiz did make me happier, I got Ryuichi! Awww..... Ryuichi-sama! *hugs result picture which is in in my quiz list thing* had to've been the cutest one out of the manga, asides from Shuichi... but he's taken by Yuki... so... whatever... I don't stand a chance... ;-; oh well... ^^ Ryuichi's better... he has a bunny! A pink one! ^^~ *rambles to self*

And since I got bored... I decided to take another quiz. I found the Japanese name of my nickname, Mizuhara Kon, it's also with all my other quizzes..... ^^

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Monday, June 6, 2005

   Read or Die

Lately I've been watching this new anime, Read or Die. I remember watching a movie or something like it on Swim a while ago, and I loved it. And when I found out that that's what G4 plays for Anime Unleashed I had to watch it, and now, I'm addicted to it. And since it doesn't end 'til 2:00 in the morning... heh... I sleep during school, luckily this is my last week (Yes!) and we aren't really doing anything. But continuing with ROD, for me, a new anime means a new hot guy, Junior, I'm obsessed over him, and a new character that reminds me of me, Michelle, the oldest of the paper 'sisters', hyper, smiley, just a bit weird... and Nenene (I think that's how you spell her name...), , glasses, she looks more like me then she acts, Yomiko acts like I do though, 'It's my fault, all my fault, I'm sorry' yeah... that's me talking...yeah... that's me... ^^'''

Yeah... but besides that, I ain't got much more to say... *shrugs*

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

   More random....

I'm so happy, it was just posted, and at least two people really like my chibi Rei.... Yay! ^^ I think it's so cute I've gotta quite a few compliments from people at school which I'm glad I only have a week left of ^^, as for my fanfic, I added some, but not a lot, so I won't add anything else... yet... But I do have this other Beyblade fanfic I'd love to post... the thing is, it's almost up to 17 Microsoft Word pages long, and I really don't think anyone would wanna sit here and read that, but I was thinking that I could add it to this one website and if those who want to read it, they can dowload it. Though I'm not sure... but I'll decide later and post the link if I do...

Ok... I did decide to add it here's the link: The One So Many Love I hope you like it, if you wouldn't mind telling me what you thought of it, I'd love to hear, and I'll update it as I add more.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Well... I just randomly decided to stop by and add an entry... over Memorial day weekend I drew these cute little chibis ^^ Well, I thought they were cute, and I started on another Beyblade Fanfic, I think it's pretty cool, though I just started, and I bet most will think it sucks, but if anyone does read my rambling I will post what I have thus far, and if you wanna, I'll accept comments or CONSTRUCTIVE critizium.... ok? Well here it is:

The Book to Her Soul
By: Mizuhara Kon (pen name)

She was gone, and the four boys that were moving her stuff knew it. They didn’t want to believe it, but they had to. They’d never see each other again in this life time.

During their small break they were all silent, wonder what forced her to her . They wanted to know what was so bad she had to because of it.

Rei stood up, “C’mon lets finish moving her stuff.” The others nodded in agreement.

Kai set down a small box with Takao following right behind him with another small one. And Takao, being the klutz he is, tripped over the one Kai just set down. He dropped his box and everything it held flew out of it. “Damn...” He muttered to himself.

“Can you do anything without making it harder on us?” Kai snapped.

“It was an , sheesh....” Takao sighed returning all the scattered items to the box.

“Hmm....?” Kai picked up a red velvet book that caught his eye. It had fallen out of the box Takao dropped.

Takao grabbed it from Kai. “Now what have we here?” He opened to the first page, but was unable to read what was written on the pages. “I should have paid more attention while learning English...” he muttered. “Hey Maxie, could you maybe translate this for us?” He handed the book to the .

“Sure.” He replied taking the book and looking over the first page. “< My God, it’s her diary! I don’t think we should look through this... >”

“Was that English? Ahh... let’s try Japanese... you know I’m still missing several words for my English vocab...” Takao slightly growled.

“Oh, sorry,” Max laughed, “But this book, it’s her diary, I don’t think we should read it, it wouldn’t be right of us.”

“But Max, what if it says why she did this, why she killed herself, I’m sure when her mom finds out, she’ll wanna know, and anyways, she’s , so I don’t think she’ll mind.” Takao said with a serious look on his face.

“Yeah... but still...” Max muttered, “Even with that being so, I still don’t think it’d be right...”

“God Max, we all know....errr...well at least I know you want to know why Mine (Me-nay) went off and killed herself, but I know that deep down somewhere you wanted to know what she was thinking in that crazed mind of hers. I’m sure you wanted to know how she truly felt about you, ‘cuz trust me I’m sure we all do... Right...?” He turned to the other two, Rei nodded, and Kai, looking off in another direction gave a small nod as well. “See? You know you want to find out what she was thinking, even they want to know. And you’re the only one who can translate English to Japanese flawlessly. You can’t deprive us Max, from what we want to know.” He said giving the youngest his puppy-dog eyes.

After a moment he gave in. “Fine...” he muttered and opened the book again and he recited what was written. "Sunday, June 16th 2002," He took a breath, unsure if he really wanted to do this, but he still went on reading, “Today I decided to start in a new diary, since I’m starting a new adventure, and so I don’t forget anything, I’ve decided to record my days, or parts of them to remind me on what to add, on a small tape recorder I can carry around in my pocket. And since I know I’ve changed so much from the last diary, I’m going to add a new description of myself. Like always, my hair’s still the normal chestnut color, reaching my mid back, and my eyes are still hazel... though I did get new glasses, copper, with spiffy lime green on the inside. I’ve grown a bit, 5’ 6 ¾” Oh yeah! Grew a three quarters of an inch from the last time I measured myself! Well, I’m still fat... *cries* oy... must...go...on...diet!

“Oy,” Rei interrupted, “Why did she always say she was fat, especially when she wasn’t, she was beautiful just the way she was...”

“Oooo... Sounds like you maybe, might’ve had a crush on Mine...” Takao taunted.

“I didn’t!” Rei blushed.

“Oh!” Takao gasped, “Then why are you all red?” He snickered.

“I’m not!” He turned darker, “Max, just keep reading.”

Well... anywho,” Max continued, “I mentioned an adventure, right? Well, my mom told me we’d be moving to Beycity Japan, we’re on the plane there now. She said I had a friend there when I was small. I was born and raised there ‘till I was three, though I can’t remember it. Scarily on occasions, I see a small boy with navy hair in a pony-tail in my dreams, mom says that’s him. Takao, Takao Kinomiya. I do recognize the name a bit. Mom says she was Takao’s mum’s best friend that was, ‘till she died, that’s why she moved to America. Rest in peace Mrs. Kinomiya, thanks for being my mom’s friend, I’m sorry you had to pass away and leave such a young boy alone. But Takao has an older brother as well, Hitoshi Kinomiya. I think I can remember him a bit too, but my memory’s blurry.

Oy.... well that's what I have, and I bet it sucks... and that's all I have to say today, so... Later...

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

   Completly Random

I've found it...... my goal in life! Before I die, I have to wear a maids dress... I just have to. To my friends that's more then obvious. Why? Well, thus far in my life, I've drawn at least four versons of me wearing one. And when I see a in a manga wearing one I think, or tell someone they are so lucky... Like Motoko in Love Hina 9. T.T I'm so jealous...... And if you've ever seen me on GaiaOnline.com, I'm Rachel Moore (PM me, I'd love to hear from ya! ^^), I've been needing to buy a new name, I've been questing for one... I think that just about proves it...... -.-'''

I've also been debating with myself what one of my drawings I should add... I don't like adding more then one so I have to pick *sighs* It's gonna be a bit.... or not 'til I decide.... /.\ oy.... I'm so messed up...

And I'm bored and lonely..... None of my friends are online so I have no ones to talk to...... I'm so hopeless...... sheesh....... I need a life...

But I have gotten a lot of manga lately ^^ I'm so proud of myself... well... of how my collection's growing, it's nearly huge.... @.@ 87 manga... oy... I get accused of having too many y manga.... >.> it's not my fault they are some what interesting... ^^ but I did start a new kicking series.... Fushigi Yugi, I think it's cool ^^ Well, if you wanna know what manga I have use this url (cuz I'm too lazy to list them all):
My Manga list
Using any means to get a hold of me, I'll tell you nearly anything you wanna know about the ones I got..... ^^

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   Stupid projects.....

I'm currenly stuck doing two really stupid projects. A poster about carbohydrates for Home Ec. and making a queer sheild like thingy for Social Stuides from like the Medieval times or something like that. I really don't mind the poster, because I think it's better then doing the short report thing my partner has to do, since I'm drawing ^^ The only thing is, it's due in two days and I have to finish drawing everything, scan the drawings, print them out (plus the othe stuff going on it), arrange and glue and/or tape them on the consturction paper. I'm goning to go crazy! x.X But I think the drawings are kinda cute. They are chibis eating different foods with carbohydrates in them. And being me, some of the chibis are characters from beyblade ^^' The only thing is, Max's head looks fat.. -.-''' *shrugs* oh well... it'll do. Max is eating fruit, while Rei's eating white rice, with cute lit'le chop-stick... I know... I know.. you don't eat rice with chop sticks... but again, oh well. But I'm thinking of having Tyson pigging out on pie, or pop or something, and Kai's going to be throwing popcorn at him, and maybe Kenny eating bread... but I don't know... <.< >.>''' Luckily the sheild isn't due in little over a week... *sigh* This is just like last sememster... rushing to finish all my projects for the semester classes and any other ones... Arg... I'm just glad the PSSA's are done...

Bend me, break me
Anyway you need me
All I want is you
Bend me, break me
Breaking down is easy
All I want is you

Oo''' heh..... sorry 'bout that... can't help it.... I love that song ^^ along with Teenage Dritbag and Almost... <.< >.> Ph34r mi l33t songz 0' d00m! ^^''' heh....

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Monday, April 11, 2005


I'm currently changing one of my fanart drawings of Rei, from beyblade. I think a sword my be a bit more interesting then a butterfly.... <.< >.> considering my butterfly looked like a pre-schooler drew it... -.-''' But my friend did find this kickin' anime, Maburaho. I think it's really cool and funny... ^^ I already downloaded two AVM's for it. But what I'm debating about, is wether or not I should submit my drawing of chibi Rei and me. Like every draw of me I have, it looks a lot better then I actually do... T.T I'm so hopeless..... *shrugs* Oh well...

heh.... I find it funny that my science teacher, I think, is somewhat afraid of my and my two friend. As he put it, we have a 'Medieval cult' or something like that. He told the other student in the class, if she felt unsafe in the classroom with the three of us, she was aloud to leave and he would follow. I thought it was funny.... but you had to be there if you don't.... *shrugs*

For those who have seen Maburaho, I'm like Yuna... ^^ a complete happy, over protective psycho person, and that if I were an anime character, I have a feeling I probably have pink hair... <.< >.> but I the color pink... -.- and Mariah or Mao (she's from beyblade too)...

Well.... I can't think of much more too say asides... I think my song of the moment is 'I think I'm Paranoid' by Garbage.... That's one of the Maburaho AMV's I have.... I really like it... <.< >.> or that just might be me...

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