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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Hello all.... Not much is really happening... and I'm really bored... aka; there's no one online/MSN for me to talk to... so I just desided to update... D: Not that I have much to say... Well... hopefully you're doing better then me... n.n D: Ra... I might as well mention it, earlier this week... either another day no one was online, or the day I missed school, I came across a website you can make message boards on; Proboards and I must've been very board because I made a role-playing board... /.\ and I'm very alone there... and if you would join it... or even look at it and think of joining it... or whatever... here's a link: My role-playing board thingy . For those of you that do join (if anyone) thank you... hopefully I won't be too bored any more... n.n''' well, that's all for now... Later


PS: Wait... n.n I remembered something new... *nods* I got a web cam thingy... *points at it* Nifty eh? D: not like I used it yet...

And I remembered something else... I'm not sure how many of you watch Naruto, but on New Year's Eve, Ayaa and I watched to 8 hour marathon of it... (we fell a sleep a bit 'cuz we stayed up 'til 6 that morning to watch YYH (D< damn.. I forgot about it today... /.\) but for those of you who do watch Naruto, you notic how he says "Believe it" like ever two seconds? Well, Ayaa and I do, and we hate it, we yell at the TV everytime he does (D: I do, even if out of the three students from team 7, I'd be him) and blah blah blah... but Ayaa had this idea, we were going to tally up how often he said believe it... I think he said it... almost fifty time... D< IN LESS THEN 20 EPISODES! (I think that's what it was, Ayaa has the paper so I'm not sure) XD it's kinda funny too... well... that's it for now... again... Later... and this time I mean it... *ninja* I just sneezed... I think someone's talking about me again... <.< >.>


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Friday, December 30, 2005

Helloz! No much has been happening since my last post.... just me... and Ayaa sitting on the computer re-reading past coversations and listening to music... and being really loud at the dead of night (we're really good at that). Last night at like... four this morning I finished the book I had to finish for English (Yay!)

But yesterday Ayaa and I were having a Christmas conversation since we didn't have one on christmas and Christmas is an essential part of one's life *nods* anyways... somewhere durning that coversation we discovered... oO Rei is a test tube baby (I doubt that though) So instead of him wanting to have the human parents I drew him... I drew him test tube parents... Oh yeah... X3 They crack me up... here's the first one


The world domination thing came after the rest of the drawing 'cuz I gave him chinese eyes and he looked like he was plotting... so... yeah.. I drew one of his family tree... but I didn't really care for it excpet the drawing of Rei...


x3 I love that... =D I think he's nude in the picutre... but I wouldn't know... n.n'''

Along with the test tube thing... Ayaa and I were listing to a song called 'The Seven Deadly Sins' that's a pretty cool song mind you, and I decided to think of at least one person to go with each sin... I did it, but I used some more then once... n.n

Envy- Kai, I forgot how... oh.. he's jealous of Rei's hot stud muffin-ness XD X3 DX
Wrath- Kai, Tala, Bryan, Spencer, Ian, and Johnny.
Pride- Enrique
Sloth- Tyson, and in the manga Rei
Glutton- Tyson, Max, and in the manga Rei.
Lust- Enrique and if one would use his Zodiac sign, Rei
Greed- Kai

Well that's it... I should go... oh darn (n.n).... later

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ok... the day before yesterday Ayaa Kitty and I went to Erie for one of Ayaa's bi-yearly trips she takes to go up there. I finally got the two Beyblade manga I've been longing for.... Kya... I'm so happy! n.n I got a few other manga, and I got the two 'Neurotically Yours' DVDs if you don't know, those are Foamy DVDs n.n I know... that's hot... I got them at Hot Topic... for those of you who are interested and aren't afriad to step foot into that store. And I got two more packets of Beyblade trading cards (D: I swear you can find trading cards for anything anymore) and I got some pocky... D: and I ate it all before I got back to Ayaa's house too... And Ayaa stole the Naruto ninja band I wanted to buy... boo hoo Boo hoo... but *shrugs* maybe there'll be another one when I got up for her B-day (If I do get to go... :ninja: ) and I got this book that goes into this huge astrolocal explaining stuff about which day you were born on (sorry if I confused you o_O''') and it has every day in the year in it... it's the shiz-it.. *nods* and I'm pretty sure that's all I bought...

But Ayaa found the Beyblade Movie... ;-; there was only one so I couldn't get it too... but we watchec it and I just got some pictures from it, so I captioned and some I didn't... they're piffin.. *nods* First, the un-captioned:
D: Weirdos....
n.n those fruitcakes...
D: And I thought he was scary in Season 1...
oxo D<
D: Grr... *hisses*
D< I can't resist... n.n this one's cute.... and Kai's face is priceless...
D: Why must he look so cute at times?
D: I would so steal Max's Yukata... and Rei wears weird enough clothes to fit in... n.n
awww... so cute... D: sorta...
Max is such a camara hog... D:
D< Camara hog!
n.n yay... another day at the beach... D< Fear Kenny's Sumo thong!
Fear the thong!
Max and Rei are such fruits...

And now... the one's I've captioned... n.n I know they are all funny... D: but work with me people....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

=D Well... that's it for now... later...

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Chirstmas Eve.. and Happy Holidays n.n

Unfortunetly mine hasn't been the greatest so far, a few days ago I found out that sometime in the summer I'm going to move near my Aunt Lisa. I know, the summer's still not for what, five, six months, but I've been crying my little eyes out anyways. It's because I've already moved a lot since... what... third grade and I haven't stayed in too many places for more then a year, so here's like a record, a whole two and a half year. And from all the other places I lived I lost all the friends I made, but this time I refuse to lose my two best friends I made here so I already decided I'm not making any new friends when I move and blah blah blah. And my grandma promised me she wouldn't move until after I was out of school... err... not living with her... >.> pfft... she thinks it'll be good for us to move near some of our family.. yeah... moving me four hours away from my best friends is really goning to be good for me since having them as my friends is the reason I'm not as depresses and anti-soical as I was when I came here... freakin' genius... n.n I can't wait to see how I act when I get there... not to mention I had a really bad sore throat durning this.... -.- it sucked, it hurt when I ate and that's not cool for a glutton like me so after that was over I rewarded my self by stuffing my trap with food for like the whole day...

Ok... that's enough of me being all "D< GRR!" Luckly for the most part, my sore throat is gone. And tomorrow's chirstmas... n.n yay... and the day after tomorrow me and Ayaa, and maybe Kitty get to go to Erie... and if they don't have the 5 and 6th Beyblade manga, I'm going to kill everyone... (sorry... got that from Foamy)... but that should have the new Fruit's Basket so that's good...

I hope you all have a Merry Chistmas

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh... I'm so happy I could scream! But I won't because I could get in trouble. But I've found so many things that made me oh so very happy (I know... I'm acting a bit weird... I shouldn't last long). Things I've found today:
1. My remote to my TV, it's been missing for a month, if not longer, it was under my bed.
2. My game boy, I've been searching for that for a week, it was in my closet.
3. I found the PotterPuffs! If you don't know what they are, they are the Harry Potter characters in the 'Power Puff Girl' style, they are cute and funny... and I saved a ton of them.
4. This is something I found out... I finally found out how to make gifs! Yay! Stupid Photoshop being all confusing and stuff... but I figured it out! *points at my avi pic thing* yep... I made that all by myself... and using a tutorial... <.< >.> -.- just for one part though... only one... :3 but don't worry Ayaa... I'll show you how to make them the next time one of us is at the others house... that is if you wanna learn... I won't make you.
5. I also found the song that plays when you beat one of the levels in the Musou Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4, Cross Colors, I really like it, and along with that, a few other Chinese songs, they are very cool...
6. I also found my brush... but that doesn't mean I was being a weirdo and not brushing my hair I just had to use the one I hate (it hurts my head ;-; ) I found it under this night standy thing next to my computer... yay!

Other then that, not much has happened today.

Last week Ayaa and I got into a fight about absolutely nothing... oO it was my fault too.... figures.... but we made up... now we're happy (*laughs*) friends again... Yay!
No offence to her, but I think I should stop showing Ayaa my drawings of Rei, since every time I do she's always like "ZOMGF REI HAZ ERECTIONZ!" (ok... she's more like >.< "Rei has a bulge in his pants"), gets someone to laugh at me with her, usually our friend(s) Nyssa and/or Kitty, and I get so red I put apples/tomatoes/blood/*insert anything else really red* to shame... luckily she only does that... once per picture but the first time is always the worst... after that... I find it funny, usually... she said it's her kind of constructive criticism... it makes sense... she, usually, only makes fun of the guys, and she can draw them... and I can't... and she barely ever makes fun of the girls I draw, except the no fingers thing... and she says she can't draw girls (lies)... oO''' ok... a bit of rambling...

*sighs* it's hard to believe the school year is almost halfway over... it's just been going by so fast... not that I'm complaining or anything! ^^

Well... that's it for today... I need to read some more for a book project for English... and I have to make more gifs (to get the procedures down)... squee! >.< o.o'''

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Friday, December 9, 2005

D: Well... today was a bust. I didn't go to school because I missed the bus and my grandma didn't wanna drive out in the snow (we live on a hill thingy so it's a lot deeper then it is where the school is, not to mention fairly dangerous) so I stayed home all day, normally that's great... but I had no one to talk to... D: so I've been downloading songs all day, mostly New Found Glory and Far From Heroes, and Foamy (the main charcter of the cartoons on illwillpress.com )

I drew a bit last night too... an angel Rei... *heart* it's hot! A fruity Max >.< Makes me laugh with the demented star me.... and an ass pwn-ing Tala... D: I'd scan them, but they're in pencil and it's really hard for my scanner to get it, and I'm afrid of smudging my Rei, and the Tala and max pic are on the same peice of paper (the front and back) and I don't want the pen to bleed through... D: it makes me mad when it does.....

Other then that, not much really has been happening... but, I guess I should say this now 'cuz if I don't now, I'll say it tomorrow, or Ayaa might *shugs* but you never know with her... she might, she might not... she might even forgot about it (though I doubt that... D: I have proof) but tomorrow's my 15th birthday... please don't tell me happy birthday though... it's only proves I'm getting old... *laughs* well... later...

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gay...? I think so... :3nod:

Well.... I'm sure you all have picked up my TalaMax coupling... right? Well, I have proof (one made forever ago... and one made no more then 15 minutes ago) (And if you read Ayaa's Otaku... OxO NOTCIE THE SCARY SIMILAITIES! OOH! SPOOKY!)

Ok, this is the more recent one, the caption is by Ayaa :3nod:
Honestly... that is such a gay guy sitting postion >.>

And this one was captioned by me, forever ago... like before Max and Tala got together :3nod:


D< AND THAT'S ALL THE PROOF YOU BISHES NEED TO HAVE TO KNOW THEY ARE IN FACT GAY... TOGETHER! ^^ Thanks for reading this retarded post... Talk to yas the next time I post :3nod: :heart: Luff you! Laters!

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Ok... Raven... you should be happy, I just added the desktop :3nod: now you should only have to wait a little longer...

And honestly! 7 of the Beyblade manga are out... I was shocked too! I couldn't believe how far I'd fallen behind! As for it being like the anime... I could tell you it is... but I'd be lying... (And I'm not a liar... ^^ Shut up Ayaa...) It has the same main ideas... like Rei loosing Driger, and the Saint Shields... but in the same way it's completely different... Sorry... I might be a bit hard to understand... but after watching the season, then reading the manga, you'll understand me :3nod:

Sadly... if I am right... there are only going to be 14 of them, and with 7 already out that means they're half-way done... and that means it's getting closer and closer to the one (if not more) Beyblade manga I'm gonna hate.. *stabs an imaginary copy of the 14 volume* oh... I should probably explain myself huh? Well, for those of you who donít wanna hear the spoiler, I'd suggest you to skip the rest of this paragraph. Well, for those of you left, in the 14 volume there will be a new generation of beybladers... -.- yeah... the BladeBreaker's kids... I know three of them, you have Gou, Kai's son, I'm not sure who his mother it, but he looks almost like a Kai clone, he's cute if you get past his evil Kai-ness... then you have Makoto, Tyson's son, again, I haven't a clue about his mum, and he, like Gou, is almost a clone of his father, as said by Rei, Makoto reminds him a lot of Tyson. The last kid... is a girl... Rei and Mariah's daughter... and I'm sure you all know I'm an uber Rei fan girl, so you can imagine how I reacted upon finding this out... I just about spazed...! I've always hated Mariah... she wears way too much pink to be partially sane, then to top it off, she goes off and has a kid with my (now) favorite character... Well... enough with the Mariah bashing, Rei's and... Itís... daughter's name is Ling (her Japanese name (I think) is Rin). She, like her mother, has pink hair, which is worn in pig-tail braids, and is headstrong (or so said Tyson). As for Max and Kenny as far as I know, neither of them have any kids (but if Max is with Tala, how are they gonna have kids unless Max gets that sex change I've been telling him to get?) Well, that's all the spoilers I know... WHAT?!? I only got the first... 14 pages (I think) of the manga... oh... and it takes place 15 years after the 13th one... just so you know... that means they're all old.... like my mom's age... o.o''' scary thought... -.- '''

O.o well... other then that... I haven't much else to really say... besides my body aches from bowling, I'm home... for just over 24 hours 'til I go to Ayaa's, I hope you like the new desktop... and my chapped lips are pissing me off... -.-

^^ well... Later for now!

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

*for whatever random reason read my last post* Ok... just so you know... I'll add the desktop tomorrow/Monday... :3nod: Yeah... I should be leaving sometime in the morning... blah blah blah....

Anyways over the last few day... what have I done...? I saw the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The only thing I can say about the HP movie... is, it was great and all... but they cut out the spinx! *really wanted to see it* anc Charlie... it was great... I was laughing though the whole thing... X3 funny funny... I also got the 7th Beyblade manga... :gonk: though I haven't got 5 or 6 yet... (they didn't have it at the store) #7 starts in V-Force... so it wasn't all that bad... it's not like it lost me or anything... but I can't wait to get them! >.< I also went bowling today.... and I proved just how much I suck at it... I think my best was 70 or something....

o.o other then that... I really haven't that much to say... ^^''' so laterz... I'll get the desktop up in the next few days... promise!

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

I hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day! :gonk: though I'm sorry it's been.... forever since I last posted... /.\ I've been getting waaay too obsessed with Gaia... sorry... but... I do have a present for you since I'm being such a bad poster.... :3nod: I made an awesome (I think so atleast) desktop... the only thing is... you'll have to wait 'til next wensday to get it because I'm back a my Aunt's again... but It's a pretty awesome Beyblade desktop... has characters from all three seasons... (most often Rei... but only g-rev) and you have other favorites, Zeo, Kai, Tala, Max, Oliver, Mariam... Raul and Julia... and that's mainly it... but I'm sure you'll like it, I really made it for something on Gaia (That's a surprise *sarcastic*), but I thought for all you Beyblade lovers I'd think you'd love it... and I've been drawing a lot... mostly me and Rei pics. I attempted at a TalaMax one (oh the horror! MY EYES!) and I also drew one for Ayaa and Kai, she added her own touched but it's cool... then you had the one I drew for me and Ayaa's Gaian Quest... it's finished, and I don't wanna brag, but I think it came out pretty awesome
Hot... but what do you think?
I want to scan one of Me and Rei I drew for art class... but I think it's too light and the scanner won't pick it all up.... /.\ it came out hot too... *sighs*

Well, anyways... That's all now... wait... don't expect anything much, art wise that is, for about two weeks, except this up coming Monday (maybe) :ninja: after I leave my aunt's and get home, I'm going over to Ayaa's. My grandma (I live with her...) is going to fly to N.C. or S.C. I can't remember which, to visit my uncle and his two kids, and I'll be staying at Ayaa's and for some reason, I don't draw much there ^^' heh heh....

Ok... that's it... Later everyone!

P.S. if any of you are on Gaia and want to add me to your friendlist, my name is Mizuhara Kon, or just leave your Gaian name in a comment and I'll add it... Later!

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