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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hello! I've returned! After a 7-hour drive back home, I have finally returned!

I'm so tired right now, oi. I'll be posting a full update about my vacation soon, but to do it today would be too much. :/ Sorry.

Can't wait to see how everyone's been doing. ^_^ I'm off to eat pizza then. Ta!

God Bless

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Au Revoir!

This is going to be my last post until vacation, which is only two days away. Again, this is our last real family vacation. Just hope I don't kill my two older brothers after the first three days. :P

So, right now, I'm getting everything ready. I dusted my room yesterday, and I washed my covers and sheets before that. Now I have to vacuum, wash my clothes, pack everything... blah. Sounds like a lot of work to me. I dunno, maybe I'm just lazy. lol

Doesn't help that my package from JustManga.com came in a couple days ago; six volumes of Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, newest Tsubasa volume, and .hack//Roots DVD 2. Instead of cleaning, I've been reading manga. lol Darn.
But man, that latest Tsubasa manga was awesome! Please tell me someone else read it! It had so much Kuro-tan content, made this fangirl super happy. v^.^
Also, it was good to get all that Cursed Sword manga. I've been SO wanting to catch up in that series for the longest time! I finally just spent the money on it, and boy was it worth it! ^_^ So yeah, even though it's bad that it's been distracting me, I don't mind the distraction. lol

And so, that is my post. I doubt I'll have any internet access while I'm gone, but you'll bet if I can get my hands on it I'll post something. I'll see you all in two weeks then. Ta!

God Bless

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blah... Teh Bored...

I really don't have much to say. So why am I even updating, you ask? Good question. Guess I felt I should at least give a signal to people that I'm still alive. >.>

I did visit sites today, finally, so I'm happy about that. Everyone's been so busy doing so much fun stuff! Makes me jealous. Well, at least I'll be going on a family vacation soon. We'll be leaving on the 29th, I believe, on the last Friday of June, for a week. We're taking an RV to... well, I don't really know where. lol I don't remember the details, but it's going to be camping type stuff.
This is pretty much our last family vacation too, before people start moving out and such. Kinda sad, huh? Here's hoping everything turns out great!

On a more geekish note, my sister Robin finally started Escaflowne again! *legends dance* ^_^ That makes me happy (obviously). She's already watched the first three episodes, and now she seems to be into it enough to finish the darn anime! As Burns would say, eeeexcellent.

That's it for me. Ta then!

God Bless

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moon Tree, Tsuki no Ki

Not really posting anything interesting today.
Just announcing that I've made my first wallpaper after about 8 months.
Of course it's .hack. In fact, I made it for a quest on the altimitcorp.com site. But hey, a paper's a paper, right? I'm just waiting on it to get posted on the main site now... maybe one of you guys could go see it? *puppy dog eyes*

I'm off to celebrate then. *does the legend dance*

God Bless

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Are YOU Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

I've been flipping through my Chronicles of the Cursed Sword manga, and now more than ever I really want to catch up in it. I'm missing six volumes of the series; Borders never has the next one in line whenever I go, so... blah. Next time I get enough money I'll order it online. *nods*

This week at my church is all about seniors right now; yesterday they had a "senior night" instead of their youth group, and later tonight Brian and Erin (the youth leaders) are taking the seniors out to dinner at Applebee's. Of course I'm going to Applebee's tonight! (I mean, come on! Free food!) I also went the senior's night last night, and... it was fun, yeah. The thing is, they never said last Sunday that "Oh, and bring your family!" No, they were just saying it's a tribute to the senior's; then Brian calls me yesterday and mentions the whole bring-your-family thing. Well, I could only get my mom to come, and mainly only because there was such bad traffic that day so she couldn't go to work out. XP Teh blah...

So we arrive at the church; we wait around awkwardly for a half hour, maybe talking with a few people briefly. Then everyone gets called into the main room.
By the way, out of the 11 seniors that were graduating who went to that church, only 5 came. :P
Anyway, they had this little slide show, with pictures of all the seniors, you know. I only had two in the whole thing: one where I had been cropped out of the pic, then the whole pic itself with my sister and mom. Kinda lame, but it's not like I've been with the church for very long, just two years. I mean, some of those kids have been there since they were six years old! How do you compete with that? You can't.
So yeah, then they had the 5 of us go get one of the presents they had on a table, then go to the main stage. We were asked questions, like "What was your most embarassing moment in high school?" or "What was your favorite class?" Stuff like that.

After that, they decided to have us do a little "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" show; greeaaaat. What's funny though is that, at the end of the little game, the homeschooled girl, me, won. I beat the guy that apparently got a 4.0 and was valedictorian at his school; AND, he missed the first question, which was "Round off 1285 to the nearest hundredth." He guessed 1290! Wow, I just can't believe that. It's such basic math. XP
So yeah, they had their little fun at our expense. We opened up the gifts, and we got some candy and some books.
And then they offered up the microphone to anyone who wanted to say something; some of it was downright funny, my friend Brock really holds some grudges. lol
The evening came to a close; I signed all the graduates cards, Mom and I got our picture back, and we headed out. It was fun, I'm just too lazy to go into further detail. XP
The weirdest part about the evening? Finding out that Brock was two years younger than me. I coulda sworn he was my age! Or at least a year younger... strange.

Ta then!

God Bless

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Acne and You!

Thank you all for your support on my last post; I have thankfully cooled off now from that. I probably wasn't thinking right either, but hey. Let's not talk about it further. ^_^

I went to the dermatologist Friday. My skin has just become such a problem, mainly because of the scars on my face and the acne on my back and chest. It was time I went anyway.
So, once my mom and I got there, I filled out some paperwork, waited, and then the doctor called us in.
The dermatologist was very nice; basically, he only had to look at my face, back and chest (yes, I flashed him, w00t! lol) and he could tell what I needed right away. And now I also know what causes acne! It's nasty, so I won't share it; you could probably Google search it anyway. XP
So now I have some antibiotics; one of them is called "Retin A", which will cause my skin to burn even more easily. Greeeaaat, the fair is only going to suck on a whole different level.
But really, I am happy about this. I just want my skin to be what it was before last September, when all these problems started. I really hope these antibiotics work; if they don't, I'll have to go back in three months and get on a more powerful drug, one that requires women by law to use birth control, even if they're not sexually active. Well, I'm willing to do anything by now. XP

Hope you're all well. Ta!

God Bless

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Creationism VS. Evolution: In The End, Both Sides are Full of Hotheads

T_T Yet again, I saw a thread that was basically a "Creationism Vs. Evolution" thing on the dothackers.net forum. Gosh, I hate those things. I was literally appalled by just what the evolutionists/atheist people were saying about Christianity in the beginning, when it was just them talking to each other about how much Christianity sucks.
Honestly, both sides on this issue are full of asses. There, I said it. I felt the need to cuss to make my point. Both sides are full of ignorant a-holes, so whenever these little kiddies quote from sources, it's just one ass saying that the other ass is wrong.

You can obviously tell I'm frazzled, yes? Well, I'm just... tired. Tired of seeing this crap. Neither side will relent on their belief, so what's the point of the thread anyway? Just a bunch of kids (and when I say kids, that includes people from the 13-21 age) repeating what their parents told them and not coming up with any good evidence.

I'm also tired of radical Christians misrepresenting Christianity altogether. STOP IT! Stop being so stupid! How could you possibly know everything God intended? Oh, but Paul said it? Oh yeah, that only applies to that time and culture, that's all. It could perfectly be applied to nowadays, because we're Christians! We're allowed to say crap like that! Never mind the fact that we're saying extremely hateful things to other people, no! 'Cause Jesus would've been fine with that!

GOSH! SO tired of these people! I'm even getting tired of myself!
I'm going to end this now, I need to calm down. There were other things I was going to rant about; but I'm sure that if any of you have ever been in a forum for a long enough period of time, you've seen that thread. You've seen those jerks "arguing" amongst themselves. You've seen the stupidity. So I don't need to go on about it, as you've most likely seen it yourself.

There, done. Goodbye.

God Bless

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm Late for a Very Important Date, Apparently...

Okay, okay, I know it's been awhile (or at least it's felt like awhile) since I was last on here. What can I say? It's AltimitCorp.com again. Not only have I been posting on the forums and participating in the quests there, but now I've been spamming it up in a chat room. I really meant to check sites today too, and then BOOM! Chat room spam happened. It's just too much fun, it's hard to pull yourself away.
But I do promise that I'll go around and check things tomorrow! I truly will! I have to basically get off the computer once I post this, otherwise I'd do it now.

The funny thing is, I always tell my theO friends, "Oh, don't worry about checking sites, we realize you're busy." But then I go and act the same way. XP I dunno, I feel a responsibility of sorts to this site. Like, I must at least keep up-to-date with my friends. I really want to though, I'm not being forced.

... Anyway, here's a hug! *hugs* Ta for now then!

God Bless

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

give honour to our fellow

Hello again, darlings! I have returned! ^_^
Yes, it seems like it's been awhile since I last updated. .hack is keeping me very busy, especially now that I have .hack//G.U. Vol. 2 Reminisce; been staying up later just to play it longer. Yeah, that has to stop. XP I still have, you know, responsibilities. Everything is suffering in some way or other because of something .hack related; whether it be the AltimitCorp.com site or the .hack//G.U. game itself, one or the other is keeping me busy and I haven't been making time to fit in my chores and whatnot.
But, I will be putting a stop to it. Hopefully. >.> Maybe... blah, I'll fix the problem. I put myself into this hole, and gashsplurnit if I don't dig myself out.

Yes, well.. moving away from .hack for the moment.
I finally took the English and Math assessment test at Cascadia Community College; it evaluates how smart you are and just what level classes you can take (like Math 085, Math 095, etc.). I think I did pretty good; I didn't do fabulous on the Math portion, since I only got into 095 and not 101, but I wasn't expecting to get into 101 anyway. XP My math skills aren't too great after all. In the English Reading Comprehension portion I got an 88, which is a B. In the Writing portion, I "completed maximum number of items before reaching accuracy level"; basically, I got an A. lol So, I made it into English 101; see, I would've felt stupid if I hadn't. >.> Math I can understand (since I no good at it), but when it comes to grammar, I'm pretty good.
Now I have to go to a student orientation for Fall Quarter on the 29th. I think I need to fill out some of the papers they gave me... darn.

And, because I can't really think of anything else of importance (that's not related to .hack XP), I bid you all adieu. Ta!

God Bless

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

... When you're cute, it just shows...

Hello all, and good day.
I've got some good news and bad news. Bad news: I joined another time-consuming site, it's called altimitcorp.com. It's a promotional site for .hack//G.U. which I had joined back in October, but it was closed down after a bit. However, it's back again for Vol. 2 & 3 of G.U., with bigger prizes than ever; I mean, having your own PC character in Vol. 3? That's big. I doubt I'll win it, but it's worth a shot. I could win some .hack posters on the way, so that's automatically worth it.
So, the good news is the site isn't loading right now. T_T So many darnded people on there, I bet. I'm surprised by how many have joined the site within two days, probably over 6000 by now. So while I wait for it to load, I'll be posting. Although, I really don't have much to say. XP

SomeGuy is cool; he makes references to old cartoon shows that we all loved. This week twas a reference to Animaniacs. I thought of the Cute Song righ away, and now it's stuck in my head; and that's the explanation behind my subject title today.

Ah, some news about the AltimitCorp site! Seems like the administrator is cleaning up; basically removing guild members, probably those that are inactive. That would actually be surprising, considering the site is only two days old. Whateva, I just wanna see if my Tri-Edge wall was accepted...

So, has anyone else noticed that all I talk about is .hack these days? Guess it's not too out of the ordinary, since I've been doing that for awhile, but now I think it's worse than ever! What with .hack//G.U. Reminisce coming out, and "The World", and AltimitCorp, and Dothackers.net... then there's little, humble theO; too many big sites, not enough time to participate in them all each day. Blah, I'll work something out... eventually.

Speaking of .hack, Legend of the Twilight anime really sucks; it does, I even fell asleep to it last night. Don't go trying to disprove me, fans of the show. That's what I don't get; how people could dislike SIGN and then love LotT! The manga was uber-good, but that's because it fit in with the rest of the story; the anime has nothing to do with the .hack universe at all, so therefore the manga wins. Plus, the music pretty much sucks, and the only songs that are actually decent aren't even on the soundtrack! How does that work out?!
Anyway, had to rant about that. I just want to hurry up and finish this anime so then I can move on to Roots. *huggles* My precious Roots anime, how I love thee!

>.> So yeah... sorry to those that aren't interested in a fangirl's ramblings, especially if you don't like .hack. But expect more of this in the future! Trust me, it's not gonna go away. lol

Today, dothackers.net is going to send out the emails to the winners of the .hack//G.U. Reminisce giveaway! *crosses fingers* I want it, I want it! Rare item! >.<

Ta then.

God Bless

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