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Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy Times

I'm liking the caption battle this week. I was actually able to think of a decent joke for once. I love you, Misao! v^.^

How do you guys like the new song? It's "Sora" from the Escaflowne movie (again). Rather pretty; it's actually not the version I wanted, but I couldn't find the one I wanted. This'll do though. *nods*

You know, I had something else of relative importance to say, but my brain has flatlined and I can't remember it now. Ah well, it'll have to wait 'till some other time, I suppose.
But, I have been downloading quite a lot of AMVs lately. Now that the family has high-speed internet, I can actually go to animemusicvideos.org and look for some funny stuff. I've got quite a few nice ones now in my video folder, just waiting to be suggested for the Otaku Attraction on Fridays.
Here's a short, funny little one. The Lion King audio with Naruto; tis only 30 seconds, give it a try below:

I love it so! lol
Ta for now, then!

God Bless

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

.hack//Roots Goodness Again...

I finally got to watch all the .hack//Roots episodes I'd recorded! YAY!
Unfortunately, I found that ep. 11 also didn't record. And episode 12 wouldn't have either if I hadn't gotten up at 5 am to see the computer SHUT OFF. My brother Eric is the culprit. For some reason, he finds a need to shut down the computer even though my parents have told him it's not necessary. So, thanks to him, ep. 7 and 11 are lost to me until the DVDs are out; and I missed the first third of ep. 12 too.
Ah well, at least I've seen 'em before, so it's not a huge deal. XP Just something worth ranting about.

But now, since I finally saw those episodes (8, 9, 10, 12) I can update my opinion on the VAs. See, I haven't really noticed any horribe voice acting, probably because I've gotten used to the voices by now. I'll still find a way to list the good and bad though! I have strong opinions, darnit!
Alright, here we go...

The Good
Ovan, B-set, Gord, Tawaraya, Ender

The Bad

See, if you notice, less and less people are on the bad list. Quite interesting, really. I started out hating Sakisaka's voice, and now he's just average, so he's improved quite a bit. Chalk that up to me getting used to it and the VAs improving over time.
The good list hasn't changed at all, but I am surprised at how well B-set did later on in the show. She started out a little valley girl but then became one of the best.
Haseo's all by his lonesome on the bad list. Well, he'll have plenty of chances for some company later on, when more characters make their appearance. Funny, Haseo's the worst right now, yet he's the main character. If only he didn't sound so frickin' bored at everything all the time...

And now, I must apologize, because I must rant about Shino's VA, Kelly Sheridan, I must! You may skip this part if you want, but I have to do it.
Although Sheridan hasn't been doing a horrible job with Shino (as she's been able to stay off the bad list), she still can't seem to make it sound real. That's the big problem with all the VAs in this show. No one would be on the bad list if they sounded natural all the time, but that's just not the case. See, if only Shino could sound real while I'm watching the dub, then I could completely get over the fact that she sounds like Sango.
With Gord, even though Kirby Morrow voiced him and he's also done Miroku, I was able to get over that, and now Gord is on the top of the list. See, Kelly Sheridan? It's not that hard. Don't worry, I think you're still a good VA, your voice is just so distinct I can think of no one else but Sango, your perfect role, whenever I hear it.

Alright, done with my rant. I guess I've become renewed in my .hack obsession (not that I needed to be before XP). Doesn't help that I ordered the .hack//Roots 2 OST and the .hack//GU Game OST 2. Yeah, kinda weird that I should order the second game soundtrack when I haven't played the second or third games yet, but... it's limited edition! I felt the need... the URGE!

*ahem* Alright, finally done! Wow, really long post today. Guess that happens when I talk on and on about Roots... eheh. Well, ta for now!

God Bless

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Friday, January 26, 2007

History is made my stupid people

School has successfully kept me away from myO lately. T_T I've been studying so much math, and after I post this I have to read my state constitution. Reading the constitution wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't 88 pages; even with 88 pages to read, I wouldn't mind just doing that, but I also have to outline the whole thing, which means understanding what I'm reading. Yeah, kind of sucks. But it's better to get it over with. I did all my math stuff yesterday, so I have almost all of today to concentrate on this. Lucky me. -_-'

I haven't done a Roots rant in a long time, huh? Well, there's been good reason. I haven't been able to watch the eps I've recorded for reasons we all know of (*coughWoWcough*), and then lately I've had a lot of schoolwork. I was able to watch episode... 8, I think. For some reason, ep. 7 never recorded, which upsets me, but oh well.
Anyway, my opinion of the VAs hasn't changed since my last rant, so there's been no real need to post another one. But I had to mention it, just to make it "official." XP

By the way, recently myO hasn't been letting me comment on people's sites if they don't have any comments yet. I've been sending them through PM to some people, but just know if I don't comment or send a PM it's not 'cause I didn't read your post. I hope myO will fix this soon... and get all the avatar images up and going again.

So, I must leave you all now, to read the surely-to-be-boring Washington State Constitution. Ta!

God Bless

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A new, cooled off version of Monkey

Whoo... thanks for dealing with my last post, guys. I was really frustrated that day, and I really needed to let off the steam somehow. I think it was more about the comment my brother Eric had made the night before than what had happened that day.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna bring up that issue again if I can help it. I mean, if something even more frustrating should come up, I probably will resort to ranting about it here. Hopefully, that won't happen for awhile yet...

Ta for now, then.

God Bless

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Brothers must DIE!

I changed my site song again. lol Couldn't help myself. I bought the Escaflowne movie, and this one song was just too cool, I had to share! It's called "Black Escaflowne".

Unfortunately, an annoying thing happened while I was adding this to my site. I was playing the song and one of my brothers asked, "What are you listening to, Abby?!" Then the other said, "Some crappy anime or video game song."
Alright, I already know my brothers don't share my same taste in music. Trust me, they relate this info with me constantly, pretty much every time I'm listening to my music. I am so sick and tired of them, especially after a comment one of them gave me last night. It was late, and my sister Robin and I were coming upstairs and joking around. My brothers were both sitting by the computer while one of them was playing, what else, World of Warcraft. Eric, the eldest, was annoyed by our loudness and demanded we "shut up". Okay, whatever, I decide not to react to that. Then Kyle, the other one, tried to tell us something, but we didn't hear. So I joked and said, "We beautiful people can't understand you uggles." (Uggle is a joke word Kyle made up that just means ugly people.) Yeah, no big deal, just a freakin' joke. Then Eric decides to come back, completely serious, with, "You're the only uggle in this house." Now, at the time, I don't say squat. Robin comes to my defense and says I was just joking and you shouldn't have said that and all. Of course, that comment bothered me. I'm already insecure about my looks right now. I swear he must've known that to make such a comment, but I won't jump to conclusions...

Anyway, yeah. So I'm already annoyed with my brothers lately, always being on the computer, giving me nasty comments and all; when Eric said that thing about my music, I got annoyed and said, "No, you just have a different taste in music." Then Kyle comes back with, "A better taste." This just happened a few minutes ago, yet I can't really remember what I said after that, but I was obviously pissed off. It all came back to being sick of living with them and all that crap, whatever. I'm sick of talking about them. Either way, it didn't end well. I truly will poison them both tonight, just wait. Tomorrow I'll post my results and you'll all see my success or failure. (/joke)

See? What did I tell you about snapping? This is just the opening act, though. It'll get worse, I promise you.
Well, now that that's out, I'm gonna end this. Ta for now, then.

God Bless

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Another Miracle! Joyous Day!

Wow, I'm suprised I was able to get on long enough to even post anything. The only reason I'm even on right now is because I woke up early to go to the mall with my sister. But it snowed a couple days ago, so the roads are too icy and too busy right now, and the trip has been canceled. -_- Darnit, I wanted to buy some manga, among other things. I'll just have to be... patient. *shudders*
Stupid brothers have only been getting worse about World of Warcraft. And frankly, it's pissing me off. I let the two of them know that daily. Seriously, there needs to be some kind of schedule here; they can't just switch off with each other all the time, thereby keeping everyone else off the computer. My sister and I have schoolwork; and to their credit they do get off, yet still they delay it for certain reasons. T_T Gosh... I'll crack soon, just wait.

So... yeah! Enough of that.
Just to let you guys know, the stolen ecard was taken down, about less than an hour after I reported it. XP
I've finally gotten some time to practice a bit in Photoshop. But of course, not nearly enough for my liking. Anyway, I hope to make a good Escaflowne wall once I get used to the tools and all. v^.^
And yet I still haven't been able to watch those Roots episodes. You all know why. Just can't get my mind off of this little dilemma, it seems.

But yeah, other than WoW related news, I've been trying to reorganize my life lately. After working at the fair last summer, everything sort of fell apart. I started staying up late, sleeping in, not really exercising at all, putting off schoolwork way too long, etc. I'm still behind in some things in school. I'm perfectly capable of getting up early, as this post proves it. But, I'm just too lazy. XP And also, it's become a habit to stay up late and sleep in. Just don't have enough self-control I guess. I'm gonna try to go to bed early again tonight, and get up early too. Maybe then I can start down the path of rebirth, start my habits anew!

Hope you guys had a good day. Ta for now!

God Bless

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Sunday, January 7, 2007


Miracle of all miracles, I'm online! Yaaaay!

Well, just now, I was browsing theOtaku, some of my usual hubs; and as I was looking at Tsubasa stuff, I saw one of MY ecards being plagiarized, and it's one of the most popular Tsubasa ecards on here. I don't know how to feel; happy that my work is worth stealing, or annoyed that it happened. Either way, I reported it. Shouldn't be too long before it gets taken down.
This is the first time I know of anything of mine being plagiarized. I've been initiated! lol

I'll be finishing Escaflowne tonight. Sadness! I've been having so much fun watching it. Oh well, all good things must end. I still have the movie to watch... eventually. It would help if I bought it first. XP
Of course, I have the soundtracks to look forward to buying as well. The music is really good, I'll have to use another song of theirs on my site again soon.

That's about it! I'll try to practice some Photoshop today. Also got some Roots to watch. So, ta!

God Bless

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Friday, January 5, 2007

Damn you, World of Warcraft!

Thanks to World of Warcraft, my two brothers have been hogging the computer the past week. Not just one sitting of maybe 4 hours, but actually switching off with each other once one of them is done. Gosh, I'm getting so pissed off at them. I've been wanting to check stuff on here, but because of them I couldn't get on until just now. How am I supposed to practice with Photoshop when they're always on? They, or my parents, need to make a schedule for them or a time limit (ANYTHING!) so that others can actually get on for at least an hour. That's all I want!

Alright, done with that now. Had to rant, sorry. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to be on; I have to eat dinner and get ready to go to iaido class. -_-; Gosh, my brothers... I understand WoW is addicting, but really...

Ta for now, then.

God Bless

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Monday, January 1, 2007

Escaflowne Yumminess!

One of the gifts I got for Christmas was the Escaflowne boxset and the soundtrack. I've liked both the series and the CD so much, I put an MP3 of one of my favorite songs up, Eyes from the first OST. It's very pretty, no? Such a welcome change after having the other song up for so long, huh? lol
Now I just gotta change my background. XP

I suppose I should mention .hack//Roots Ep. 6 really quick. Just to give an offical critique of it; although, I really have nothing to say. Well, more like nothing to add. My opinions on all the voiceovers are pretty much still the same after episode 6. One thing to mention: Sakisaka was a little better in this ep. Not so much in how I liked the actual sound of his voice, but more like how Alistair Abel made it... funnier. XP I can't find a better word for it right now. He was able to make me laugh at some parts, so that's good for his status. He might get bumped up into the middle crowd of VAs eventually.
I still have to watch episodes 7 and 8 though; haven't watched 'em yet, what with all the excitement from the holidays.

That's it. Kind of boring news, really. I shall check up on you all later. For it is 2:40 am at the moment, and I require rest. Ta!

God Bless

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quite a Merry Christmas indeed...

So yeah, I've been gone, sorry and all that, blah blah blah, the usual...

I'm so... happy!

That was probably the best present we got for Christmas. Although technically my mom got it for my two brothers, the whole family's gonna benefit from it. I just don't know what to say! We're finally caught up to the rest of the world! lol
Now to go through the process of changing e-mail info on all my sites. That might take awhile...

Christmas was great this year. Oh my gosh. My parents had been saying, "You know, as you get older, you won't be getting as many gifts." And then they drop all this stuff on us, like portable DVD players, high-speed internet, and my personal favorite, PHOTOSHOP! Yes, that was my cool techno-gadget gift for Christmas. I've been wanting something like it so I could start making better wallpapers, and now I CAN! Never in a million years did I think I would actually get it though... I'm still geeking out about it. XD

I'll be going around and checking sites now, and then I must install Photoshop. Ta everyone!

God Bless

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