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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Not saying I didn't know this before... but sometimes it'd be best if I did keep my big mouth shut and bottled-up all my thoughts and feeling... like normal..... I wish I was more like Kai, I guess you could say...

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to... School... T-T

Yes... I started school again today. And it sucked so much 'cuz I just moved up the the high school and I didn't have the slightest clue where I was going 'cuz I was stupid and forgot the (poorly drawn) map of the school at him... along with my lunch money... ;-; That's so sad for a glutton like me. Let's see.... my schedule....

Computer Technology
Algebra 1
Academic English 9
U.S. History 1 CP
Intro Environmental Science
Phys Ed 9

Not that bad... but even though we signed up for all the same classes Ayaa and I are in one together... -.- ONE! *sighs* But my luck's like that. And the bells were all weird so for a few subjects we were let out early so you hand Ayaa and I 'solisiting' (*laughs* I came up with that and I don't even know what the word means...) up and down a hall for ten... fifteen, twenty five minutes before we were aloud to go to lunch... Ra that school's confusing... hopefully I'll get that school down too.

One the bus ride home, which was twice (might be exaggerating) as long as normal I got thinking. (Max: *gonk* She was thinking... that can't be good...) I was thinking that I don't think I'm anyone's Best friend... everyone says that their close friend's are there best friends. But everyone has that one friend they like over the others, the one that they tell all their secrets too, the one that if you could, you always want to be with, just hanging out with or whatever, the one that if you had to, you'd sacrifice your life for. You one true Best Friend. And while I thought about it.... I don't think I'm any of my friend's Best Friend... ^^''' heh... sorry if I was complaning... or being a brat again... maybe I'm just over thinking things again.... don't worry... I'm just being stupid....

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well... I just added a new desk top, I named it, Don't Worry Kai, I'll Take You Away. Obviously, it has Kai on it, and if you reconized the lyric 'I'll take you away' you'll know what song... err... part of a song I put on it. 'Tis 'All You Wanted' by Michelle Branch. I really love that song. I have another Kai wallpaper with a part of that song on it too, but it's a different picture of Kai, and it's a different part of the song.... I'll put it up later.

Yesterday I bought.... ok, my grandma bought them for me... but I got five of the ten Beyblade Dvds. Yeah... I think me and Ayaa decided they are the 1st, 3rd (I thought 4th, but I had to go back and check), 5th, 8th and 9th ones. heh.... some collection we have there....

Now a note from Ayaa's and my little crazy anime world. Oliver popped up! Yay! Rei... for the most part doesn't like him... but pretends to because I make him, told him I wouldn't let him come on the cruise with us, plus the merry band of queers, and I doubt me threating to slit Max's throat is helping (but I'd never do that... Tala'd kill me) And it turn out Enrique has been in our word... we just didn't know 'cuz he was under the alius 'The Hot Blonde European Waiter' which think about and and he's all of the above... but I question why he's a waiter... in Russia... when I thought he was rich... I'll have to ask him that... Oliver's funny, he spazes at any sign of gay-ness, we put him in shock in about five of entering the conversation... *laughs* We were making fun of Max... for something that potentially could be about anyone but Muraki, Bryan and Tala... but it's more fun to pick on the gay and defenseless... now... OLIVER... get off
Oliver: sorry... but... if I'm here... with you the gay people won't try anything....
Me: Oliver... there are no gay people here...
Max: *raises his hand* (-.-)^ I'm still here...
Me: STILL? Damn... Well... your gonna have to put up with them, beat them, or ask Rei to protect you, not like that'd happen... he sorta has a thing aginst you, because I'm starting school again tomorrow, and unless your gonna follow me around the school... your stuck with the gay people...
Oliver: What does Rei have aginst me? And I will if I'm not stuck with Muraki and Bryan! ;-;
Me: Ok, fine then... and Rei's jealous 'cuz I like you so much and he thinks your taking what is his...
Oliver: oh...
Me: Yeah... but it's always fun to make him a little jealous... ^^ *glomps Oliver* <3
Oliver: ^^' but if he get's jealous... won't he beat me up?
Me: Maybe...
Oliver: ;-; don't let him beat me up...
Me: I'll see what I can do... ^^ *nuzzles him*
Oliver: *gonk*

Well, I'm drawing another picture of Oliver, he's pretty easy after you get his hair down... but are there any other Oliver Fan-Girls here besides me? ... but whatever... if there isn't... ^^ I'm different again.. =D yay!
Well, later...

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Drawing! W00t

Ok, I just added my drawing of Oliver <3 ... I know it's not the best... but thus far, it's the best on My Otaku... *gonk* only becasue it's the only drawing of him... I know, I searched through all the pages of FarArt on the Beyblade section... <.< >.> and if there's a drawing of him somewhere else.... =o= then I can't decide if that's ture or not, it's your own idea there people! Well, I hope you like it becasue I worked all day on it, and I'm surpised where I accidentally wrinkled it from erasing didn't show up... *sighs* I'm thankful it didn't. And remember, it's my first attempt at drawing him... so please be nice... but still honest... ok... unless you can't be both at once.... then just be honest... 'kay?

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Nothing all that great's happening, but the day I came home from my Aunt's, Ayaa came down and we went threw a crazy fangirl anime hour... hours... yes... we watched 75 minutes of Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play, and somewhere around 13 hours of Beyblade Dvd's. But Ayaa didn't have a string of Dvd's... so you went from Tyson going to battle Kai before the Bladebreakers were a team, to the last episode of the Asian Tourtument... it was kind of funny ^^ but I'm so happy the I got to see the 'Majestics' ^^ ;-; I've never seen them in the anime before... well, except Johnny and Robert in G-Rev... but that doesn't count, I wanted to see Oliver! And Enrique! Oh they were so awsome... ^^~ *is in happy fangirl la la land* I always knew I'd be an Oliver fangirl... and I am! Yay! Right now I'm attempting to draw him, and I'll post it later after I ink it in... but I want you alll to know that this is my first time even attempting to draw him so be nice... T-T 'cuz I know it sucks! But unfortunetly I didn't get to see one of the episodes I wanted to, Light at the end of the tunnel, I think that's what it's called, it had the Bladebreakers fighting the Dark Bladers, I saw the last 5-10 minutes of that... it was so cool! >.< I wanna see the whole thing dammit! Oh but I thought Cruising for a Bruising was so funny, if you saw that, I'm sure you'd think the same thing... *nods*

Not that you'd really care, but I hit my 100 manga goal yesterday... I bought six manga yesterday, so that bring the total up to 105 1/2 Yes! I'm so proud ;-; sorry if I seem like I'm bragging... I don't mean too, I'm just happy....

Well, that's all I can really think of for now, later

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Well, I'm gonna be going home tomorrow... or later today, depending on when this message gets posted, from my watch, it'll probably be later today since today ends in eight minutes and counting....

Not much happened today. *thinks* No... my cousins and I rented some movies/dvds but I probably won't get to see mine... but it was only 'Th13rteen Ghosts' heh... I can't help it, I love that movie now >.< Thanks to Ayaa... *laughs* I got to watch... *thinks* Pitch Black (again...) The Chronicals of Riddik (I fell asleep durning that one) The School of Rock, it was ok... and I think they're watching without a paddle right now, I've already seen that... I think my movie was the best of the five... but that's just me.... =D
Oh! 'tis midnight... I shall be going home in nine to ten hours! I didn't get to but my yin-yang stuff though... but I don't care, I have $40-$60 in my pocket right now (and it keeps falling out >.<) and I'll probably spend it on manga anyways... :D better then some necklaces anyways!

But I'm now obsessed over a new song ^^''' 'Dirty Little Secret' by The All-American Rejects... it rocks! AND IT'S CLOSER TO ALT. ROCK THEN RAP! *mentally throws something big and heavy at my older cousin* He tried to tell me Alt. Rock and Rap where the same kind of music... crack head... not really... but whatever... it's sad to think I practically grew up with the guy (I've seen him almost twice a year for a few weeks every year of our life, he's only two months older them me) and we aren't the slightest bit alike... well, we both love cheeseburgers, and we don't like to cook from the fact that the house could be stuffed with food but we complain there's nothing to eat... Other then that, we're completely different... T-T He's even taller then me... dammit! Other then that... we have different tastes in music, video games... videos, and he spazes 'cuz I'm on the computer all the time, and I'd rather read then play his kind of video games, you see, I perfer then violent games that you kill with a sword or that have an 'acient setting' like DW, where as he perfers the more recents kinds that envolve guns and explosives, like James Bond... he has a girlfrind, where as I've never had a boyfriend.... and I think he loaths the fact that I (I assume he's figured this out) like China and Japan more then America oh, and the fact that I wear a dog collar, he hates that I think my Aunt does too... =D
Well... that's all for now... or until I get home....

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Friday, August 19, 2005

*Back from the Demolition Durby*

Ok... I just got back from the fair... I saw the demo durby... 'twas hot! I pretty much live to watch cars wreck each other for a sport... something I'd do 0.~ One of them flipped! 'TWAS AWESOME! But there were no serious fires... *sighs* only small ones... what a rip off...

Well, luckily I did get two things I wanted before I left. I got two sets of ear ring, one of the pairs I wanted were already bought T-T but luckily there was another Yin-Yang set, yep, two of the sets were Yin-Yangs, one had seperate piece... like Yin had it's own piece, and Yang had it's own piece and they were the right shape and all, you know what I mean? o.o''' and the one I got had a whole Yin-Yang on each side. The second pair I got are for Ayaa, they're penticals (I spelt that right, right Ayaa?) I'm glad no one bought them... *sighs* I almost thought someone bought one of the two because there was only one pentical ear ring on display, apperantly they accidently put the pentical and a peace sign one down not noticing they were different designs... well, I'm just glad I got a few things I wanted, I'll be going back tomorrow so I'll probably buy a ring and necklace... and stuff then...

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Well, yesterday I was in NYC, not all that great... in fact, I thought it was too long, and too boring for my taste... but I did get this kick ass thing from there! Some Chinese or Japanese (I think 'twas Chinese) guy paint my name... err.. Mizzy on this really long piece of paper... oh, but I think it's so pretty! I'll see if I can take a picture of it and scan it when I get back home. *gonk* But it cost $15, not that much, but I only had 20... I wanted to get Rei too, but I didn't wanna take anymore money from my grandma... We went to the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, The Statue of Liberty (I only got my pictures there... two of them) But the ride there and back seemed like forever! I read all of the four beyblade manga I had just there, and that's amazing for me since it takes me so long to read them, and I finished them before we got to a parking garage. On the way home we got lost and had to back track a few times... it should've took two and a half to three hours, I think it took us about four to get back. Well, that all about that...

Later tonight, like seven, I'm going to see a demolition durby with my cousins at the fair. Hopefully I'll get some jewery I want... it's weird for me to get jewery... but they have Yin-Yangs on them! How can I resist?!?! There are two pairs of ear rings, a few necklaces, I think some anklets or bracelets, and one ring... a few days ago I go a red chinese parasol... it's hot >.< I'll try to take a pic of that too... the day before yesterday my older cousin, his friend, my Uncle Dana and I went fishing, we didn't catch a thing! *gonk* but we got a paddle boat and a canoe and went around the river a bit... it was fun... sorta, killed my legs, but it was fun ^^

And if you use the same information as Ayaa and I use, you'd figure out that Max is only 15... I thought he was 16, but my calculations (*gonk* I made me sound like a geek) say different... you see, this one website says that Kai's a Capricorn, Rei a Scorpio (I get yelled at when I call him a pervert like it says for his sign >.< ) Max a Sagittarian (like me!) and Tyson an Aries, right? And in V-Force it said that Kai was the oldest and Max the youngest, remember? With Hilary and her fortune telling books? Well if thats all true, and I'm positive Rei's older then Tyson... ok... Well Kai being the eldest had to of been born a year before Rei to be a Cap. and older then him, making him 17, Rei born the next year makes him 16, Tyson being an Aries would now be 16 too, and Max, since it's not yet November 21... or 22 (I can't remember the exact date) would still be 15 ^^ And we've even been giving them all birth days! Max's been December 14th since Ayaa says she found it on a website, *gonk* She can't find it again. We have one for Tala too, since a website said he was a Leo, we made his birthday August 3rd... I think... *gonk* Can't remember.... We haven't thought of one for Rei and Kai yet... and we really don't care for Tyson, but we might... *shrugs* And the only reason I figured this out is I wanted to find out what their Chinese Horoscopes were and what element. Muraki's a Wood Rooster, I think, he was created earily this year... durning Taurus.... Tala now being 19 is a Fire Tiger I think... I'll have to figure the years everyone was born in again and figure it out.... well... this is long enough, huh? well, later!

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Monday, August 15, 2005

*is going on a Japanese/Chinese/Horoscope/Yin-Yang trip*

Right now... I'm being a spaze case... yet again. I'm trying to fill the tiny cotten in my skull with as much information about The Four Chinese Guardians, stuff about the Yin-Yang, and the Chinese Horoscope.

For those of you who actually watch Beyblade will already know who the Chinese Guardians are... right? Well just so you know, the BeybladeBreakers' Bitbeasts are based after them. Seiryu, the green or holy dragon, Suzaku, the red phoenix, Byakko, the jade, or white tiger (my favorite ^^) and last, Genbu, the black land tortoise. Surpisingly, Genbu's element is rock/earth not water like Darciel. But just so you know, those are their Japanese names, here are their original Chinese names (in the same order), Qin Long, Zhu Que, Bai Hu, and Xuan Wu/Bixi (there were two differnt names, so.. *shrugs* whatever) Well, that's all I'm going to go on about them, but if you wanna know more, you can seach around on google, or go here, this is where I found my info: Ssu Ling

As for my beloved Yin-Yang, I see and draw that a lot... HEY! It's not my fault I look at and draw Rei a lot.... but to be honest, I've loved the Yin-Yang before I liked Rei, HONEST! I SWEAR IT! But it represents the balance in the world. How light can't exist without darkness, how good can't exist without evil, it's amazing. But I love the two dots that also exist. And they mean Yin (darkness) exists in Yang (light) and Yang in Yin. Here's an example, there are shadows in the light, and there are stars in the night. So even the most manly-est of men has something feminine about him, and the girly-girls have something manly about them. But so I don't ramble on forever about this, you can find out what I did here -> Yin-Yang

Ok, last, the Chinese Horoscope. I finally found out which signs are Yin, and Yang. The Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Monkey, Dog, and Pig are Yin. Where as Tigers, Horses, Dragons, Snakes, Goats and Rosters are Yang. Ayaa's not gonna be happy when she reads this, her sign being light and her and her grrr... evil-ness... but remember Ayaa, Yang in the masculine sign *nods* Along with that, also found the different elements of the signs. There are five of them, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. I'm a metal (*laughs* I almost typed mental) horse. Those only pop up for a year... every sixty years. Well, that's it for that except, if you want to know what your element is, put a comment for this post telling me what year you were born in and I'll tell you, 'kay?

Well, besides that retarded lesson of Chinese doom, nothing much else has happenend in my vacation... well, my Uncle Dana's here. I really think he's my Great Uncle (he's my Grandma's Brother), but I call him Uncle... to be honest, I've never meet him before a few days ago, and his crazy. I also found two new songs I like... ^^ When I Grow Up, by Garbage, and Punk Rock 101, by Bowling for Soup... wait, I did go to a wedding yesterday... ok, now it'd be the day before yesterday but my legs are killing me T-T I'm not used to being in dressy sorta high-heeled shoes, and standing up for how many hours at the reception...? RA THEY HURT! T-T But I had fun... I did the Chicken dance... and the Electric slide... Ok... it's not my fault they are the only dances I know.... but I did hear one of my favorite songs! Truly Madly Deeply... T-T I love that song to death... oh... and I also got my hair cut and it has blonde highlights... and I have bangs... and Ayaa... IF YOU CALL ME A PREP ONE MORE TIME! I'LL...I'll... MENTALLY PUNCH YOU! OvvO (some threat I have there I know) Well, I'm pretty sure that's all I have to go on about... for now... Later!

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Hmm.... I haven't much to say about today either... I woke up at ten... x.x that was hell since I didn't pass out 'til five something.... I ended up passing out on the couch three or so times watching my cousins play some PS2 games... *thinks* A James Bond one... and a Grand Theft Auto one... z.z I have to go to sleep before 1:00 AM tonight... *laughs* ... but I am gettin' kinda tired... *yawns* -.-

Yesterday...before I left home, I think I found out that on our computer we now have photoshop... I still doubt I'll use it... I was just bored and I started to mess around, coloring in a drawing of Kai I had. I'm not any good at it, and I doubt I'll ever be, and ever use it... but whatever... we'll see... BUT! I still stand behind what I said a few days/weeks ago about it... -.-

I did finish a drawing today... =D yeah... I drew in the hand and that's it. I haven't even started the drawing I'm gonna use Ayaa's idea for... I'll get around to that soon... maybe... but anyways... I think I'd better go for now... Later

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