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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well... if it isn't obvious, I'm currently going though a Haku fangirl faze *points to my icon and background* I love that kid... he's so cute... D: why am I calling him a kid? He's as old as me and looks even older... n.n but he is so hot! ;-; to bad he had to die... *shrugs* Well... the reason I'm going though a fanart faze with him is probably because the one neko-jins I drew looked like him when he was a little kid, and when he was homeless... I'll proabably post it up later since I scanned a few pictures last night... I also drew another picture of the normal 15 year old him, but he looks real girly in it... D: not to mention it looks real weird, I doubt I'll post that one... other then that... I haven't got much else to say...

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