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Thursday, March 22, 2007

What The Phwee?!

Something weird happened for me on theO; lately, I've been getting quite a few PMs from the mods about "Noticification of Modification". Apparently, almost all my .hack wallpapers had been moved to Misc. Anime (one was even in the Kingdom Hearts section). It's weird because only my .hack wallpapers were affected; I don't know if this was done on purpose by someone, or if it was just a site error of some sort. If it should happen again, I'll contact a moderator about it; I really hope it was just an accident. -_-;

So, this post won't be so complaint-free as the last one; for one, I'm lucky to even be on the computer today. I'm sure most of you know by now why that is: big brother Kyle. It's not even my other brother Eric; at least Eric is gone during the day. No, Kyle's the one who's on all day long! Today was the worst, he was apparently on from 9:00 am (or earlier) till 6:30 pm. That's over nine frickin' hours! Both my sister and I are tired of it, so we're going to seek the help of the parents; they're the only ones Kyle will listen to. Let's hope something gets done. *sighs*

Well, not all bad news in this post; Robin and I had a friend over yesterday. We got to watch lots of Monty Python.
"What's brown and sounds like a bell?"
"I beg your pardon!"
"What's brown and sounds like a bell?"
That is totally a guy joke, which is why it's so funny.
What was also quite funny was seeing a Monty Python reference in one of Nehz's posts the day after watching it. "Go get... the comfy chair!"

Also got to watch .hack//Roots ep 19; I'll do an update on that some other time, don't feel like it today. Meh, I'm on break besides.
Ta for now then!

God Bless

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Days

Wow, I just seem to be thinking of nothing but anime these days.
I'm very happy to announce that my sister started Escaflowne, and she's going to watch it in Japanese! YES! All she had to do was listen to Kelly Sheridan as Hitomi, and she agreed with me that Sheridan makes Hitomi sound too old. (Not that Sheridan was doing a bad job, just didn't sound right. XP)
Hurray! ^_^ I'm so happy!

Now, for the .hack//Roots dub; I never thought I'd really say this, but I'm pleasantly surprised at the Roots episodes I watched. The dubbing was (dare I say it?) good; thank goodness Kuhn only had some minor scenes. Saburo has been pretty good, and even Pai and Yata have been without fault. A couple of new characters were introduced, Taihaku and Seisaku; I have to say, both are doing well in my book so far. Taihaku could even be on the same scale of excellence as Ovan, if it keeps going like this.
So yes, all in all, I'm very happy with eps 16-18. Even Haseo was a lot better; Andrew Francis seems to be better at doing the annoyed/insane/angry stuff.
I also wish to note, even though I always go on and on about the Roots dub, they at least are good at everything else; you know, matching lip movements and such. If the series keeps going on this track, the dub could end up being good for the most part.

I'm just... super happy right now. What with Robin watching Escaflowne, the well-dubbed Roots episodes, and the Otaku Legend dance, there's nothing to complain about. ^_^ My, how refreshing!
Ta for now then!

God Bless

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm Legendary!

So, anyone notice the change of background? I finally got tired of my old one and changed it. I always liked the big space-type backgrounds, always used to use them in my wallpapers.
Also, the song has been changed to "Memory of Fanelia" from (yet again) Escaflowne. So very pretty. Ahhh...

Oh, also... I'm an Otaku Legend! Yatta! Told ya little things like that make me happy. Or that could just make me pathetic. XP

As Sakura-Con approaches, I've been looking at some anime review sites for good series I could buy when I'm at the con. Here's my "list" so far: Arjuna, Angelic Layer, Comic Party, PlanetES, Fruits Basket, Haibane Renmei, El Hazard. Of course, I probably won't be able to buy all of them, but it's just a good idea of what to buy. I've been craving some new anime lately; thank goodness Adult Swim started showing Blood+. Crispin Freeman is in it, that's always a plus. Here's hopin' this'll be a good anime!

Okay, time for that Roots rant I've been meaning to post for awhile now. It won't be terribly long; but then again, whenever I say that it always is really long. *shrugs* Oh well, no one's gotta read it.
Anyway, I saw episode 15 of the Roots dub last week; a lot of opinions have changed. Let's just say, all the other voice actors I've ranted about in the past have now climbed to the top of the list. Not because of any increased skill on their part, but because of one character: Kuhn.
I'm serious, they must've gotten the worst voice actor for him. For those that know of Shinichiro Miki, imagine his voice coming from this character; now, imagine Johnny Young Bosch's voice (Vash, Ichigo) coming from him in the games; finally, think of Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service, and you have Roots Kuhn right there. I literally thought, "That's who they chose? Really? They couldn't do any better?" Complete shock; Tabby and Haseo used to be the "worst", but now Kuhn has taken that title, and I doubt anyone will come along in the future to take it from him.
As for some of the other new faces in the show, they've all been pretty good; Saburo's been a surprise in how good he/she sounds, and both Wool and Cashmere are decent. Pai, because she has the same VA as Ender did, doesn't sound as great; Yata also has the same VA as Naobi, but he hasn't been too bad so far.
I still have three episodes of Roots to watch before I'm caught up. T_T Man, this could be very painful...

By the way Nehz, I checked your site and read your latest post, but the darn thing wouldn't let me comment. I shall try again later though! (And man, what I wouldn't do to see a giant Barbie under the knife. XP)
Ta for now.

God Bless

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Moths Scare Me

I am really tired of sending my comments through PMs. T_T When will it end?!

What's worse than that is... there's a gashsplurned moth flying around the computer right now, and I'm completely afraid of it. It's not like I want to be scared of the thing, but it feels like I can't help it.
I fear that this phobia for bugs will never leave me. *le sigh*

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from my guy friend. I still don't know if he's back home or not; I guess I'll have to ask my other friend. -_-; This whole situation is annoying.

In better news, I've finally gotten plans started for my Sakura-Con costume. I've been so indecisive about who I'm cosplaying as; but, since I don't have much time left, I finally made a decision. I'm going as Kazu from .hack! v^.^ If you've read the LotT manga or played the original games, you probably know who I'm talking about.
Anyway, on the 15th my mom is going to get paid (plus some), so she's going to buy a sewing machine. Lucky for me she's been planning on buying one. We can get the costume done in a matter of two days or less! Looks like we can actually do this! Just have to get the supplies straight.
I'll be thoroughly crushed if it doesn't get completed in time. I'll probably just wear my monkey tail from last year's "costume" if that should happen. *crosses fingers* Let's hope I don't have to resort to that!

Hmmm... I was going to post a bit of a Roots rant, but I think I'll postpone that for now (lucky for you guys). Well, that's it then. Ta!

God Bless

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Huzzahs are in order

My .hack CDs came a couple days ago; in fact, they arrived the same day of my last post. I'm a very happy .hack fan now.
I'm so honored that Nehz thought of me when she saw something .hack. That really made my day.
Not only that, but I won the Caption Battle for the first time. Little things like that make me happy. I love you Misao!

Well, I did it. I watched the last five episodes of .hack//Roots on YouTube. The quality may not have been great, but I'm just happy I could finally finish the series.
It's funny; YouTube took down a bunch of AMVs, but they haven't even taken down full-length anime episodes. They should get their priorities straight. (Although, I should be thankful they didn't.)
Oh, and Harley, CN has been airing .hack//Roots late Friday nights (technically Saturday mornings) at 5:00 AM, basically making it impossible for anyone to watch it unless they record it. XP Stupidness really.

I had a dream last night that I went to SakuraCon... and forgot my parents permission slip; also, I was devoid of any costume. You can guess what I'm fearing most right now.

Anyway, remember that stupid guy friend I told you about? Well, thing is, he hasn't actually told me about what he did; a mutual friend of ours knows about it, and she confided in my sister and me. So, the whole situation is even more sucky because I can't tell him how stupid he's being. I'm just hoping to bait him next time he comes over by asking, "So, how's your job goin'?" If he should tell the truth in any way, then I'll tell him how stupid he's being.

Bah. I'm just gonna go watch more Roots now (dub version). Ta then.

God Bless

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I want my .hack! >.<

Three of my CDs still haven't come yet. The one that I ordered last minute (so I could use a coupon that saved me five bucks XP) was the one that came a few days ago; the .hack//Legend of the Twilight Drama CD. T_T Great; I can't really even understand what they're saying on the CD, yet I still bought it. Had to; collector's thing, you know.
Well, I'm hoping my other three CDs come today. If I have to wait another week, I don't know what will happen. Withdrawal, maybe?

I've come to the conclusion that... I must watch .hack//Roots on YouTube. I really want to finish the darn series; I want to watch it in Japanese, the version I like, before Cartoon Network airs the eps I haven't seen in English.
Speaking of .hack//Roots, I need to preorder the first DVD...

So, for a bit more exciting news, my friend has been an idiot lately. I won't give out a name, but he's an anime friend. He's been sharing this apartment with this other girl, and this girl is very manipulative. Basically, she'll do whatever she can to get what she wants. My friend has been changing a lot ever since he's been with her, and it's unfortunate.
But that's not the stupid part. This girl's boyfriend also moved in with them recently, and both my friend and the boyfriend lost their jobs. So, the girl quit her job; yeah, that's really smart. You're the only one who can provide for the three of you and actually pay the rent, yet you quit. Just her way of manipulating them, in my opinion.
So yes, all three of them are unemployed. They decide to go to a party in Seattle; then when the party gets boring, they decide to drive down to California. All the money they had was the boyfriend's last check; instead of saving it for rent or, you know, food, they use it to go to California. Not only that, but once they get there, the girl sponges off her grandmother.
My gosh; so stupid, all of them. I can't believe my friend would do something so dumb; I knew he wasn't exactly smart when it comes to common sense, but this? I feel he wouldn't have done something like that if not for the manipulative girl. I've been praying that he can separate himself from her and get his life back on track. He's my friend, I don't want to literally stand by while his life goes down the drain.
I hope things get better with him; there's been so much drama for so long, but this incident is the worst so far.
Well, I can only hope and pray.

And that's it for me. Ta then.

God Bless

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Back, Baby!

My .hack CDs haven't come yet. T_T Gashsplurnit.
Oh well, I have other ways of entertaining myself until then. My brother Eric bought a Wii recently, and I've actually had a lot of fun just playing Wii Sports and making some Miis. Wii boxing is quite a workout, actually. XP

Some other good news: I've started driving again. v^.^ Such a relief! I haven't been practicing since the infamous crash last summer. I'm just happy to get over that hurdle, first time going out with all that fear. Now I can actually start learning, and hopefully I can get my license sometime this summer.

I'm a little busy tonight, so please forgive me if I don't check your site. Just thought I'd update since it's been awhile.
You know, I'm getting this feeling that I'm forgetting to mention something... too bad. XP Must not be worth talking about if I forgot it so easily. Ta for now, then!

God Bless

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

I can't help myself...

Yesterday, I ordered four more .hack CDs, despite the fact that I just got a couple this week. T_T I know, I'm addicted. I can't stop!
But I'm so close to having all of the .hack CDs! At least for a couple of months anyway. XP

... hey! Wanna know which ones I bought?! Of course you do!

.hack - Legend of the Twilight - Character Song & Story
.hack - New World Round Table featuring Nino
Catharsis (.Hack//Roots Outro Theme)
Silly - Go - Round (.hack//Roots Intro Theme)

I only have five more to go till I have them all! Nyaahaa! @.@ Only five more, gashsplurnit!!!

God Bless

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Step in Time!

I was going to have a nice little update, when all this AnimeFF business threw me for a bit of a loop. If you haven't read the news yet, go now immediately to theO.
I'm pretty sure Adam has a better case against them then they against him. My mom's a lawyer, she'd know all about how to solve this.

So... yeah. Watched the 13th episode of Roots, which thankfully recorded this time. This episode mainly revolved around Shino and Haseo; I still have a problem with Sheridan's role as Shino, so there's really no point in ranting about it again. Haseo was still bad as ever in my honest opinion. If only Yuri Lowenthal could've been hired for the anime. But, then again, if Lowenthal could've been hired, then all the other G.U. VAs could've been as well. Won't help to complain about it (even though you know I won't stop).

Lately, people have been asking me how I can record Roots on my computer. Well, I have something called Media Center that lets you do various things on it; most importantly, you can watch and also record live TV with it. So yeah, that's how I've been recording Roots. XP

I just realized... I've been a member here for over two years now, ever since January 26th, 2005. Doesn't feel like two years, nope.
Thanks for stickin' with me, guys! v^.^

Ta for now, then.

God Bless

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Puppy Bowl Sunday

Today's the Super Bowl, almighty sport event of the United States. The Chicago Bears versus the Colts; in all honestly, I'm more looking forward to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

There'll be a fuller update tomorrow. Ta then!

God Bless

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