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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just to get the record straight, yes, JD, I know Haku's gay. I mean, I could feel the love radiating off him and Zabuza everytime Naruto came on. And Zabuza wanted to be placed next to Haku when he was dying... *sparkly eyed* how sweet... ;-;
But in the end, I like a lot of the long-haired pretty (and quite often, gay) boys, I mean, you got Haku (Naruto), Rei (Beyblade), Ayame and Ritsu (Fruits Basket), Hotohori and Nuriko (Fushgi Yugi), Dr. Watari (Yami No Matsei) and ton of others.... but in the end, I seem to have a thing for girly gay guys... *shrug* I'll live, they're hot.
But none of that is really important.

Hail Haku!

Within the last 48 hours Ayaa and I watched four movies, all supposed to be scary or something (but I don't normally get scared, except for the loud background noises, they always make me jump). The movies we watched were, Skeleton Key, The Zodiac Killer, Cry_Wolf, and Seven (or sometimes called Se7en).
The first three we watched (I put them in the order we watched them) all had plot twists. Skeleton Key was really good I'll admit, I don't wanna say too much for those who haven't seen it and want to. But I would recommend it... it's very good. As for The Zodiac Killer, to be blunt, I hated it. I found it boring, but if you wanna see it, go ahead D: I'm not stopping you. Cry_Wolf was good too, we were trying to link the deaths with the seven deadly sins, n.n we just love to do that. Last Seven or Se7en, that was probably my favorite, it had murders based on the Seven Deadly Sins. If you like them, I say you should watch the movie, if you haven't, it's kinda old, but not really XD sorry I'm being confusing, it was made in 1995, so you might have seen it by now. But even if it's a few years old, it's really good. I liked it. A lot. I wanted to see it since I came across it on the internet, but the funny thing is, I didn't know my grandma had it... D: I just found out yesterday... n.n well... yeah... that's it for now.

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