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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   FINALLY! ^^

Well... after a good week or so of trying, my desktop is finally see-able. I hope you like it ^^ I do, and to be honest, it's the desktop I'm using now ^^ *nods*

For those who don't notice, I've went on and all might quiz taking spree. My Quiz result thing went from 3-4 pages to 9 pages in only two days I think. o.o that's a lot of quizzes *nods* But the one Blink 182 song...... I have that song! I LOVE IT TOO! I made a Beyblade AMV with it....... ^^ *nods*

Well, right now I'm working on a drawing that I got from a.... umm... *thinks* I guess you could call it role-playing? It's just a weird thing me and Ayame do when we get bored. It beyblade charcaters, and quite a few others (like Haru/Ayame from Fruits Basket). Well, anywho, getting back on topic. I'm drawing the picture when I kissed Kai, He almost killed me, Rei spazed at me for kissing him and Muraki (no not Yami no Matsuei's (Decendents of Darkness) Muraki, an OC like thing) *is trying to explain this the best I can* he's sorta a robot thing... he was just being 'tarded (again) and was spazing in the background, you had Ayaa, Max and Tala getting bacon/breakfast 'cuz Max wanted bacon.... moron... and he wouldn't have when if Ayaa didn't be of couse he'd thought Ayaa would try to do something to Tala... o.o oh... yeah, this is where the TalaMax pairing comes in... they are gay.... and Muraki's bi... and I think Kai's gay but Ayaa yells at me everytime I say that..... *shrugs* Well,I should just stop talking... 'cuz she'll beat me up if I tell everyone everything that happens in the role-playing things.... the point is.... I'M DRAWING HIDE YOUR EYES OR YOU MIGHT GO TO THE HOSPITAL! scary drawings... o.o

Well, I should run before overly crazed Rei Fangirls find me and my one quiz result down there *points down*

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Saturday, July 9, 2005


My friend finally joined... she is Ayame Skyes... her name thingy should be in my friend list thing, and if it's not, I'll beat someone down... ^^ VOTE FOR HER SMEXY ARTWORK! OR I'LL EAT YOU! OvvO BRAINS!

Well... anywho, the two of us rented Thirteen Ghosts. That was the hottest movie ever! Ok... I bet the Beyblade movie would be better... if our hick-town had it.. but NO! I DOESN'T! *burns down movie store* - - serves you right... but anywho! There was this one thingy with the ghost-y peoples past... when they were still alive, and "The Bound Woman"'s was cool! After being a player and stuff with all these guys, her prom date found her with some other guy... getting all kissy-kissy lovey-lovey... and he beat the guy to death, and tied up the chick and buried in the foot ball field at the 50 yard line thing, and blah blah blah, the guy ended up saying 'The Bitch broke my heart, so I broke her neck' It was cool! OxO *sparkley eyes* Yeah... and we got Mortal Kombat Deseption... that game rocks! >.<

And I'm so proud of myself, the to cosplay pictures she drew came from a fanfic I started writing... a half a year ago I think... o.o I gotta add more... *nods* Yeah...

well... I haven't much else to say but...

o.o^ YOU DO THAT UPSTAIRS! *laughs* >.<

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

And then... the computer died.....

Oy... a day or so ago I thought I killed my computer. I was messing with the little window A/C in my computer room. It just so happends to be pluged into the same... extension cord thing... (can't remember what they're called) and it, I think, short curcited or something like that. And I couldn't get it to work, but then someone else tried it a day later, and it worked.... that's always good...

Well, a few hours ago I got another AMV, for the song 'Girls!' It's pretty cool, but it's a 'Guy's song' *rolls eyes* I don't care if it is, I like it, just like 'Stacy's Mom' I don't care... FEAR ME AND MY ALT. ROCK AND EMO MUSIC OF DOOM! *laughs*

Well, I re-submitted my artwork yesterday, hopefully they'll be working... I gotta check.....

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

   Happy 4th of JULY! ^^

I wish everyone a happy 4th of July. The only reason it's today and not tomorrow.... well, I'm going to my friend's again and I doubt I'll have time to post it tomorrow. And hopefully by then my two submissions will showing by then... and that'll be my Independece Day gift to everyone... assuming you like them... and if you don't... *shrugs* Nothing I can do about that.... but I really do hope you like them... ^^ and I hope everyone loves their 4th of July!

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Art Profiles

Ok... since I'm bored... I'll type little profile thingys for the two different thingys I submited today, a fanart, and a wallpaper...

Me and Rei
Ok... this only took me about 2-3 hours to draw... *sighs* so it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it too. I was too lazy to pull out my colored pencils, but I will soon... maybe... And just so you know... the drawings supposed to be of Rei asking me to dance or something, dancing was what it was supposed to be, but different people might think different things and I won't beat anyone down for think they're do something different. The gir l's hair style I got was from what Ritsu (Fruits Basket) had his hair up when Tohru though he was a she... I just liked it at the moment and thought it would be a great idea. If anything, I think Rei turned out horrible... oh... and the hands... I suck at hands. And they were side views, if anything, besides hands, I suck at side views. I'm very proud of my gir l though... she turned out great! Or I think she did ^^'''

Losing Grasp...
This was my first decent wallpaper. I think it turned out great! It's even my wallpaper now ^^ I have another one, but the colores are darker, and are the ones from the anime, but I love it just the way it is. And that was put together... in a what...? 15 minutes...? I love it though! >.<

Well, if they aren't up yet... they should pop up in less then a day, I hope you like them ^^

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Friday, July 1, 2005

   It feels like forever! *laughs*

Oy.... like my topic says... it feels like forever... but what does you ask? Since I've been home! I've been at my friend’s house for almost a week... But today! I got Fruits Basket 10! *does happy dance* and Princess Ai 2! It feels like forever since I got the first one! Almost a year.... oy.... I wish I had more money today... I want to get so many manga! >.< and there was this HOTT Yuki (Fruits Basket) shirt a Hot Topic... I wanted it soooo much! But I spent all my money on manga... T.T it's ok though... I'll ask to get it when I'm with my grandma.... I'm sure she'll buy it for me.... she spoils me *laughs*

I think my best friend's mad at me... I don't think she likes my Sagittarian bubbly optimism... v.v oy.... well.... maybe it's 'cuz of spending that week with her... maybe in a few days she won't despise me... Oh well...

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   TeeHee ^^

Oy... I've beem really hyper, and I've been saying 'teehee' for a while now... and I've been threated to get hit... and I got hit for saying it.... >.< but it's so much fun!

Yeah... but yesterday... me and my two friends when to a tennis practice meet thingy... It was fun... ^^ and thats weird since I'm sports challenged... and I don't like the outside... and for three hours today, from 3-6 we got to wash cars... it was for tennis uniforms... and for me being an anti-outside person... that was fun too... I got to hold a pink sign (Ewww... >.< pink)with my friend and we shouted at the cars.... it was fun

Yeah... well the other night, we slept out on my other friend trampoline and the... ahh... Kay! Yeah... I don't she'll mind if I say her name... nope.. well Kay was twisting Nursery Rhymes and Disney storys... they were really funny... oh! but I made up one too! 'twas funny! I'll tell you it...
Georgy Porgy Puddin' Pie
Kissed the s and made them cry
When the boys came out to play,
Georgy Porgy decided to be gay

*laughs* sorry if you don't think that's funny, but the three of us did...*thinks* and we happen to sorta like (or at least in my case, the others... they like it more) yaoi.... *shrugs*

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Dynasty Warrior's Overload?

Yesterday, one of my best friends and I were playing Dynasty Warriors 4, for a good 17 hours straight... sad, I know, but it was so much fun >.< Yeah... but killin' people got pretty boring with in the Canpagine of Nanman (or whatever it is). We both killed over 1000 people. My average is 100-150 at the most... But we did pick out some really hot guys, Zhou Yu, *drools* he's one of my favorites, ;-; but Ayaa (my friend) said he was gay with Sun Ce, then you had Zhen He (we call him wolverine 'cuz of his claws) but he was gay all on his own. Some of his outfits had butter fly wings, and were pink.... ;-; That's so depressing... Oh but there's still Zhou Yun, he's hot, and strong! ^^ That just kicks! Right now Ayaa's strengthing up some guy she things is hot, Lu Xun. I don't really think he is... <.< >.> maybe if he looses that hat of his.... *shrugs*

Now that I look back to the recent hot guys I've like, they've all had long hair. Rei, Ayame Sohma, Zhou Yu, Zhou Yun, and Zhen He, all had long hair... *shrugs* Long hair is hot! >.< *laughs*

(don't worry, I'm just sorta hyper from staying up 'til 4:30-something in the morning, so, this is normal ^^')

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Errr..... yeah.....

A hour or so ago I got bored, so I drew this one chick. It's not half-bad if I do say so myself. I'm surprised because it's a side view of her, and I suck at side views. And I made her up on the spot, and along with drawing side views, I'm not entirely good at making my own characters up... I know... that's sad. But when it comes to drawing, I have to have a picture to look off, or it'll be way out of proportion, and I don't think that's all that bad either. I guess I’ll get the super critic later today when my friend comes up. She's an awesome drawer, though she says she's not. I've been trying to get her to sign up here, but she hasn't yet... I don't think she has at least... *shrugs* She was looking threw some of the YGO and InuYasha fanart with me Friday, or one of the three or four days I was at her house... but in the InuYasha fanart there was the funniest poem... I'd say it but I dun wanna, but I'm pretty sure the picture was called 'InuYasha's Poem' it was cute.

But getting out of drawing... I got this cool AMV, I really like the song, It's Jump, by, I think, Simple Plan, I can't remember, but I really love the song, sounds like me >.< scary, anything any more sounds like me... Oo ACK! I'm Bipolar! No...not really... ;-; I wish I was though.... *shrugs* Oh well. But I've been on a downloading spree today, I'm working on, I think my 4th video in 24 hours, I know, that doesn't sound like much, but my computer's slow and the AMVs are huge... so... yeah... to me... that's a lot *laughs*

I'm amazed, but I'm using my brain, and you know how I said something about my friend drawing a picture of me and Rei? Yeah? Well, she has them up on a website, Gaiaonline.com to be exact (I'm Rachel Moore if you wanna talk to me or if you sign up, I'd be your reference person 'kay?) Well anywho, I'll post the links so you can see her kickin' art. I hope you like it 'cuz I love it >.<
Sketch version
Painted version

If you'd like to comment her, please just put it down into the little comment thing for this post, and I'll make sure to give it too her. And if you like those, she might do one for her and Kai, and for Max and Tala. Don't ask about the Max and Tala pairing, it's one of our things... yeah.... but never mind about them... ^^''' heh....

Well, that's all I have to say for now... yeah....

Oh! if you're questioning why I've suddenly got 30 hugs... well, my friend... she sorta got button happy and pressed it 25 times... she needs help... *sighs*

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

....Of the moment

Ok... I'm really bored, so I'm just gonna list my things of the moment...

1. Song/Lyrics of the moment:

She's the Blade
Don't you make a move tonight
You can only stagger
Once she’s got you in her sight
You're the one she’s after

She’s the blade and you're just paper
And You're afraid cause she’s got closer
You're back-steppin and she’s back-stabbing everything in your life

She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back
She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back

One by one you count the fights
Does it even matter
That she’s got you by surprise
Misery's your master

She’s the blade and you're just paper
You're afraid cause she’s got closer
Your back-steppin and she’s out wrecking everything in your life

She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back
She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back

She stole everything
She controlled everything
She stole everything
She controlled everything

She’s the blade
She’s the blade
She’s the blade and you're just paper
She’s the blade and you're just...

She’s the blade and you're just paper
You're afraid cause she’s got you closer

She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back
She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back

She stole everything
She controlled everything
She stole everything
And controlled everything

2. Gif of the Moment:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Now you can' tell me that isn't hot... ^^

3. AMV That's playing at the moment:

We're All To Blame - Full Metal Alchemist

4. Smily thing of the Moment:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

5. Umm... Color of the Moment:


6. Video Game of the Moment:

Dynasty Warriors 4

7. Video Game Character of the Moment:

The Qiao Twins and Zhou Yu (from Dynasty Warriors)

8. Anime Character of the Moment:

Rei Kon and Chrono (My friend said that Chrono was Rei's evil twin 'cuz the looked so much alike) and.... <.< >.> Ayame Sohma

And that's all I can think of now I might add some later..... If I think of anymore...

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