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Friday, May 5, 2006

x.x omg.... I feel so evil... I haven't added... ANYTHING in almost three months... :gonk: I'd love to add more, but when it comes to a journal, I never really have anything to say, but I should have a little something to add.
Last weekend Ayaa and I went shopping and I got the first Chrono Crusade dvd. >w< I love it! and I really like the opening and closing themes. And Chrono's voice is so cute! Rosette can be a little annoying, but she's funny too. Along with that I bought the Dynasty Warriors Advance game for my gameboy. It's okay, not comparable with the x-box game, but it's ok. I also found out there's a Dynasty Warriors 5 game for the x-box so I need to see if I can find and and save enough money to do so. I also need to save enough money to buy The Romance of Three Kingdoms which is the book that is about the period of the three kingdoms in China, and that's the time period the Dynasty Warriors takes place it. It's crazy!

Well... that's all I really have to say... but I will add some of my new drawings :3nod: >w< I hope you like 'em!

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