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Thursday, May 3, 2007

... Hello, Hello, It's A New World...

*waves* Hey guys! ^_^ I'm baaaack! It's been awhile, maybe two weeks now; I have good reason to have been gone so long (well, at least good reason in my opinion).

1) Pokemon Diamond. I got it back in April on the 24th I think, and it has officially taken over my life. My schedule is now ordered around that game. I loves it so. I must get more Belue berries, I want that Photo Board! >.<

2) "The World". For those who watch .hack, or have even heard of it, you know that "The World" is the online game the characters play. Well, I was geekish enough to join a sort of simulated version of it; it's a little 2-D online game that's free for download from CyberConnects.com. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*
Anyway, that's the main reason I've been gone so long; instead of checking myO in the mornings before school, I've been playing TW. It's pretty fun actually, thank goodness it's free. My character is already at lvl. 37; and I joined a guild called the Crimson Knights that crumbled within a few days (funny, no?). But yeah, it's been fun. Today I decided to check up on some other things before I started playing, >.> but my .hack forum took up too much of my time. I've only checked Nehz's site (because I love her ^_^), so I'll just have to check everything else tomorrow. XP Sorry, I really just wanna play "The World"!

It's actually a bit annoying; I bought all this anime from Sakura-Con, and I also just recently bought a lot of manga. Yet, all my time is being spent with Pokemon and "The World". -_-; For once, I have too many entertaining things. Doesn't help that I just got the first .hack//Roots DVD and the .hack//Legend of the Twilight anime boxset yesterday. And I still have school and chores to do; gotta make sure those two categories don't suffer from this.

But, guess it's better to have too much entertainment at hand than too little. XP Ta for now then!

God Bless

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Monday, April 23, 2007


So, my birthday came and went. It was a lot of fun, but at the same time I wish it could've seemed a little longer.

I was quite happy with the turnout; everyone came in the morning to go to Uwajimaya. That's seven people, including my sis and me. We had to take two cars, and my parents had to drive because they didn't trust any of our friends with that responsibility. XP Poor Momular, she was stuck with the two awkward guys in her car.
So then, in the car with all the girls, we talked about quite a few things. One thing that came up was flirting; all agreed that it really shouldn't be flirting unless you're trying to do it. I've had my own sister tell me I was flirting with a guy, when all I was trying to do was tease him and just have some fun. Teh weirdness.

We got to Uwajimaya by 11:00 AM; right away, I went to the Kinokuniya that connects with the store. I was trying to find .hack stuff (that I didn't already have), but I couldn't find anything. A bit of a bummer, but oh well; I did get the Escaflowne Movie soundtrack (the best part about the movie) and some English manga I needed to catch up on. I almost got a little Pokemon keychain, because I had really wanted to get one at Sakura-Con, but I wimped out. Blah...

On to the snacks! Man, I bought so many sweet buns with bean paste; everyone else bought a lot of melon bread. Everyone loves the melon bread. lol Then I also got some Kagome fruit/vegetable drinks; saw them at Sakura-Con too, so I wanted to try 'em. One thing I wish I had remembered to buy was green tea ice cream. That stuff is addicting, I love it.
I think all of my items cost around $20; not too bad, considering my guy friend, that really didn't have the cash to spend, bought way more than me.
One other thing I bought was this weird drink, I don't remember the exact name, but it had little balls of squid ink in it. I remember seeing it on TV once, on a travel show, so when I saw someone drinking it at the store, I asked, "Excuse me, where'd you get that?" She told me it was over in the food court, so off I went! Lucky for me, someone had just ordered one of those drinks, so I just said, "I'll have one of those." From what I can remember, the drink I ordered was called "Taro Squid Ink" something. It was... unique. I've never tasted squid ink before, it's not really comparable to any other food I've ever had. I made everyone else, including Mom and Dad, take a sip, except without telling them what it was first. My mom was grossed out when I told her, but everyone else was fine with it. We all got to swap spit; we're a real family now! lol

So, we got home pretty quickly, had pizza for lunch. It's a good thing we got home around 1:00 PM, because some people had to leave early; I had to make sure they all watched Tokyo Godfathers! Around 1:45 we went to watch the movie, and thankfully they were pretty quiet the whole time. I think everyone really liked it, which makes me happy. ^_^ Satoshi Kon is awesome, how could you not love his movies?

After that, we just did whatever. I was able to get Kyle off the computer to show people AMVs for awhile, but after that we were kind of bored. And tired, can't forget about tired.
Around 6:00 we had dinner, then I got people to watch some Jubei-chan with me until dessert; the ice cream cake was quite fabulous, I must say. I'm glad Mom was able to find one for my birthday; it almost didn't happen, since it seems most ice cream cakes aren't that big.

And so, the evening wound down to a close; Dad taught Adam how to play cribbage, Jessica said she'd come to my iaido class Friday (YAY!), and it took forever for Mike to leave, as always. All in all, it was fun, but I was quite exhausted by the end of it; so was Nick, our dog. Poor thing. XP

I'm 18 now, which is hard to believe. Life is too short. I will leave you with that statement. Ta then!

God Bless

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I found a better Gravity mp3! What do you guys think? I'll keep this song up for awhile, but then when .hack//G.U. Vol 2 comes around, I'll probably put up something .hack again. Anyway, enjoy the song. v^.^

So finally, someone else got back to me about my birthday. Geez, I don't know why it's taking them so long. Today's the deadline; if the other two don't send me something today, I'll call them tomorrow and ask if they're really coming or not. -_-; Boys, gashsplurn them all.

Not much news today; I did empty out my closet for mondo trash day (which was today). I can't believe all the space I have in my room now. I was finally able to move all my shoe boxes into my closet, and lo and behold! I have a floor again! Yatta!

And now, I get to go start my laundry; better get going then. Ta for now!

God Bless

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Post Sakura-Con Tinglies

I wish more people had seen my last post, just because I thought my opening was rather clever. XP Oh well.

I think I'm having post-con disorder; as in, if I had the money or the chance, I would go to another convention this instant. It's just a crying shame that you spend so much time preparing for it, and then it's over so soon. Next year, if the con isn't during Easter Sunday, I'll try to go all three days; that way, maybe the experience will feel fuller.
One thing I was able to bring back from Sakura-Con (for free even) was a delightful cold. It made me miss iaido last Friday; twas very annoying, especially considering I had also decided not to go last time either, because of the convention. All I can do about it now is practice my butt off with wazas this week. -_-; Maaan.
Speaking of Sakura-Con, I just noticed in the gallery that Gail posted a link to (in the Sakura-Con news), my sister and I are dead center in one of the pics; on the first page, bottom row, middle I think. It's funny, I was just browsing through them and I saw that. That explains who that camera guy was. lol I even showed my mom and she laughed. I'll have to show Robin (sister) when she gets home.

So now, I get to go back to having chores and school. One thing I need to do is go through my closet and dump out stuff; Thursday is "mondo-trash day", as Mom puts it. Then I also have my birthday coming up, this Saturday, so I need to confirm which friends of mine are actually coming! I swear, I don't know why they don't just get back to me right away; I sent them messages through MySpace, so I know that they've all read the messages by now. Quite annoying... I want most of them to come, because I know it's gonna be fun; we'll be going to Uwajimaya in the morning (around 10-ish), then we'll be watching Tokyo Godfathers and other anime-related things later; and finally, the best darn dinner I could ask for, along with ice-cream cake later. Doesn't that sound fun? So why haven't they gotten back to me yet?! This cold has left me in a bad mood, methinks. >.< Oy.

Oh well. At least I get to look forward to buying the .hack//Roots DVD soon; if I can't find it at Kinokuniya (which connects with Uwajimaya by the way), I'll be disappointed. I have $80 of fresh-allowance money to spend, and I can't think of anything better to spend it on than .hack. Other than .hack//Roots, .hack//G.U. Vol. 2 is coming out soon, so that also makes me happy.
XP See, if SomeGuy and John played .hack//G.U. I bet they would like it, even though they didn't finish the original four (for reasons I can completely understand, of course; no ill will there). The only annoying thing about .hack//G.U. being hot right now in the .hack community is that I'm seeing spoilers everywhere, whether I'm trying to read them or not. I actually put a little line in my signature on a .hack forum pretty much saying, "Please don't ruin the story for the rest of us; use spoiler tags." Too much has been ruined for me already, I want to keep some of the story a surprise, I mean really!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, that's it from me this time. I bid you all adieu. Ta then!

God Bless

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sakura-Con - Day 2

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things. Indeed, let us begin:

- This time, I got up at 7:30 am and we left around 9:30. Surprisingly, traffic wasn't too bad; it looked like it might be at first, but thank goodness it wasn't.

- Arrived at... you know, I can't remember exactly when we got there. I want to say 10:30, but I'm not sure. XP
Anyway, there was a noticeable increase in attendees Saturday, compared to Friday; made it even harder to maneuver through the crowds.
Right away we went into the dealer's room. There wasn't really anything else to do, so we hung around in there for a couple hours. I bought a cool-iool Mario sweatshirt (must take a picture!); Robin bought the first season of InuYasha, which she was extremely happy about. Too bad she had to buy the TV edit version; couldn't afford the full uncut one. XP
We met some of our friends in the dealer's hall (Tuxedo Mask and Yomi), but in the end we lost each other. And now they're saying we had ditched them. Blah...

- Around noon we left to go eat lunch; considering the line they had at Subway, we got our lunches rather quickly. Too bad there weren't any available tables. For awhile, we had to sit on the rim by the windows, where there happened to be some vents to keep us company. XP Blah...
After a bit, we met a Sakura (CCS) and Sumomo from yesterday, so we talked for a bit. Thankfully a table became open, so of course we jumped on it. Finished our lunch and then said goodbye to the Sakura and Sumomo girls.

- After lunch, around 12:30, we went upstairs to see the taiko drumming. Ohhh! If you guys haven't seen taiko drumming before, jump on the first chance you get! It is SO cool! I love it; I wish I had a video camera so I could record the sound as well. But here's a consolation prize! A picture of one of the taiko drummers. Just clicky on the piccy!

- The original plan was to watch the taiko drumming for maybe half an hour then head downstairs to watch Comedy AMVs. But, as Robin put it, "We can see AMVs at home, we can't always watch taiko drumming." Darn her and her logic. XP So, because of that we missed out on the Comedy AMVs. By the time the taiko drumming was over and we went downstairs to see them, the room was full already. Oh well. So, we decided to just wait around until the theO meet-up.

- Around 2:00 PM we started to realize that some of the people coming into the lobby area were there for the meet-up. Twas funny seeing jazie and AngelPen looking down at their directions and then pointing over to where we were sitting. I had the strongest feeling that they were jazie and AngelPen, but I was too embarassed to just go up and ask. Lo and behold, however, for it was them, as we confirmed once they sat down across from us.
Turns out, Gail and John were already waiting in the sitting area behind us. Then SomeGuy and MonkeyOrange arrived; I can't remember the usernames of all the people who came, I'll have to wait on Gail to post it, but there were two more people that came.
I was told that Gail would have little goodies for everyone who came to the meet-up; I didn't know by "goodies" that she would be giving out anime. I love you Gail. lol I got a Case Closed (uncut) DVD and a Gatchaman boxset, one which is in the middle of the series. Yeah, kind of hard to get into it, but oh well. Robin got Pani Poni Dash and another Case Closed DVD; can't wait to watch 'em! v^.^
Even though the meet-up was rather short, twas fun. Robin and I got to teach everyone about the awkward turtle, hugs went all around, and I found out that I can lift up SomeGuy quite easily. We all gathered and took pictures; and in case you didn't see it in my cosplay gallery already, here's the one I got: theOtaku FTW!
And then we parted ways; even though Robin and I left before them, SomeGuy and Gail beat us upstairs somehow. XP Man, stupid traffic!

- After that, we just went into the dealer's hall again. Robin wanted me to buy her this hat, which I did, and it is quite the cute little panda hat. I also bought myself a little Mokona neck-thing... tis not quite a necklace, but it goes around your neck, so therefore "neck-thing". We also saw a really good Inuyasha cosplay; he had the demon eyes and everything. I took some picture of Robin and him together (since Robin was cosplaying as Kagome); here's one of her "sitting" him: Sit Boy indeed!

- We'd been browsing in the dealer's hall for awhile, so we then left to cool off in one of the anime theaters. Too bad nothing real interesting was on; we tried watching this one anime called Boys Be..., but the light fixtures above us kept shaking; I think it was probably from the concert upstairs. It started bothering us, and we weren't really getting into the anime anyway, so we left... only to go back within a few minutes because our camera was lost. That was quite a scare. Thank goodness we had only just taken a picture of a lovely Wolfwood, otherwise we'd have to retrace our steps waaay back from the dealer's hall! Turns out, the camera just fell back out of the chairs we were sitting in; I had placed all my stuff in the seat next to me, so the camera must've been knocked out of the chair as we grabbed our stuff and left. Luckily, we found the camera (w00t!); Dad would've killed me if I had really lost it for good. XP

- Anyway, after that little moment we tried watching this other movie called Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato, but we really couldn't get into that either. We looked at the schedule Sakura-Con so kindly provided us and saw that they were re-showing the AMVs from the AMV contest upstairs. So we went up to go see it, but right at that moment the concert had let out. MY GOSH. I've never seen so many people congregated in one area like that. The escalators were completely full, I'm glad I wasn't in that rush.
But yes, we got ourselves safely to the AMV place. Since they weren't playing comedy AMVs right away, I wanted to go back to the dealer's hall for a minute to buy something. I had seen it earlier but wasn't sure about getting it; I'm glad I did buy it now, because I really love that movie. And the movie is... Tokyo Godfathers! Only one of THE best movies, animated or not, to ever be seen.
So then after that, we went back upstairs to the AMV contest room, and we got there just in time to see Comedy/Parody; the best one in my opinion was Cake or Death Note. I'm totally suggesting that for the Otaku Attraction next week. v^.^

- And so, after an apparently busy day, we went home. Saturday was definitely better than Friday, mainly because we weren't so tired. It seems a bit empty actually; we planned for this for so long, and it's over just like that. Now I know why some people go all three days.

There you have it, a rather full account of what was done on Day 2. Also, here's a link to my album, with all the pictures I took both days: Sakura-Con w00t w00t!
My personal favorite is the Master Roshi. v^.^

And so, I shall leave you now. The walrus is finally done talking. Ta then!

God Bless

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sakura-Con - Day 1

Sakura-Con was a bundle of fun! Cosplaying was really fun, even though no one knew who I was. XP Now, how to describe day one? Well, time to steal Lady Katana's post style:

- Got up at 6:00 am to get ready; left the house at 7:30.

- Arrived at Sakura-Con at 8:20; there were some difficulties in getting my pass. Since I'm technically not old enough to be in the convention by myself, my sister came along to be my adult. Well, originally we got in the pre-registration line, since it was shorter at the time. But, when we finally got up to the front, we found out that she needed to get her pass first before I could get mine. So, since she wasn't pre-reg, we had to go to the back of the long registration line. At least while I was waiting for her I got to snap some pictures of an Aura cosplayer. Anyway, eventually she got her pass, we got back in the pre-reg line and got my pass. Twas 9:50 maybe at the time.

- We then went upstairs to wait in the opening ceremonies line/group (twasn't much of a line at the time, you see). We were both so exhausted already from getting up so early that it wasn't so bad just sitting around for two hours. But then, once we were in the ceremonies room, the best thing that happened was we got to hug Vic Mignogna. ^_^ It was so funny; one girl went and hugged him, then a couple more. After awhile, everyone else figured out, "Oh, so it's okay to go up and hug him?" So all the fangirls jumped out of their seats (including me); I just kept patting his back saying, "My sister loves you!" lol

- After that, we looked in on the iaido performance next door for a bit; I personally wanted to see how good they were, and they looked just fine to me.

- Went downstairs and ate lunch.

- Twas time then to spend money in the exhibitor's hall. Within maybe ten minutes, I spent $160 on four animes: Scrapped Princess, Arjuna, Angelic Layer, and Planet ES. Also bought the Eureka SEVEN soundtrack, Maaya Sakamoto's Nikopachi CD, the Arjuna soundtrack, and a cool Maromi bag. Definitely spent more that first day than I wanted to, but it was all worth it. v^.^

- Around 4:00 PM I went upstairs to wait for the Kaori Nazuka autograph sessions. I was one of the first in line, thank goodness; got her to sign my .hack//G.U. soundtrack. Here's a pic: Kaori Nazuka

After that, we just went home. It was a rather tiring day, even though we didn't do much. At least my costume wasn't too hot, considering all the layers.
Also, I've posted my cosplay pics, if anyone wants to see them.

I guess that's it for Day 1; still ended up being pretty detailed. XP Ah well; next update will be for Day 2. Ta for now then!

God Bless

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pre-con photos! Whoopla!

I finally got my pre-con photos! v^.^ Here they are!

Candid Shot

Here's the character's picture for reference: Fumikazu!
So, even though I look fat in all those pictures, it looks great! ^_^ I'm super-psyched now for tomorrow! Can't wait!

And now, because a certain friend of mine tagged me...
6 Weird Things About Me

1) I like barbecue sauce with potatoes. ANY kind of potatoes (except sweet and scalloped), but mainly mashed.

2) I'm a huge "bed nazi"; anytime my siblings wrinkle up the bed even a little bit, I have to fix it.

3) I have an ongoing joke with my sister about which is better: monkeys or ducks. But now, it has evolved into a horrible beast of a joke! My friends now buy me monkey-themed items for birthdays or Christmas. Darn.

4) I'm terribly afraid of bees and hornets, even though I've been stung by a bee before. So, why should I still be afraid of them, right? Well, that's why it's weird.

5) I do voices. Constantly. Lately it's been a lot of the Jewish mother. Sometimes very random things will come out of my mouth. My poor family never gets a bit of rest.

6) I would buy the first season of Pokemon if I saw it at Sakura-Con. Probably. Gotta catch 'em all! v^.^

So, not all of them were that great, but I did my best gashsplurnit! And now, because I feels like it, I'm tagging these people to do it next:


o.o Man, only two? Oh well, quality tis better than quantity. If anyone else wants to post 6 weird facts about themselves, feel free to do so. XP

Next time I update it'll be post-SakuraCon business. But now I gotta get prepared for tomorrow! Ta for now then!

God Bless

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Monday, April 2, 2007


The costume, she is finished! ^_^ Huzzah!
Well, technically, there are a few things to work out, but all the materials are there. I just have to tuck and pin some things, and then I'll take some pre-con photos for y'all.

Man, I'm starting to get excited; also a bit nervous. I'm just hoping this theO meeting will go over well. I keep imagining what could go wrong, like the people wouldn't let me into the meet-up place because I was wearing a costume. Silly, I know, but it's still in the back of my mind as a crazy possibility. XP Blah, I worry too much. Everything should be fine... as long as my big sister is with me. lol

Other than that, most preparations for the convention are done. But, Sakuracon.org still hasn't posted all of its schedules yet! I wanted to make plans of things that my sister and me would want to do. I need structure people! I need organization, I crave it!!

Anyway, that's about all the things that've been on my mind lately, so that's all you'll hear from me. XP Next post will be for costume pics. Ta for now then!

God Bless

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sakura-Con, w00t w00t!

As I write this, my mother is working on my costume. So exciting! It's so cool! ^_^ I might post a pre-con picture for y'all once the whole costume is done. I think people at the convention will like it, even if they don't know the character.

Man, I hope we can do this theO meet up at the convention. I should PM SomeGuy and ask him about it. It would be way cool to meet up with people, especially after learning that TseUq takes iaido. v^.^

And! My computer is finally loading all the images on these sites! For months I haven't been able to see my avatar, but today I can! ^_^ Shino-saaan!
So while I can, I'm going to get a bunch of scans from AnimePaper.net. I might finally be able to make some wallpapers. It's been so long since I made one!

It's been good news all around today. I'm so psyched about the costume and the images appearing, I just have to end this now! Ta then!

God Bless

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Okay, so remember in my last post, I said somehow my .hack wallpapers had been moved from ".hack" to "Misc. Anime"? Well, a couple of my greeting cards were moved around, but not .hack this time; one was for Tales of Symphonia and the other was Final Fantasy VII. I had to check the rest of my ecards just to make sure they were all in their right categories. T_T I don't know what to do... should I report it? Or should I wait for it to happen one more time to make sure it's not just an error in the system? I need an adult!

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and check all sites today because I don't know if I'll have the time to later. Work on my costume is getting done; my mom and I are going to sew everything this weekend, so father dear and me have to get everything prepared leading up to then. With that and schoolwork, it feels like a lot (probably really isn't). I'm just happy things are getting done; this is why I wanted to make the costume way ahead of time, so I wouldn't stress about it. But NO, it has to come down to the wire. I can only pray that the costume will come together in time! >.<

At least I've been able to do one thing to sort of relieve the stress. I've been rewatching Scryed lately, since I haven't seen it in awhile. So far, I've been enjoying it; but, I always did like the first half of the series better, and I've already watched the first half now, so... pooh. Cougar is what really makes this series worth it, though. v^.^

Now, because I feel like getting it out of the way, it is time for another Roots rant.
I was able to watch episode 20 earlier; the dubbing wasn't so bad, actually. Touta arrived back in ep. 19, and... I guess his VA still works for him; in the end, I can only think of Tawaraya when I hear him, and not just Touta. But, that's not so bad. What's really weird is that they used Richard Cox for another new character, Iita. Totally doesn't fit! Iita's a female PC, so why would they use a guy's voice for her? Iita was the worst part about the last two episodes, but she still wasn't so bad (not Kuhn bad anyway). We also were introduced to Pirokio, who sounds just fine.
Also, something else that was interesting; I was actually impressed with Tabby in the last episode. I've been saying this whole time that I can't see her VA doing a good job at the more serious scenes, but she did pretty well in this one. There's hope for her yet!
So I guess, overall, not too bad; Iita doesn't fit at all, but the others seem fine. Next episode we'll be introduced to Midori! We'll just see how she ranks in my book!

That's it then. I'll try to maybe update again before the weekend, but no guarantees. Ta for now!

God Bless

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