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Friday, May 5, 2006

x.x omg.... I feel so evil... I haven't added... ANYTHING in almost three months... :gonk: I'd love to add more, but when it comes to a journal, I never really have anything to say, but I should have a little something to add.
Last weekend Ayaa and I went shopping and I got the first Chrono Crusade dvd. >w< I love it! and I really like the opening and closing themes. And Chrono's voice is so cute! Rosette can be a little annoying, but she's funny too. Along with that I bought the Dynasty Warriors Advance game for my gameboy. It's okay, not comparable with the x-box game, but it's ok. I also found out there's a Dynasty Warriors 5 game for the x-box so I need to see if I can find and and save enough money to do so. I also need to save enough money to buy The Romance of Three Kingdoms which is the book that is about the period of the three kingdoms in China, and that's the time period the Dynasty Warriors takes place it. It's crazy!

Well... that's all I really have to say... but I will add some of my new drawings :3nod: >w< I hope you like 'em!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sorry i haven't updated in forever (again) I hope you all had a happy valentine's Day yesterday... n.n mine was nice.

D: The main reason i haven't been here is now I've been posting a lot of my art on DeviantArt... other then that... a few days ago I think... I found this game called Angels-Devils.... I like it... D: but I'm bored and have no life... anyways... after I'm done typing this I'll add a link to my DeviantArt page :3nod: I got it all made and everything! There are a handful of pictures there that I haven't posted here.... most of them are newer... D: All of them I think...

Well... that's it for now...

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just to get the record straight, yes, JD, I know Haku's gay. I mean, I could feel the love radiating off him and Zabuza everytime Naruto came on. And Zabuza wanted to be placed next to Haku when he was dying... *sparkly eyed* how sweet... ;-;
But in the end, I like a lot of the long-haired pretty (and quite often, gay) boys, I mean, you got Haku (Naruto), Rei (Beyblade), Ayame and Ritsu (Fruits Basket), Hotohori and Nuriko (Fushgi Yugi), Dr. Watari (Yami No Matsei) and ton of others.... but in the end, I seem to have a thing for girly gay guys... *shrug* I'll live, they're hot.
But none of that is really important.

Hail Haku!

Within the last 48 hours Ayaa and I watched four movies, all supposed to be scary or something (but I don't normally get scared, except for the loud background noises, they always make me jump). The movies we watched were, Skeleton Key, The Zodiac Killer, Cry_Wolf, and Seven (or sometimes called Se7en).
The first three we watched (I put them in the order we watched them) all had plot twists. Skeleton Key was really good I'll admit, I don't wanna say too much for those who haven't seen it and want to. But I would recommend it... it's very good. As for The Zodiac Killer, to be blunt, I hated it. I found it boring, but if you wanna see it, go ahead D: I'm not stopping you. Cry_Wolf was good too, we were trying to link the deaths with the seven deadly sins, n.n we just love to do that. Last Seven or Se7en, that was probably my favorite, it had murders based on the Seven Deadly Sins. If you like them, I say you should watch the movie, if you haven't, it's kinda old, but not really XD sorry I'm being confusing, it was made in 1995, so you might have seen it by now. But even if it's a few years old, it's really good. I liked it. A lot. I wanted to see it since I came across it on the internet, but the funny thing is, I didn't know my grandma had it... D: I just found out yesterday... n.n well... yeah... that's it for now.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well... if it isn't obvious, I'm currently going though a Haku fangirl faze *points to my icon and background* I love that kid... he's so cute... D: why am I calling him a kid? He's as old as me and looks even older... n.n but he is so hot! ;-; to bad he had to die... *shrugs* Well... the reason I'm going though a fanart faze with him is probably because the one neko-jins I drew looked like him when he was a little kid, and when he was homeless... I'll proabably post it up later since I scanned a few pictures last night... I also drew another picture of the normal 15 year old him, but he looks real girly in it... D: not to mention it looks real weird, I doubt I'll post that one... other then that... I haven't got much else to say...

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Well... I haven't much to say... excpet today's the start of a four day weekend... XD Yes! I've been trying to draw a few different pictures... XD and they all aren't like those two drawing of Rei I posted one of the last times I updated. A few of them I really like, because lately I've been drawing Neko-jins, and not Beyblade one's either... like my own Neko-jins... I love drawing neko-jins... then you have pictures both me and Ayaa and a few of our friends draw... XD they come out retarded because we don't care what the look like when they're 'those' kind of drawings, because we're usually real hyper when we're both working on it... but for my good one's, hopefully I'll get around to scanning them and posting some up...

well today was our last day our first semester, so Wednesday I'll be switch from Gym to health... I'm not thrilled about it... but I'm glad to be out of gym, I'm not the athletic type. Ehh... but health is one of those classes I sleep though... XD I did it in 7th grade...

Right now I'm reading a book I heard in a song, the song is "I Must Be Emo" and the book, The Catcher in the Rye the only main reason I'm reading it is because Ayaa, and Kitty say I'm emo, I can't help it if I'm emotional, and I guess it's supposed to be a book emo kids would like, but I'm telling you, it's not half bad... but I'm only half way done... so *shrugs* I can't really decide if I like it or not. But I get some of the greatest words from it... *nods*

XD I thought of me trying to draw Ed, Fullmetal Alchemist Ed, and I couldn't draw him to save my life! XD it's funny... I was trying to draw him for art because I make a Ouroboros (the sign that's on the Homunculi) stamp and I want to make my prints into a boarder of a picture... XD I'll probably beg Ayaa to draw me a picture of Ed and maybe Al... I'll see what I can do ^-^
Well... that's I really have to say today... well, later!


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