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Sunday, August 7, 2005

Because I forgot....

... nevermind about the cousin comment... They just popped up... *shifty eyes* :gonk: I'm going to go through a fricken music withdrawal.... T-T No Blink 182.... or Sum 41... or Garbage... *sighs* I'll live... maybe... *laughs*
Since I forgot, the other night/morning Ayaa and I were looking at quotes... I loved three of them:
1. The quickest way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, it's through his chest... with an axe.
2. If you love someone, set them free. If they don't come back, hunt them down and kill them.
3. Stupidity killed the cat, curiosity was blamed.
Oh... and some time in the next two weeks I shall be going to NYC... heh.... *thinks* I wonder... will I see Judy (Max's mom) so I can start my blonde killing spree.... NO! I have to start with that blonde celeb. that Rei was hitting on... HOW DARE HE?!?! -.-'
There was something else I wanted to say... but I think I forgot... *shrugs* OH! Now I remembered... Ayaa and I thought of more retarded faces!
6(^^)9 That is Ayaa's weird Jig... also Max's mating dance *laughs*
(-.-)9 This is my shaking fist face
6(^^)7 and here's Muraki's pimpin' cane face... *laughs* he's such a tard... but he's so cute! >.< You have to see a drawing of him in Ayaa's art... he's not cute... he's hot! *drools* He just loses that hottness when he runs around nude.... *gonk*

(-.-)9 and Ayaa.... don't you ever call me a fricken prep again... I loath that name... biznotch! T-T I'm nothing like them... 'twas just the make-up thing... and I really didn't even want to do it...

But that's all for now.... later...

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Hey! Lookie this... I found a computer... Now I can annoy you all everyday of my vacation... *evil laugh* -.- ok... not funny... I haven't much to say yet... 'cept I was awake by 9:30 this morning... (that's a first since school's ended) I spent 4-5 hours getting here... :gonk: I haven't seen either of my cousins thus far... and I've already found out how to get the x-box to work.... oh! and lookie the puppy! ^^ *holds up a puppy and gets my hands chewed up* :gonk: guess that's why they call it the demon... heh... T-T I'm gonna miss Beyblade... NOOO! I haven't seen all of season 1! T-T T-T T-T

OH... but Ayaa... you missed it... after you left... my Aunt 'prepped' me up to go the my grandma's retirement dinner... I had make-up... was wearing a dress... no dog collar (T-T)... and all that good stuff :gonk: ... I hated that... plus mainly being surrounded by old people... but the prime rib was good... *drools*

Well... I haven't much else to say... but... don't expect a lot of new drawings from me in about.... two weeks... and Ayaa... I hope you don't mind me taking another or your ideas... SORRY! I can't help it... T-T beat me up if you must... but I haven't drawn it yet... so... yeah... -.- I dunno... I still thinking it...

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

*sighs* nevermind... just look at the picture*

Ok.... since I'm so utterly (*laughs* utter....) bored, I decided to do something.... FUN! for a change. I've seen these on several websites... and in the back of magizines. They're funny... sometimes, or they can be just plain stupid, but this isn't getting to what I'm trying to do. Ok, I'll post up a picture (some how anime related) wether I drew it myself, or found it on the internet, or in my picture folder, and all you gotta do is (please post these in the comment box) post what the people are saying. Doesn't sound that hard does it? Well, here's the first picture:
I love this drawing! ^^
(just so you know, the chick is supposed to me me....) And you can add other people that would be considered 'off camera' but for this picture at least, keep it to other Beyblade characters, oh, and I guess if you want, you can add yourself, just don't do some anime crossover. Ok...? I hope people participate... this is supposed to be fun.... yay fun for ever'one... yeah..... WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL READING THIS?!? POST SOMETHING! OxO peas (please)...?

And if a lot of people like this (and participate) I'll add more later. ^^ *nods*

Well, just so you know, that picture... up there! UP THERE!^ I didn't sign it twice... It's because I drew them on seperate pieces of paper... and I had to sick 'em together in paint.... *nods* OH! Lookie this cute smily my friend showed me! awww.... Now you can't tell me that isn't cute! ^^ and this on is just funny... *is trying not to laugh* And if you disagree, you shouldn't No you shouldn't 'cuz they is so 'dorable!

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Monday, August 1, 2005

Ok... I'm sure Ayaa wants everyone to know that Maxie-poo (Max) and Tal-y-al-y-al-y-la (Tala) are gonna get married..... (don't ask about the nicknames)but Judy thinks Max is crazy, 'cuz he had to ask her to sign something 'cuz he's underaged.... *laughs* 'twas funny.... *nods* but I'll look so much better in a wedding dress when I get married to Rei, then the two of them combined... but that's not the point.... I dunno why, but I went threw mine and Ayaa's record conversation (it's 154 Microsoft pages long) and I read to this one point... I'll tell you the story behind it.
Ok... One day Ayaa and I was talking to one of Ayaa's online buddies.... and he said something about if Rei was real... I'd probably sleep with him... and that's the story behind this:
Me: ...... Sleeping with Rei is Ewie.... or is it? Nope... it’s ewie... and... ^ You do that up there!
I think that's funny... that just might be me though.... *shrugs*

But anyways... I started another fanfic... yep... another one... I might post what I have... I'm not sure... and I also wanna post up a drawing I did yesterday, but my scanner's being mean... well..... that's all I really gotta say for now...... Later....

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Well... not much is really happening... yesterday, Ayaa, Kit and I went up to the mall, I got three new manga. Chrono Cursades 3, Shutter Box 3, and Fruits Basket 11, I don't even think that Fruits Basket should be out yet.... I already finished Chrono, and I'm part way done with Shutter Box, once I get Fruits Basket, I'll start on it, I let my friend borrow it since she'd already started it.

I'm sure you can tell I went back to my Rei theme. I can't help it... I'm so obsessed with him it isn't funny. And I'm sorta pissed because I can't find the fifth Beyblade manga, and it came out last month, maybe I can find it when I go visit my aunt, which I found out, will be a week from today or tomorrow...

I hope that since it's a week from what I thought it'd be, I get to go to a fair with my two friends, I'm not sure when that is though, I gotta ask Ayaa.

I've noticed, my on OC drawing haven't gotten any ratings yet..... *sighs* maybe I'm losing my touch... but then again, most orginal art doesn't get a lot of ratings.... and not only are my drawings being sorta neglected... I feel like I am too, it seems that almost no one is visiting my site anymore... maybe everyone's on vacation or something.... *shrugs* well, I did add some of my favorite drawings on a website. I'll post up a link in this post, and one up top if you wanna check them out....
Mizzy's FanArt
I know it's not much..... but it's not like anyone's really gonna look at it... so whatever....

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I hate it when people use photoshop or printshop, or whatever that stupid program is called to make their art 'better'. It might be the fact that I don't have it and I'm jealous or something... or because they aren't using their true art skills to finish that art. That's why I prefer art that is 100% hand drawn or whatever... but I do use the computer with my art, yeah... to resize it not four times bigger then it should be and to erase stray marks or something. But that's all, and it's easly done in paint... I might be the only one who thinks that way... but I really don't what people think about me for thinking like that. Whatever....

But speaking of drawing, I drew another picture... again, I'm not gonna put it in the fanart section, I'm just gonna add it here, and you add your comments in the comment box. It's pretty much me, if I was a goth.... I'd make one pretty hardcore goth... *laughs at the thought* Here, see for yourself!
Chibi Goth Mizzy
Ok... not as 'gothy' as one might have thought.... but I think it's cute.... and that'd so be me trying to be a goth....... at first I was going to attempt to draw a chibi version of my Aunt Lisa to give to her when she comes to pick me up to visit her in a few days, and that's how it ended up.... *laughs* What? I didn't tell you? Yeah... in a few days (not sure how many though) my Aunt Lisa is coming for my Grandma retirement dinner thing and I'm going to visit her in New York for a week, not NYC but New York State, I can never remember the city she lives it, =P but I wouldn't tell you anyways.... but I'm gonna go to a wedding while I'm there, I'm so excited! She's my first and favorite Aunt! Yeah, when I was born, 14 or so years ago, I only had one Aunt... now I have... *counts on fingers* at least five more, they were born after me, or got married into the family...... I know...... isn't that sad...? At least three of my aunts are younger then me.... scary! One uncle is....... that I know of. But anyway, when I go to visit her, I'm staying for a week, so arn't you happy? A whole week without my stupid rambling, a dream come true, but when I come back a week of rambling in a day! Unless, I can get ahold of a computer there... *shrugs* I dunno, but I get stuck with my two cousins.... *gonk* yay.... to bad they're both guys..... but I'm a tomboy, so I'm sure I'll live.... and kick their asses at video game, or try to at least.... well.... that's all I really got to say.... 'cuz I forgot what else I was..... but see ya later....... for thoes how actually read these........

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Monday, July 25, 2005

More Art Profiles

Ok... I just finished another drawing! W00t! Now this one is completely different from any other one I've drawn. On a whole piece of printer paper I divided it into three boxes, the first two taking up the top half (both are about the same size) and the third box takes up the whole bottom half. Kinda looks like a manga page. In each box is a picture plus a line from the song 'Truly Madly Deeply'. And the pictures are supposed to portray the lyrics. The lines from the song are "I want to stand with you on a mountain (first box) I want to bathe with you in the sea (second box)I want to lay like this forever until the sky falls down on me (third box)" And there is no nude people 'cuz the second line is I want to bathe with you in the sea... Like I could draw nude people.... *laughs at the though* I spaz when I see semi nude people... But anyways, I have to wait for the ink to dry before I erase the pencil marks, but when it's done I'll post it, but I won't put it up as fanart, I'll just post a link so you can see it in my journal ok..? And any comments can go in my comment box. The picture is supposed to be like me singing it to Rei, but it's impossible to tell, and I could be Rei singing it to me, or us singing to each other... but the point is... the chick is me! Got that?!? *laughs*

Ok, the picture can go up now... but after I do a few things to it, scan it, resize it, and add it to photobucket, but you'll be able to see it today, and this one shall be called, "Truly Madly Deeply" after the beautiful song... ;-; I love that song!

Truly Madly Deeply

And just so you know, in the first box, the circles are snow you know, mountains=snow, and in the second box, the circles are stars, just incase you didn't know.

Along with that drawing, I also am going to post my drawing I was talking about yesterday... it should show soon... *nods* here's the profile:

Chibi Rei
Don't I come up with the best names? Well... like I said yesterday... well... that pretty much goes here... o.o so there isn't much to say now... but I did take me a while to finish... several hours... I hope you like it though! ^^

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Art Profile

Beauty Can Be Deadly
This is a new desktop. It shows four of my more favorite female characters from Dynasty Warriors. They are, Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, Zhen Ji, and Diao Chan. It has a saying... er... one that I made up in two seconds, but I like it, it's 'Just because something is beautiful, doesn't mean it isn't deadly'. I really like it ^^ that's all I can say about that one, but if you like Dynasty Warriors 4, I'm making another desktop for you to look forward to..... *nods*

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I'm sorry! >. <

Oy... I'm sorry for the forever long posts... I'll go back to my short ones.

Well, yesterday I finished a drawing. It was based off this picture:

(I don't take credit for drawing that!)
The thing is, in mine, it's only Rei, and there are several differences, like
-He's taller
-His waist is up higher
-I drew his hair the way I always draw it
-He's holding a kitten, not a mini Driger
-He's wearing his G-Rev clothes instead
-It's not colored
I'll either post it today or tomorrow *nods*

I have to get ahold of Ayaa, I have to ask her about Tennis, but I can't get ahold of her..... That can't be good.... Oh well, I should before too long.... I hope.... Well..... later....

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

*is just being stupid again*

Ok... I don't know why, but I've been going through huge mood swings... well, at least in the past three or so days. One day, I was crying... a lot, for no reason.... then yesterday, I was on a sugar high, and again today, I've been cry-ie. But that's only because I was thinking deep about stuff, and when I do that, I either come up with crack head theories (like one time I was thinking about Winnie the Pooh, I'll explain about that in a sec), or I look back into the boundaries of reality and end up crying. This time, I cried. I hate remembering the fact that the person I love isn't real... I hate that. That's mostly because I'm not pretty enough to have a boyfriend, and all the guys I know are a bunch of asses..... -.-

As for the Winnie the Pooh thing I was talking about. Ok he is Winnie THE Pooh, so why does everyone call him Pooh if his name is really Winnie. Why is he called a Poo? He's not brown and in a toilet, or in my yard somewhere.... and everyone knows he's a bear, they call him Pooh Bear. Well, that's all I can remember about that......

And a song was on the Tv called 'Sticks and Stones' its a Country song, and I don't think I've heard it before, but it reminded me of this line, I love it!
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me
>.< *laughs* I love that...

For more laughs.... enjoy these pics. I found:

(*points up* That one starts with DJ Jazzman just so you know)

Oh, and before I forget.... Yesterday, when Max said something about Rei's censor bar being fat, he was getting back at me. But only two people should know what he was getting back at me for, they are me, and Ayaa, it was in one of our role-playing conversations.... I'll post it

Tala- |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (*laughs* Tala is fat if he needs that big of a bar...^^) (Note from Mizzy: Tala’s taking a shower)

Me: ^^ Yep..... <.< >.> *looking around* now where did it go.....?

Rei- ^^ ..what?
Tala- ||||||||||||||||| ( >.< NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVE!)

Max: K.K ( >.< *laughs*)
Me: I'm lookin for the cell phone....

Rei- *hands it to you* it was on the floor....
Tala- ||||||| ( ^^)

Max: t.t (^^''')
Me: *presses the redial button* ^^

Rei- ^^
Tala- ||||||||
Kai- -.- WHAT?!

Me: *meows into the phone*
Max: <.< >.>

Tala- |||||||||||
Rei- *laughs*
Kai- -.- Realy? that’s all? *hangs up*

Me: *keeps meowing*
Max: 4.4

Tala- ^^ *walks out fully clothed* ^^
Rei- ^^ Nice.

Me: *continues meowing*
Max: ^^ (*laughs*)

Tala- ^^
Rei- O.o are you ok?

Me: *continues*
Max: ^^

Tala- ^^ *shakes his head*
Rei- ^^ ok

Max: Oo''' heh.....?
Me: <.< >.> *pokes Tala* You know what.......?

Tala- what?
Rei- ^^"

Me: >.< *laughs* I hear your fat.......
Max: oxo''' huh....?

Tala- OxO what?
Rei- >.<

Me: I wouldn't know myself but Max would huh.....?
Max: Oo''' huh..?
Me: So Max, is he?
Max: OxO''' what?

Tala- OxO'''
Rei- >.< *laughs*

Max: Oxo''''
Me: >.> So.... what about you Rei.....?

Tala- OxO (OccO heh....)

Max: OxO''''
Me: >.> <.< so.... does that make it really tiny......?
Max: OXO'''''''''''''
Me: >.< and this is why I like being a girl for once... you can't turn the table on me....

Rei- >.<
Tala- -.- Yours boobs are small! TAKE THAT! (*laughs* Ra Tala....^^)\

Me: OxO'''' (I thing the fags on my bus would disagree) YOU PERVERT! *slaps him*
Max: o.o'''''''''

Tala- >.< *rubs mark on his face*
Rei- Good job Miz! (>.<*laughs*)

Me: Ov vO *hisses and retreats under a blanket*
Max: Oxo'''''''''

Tala- o.o#
Rei- O.o'

Max: Oxo I think I missed something...... *kinda zoned out after the 'so is he fat' question*
Me: = = *under blanket*

Rei- you ok Miz?
Tala- ^^ heh....ow....

Max: OxO what happened Tala......?
Me: *hisses*

Rei- O.o what I do?
Tala- she hit me! ^^

Max: ;-; Poor Tala..... *hugs him and throw remote at me*
Me: Ov vO *hisses*

Rei- o.o *steps away-aka-like 10 feet*
Tala- ^^ Tis ok.

Me: YOU FAGGOT! *attacks Tala*
Max: OxO''' TALA!

Tala- ;-; *curls into a ball* REI GET IT OFF!
Rei- *seeking refuge*

Me: *kicks him* You're.... supposed.... to be.... gay..... you're.... not... supposed... to... look.... there.......... =.='''''
Max: OxO ;-; Tala...... *afraid to interfere*

Tala- ;-; it was only getting back at you!
Rei- *in a corner*

Me: =.= *keeps kicking* as if I don't get tortured enough........
Max: OxO ;-;'

Tala- ;-; knock it off!
Rei- >.<'

Me: Go suck Max's balls..... but that shouldn't be a problem.......
Max: OxO'''''

Tala- OxO///////
Rei- >.<'

Me: =.= *sits down*
Max: OxO'''' ////

Tala- OxO/////// v.v <.<
Rei- >.> <.< is it safe?

Me: >.> *gives Rei a weird glance* You gonna say something about them too? That they're huge..... or small.....? huh....?
Max: OxO'''' //////

Tala- OxO''//////
Rei- NO! >.< I was scared though

Me: =.= I bet you were till I kicked the hell out of him.....
Max: OxO;;; ////// You ok Tala.......?

Rei- Nu uh!
Tala- OxO///// ;-;# *scuffed up*

Max: Need some band-aids......?
Me: =.= sure you weren't........

Rei- I wasn't!
Tala- v.v ;-; No!

Max: Need anything? Ice pack....? A doctor...? The humane society.....?
Me: =.= yeah right, what the hell were you thinking.....?

Rei- How cool it was to see you beating up Tala!
Tala- ;-; no...

Max: ;-; you sure.......? Will you be able to go to work.......?
Me: =.=''''

Rei- ^^
Tala- ^^ course!

I had to add the part where I beat Tala up..... ^^ and if you have a mind like mine, you'd know what I meant by Tala being 'fat' *laughs* Sorry.... we pulled an all nighter that night and when I don't get my sleep, I seem like I'm on a sugar high or just high, I go a bit crazy. And just so you know, Tala worked as a maid. The reason Kai, Ayaa, and Muraki weren't there, was because I kicked Kai, he got pissed and moved away with them. And that's all I can think of for that.

Oh... and just to prove how obsessed with maid's dresses I am, earlier I looked through my drawings to find out how many I drew.... I have at least ten girls in them, and one with a guy in one. I'm sorry Rei.... I couldn't help it.... *laughs* At least it was better then Kai, he was dressed in a school girl sailor outfit, plus, PLUS! I made sure to stuff the shirt with balloons, hey! I had to take dressing Kai up as a chick to the next level.... I gave him the chest almost every girls wants (-.- I don't.... I'm one the ones who would rather not... no... just no....)... I know Kai wants it too! >.< *laughs* I did draw Max in a skirt, all of Tala I had was a head.... and I have a picture of Tyson in a dress from the anime, so it'd take the fun out of him, and anyways, it was just supposed to be the regular guys Ayaa and I have our convos with, as for Muraki, either he wasn't yet created (he's a robot remember...) or I forgot what he looked like. Anyways, *using a sickening sweet voice* he'd be to willing to wear a dress for his Tala.... -.- That's just wrong...... but he's so adorable! >.< He likes me, he's my comfort buddy for when Rei yells at me :D and he's so funny!

o.o oh... I'm sorry for going on forever.... but if you read the whole thing.... thanks ^^ and I'm sorry for taking up so much time of your life.... well, later...

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