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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 04/10/05:
Aww... That's so nice. So they're jealous? ^^ Yes!

The "Butterfly"

Who exactly ARE you? (AnImE PiCs)
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Result Posted on 03/10/05:
Well, well, well... I killed Tea with a spork... Wow.

Which Annoying Yugioh Character Will You Destroy? by Kaden Amano
Weapon of Choice:Spork
Annoying character to be destroyed:Tea Gardner
Did you get away with it?Not even close
Years spent in prison:28
Who bailed you out?Ryou Bakura
Who you will destroy next:The cop who arrested you, grr!
Partner in crime:Grandpa Mutou
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Result Posted on 02/19/05:
Let's see...I haven't posted a new quiz in...3 MONTHS?!?!

Result Posted on 11/20/04:
Yay! I'm a Kitsune! I'm adorable, and I like to play tricks on people. Ehh...Close enough.

Though they rarely caused mankind any serious harm,
these Japanese fox spirits known as kitsune
were well known for playing tricks on people
and could be a real nuisance. They possessed
the ability to transform into any creature,
though they would often retain their fox tail.
One could easily determine the age and level of
maturity of a kitsune by counting it's tails;
An immature, rambunctious kitsune would have
very few tails, while a wise and powerful one
would have as many as nine. As a kitsune, you are clever, sensual, beautiful,
mysterious and effeminate (even if you are a
guy). You are also somewhat sneaky and like to
pull pranks on people, but otherwise you are
very pleasurable to be around.

Who is your inner Shapeshifter?
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Result Posted on 11/13/04:
I'm a bishonen catboy. Quiet...Sometimes. People staring at me, yeah. And cute, I don't know. Maybe. I'll ask someone.

You're a Bishonen Catboy!!! You're so pretty...you
put catgirls to shame. *_* You tend to be
sorta quiet and timid, but with people staring
at you all the time, you have reason to be.

What Kind of Catboy are You?
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Result Posted on 11/06/04:
I'm Hakkai! Yay! Who's he?

Result Posted on 10/16/04:
Woo-hoo! I'm a mage. I know Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt, Lightning Bolt, and Napalm Beat! I think I know Magic Revival too...

Mage!!! In anything you do,you always try to make an
impact,and the bigger,the better! You deserve
to be a MAGE.The mage can unleash a deadly
arsenal of magical attacks upon unwary
enemies.A powerful mage spell can easily make a
short work of an opponent in an instant.

Ragnarok Online Quiz of Destiny(for males)
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Result Posted on 10/16/04:
I haven't done a Quiz Result in a long time. Look at the one before this. Well, I'm a perfect friend for Kurama!

You'd be a perfect friend for Kurama! He can relate
to you and you can help him loosen up! Everyone
deserves a laugh!

Could you be called Kurama's friend? (With pictures!)
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Result Posted on 09/27/04:
Yeah... again... nice, gentle, yeah yeah... I always get that. Hmm... maybe I am.

Oh are you hurt!?! You are REALLY kind and
gentile!! You are the one that helps all the
people who need help, even if they arn't
exactly "good" people. You are one of
the nicest people in the Anime World.
P.S. someone like you: Tooru Honda(fruits

What kind of anime character you would be if you were born in Anime World
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Result Posted on 09/27/04:
Yep... I'm intelligent. And finally! Something besides water! ^^

Wind Dragons create tornadoes or Twisters at their fansy, but are very easily knocked over...
Your a wind Dragon! Hey, you, the smartest dragon
of the branch. You love reading and writing,
but are quite shy. Your IQ is probably sky-high
and your stories can win trophies. Your not
very good in sports, or maybe you are, and just
not inrested.. You are very wise, smart, and

What elemental dragon are you?
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