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Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Been Too Long!

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Start: 1:20 AM CST

Omigosh, omigosh, I haven't been here since November/December! You guys thought I would've have deserted you by now, eh? Well, I would've done that...er...I mean...I love all of you guys! Life's been interesting, but I'll try to summarize it up into easy-to-read lists.

1. Knitting has been good. I've finished a bunch of my scarves and gave all of them to my friends as late Christmas gifts. In return, I've recieved a lot of hugs. (But why no money?!?!)

2. I've slowly slipped in my classes, especially in Algebra II. However, my World History grade is getting better! Long story short, I have a new teacher because one of the old Social Studies accidentally threw a pen at one of the students. Teacher + Pen + Student + Blood = Lawsuit + Angry Mother = Fired. Yup.

Oh! I just went to Anime Matsuri 2008 today! It was so fun! I met Vic Mignogna, who was so awesome! It's funny, though, how I saw him but didn't recognize him at first...

Me and my friend Amy were by a piano located in the hotel, and I was horribly playing some random tune (I can't play all that well, so I kept doing jazz chords), and here comes this random guy who comes to watch me play the piano. Afraid of people listening to me play any instrument, I stopped what I was doing and walked off. And here enters Vic, who sits down and starts playing a cheerful tune on the piano.

I didn't realize it was him until the moment I got home! *slams head into wall* Bahhh... How stupid of me.

I just found out he lives in Houston too, about half an hour away from my house. That's pretty close, no?

Oh, and Amy got her Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs autographed by him. However, I forgot to get his copy of the Gospel of John (yeah, he did a recording from a Book out of the Bible)! Oh my gosh... I basically got rushed out of the hotel by my parents and sent off from church, where I spent four hours. There was a baptism going on, since it's Easter Vigil, but I swear I couldn't keep myself awake.

Oh, and my teachers and TAs from my Confirmation class are raising money to go to World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, Australia. They also started a new outreach program to spread youth mass to places where they don't have it. Cool, no?

Oh, and on Friday, I was at the FIRST Robotics competition. However, our robot was being really messed up. It seemed like the programming messed up... However, I hadn't been there in a while, so I blame myself for that.

Ummm... One more day until Spring Break ends! ...Wait. Why am I happy about that?!

And now, I make my grand finale! Ta-ta for now, mes amis! *explodes*


End: 1:36 AM CST

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Aunt Left!

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Start: 12:17 AM CST

Hey you guys! It's so late at night, but I thought I should post, since I haven't done it in about a week.

Guess what you guys? I finished the scarf that I started on Monday! It's completed! Yay! I was going to make it for My Handsome Friend (a.k.a. Becky), but since she doesn't want it (she can make her own scarves), I've decided to give it to Eric.

It's a red scarf, done in garter stitch.

You know, it was kind of tiresome in the middle, stitching every single stitch. But in the end, you get this burst of excitement, and you're jumping up and down like crazy because you've actually finished something. Or maybe that's just me.

You see, I'm the type of person that never gets anything done: I'll start on something, get done halfway, then give up. I don't know what kept me going, but I'm really glad that I did.

Oh, you guys might be wondering why I made a scarf! Well, I decided, since I'm poor, I'm going to go make knitted stuff for my friends as Christmas gifts! Yay! No money being spent!

Of course, you have to spend money on the yarn and the knitting tools and all that whats-it-doodles, but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

Oh yeah. The anime club's host chose a bunch of the members to help her knit beanies for charity! We even get volunteer hours for it! Needless to say, with all my knitting work, I brought it to school everyday, and everyone kept watching me while I knitted. It was kind of cool, actually. Lots of people admitted that they wanted to start knitting, but never had the time. Some even asked me to make them stuff! (Pssh, yeah right!) I made two beanies (they're for babies), but my current one fell apart. I managed to salvage what I could, and I'll ask my teacher on how to fix it again.

...Oh yeah. I kept running to her office during class transitions to ask for more yarn over and over. She eventually made me use my own yarn. *groans*

On more good news (or should I say bad?), I'm almost done with my new theme! However, I realized, "Hey! It's not a Christmas theme!" and scrapped it altogether. It's such a shame. It was a nice theme too. Maybe I'll put it up in another part of the year. January, perhaps?

I know, I know, you guys are probably saying, "Stupid Travis! Don't quit on it just because it's not Christmas-themed! I'm sure it'll look fine!" I know all about that, but I just want to do something Christmas-related. However, nothing's coming to my head right now.

On other news, my aunt left Houston to go to Philadelphia to stay with her daughter. She'll be there for two months, until Chinese New Year, and then she'll head home to Vietnam.

She was crying the entire day, and my dad even told me that she was crying on the airplane (my dad somehow got past security; that tells you something...). At first, I didn't understand why, but you had to pull it out of context clues: She was crying because this would probably be the last trip to see her siblings before she died. Out of eleven children, she, my dad, and my other auntie (who hates my family) are the only people left in her family. My cousin (my auntie's daughter) said she hadn't cried since "Dad" passed away. It's really sad once you think about it.

I kind of regret being annoyed around her when she came to visit us. I mean, she didn't even live in our country, know our customs, and because of her "ignorance," it really bothered me. I feel like a (can't say it online) right now... Oy.

I'll be working on another scarf for now (stockinette style, yeah!). I'll see you guys later, okay? Bye!

End: 12:31 AM CST

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Break!

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Start: 11:59 PM CST

Alo alo to all! How's everyone's Thanksgiving been? I'm talking to everyone except for you Canadians and non-Americans! Losers!

I kid, I kid. Canada's cool. (Oh, and the other places too!)

My aunt came here from Vietnam last last Saturday. The beginning of Thanksgiving break, anyways. It was awkward as heck: I didn't speak that much Vietnamese, and she didn't speak a word of English. We've basically been ignoring each other for the week, in some sort of ways.

I remember the first question she asked my sister: "Are you married?" It shocked me, but not so much my parents.

On Monday, there was a Choir Festival at Janice's church! We went to listen to great music! Also, Janice was in one of the choir groups, so we got to hear her sing as well. It was kind of cute seeing Aaron in there, since he didn't know what he was doing. Examples are such as followed: "How do you make the Sign of the Cross?" "What do you do here?" It was kind of cute, hehe. He kept calling himself "ignorant." Personally, I hate that word, but okay....

We ate afterwards, and Aaron and I made friends with one of Janice's choir group members: Lydia. Aaron thought she was weird.

OH! When I checked my phone, my dad had called me...17 times. Apparently, my dad had been waiting all that time for me. (I was in church, so I turned off my phone!) My dad drove home and left us stranded at church. So...we had to turn to Aaron's dad for a ride. (I felt bad.)

On Tuesday, I went to hang out with my friends at the mall! We planned to go ice-skating, but the ice-skating rink closes at 5 PM on weekdays and Sundays. So, we just hung around the food court.

Janice and me sang by the bathrooms. People came out and told us that we were good! We started crying/screaming and ran halfway across the mall.

Thanksgiving Day: After church, the family ate turkey. I made mashed potatoes.

Black Friday: My family woke up at five in the morning just to go shopping! They got a lot of great deals, but I just decided to sleep. I didn't get up until 10 AM. By then, I learned my brother crashed my dad's truck in someone else's truck...kind of. It was a dent, actually.

I finally built up the strength to actually make the gravy. (Who eats mashed potatoes without gravy?!) My aunt called it bang, which translates to "sharp" in English.

Around 5 PM, Kim picked me up (along with Mohit), and we headed to her house (I signed Desmond's guitar!). We did some grocery shopping for some soda and ice cream and headed towards Justin's house. It was kind of funny: Kim had already been to that same grocery store twice in the same day. That trip was the third one.

I saw Risa and Awi again! After hugging like crazy, all four of us (plus Desmond) decided to make French bread. I have to say: I think we did a pretty good job.

Desmond told me that Justin's grandmother could speak Spanish (she's from Costa Rica?), although she couldn't understand me. She's Chinese. Mandarin, I think. She spoke with Desmond in Chinese, and I kept on remarking how he knew his own language (although he says he doesn't know that much either).

I found out Justin shares my love of ceviche! Yay! He offered me some, but I forgot about it. Hehe.

We ended up playing Halo 3 and Super Smash Bros. Melee all night. I didn't even get to touch Halo 3! Grr!

I found out Desmond doesn't like video games...kind of. However, he spent most of the time on the computer.

Mohit was being gay: There was a giant teddy bear in the living room, and he took it and humped Justin over and over with it. Huh. I always thought he was a homophobe.

We all had cheesecake, and then, we all headed home.

Oh yeah. That same day, my parents took Auntie to the Galleria.

On Saturday, I went to a festival. In the middle of winter. In freezing rain. I got sick as heck! I went with my dad, aunt, sister, and my sister's friend. People kept saying I dressed like a French person. I saw Theresa there, with her nose all red. Poor her. She noted that I looked Korean. Bwah???

It could've been fun, but I was sick as heck.

Today, I took my online Medical competition test! Turns out, I took the wrong one! I actually took the test that I was supposed to take tomorrow! The testmaster said that I could just take today's test tomorrow, so that's good.

Gabriel put his arm around me, shoved me to a wall, and said, "I'm going to have my way with you."

To Lynn, everything I do is yaoi-like. She said that herself. What was it that she used? She said, "It's going to be funny when you lose your virginity." She's freaky as heck. It's scary.

Anyways, I'm tired with homework, so I'll head off now. Good night! Bye!

Note: I want to come up with a new theme, but everything that I've created so far doesn't seem to please me. Ugh. I'm becoming "the irritated artist."

End: 12:21 AM CST

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween Parties and Lost Directions Sorries!

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Start: 5:42 PM CST

I bid all of thee a good evening (or morning, or whatever time you guys are in)! How has your Halloween been? (Stupid English grammar! If only we used vosotros...) I'm doing pretty good, but there have been a few problems along the way.

The day on Halloween, I decided to stay after school for Guitar Club. Well, my friend offered me a Sprite while we were there, and to my naivity, I drank...quite a couple of times. At that moment, I started feeling really dizzy and light started becoming sensitive to my eyes. I rushed to the restroom and in the mirror, I saw that my eyes were dilated. I was scared, so I asked Victoria for help! Thank goodness; she got me through that horrible thing.

A small group of my friends know what happened. And I know who gave me the drink. I tried questioning him so many times whether or not he put something in the drink, but as we all know it, he's not going to tell the truth, right? Oh well. Let bygones be bygones.

Still...I had a lot of side effects after that day, such as a "numb" tongue and dizzyness.

The feeling went away after 7 PM, and by then, I went to go buy candy with my dad for the trick-or-treaters! After doing that, I did a "spur-of-the-moment" trick-or-treating thing with my neighborhood friends. Said was with me at the beginning, helping to collect candy around the neighborhood. His grandfather was passing out candy, and could only speak Urdu (little English though). So, even though I wanted to talk to him, I couldn't go in detail. Wah.

Later, we met up with Josue, his cousin, and A.J. We wandered around another neighborhood! Oh yeah! In one house, there was this all-girl's Halloween party. When A.J. and I went to ask for candy, this girl took a picture of me, smiled, and then ran back into the house. Strannngggeeeee....

I later headed to Mohit's house, who didn't want to hang out with me because he was too busy playing DotA. The silly ol' idiot. He loves DotA more than he loves me (and everything else!). Oy.

That following Saturday, we had a Halloween costume party at Kathy's house! We did a "Alice in Wonderland" theme for the party, and I played the white rabbit, of course! However, I had been told I looked like a paedophile at one time. I had white hair (Aaron went crazy with the white hair spray paint), I had eye liner (white on top, black at the bottom, and blush. I was wearing a suit. Plus, I was smiling all the time. That just made me think, I feel like Mr. Rogers right now!!! I took off some of the make-up, later on.

Kai came at the same time as me, but he left, for unknown reasons. (I might have a clue why...) That being said, it made Tiffany really sad. She also snapped at other people (like Janice), which really isn't like her type of persona.

I have to say... Even though we had fun at the party, I couldn't help but feel a depressed linger in the air.

I also kept hugging Aaron. Girls kept taking pictures. (The heck...?!)

Earlier that day, I went to go get my glasses' lens changed. They were getting all blotchy (the medication was washing off?), and I got them cut. However, by the time I got home from the party (midnight?), I realized that there were some imperfections to the lenses. Wah.

Next Sunday, I went back to the optometrist. Turns out, I have astigmatism. Well, Janice says it's more of a "lazy eye" thing. I don't know what you call it, but it's that one eye moves slower than the other. I'm getting new lenses cut for me, and I have to go to vision therapy.

We stopped by the grocery store afterwards, and I saw Awi! Oh. My. Gosh. She changed! She used to be so...conservative. But ever since she started college, she got her hair cut in this strange style, and she started to wear thin/tight Abercrombie and Hollister clothes. It's a big change, but her personality hasn't changed at all. She's still the sweet girl that I knew before. So, I'm glad.

Let's jump ahead to this Saturday (well, last Saturday?). I got ready to go volunteer at a park that I thought was in downtown Houston! My dad drove me there, and I wandered the vast park, asking people where the volunteer work (which was a walk) would be held. No one knew. It wasn't until two hours later that I found out I went to the wrong park! I asked my dad to pick me up, which took another hour. We headed home, which took an hour, printed the directions to the correct place, and headed up to the right park, which was another hour. However, before going directly to the park, I stopped by a nearby ceramics store (a place that sells clay and other materials for making pots, vases, etc.).

It was a really old-styled building, but when I stepped in there, I felt at home. I talked a lot with the worker there (I'm sure she helps own the store?). I found out that she lived in my old town! My dad, however, was being very mean, and did stuff like snarl at her or kick her dogs (I saw two; one's name is Bella and the other is Pats!). She said in a nonchalant voice, "Your dad doesn't seem to like dogs." However, she seemed really protective of them, since, after I bought my clay and she put it in my dad's truck, she took her dogs into the store.

My dad hates dogs. I never really remembered that. And...I think it's psychological trauma from his childhood, but let's not get all psychoanalytical right now.

I finally did get to the park!!! YES! I was so happy! After signing up, I found Chi, Arlo, and Kai. Kai seemed so depressed. Guess what? Kai was supposed to be my ride home! However, he and Arlo had to go somewhere after the volunteer thing. Arlo kept asking me and Chi: "What are the symptoms of a girl six months pregnant?" It kinda freaked me out to hear that. I wonder if those two are hiding anything from us.

Chi was my ride. And so, I had to go home with her. I DID NO WORK. I'm going to feel bad if I count in those hours without doing anything!!! Wahhh. Chi and I, however, wandered around the skyscrapers of downtown (uptown?) Houston until her dad found us.

We had to walk a long way to his car, and then we picked up Dai, and I went to their house. I watched a movie, and then my parents picked me up.

They said that there was a "celebrity" at the volunteer place. Some prince from India? (I know India has more than one.) Who knows though. My friends didn't get to see him.

I guess that's it for my week. I don't really want to go in-depth with today, since nothing happened today.

Oh yeah. Sheena's going to be gone from school for two months. No one told me that her last day at school was Friday! She's going to go get surgery on her back (for her sclerosis). She'll be busy recuperating for the next two months.

Ashley, Eric, and I are thinking of going to the hospital to go visit her! That sounds cool! However, we have to talk about it just a little bit more until we go.

Okay, I go now. Bye bye all! Take care!

End: 6:11 PM CST

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Oni-Con and More!

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Caribbean Blue

Start: 12:22 AM CST

Gosh darnit... MyOtaku is gonna ruin my sleeping habit. I was going to post earlier today, but the site had been down for quite a while, so I had to wait. And...here I am! Hiya!

My week had been pretty eventful! I wish I posted much more earlier, since I have so much to type, but I'll condense it, since I love you guys and I want to sleep like heck.

Last Saturday (um, the 20th?), I took the PSAT in the morning. I was so tired and I didn't feel like testing! In fact, I dozed off for part of the test! However, I did sit with Thi, Zach, and Chi. Yay!

Later on, after stopping with Zach to Kathy's house for lunch (sandwiches and raw onions and tomatoes???), I went to Oni-Con, the biggest con in Houston! It was so fun! I initially came with Kathy and Janice, but I went with Karen, Eric, and Janay. We acted as a chain (holding each other by the shoulders/arms), and went around, chasing a group of Naruto cosplayers for their "barrel." You see, if you were to get this barrel, you would get a special prize. Alas, we didn't win. (Our friend Nick betrayed us!!! BWARGH!)

I have no pictures, if you guys are asking.

I met the famous Joy! If you guys go on YouTube and look up "jacproductions," you'll see why I love 'em so! They're actually a famous cosplaying group in Houston, and they go to a school right next to me! I initially met her in the dealer's room, but I didn't realize who she was until I met her at her booth. Apparently, Zach knows her!!! *squeals*

She usually dresses up as Neji or some masculine anime character (from Naruto, Bleach, etc.), but at Oni-Con, she was a red-haired gothic lolita. It was so weird to see your idol dressed as her usual self!

She's a senior right now, and it's getting harder and harder for her to make videos. So, she's been on hiatus for a while. A year, I believe. Oh wow.

I saw Thinh and Natalie! Natalie grabbed and squeezed Karen, thinking it was Diana! BWAHAHA!!!

All right, let's skip to the cosplay event parts. At first, the group and I sat on a bunch of stairs to take a rest. I met a ton of my old friends and made a bunch of new ones! There was also this girl from San Antonio who was crying because the cosplay would go on until 7 PM and she couldn't make it. So, Eric, being the nice guy, decided to record it for her. Awww... So sweet. (I never knew if he did record it for her or not though.)

Oh yeah. I kept hitting on Eric that entire time there. It cost me in the end. Around 6 or 7 PM, while we were in line for the cosplay show (Ashley and James were gonna be in it!), I made a "move" on Eric, and all the girls around us (actually, Karen, Janay, Amy, Celeste, etc.) started squealing and told us to do yaoi. I got scared and started running off. (It was a good thing I made friends with the "security" of the line: Whenever I ran away from them, the "security" people would let me get back in my place in the line.)

The five girls kept bribing us that if we we made out with each other, they would make out with us.

Well, after a bunch of crying, screaming, running away, and my shirt being pulled until one sleeve was longer than the other, we did it. Well, I did it. It was just a kiss on the cheek though. No big deal. Well, I thought that was the case until I found out Amy took a picture and ran around, showing random people the picture on her camera. (I was gonna kill her... Why didn't I?)

We did the S.O.S. Brigade in line. Actually, a group of girls did it: Jing-Yee, Sabrina, Janay, this one girl that did L (I think), and this big guy. It was awesome, and everyone started taking pictures.

We eventually did get to the cosplay show. However, I could only stay for the light show: I asked Karen and Eric to call Janice and Kathy and ask where they were. You see, I had promised to go home with them at 7 PM and well, it was around that time. 8, actually!

Oh yeah. I also left my phone at home. (And on the day of a con! For shame!)

I eventually did get home. On the way home, Kathy kept on talking about how she wanted to make a costume for the next con. Maybe. Just maybe.

The next day, we went to Janice's church's Fall Festival! Great fun, actually! At the early beginning, Janice had to go sing since she was part of the choir. Church was just lovely. It had been a long time since I had been to a mass in English, and in that language, I believe, is when mass is the most beautiful. Well, I was participating so greatly in mass, that, at the end, the woman on the right put her arm around me and told me, "It's so refreshing to see a young person participating in mass." That me feel great, yeah.

We didn't do much work, Janice and I. We ate. A lot. Nickkie, Vy, Sue, Sobia, and Alex were there too. Janice and I... We ate brownies, cupcakes, cotton candy, Filipino food, and two giant plates of funnel cakes. Agh! We were so full! We did work in the end though: We helped put up some merchandise and tents.

There was one booth that caught my eye: Rocks and stones from different parts of the world. They were all so different: polished, raw, metallic, crystal, ancient... It just brought back the geologist in me.

My brother drove me home that day. You know, I was crying the entire way home. Hehe.

Now, onto school days! Gabriel was being gay since he heard about the thing that happened during Oni-Con. He grabbed both of us and gave us a long, long, long hug. All the girls (and a guy) took out their phones/cameras and started snapping pictures of us. Bwahhhh!

I had to sew a mascot for Robotics. I only had, maybe, two or three days to finish it. Needless to say, I didn't finish it at all. My parents were fighting on how I should sew it to the point where I wanted to rip out my own hair. Ughhhh... I couldn't get anything done with them screaming at one another.

My brother's birthday was on Thursday! On Wednesday's night, as we went to get material to make the mascot for Robotics, I met my 8th grade bus driver! She works in the bakery of the local Wal-Mart, and we chatted with her for a while, and then ordered our cake. The day after, my mom was angry. When my mom was ordering pizza, the people who were working there were complaining that they couldn't understand what she was talking about. She just hung up and ended up screaming at us.

My brother didn't enjoy the cake. He wanted a Wii for his birthday and started sulking when we asked him to cut the cake. He ate, maybe, three or four bites and then went upstairs to play on the computer. Oy.

Now, the good ol' days. Saturday. And Sunday.

In the morning, Kai came to pick me up so we could go to an Alzheimer's walk at a theater close by our school. It was really funny, helping out with all the festivities and walking! Actually, we just handed out water and took apart the tables and tents! But it was great!

It was funny: Everyone at the walk kept thinking that Kai and me were a gay couple. I couldn't help but overhear tons of people saying it. Old people, young people, people from our school. Did we really look like a couple?! Kai said that the tote bag that I was holding looked like a purse, so that could've been a reason. (It was a teacher's bag!!!)

It was kind of funny how they kept referring to us. Remarks like, "Ooh, gay..." or "I wonder if they're going to hold hands" kept whispering around us. I also heard, "I've never seen Asians dress like that before." It was a compliment, and a little change from the other remarks.

Oh yeah. While we were handing out water with Tiffany and a bunch of other girls, Izien and Puji (they were walking) took pictures of me and Kai with our arms with one another. I wonder where that picture will end up. Eep.

We made new friends, yup yup! Jackie was our first new friend, and believe it or not, while I took World History with Tiffany for almost two months now, I never learned her name! So sad. I met Lily, who gave me a new nickname: "Nigguhyen." It was "too hard" for her to pronounce my last name, so that's what she calls me now. Bwahaha. (You can probably guess my last name now, eh?)

Maggie gave me and Kai a look as if I were a gay couple. No matter whenever we were together, she would look at us. It was...awkward.

They were so amazed with my ability to speak several languages. Awesome.

There were also falling yellow leaves. Romantic.

After all that, Kai and I headed to a pho restaurant. We ate, and started driving to Robotics competition.

When we got there, our team was ready to go eat lunch! (We just had it!) We sat by a bridge that led between a bayou and ate sandwiches and drank soda. It was pretty peaceful and I think we had fun. However, many of the students wanted to explore the bayou, which was, well, dirty with sewage and garbage. Ew.

We screamed our hearts out at the competition. I can pretty much say that we were the most spirited people there! We made a pyramid of people (I was on top once!) with the help of Kai's idea. Waving flags, cheering for your team: it's an awesome feeling.

One of the all-girl (or mostly girls) teams bought pizza and soda for everyone and we ate all of it. Yum.

Kai was quiet for the entire time. I constantly took Catherine's teddy bear and made it hug Kai.

However, it hit me really hard when we didn't win that many trophies. Heck, we didn't even win a trophy for "Most Spirited"! We get get a trophy for "Best Sportsmanship," however.

In our sadness, everyone drowned out their sadness by eating ice cream. We went into the cafeteria, which was renovated to be a Robotics pit. One time, when I put my dollar into the ice cream machine, this guy unplugged the machine so he could plug in his drill! GARGH! I lost a dollar! It was all fine in the end though: he gave me a dollar back. Yay.

We all decided to go eat at a restaurant called "Sweet Mesquite." However, Nam wanted to come and ride with us. I told him it wasn't a good idea, since he came with the bus and should stay on the bus.

Oh yeah. The most stupidest thing happened! When we were in the road, Kai tried to cut our Robotics teacher off! We got scolded at the restaurant and it made me feel really bad. Kai and Nam told me not to feel bad since I didn't do anything, but I couldn't help but feel guilty, ya know?

We got lost on the highway too. Nam's an idiot with directions. I don't want to ride with him in a car anymore!

We eventually did get to the restaurant. The food sucked. My onion rings tasted like fried flour. The atmosphere made me even more depressed. It was an old-style Texan-Mexican pub with neon lights. Really depressing. The other guys just played video games, so Kai, Janice, and I just talked to one another. Janice discussed wanting to kill people to get into the top ranking of her class. Crazy li'l psycho. In fact, that's her new nickname now: "Crazy Li'l Psycho."

Kai drove me home, and I went inside, showered, and slept.

I went to church the next day, and I even felt depressed during church. It wasn't until I talked with some of my old friends from church (Dung and another guy!) until I felt better. We went grocery shopping for lunch, and I did a little bit of homework.

Around 4-5 PM, I biked to HBMS, and I played tennis with Janice and Nickkie. Alex, Sue, Tomas, and Tiffany (Chinese one) were also there too! Alex and Janice had to go to church later, and so did Tomas, but Kai eventually came over.

Then, all of a sudden, I see my dad and brother jogging by the tennis courts! They were going exercising! They interrupted the tennis game between me and Kai! As usual, Kai was making gay remarks. My brother just plainly asked, "Is he bi?" Sue left later too. Also, by then, my brother and dad left to go home. So, Kai and I went to go play tennis with Nickkie and Tiffany.

Kathy and Maureen came WAY later! We kept on playing tennis until the mosquitoes buzzed around, until the sun went down, until we couldn't see the balls anymore. (Shoot, I need something that rhymes with "down"!)

Other stuff... Kai jokingly tried to attempt to "jab" his tennis racket into my stomach. Tiffany kept on saying "sorry" when she didn't need to, so I told her to say "hot dog" instead. Before the sun went down, a guy came to play tennis with us. The weird thing was, he was holding a camera with him, inconspiciously. Huh. Pedo?

Kai offered to drive me home since I had to bike home, but I decided just to call my dad. He picked me up, bought some car parts, and then we went home.

I showered, ate some shark fin soup (five servings!), and then I proceeded on to doing homework and laundry.

The most amazingest thing happened today! When I logged onto AIM, I saw something that just made me smile like heck: Kai unblocked me! YAY! You may think it's weird, but last year, he blocked me from AIM because he thought I was annoying. Well, I guess that phase is over! Yay!!!

I should be heading to sleep now. School's tomorrow. Good night all!

End: 1:14 AM CST

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Friday, October 19, 2007

My Friends are Gay?!

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Caribbean Blue

Start: 10:10 PM CST

Good night everyone! I'm too tired... First of all, things have been so tiresome at school. I haven't posted since Sunday, right? Mannn... I feel bad.

The weirdest news is that my friends Gabriel and Eric are "gays in denial." It's really a joke, but it's been spreading around the school, and I don't know how far it's gone.

How did it spread? Well, Eric likes to joke about that stuff, and you always see Gabriel hugging Julio. So yup.

On the meanwhile, I found out two of my other friends are really gay! And apparently, they go out with one another! It got brought up when a group of guys were questioning my sexuality in Computer Science, and that's how it got there. From what I've said, they've been dating since sixth grade?

At first, one of the guys didn't want to admit to it. But later on, he did.

The next day, I asked the other guy. It went something like this:

Me: "Hey (2)... I don't want to sound mean or anything, but do you go out with (1)?"
(2): "What do you mean by 'going out'...? Like going out to eat or in a relationship?
Me: Ummm...sure...
(2): "Yeah... We're kind of in a relationship..."

*Names are not used for the use of privacy.

I just told him that I was curious, and walked off. I looked back after a while, and noticed that his eyes were a bit red. So, I went to apologize and promised that I wouldn't tell anyone. Well, he began denying that he was gay. However, in the end, he asked, "So how did he (1) say it?"

Well, when (1) was telling me, his face was all serious. (2) was trying to tell me that (1) was just playing a joke. However, I knew the truth. I'll just pretend that it was only a joke.

Another friend of his told me that he doesn't want anyone to find out. That's fine with me. *smiles*

Oh yeah. There's a third gay guy as well. Today, he took my picture while I wasn't looking. He's perverted too... Blahhh...

On the other news, I have PSAT testing tomorrow! Yeah! I gotta get wake up and get to school by 7:30! Yeah! I don't want to take it! Yeah!

Well, the good new is, I'm going to Oni-Con afterwards with Janice and Kathy! It was kind of last minute, since I asked this morning, but I can come. Yay!

Anything else that's happened?

I stayed up last night until 1-2 AM finishing my World History project. Oh gosh.

Yesterday, during the N.I.N.J.A. Club, I translated for Geraldine. The translators are never there anymore, so it gave me great satisfaction when I did it. I mean, I know I got a lot of words wrong, but I tried, right?

Camden still has my guitar... Where is he???

Domonique has been depressed. Girlfriend issues. Also, he thinks he's selfish. Poor dude.

Oh! I forgot! A new disease came out. It's called MRSD or something like that. Well, someone just died from it recently, and it's basically a disease of the skin. You begin forming spider-like bites on your skin, and scars. Also, it's drug-resistant. Oh goodness.

Well, I've been having a rash for quite a few days now, so my friends were pointing to it and claiming that it was the disease! Oh boy.

Oh. Why do I have a rash? Well, I think I've formed an allergy to caffeine now! Whenever I drink soda (dark soda) or tea, I itch real badly. At first, I thought it was an allergy to carbonated water (aren't I an idiot?), and then I thought it was an allergy to sugar (I'm even more of an idiot than I thought I was!), but then I realized that those allergies were illogical.

That's it for now. I went shopping today for Cry, the Beloved Country, groceries, and fabric for the Halloween party costume. I hope it turns out nicely.

Good night all!

End: 10:25 PM CST

P.S. I haven't been working on the theme lately. I'm just so picky!!!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Guitar Concert Done!

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Caribbean Blue

Start: 12:59 AM CST

Heya all! I haven't been around here in a week! Sorry about that, but I've been pretty busy so far. How about I explain it to you guys?

Oh, before I go on: Lestat, the brother that walked home was my older brother, not my younger brother.

Well, yesterday, we had our Fall Guitar Club Concert! It was so much fun! But, as usual, things had to go wrong. Camden said that I should restring my guitar, and I started to undo the strings of my acoustic guitar. Well, everyone kept on saying stuff like, "You shouldn't retune your guitar before a concert! It's gonna mess up!" and all that stuff. And when I finished undoing all my strings, Camden was nowhere to be found!

He did come back a while later, after he stopped by the local guitar shop to pick up some stuff. He bought me some better strings than the ones I already had. I was excited to get my strings restringed (yeah, I'm weird!), but while Camden was removing the pins, most of them broke (oh the horror!!!). Well, he said he'll bring it to his shop tomorrow and fix it. In the meanwhile, I'll have to use Keenan's guitar.

I remember hearing my teacher saying that she couldn't understand a word that I would singing, comparing it to a foreign language! Argh! She says that I slur my words when I sing, but no one else does! Bwahhh! I had to get Hilda to help me a bit as well.

We had food before the concert: Most of us scrapped down all the soda, chicken, and pizza, and by the time the people that were just on stage came to get food, there was barely any left for them. While we were eating, OJ kept claiming he was Michael Jackson and chasing boys around the patio. And...Mel and Josh had 27 children and were trying to sell them off as livestock. *bursts out laughing* Monoploid children, heh.

And...I cheated on Aaron with Nam and I wanted to bear Eric's children? (We were being 'tards, 'kay?)

I remember right before the concert, me, Hilda, and a group of other guys were talking about how humans came from dinosaurs and evolution in Spanish. Oh, we're such silly idiots.

The concert itself was pretty good! I watched the first five songs before I had to go backstage (I was the ninth act). I remember I kept forgetting my lines, and I tried drilling them over and over in my head! However, when I did start playing, I got most of my lines right, and my friends even took out their cell phones and starting waving them. I swear I could've heard my teacher clearing her throat, as in a sign meaning, "YOU'RE SLURRING YOUR WORDS!", but I paid hardly any attention to it.

Aaron congratulated me on finally learning my "fancy" G chord after the performance. After that, I headed back into the audience.

Between one of the intermissions for the songs, Moriah screamed, "HEY!" in the backstage, in a Navi-esque style (from Ocarina of Time!) and I imitated her by going on, exclaiming, "HEY! HEY! LISTEN! LISTEN!" Everyone turned around and looked at me with such wide eyes! Janice said, "For a moment there, I thought I had a little sister!" Oh wow. I didn't think I sounded that much like a girl when I imitated Navi's voice!

Mariah did "Numb" from Linkin Park! I can't believe it! She did the song without me! At that point, I realized: I could've been her singer! I started singing along with the song, and pretty loud too. All my friends turned around and said, "You should've been up there singing!"

Right during the last speech before the end of the concert, our teacher announced that we were having a winter concert!!! YES!!!!!

After the concert, all of us acted all crazy and after everyone left, a bunch of us went to go eat at Denny's! On the car ride there, me, Mariah, Eric, and Nam were singing "Numb" from Linkin Park and we even continued it into the restaurant!

Oh yeah. I made Mariah feel bad that I didn't sing for her during her performance. Grrs.

We all ate and sang along. I met Raul's friend as well! We were all crazy, talking about what songs we were going to do next concert. Then, Victoria announced that she wanted to do a toast, for a great job at the concert and for music! And, after a few more out-of-place toasts, I announce, "May our band live for more than a semester!!!" *laughs*

There was a creepy man that kept watching us while we were chatting right before our meals. He kept looking at us! We all later realized that it was Mel's dad. Even so, it was creepy.

More and more people came. Then, we had, like, 25 people from the concert coming to eat with us?

We ended up eating a bunch of food and then breaking out into song! I remember one lady from Denny's saying that our group brings back old memories from when she used to do stuff like this with her friends. Then, one of her co-workers, went, "So you can remember that far?" Even the workers there were having fun, so it was really cool.

I later headed home with Nam, showered, and then headed off to bed around midnight.

Today, I didn't wake up until 3 PM. I was really tired... The family headed off to church around 5 PM, for the Our Lady of Fatima mass. When I was getting the roses for my family members, the woman working there gave me all these roses with snapped-off leaves and thick steams and wilted petals and...they were just messy and ugly.

However, I did get to see all my old church friends! John, Dalena, Diana, Anne, Matthew, etc. It was really nice seeing all of them again.

That concludes today. What else has happened this week?

Well, I haven't been to many other club meetings, but I did go to a mini-HOSA one-on-one chat with Shanna and we reviewed over medical terminology terms. On Thursday, there was an official HOSA meeting, and I signed up that day and paid my dues Friday afterschool, before the concert practice.

I'm going to try to restart my ASL Club. I found two sponsors, but I haven't had the time to go talk to them. Grrr...

I have to finish sewing up the Robotics mascot. Actually, I haven't started and we need it by next week. I can't make it to competition though, since I have PSATs that day. Actually, everyone in Robotics has PSATs as well, so we have to rely on the seniors and freshmen to get us to state. Arghhh!

I'm thinking of making a new theme for my website! However, everything I want to make seems so far away. I don't have the right materials to make it right now.

...or...maybe I'm just lazy.

Oh yeah. I'm beginning to question Sushanth's sexuality. When his back was hurting, he asked me to give him a massage. At that time, I was too busy doing my report on Athens and Sparta, so I asked him to ask someone else. Instead of asking everyone, he asked all the boys. (Isn't that suspicious?) Well, instead of getting a massage, he got punched over and over...by Rafael. Bwahaha.

I was supposed to do my "Me Museum" project on Monday! Instead, the teacher kept delaying mine over and over until Friday. Now, what's a "Me Museum"? We were supposed to find five items that represented parts of our life and how they made us who we are. On Friday, I did my "Me Museum" project. I took about ten minutes explaining my entire life, but there was one item in my project that just made me cry (not going into detail now). I went on with the project, and I'm just hoping I got a good grade.

That's it for now. I'm going to try to finish some homework and then head off to sleep. Night night!

End: 1:28 PM CST

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Haven't Been On For Three Weeks!

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Caribbean Blue

Start: 12:06 AM CST

Hiya guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately! I said that I wouldn't be on for two weeks, but I guess I extended it to three. My bad!

Now, why did I leave? Well, my sister broke the left mousepad key on my laptop, so I had to ship it off to Dell. The entire fixing and returning process should've taken a week, but it somehow got extended to two weeks.

When it came back, it was covered in coal dust and sawdust. Not very professional, I might say. Aaron thinks it was fixed in a carpenter's workshop. Mohit thought it was fixed in China. Turns out, it was fixed in Ohio or Kentucky. Bwahaha.

I've been really busy in my clubs lately. I don't even have time to sleep! I procrastinated on the shirt for Robotics really badly. In the end, Nestor just did it for me on Flash (I used Illustrator, my most hated program).

Oni-Con has been weird lately. My logo got accepted for the Anime Club's shirt logo! Lynn's going to re-do it all on the computer and then send it off to be made into shirts. The skit hasn't been really prepared. I really don't know how I'm going to organize my group. I'm just really soft-spoken, and everyone else is too crazy.

For Robotics, me and Catherine took apart the mascot hat that Bee-Ling made last year. We learned a dark secret—Bee-Ling's mom was actually the one who did most of the work!

Oh yeah. When Andreah' was picking up the cotton from the mascot's stuffing and putting it into a plastic bag, I couldn't help but say "cotton picker". All of us just ended up bursting into laughter. (Does it make me racist that I said that?)

About a week ago, on Friday, Nickkie was having her tennis game at our school, and she wanted us to attend. I forgot my phone at home so I could inform my mom, but Janice told me she could give me a ride home.

Well, guess what? I was caught up so much in Anime Club that day that I missed the tennis game completely!!! I was too busy hanging out with the Anime Club members!

Plus, guess what? By the time Moriah and I reached Robotics, they had already finished their dinner!!! Noo! No pizza for me. I was sad. Plus, Janice was looking for me to finish the shirt logo. (Like I said, Nestor finished it for me later on.)

I felt like I had disappointed everyone.

The next day, I went to a college workshop at Rice University with Chi, Janice, Sue, and Vy. Sue and I didn't sign up beforehand, so we were gonna pretend to be foreign exchange students that could only speak Chinese (with both of us having poor Chinese-speaking skills) to get inside. We were going to really attempt it! However, it turns out we didn't need it: We could register at location.

While registering, I was trying to direct Kai to the university. His mom got lost and I had to ask a man to me direct them to the school. I gave away Chi's phone. Bwahaha.

Nickkie came a bit later. I tried to converse with her in French, but she only said "Je suis le poulet." At first glance, it seems like she only said, "I am the chicken," but a few days later, someone told me it could have a wrong meaning. (I should tell Nickkie that.)

After registering and eating breakfast (doughnut almost killed me!!!), we went and had our introductory seminar.

Shanna came during the seminar, and so did Kai, with a girl who I thought it was his sister. Turns out, it was my long-lost friend Tiffany!!! I wonder how they met—turns out, they met each other at the tennis game I forgot to attend the day before!

The workshop was fun! We got to wander around campus, and it was so beautiful! It's a really small university, with an 8:1 ratio of students to teachers. The entire school was built like a courtyard, with the courtyard itself decorated in Greek-like architecture. Janice described as "like walking into a prestigious school, like in Hana Yori Dango or Ouran High." Of course, those are fictional places, but you get the point.

During lunch, we wandered around that certain area, around the gift shops and the smoothie shop and the bookstore! I got caught up with the language section! They had books on how to learn Arabic and Chinese! *squeals*

Anyways, blah blah blah. The workshop was fun, and after that, we all waited outside. I found out Kai and Tiffany were also going to the Moon Festival at the local temple! I wanted to meet up with them there, but when Chi's dad was driving me, Chi, Janice, and Sue home, it looked like it was going to rain. In fact, it did: Very hard. When my mom came to pick me up at Chi's house, I had to run towards the van, with Sue helping me with a giant umbrella. It was like running through a million bullets of raindrops slamming at you all at once. They were heavy...heavy and wet.

The rain cleared up in an hour or so. I thought the festival had been cancelled because of the rain, so my mom never Turns out, Kai and Tiffany still went to the festival. I wanted to go, but my mom was too tired to drive me back out there, so I stayed home.

Hmmm... Now onto the present.

My brother tried to walk home today from a shopping center! He's such an idiot! I was playing tennis with Janice, Sue, Tomas, and Alex today. Well, my mom kept on calling me during my game to ask if Ricky had called me. It was weird for her asking me that, since he wouldn't usually call me. Turns out, she had lost him at the shopping center. She looked up and down, all through and about, but she couldn't find him. She told me to come home, and when I did, we started the search for my dumb ol' brother.

My sister had called my mom at 8 PM to inform her that he had come home. My mom had been searching for him for three hours. She didn't even punish him, except for making him stand and pray for an hour! Argh!!!

Oh yeah. My mom's taking computer classes now. Saturday mornings. Yup.

Alex gave me her rabbit ears headband so I could use it for the Halloween party, and I think I broke it!!! Wahhhh... I need to get my costume done soon.

What else... For Medical, I'm thinking of joining HOSA for the Terminology competition. Shanna was enthrilled to have me join, and she even gave me her old Terminology book! I memorized the first chapter, but all the other chapters have really disturbing pictures of people's faces with giant tumors and all that sort. It's really scary. However, during one Study Hall, Jocelyn was looking through the book and showing me pictures of all these horrendous diseases while giggling (she's in Medical). It was scary. And the saddest thing was, I was eating chocolate and raisins at the time. (Don't eat while you're staring at innards of people.)

Well, I'm really tired and I should head to sleep. I have church tomorrow, and I also have to finish a project. I'll see you all later. Bye!

End: 12:39 AM CST

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Sunday!

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Caribbean Blue

Start: 9:39 PM CST

Hello all! How's everyone's Sunday been? Good, I presume? Well, mine has been pretty good, but here are a few things I should tell you.

  • Remember I told you guys that my laptop mouse broke? Well, I'm sending it back to Dell tomorrow so I can get my mouse replace (along with my palm rest). I'm scared though. I've heard that Dell's repair quality isn't all that great...

What this means is that I won't be able to get on the computer for a week. Troublesome, isn't it?

I think that's it.

...What...? You've never seen a guy make a bulleted list for only one thing...???

Enough of these bullets and lists! On towards my day!

I met Thi at church today! However, we didn't seem to talk as much as we did like we do in school. It seems like we're slipping apart from each other, but I don't know how to stop it...

We went to go eat at Kingsway after that. There's this paper in front of the restaurant that says that children under 5 feet get a discount. (It's really funny, since most restaurants go by age, not height.) Well, my dad kept trying to tell the waitress that my sister was under 5 feet, even though it was clear that she was 5'3"...

My parents and I got into the discussion of languages. I was complaining on how the Vietnamese teachers at my old church were so incompetent, on how every year, they would try to teach the students the phonetics over and over again. ("I've studied Vietnamese for over six years, and all we've gone through is "a, e, i, o, u"!!! Dammmit, I don't want to learn phonetics over and over! I want to learn words!!!")

The problem is that my siblings don't like Vietnamese. They've been scared of it because of the evil people in our old town. They don't like Vietnamese people, they don't like the Vietnamese culture, and yet, they're part Vietnamese. Oy vey.

I made a deal with them: I told that if they learned Vietnamese, I would teach them the languages that they wanted to learn. I would teach my sister French and Vietnamese, and I would teach my brother Japanese and Vietnamese. If they agreed to learn Vietnamese, I would also teach the language that they wanted to learn.

It worked fine! I managed to get my brother through Japanese syntax, the basic structure of sentences, and some rules about verbs and negation! However, when we finished grocery shopping (did I mention we were at an Asian supermarket by then?), and I told my siblings to talk in Vietnamese, they wouldn't do it.

My brother said said, "I'll just find someone else to teach me Japanese."

ARGH! They hate their culture so much, it's not even funny.

Well, getting home, I talked with my mom: Earlier in the car, she told me that if I managed to get them to learn Vietnamese, she would pay me. My siblings, hearing this, turned against me and wouldn't participate. Because I was getting money for teaching them, it wouldn't be fair, right???

Hmmmmm... I managed to get my brother through half of the Vietnamese alphabet. (Kind of sad that they didn't know that already.)

The problem with teaching kids a different language is that both sides don't know how to communicate with one another. The kids usually speak only English, and the teachers usually only speak Vietnamese. So...when the teacher is trying to teach Vietnamese, and the kids don't understand, the teacher gets aggravated and starts screaming (why do people think that'll always help?), and then, they'll eventually resort to violence.

It's really sad...

Anyways, I finished my English homework. I should start on editing my essay, but I'll finish that tomorrow. Or maybe after this post.

I should go now. I'm too tired.

Remember: I won't be on for two weeks! Well, if I do, it'll probably be someone else's computer.

Bye bye for now!

End: 9:54 PM CST

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I Lost My Project...Oy!

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Caribbean Blue

Start: 10:47 PM CST

Hey everyone! It's Saturday! Oh yeah! I should've totally did my homework today, but I spent the time doing my laundry. I should also dust the house too, but I'll do that later.

Two bad things have happened this week! One, I lost my project (temporarily!), and my laptop's mousepad button broke! I'll explain more...

Thursday Night: I FINALLY finished my Computer Science! Oh yeah, I headed to sleep right after, around 11 PM.

Friday: Well, in the morning, Nam and Aaron were making fun of me and saying, "Oh my gosh..." because I accidentally drew RAM as a processor. The hell. I feel like an idiot now! *hides face in shame*

Well, in Spanish for Native Speakers, the teacher saw me signing with Geraldine and Ileana (they have Spanish I in the classroom across us), and my teacher asked, "Travis, how many languages do you know?" I was trying to be modest, and said, "I don't know..." quite a few times. I listed them, and we just stopped at seven. (There are more, but I'm not going into that.)

And when we were in class, he announced that I knew seven (or more!) language! The teacher then asked everyone how many languages they knew, and Eric jumped up and said, "Twelve!" in Spanish!

We also had a class discussion about how many legs a spider had in Spanish... "¡¡¡No, una araña tiene ocho patas!!!" Bwahaha, how funny.

We also talked about white and "colored" people in Latin America. Aparently, most white people live in Argentina and Uruguay... Ooh.

We also talked about History in Spanish... Bwahaha! I learned the word for "nomad" and "sedentary" in Spanish!

Enough about that! Next period, when I was in Algebra II, I figured out that I lost my project! OH MY GOSH! I left it on the table in the morning!!!

I wanted to quickly rush out of the class, but nope. After class, I rushed to the cafeteria, but it wasn't there (no dur!), but I couldn't be late, so I headed to World History, where I was still worried. I got over it a bit with a group project thing though.

To Lunch: I went around asking everyone if they had my project! I was so worried! Aaron said that he could talk with my Computer Science teacher (who was his teacher last year), and I asked Mark (the teacher's son), along with Janice, Sheena, Kat, Victoria, and all my friends! None of them had seen it! I felt depressed that entire lunch period, yet calm at the same time.

Oh yeah. Pinching Julio's cheeks always cheers me up. He was trying to be "emo" today by wearing a black hood over his head. He was also surprised that I wore all black today. Bwahaha...

Oh yeah! Aaron was talking to my Computer Science teacher when I got in the room! I told Puji that I lost my project, but she said that someone in the morning came to turn it in for me!!! YAY!!! I hugged Puji so much! But...I couldn't find it for a while. GRR. (I thought she had dashed my hopes and dreams!) But nonetheless, I found it! I was gonna hug Aaron, but he ran out of the classroom.

We finished watching "Pirates of Silicon Valley" and took our test. After that, we went home.

Oh, I learned that Amy is Mexican! She can speak a bit of French, and she thinks I'm really good at it! Hehe. Aldo brought his ping-pong paddle and laughed at my attempt to play it. Oh yeah. I was going to play Cat's Cradle, but I forgot...

At the end of school, everyone was talking about horror movies because of me, Janice, Kathy, Aaron, and the bus driver. It's like every conversation we bring up is transferred to the back of the bus. Bwahaha.

When I got home, I went to go play tennis with Diana (who wasn't too happy about it). I met up with Diana's friend, Julie, and Annie came later. I invited my friends, Alex, Sue, and Janice. Sheena was practicing on the other side with a relative (I think), and also, Julie's grandpa was there, along with Julie's cousin, I presume.

Andrew (the psychic one!) came a bit later, to meet up with three of his other friends, two that I recognized from one of the churches I go to (his name is Sherman?), and that black kid whose name I can't remember. Anywho, he thinks I'm gay. (I can use that to my advantage!)

Middle school kids... You can always scare them off by trying to give them a hug. (He took my racket, you see, and I wanted to scare him off into giving my racket back.)

Nickkie, and two of her friends (their names are Christina and Jennifer, I think) came to play with us! One of them was Korean, and I thought she was Korean! Because I started to speak Korean with her, she assumed I was Korean. Bwahaha!

Well, everyone left afterwards. Annie got bored, so she and Diana went to the bleachers to sit. Only me, Nickkie, and Janice were left. I went home with Annie and Diana, and Janice went with Nickkie.

Oh yeah! I need to invite Alex to the Moon Festival, in two week's Tuesday!

I fell asleep last night with the laptop in my arms! I woke up the next day with the computer gone, and my glasses on my nightstand. I found out later that my brother had taken off my glasses and set my computer on the floor and tucked me to sleep. (Awww...)

I played Ragnarok Battle Offline with him (I haven't played in over a year!!!), and I did laundry. I finished at least 1/3 of my homework, but I'm too lazy to do the rest. I practiced some guitar, and I got the song down I needed for today!

Oh yeah... The other bad thing: My left laptop mouse button is broken! Why, you ask? Well, I don't know why, but after my sister used the laptop and gave it back to me, the button was stuck like HECK! I don't know why! Well, I called Dell, and they'll send me a box on Monday. It'll take 3-5 days to get it back too. Arghhh...

I'm gonna be computer-less on one of the most busiest weeks so far! (I'm Cosplay Committee leader, remember?)

I think I'll deal with it.

I didn't do much today except that and water the grass, with one of Ricky's friends asking me to leave him a message (while he was at driving class), and the neighbor kids were talking about me, I think...

I should talk with Mohit. I miss him.

Oh, and Nam's being nicer to me.

I'm still suspicious about Andrew (the psychic one), but I think I can finally forgive him. He never really did anything bad to me, and what he does is what he does to himself. It really doesn't affect me, right? Yeah... I think I can forgive him.


I'll shower and head to bed.

Oh yeah! I forgot: I worked on the Anime Club's T-shirt and banner today. I'm still planning, but I have no clue on what I want to do exactly... Hmm...

Good night all!

End: 11:13 PM CST

P.S. Julio's so cute!!!

Edit: Oh yeah. I broke a glass glass (the drinking cup!) today. Oh wow. My brother broke one a few weeks ago, and my sister broke one not too long ago too. And today, I broke one! ...Maybe it's a sign...

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