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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Nothing about Nothing
*sigh* Don't you just hate it when there's no one online to talk to? It gets very annoying after a while. Especially when you really want to RP with that person and they're not on.

Very, very annoying.

So I am talking about absolutely nothing important. Because I'm bored and have nothing better to do and should really be in bed.

And, I guess, since I'm so bored, I SHOULD go to bed. *shrug* Guess I will. Nothing better to do.

Oyasumi and ja ne. mentaru.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Waste of time
God, I wasted an hour and a half of my precious life at some stupid College Preperation seminar today - when I COULD'VE been watching the Yu-Gi-Oh movie with my friend instead. Grrr. That pisses me off. Very much.

But, you know, I got to see the first new episode of the Oracle Curse (or Orichalcos) season of YGO!! ^__^ Yatta!! But, God, Dartz's voice is so ... HORRIBLE!!! T____T Though, you know, I laugh at Barron coz he's now an Ausie named Valon. HAHA!! DIE EBIL TAI CLONE!!! *hiss* I WUB YOU AMERUDA AND RAFAEL!!

Yeah. Anyway ... stupid seminar. Wasted an hour and a half of my life away. Gah.

Over and out. mentaru.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Time to meet all the nice people!!
Yes, YOU PEOPLE being the people.

Now, you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about, aren't you? Of course you are!

Anyway, I don't think y'all have met the people that live inside my head. Well, probably Kaoru, but, you know, you get to meet the little sweetie again! As well as the other two that dwell in the abyss of my head.

Sooo ... on with the introductions!!

First, I shall let you all meet the sweetest of the bunch: my muse, Kaoru!!

Kaoru: *walks out timidly, blushing* Hello.

Aww, ain't he just the most adorable thing? Of course he is!! *huggles Kaoru*

Next, we have Momiji, my inner child!

Momiji: *bounds out* HELLO!!! I'm Momiji!! *points to Kaoru* He's my boyfriend!! *huggles Kaoru*

Kaoru: ^__^

^_^;;; Yeah ... So, that's Momiji. (And, er, just to clear things up a bit, Momiji's a GUY. As in MALE. Don't ask. Please. Don't.)

And, last, and most certainly least, Kurai, my darker half. *looks over at Kurai* Well, she likes to sit in dark corners and, well, sit, so, she doesn't normally talk much. Unless she's torturing Momiji ... But, yeah ... that's Kurai for you ....

So, now you've met everyone!! Want some info on them?? I've made personal profiles for them!! (Just give me some time and I'll get 'em up. ^_~)

Well, it's time for them to return to my head now. Say good-bye everyone!!

Momiji and Kaoru: BYEBYE!! ^___^

Kurai: ... (Me: *rolls eyes*)

Over and out. mentaru.

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Monday, September 6, 2004

Random RP Advertisement

Brought to you by the creator of Onshuu Academy for the Psychically Talented, Ani_Coolgirl (or just Ani for short) now brings you:

Forever Mirror Arch

"In a calm village by the mountains, unsuspecting humans continue to live their lives peacefully. But when the Angels and Demons begin another power struggle over the world, they are caught in the middle. Now, roaming along the human world, other beings are released and are joining sides. Angels are (mostly) trying to protect human lives, but the Demons from below are out to take control and (mostly) have no problems with a few human causalities. But the Angels are outnumbered, and realize that they have to recruit not just other mystical beings, but humans as well ... but not all humans care about others. Some refuse to fight, join demons, or even try to make factions of their own. What are you and where will you stand?"

Please join!! (I know you'll have fun, especially with Kagerou, when I get him active, lol!) You know you want to play an attractive demon/angel or a blood-sucking vampire or a wise elemental! Or perhaps a dainty fairy is for you? Well, whatever you choose to be, I know you want to join Forever Mirror Arch!!

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Friday, September 3, 2004

Boredness has compelled me ...
I can't begin to tell you how bored I am ... *heavy sigh* So this post is going to be absolutely POINTLESS. But, hey, posting random images is fun. Yay.


Aww! Sessy wif his baby brudder!!

Nyaaa!! I almost thought it was a screenshot from the thumbnail ... KAWAII!!



Nyaaa!! SLEEPOVER!! Haha, Sephy has a PONYTAIL! And heart pajamas!!

Lol, this is just amusing. Sephy, Seymour, Kuja, and those other villains from the FF games!!

The first time I saw this I was like, "WTF??" but it was SO FUNNY. I still laugh at it.

The YGO cast as the digidestined!! ^__^


Hehe!! Mokuba and a Kuriboh!!

Aww, this is so KAWAII!!! Hewwo widdle Atem, I wud pway wif 'ou!!

Hehe!! Jounouchi in Seto's trenchcoat!! ^__^ It's now JOUNOUCHI CORP!! FWAHAHA!! In your FACE, Seto!! lol.

This is amusing. It could be Katsuya Motomiya or Daisuke Jounouchi!!


God, this is SO PRETTY. Depressing, but SO PRETTY...

Bakuinu!! ^__^

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Zack//Zax Layout
I'm so happy. Ain't the new layout so perddy? Yeah, okay, it's not THAT pretty, but still. I like it. ^_^ Coz I wub my Zax. *huggles Zax*

Zax: Ack - can't - breathe ...

Eep! *let's go of him* ^_^;;; Gomen nasai, Zax-san! *bows*


Er ... I only use -sama for Sephiroth-sama. And I frickin' own you - you should be giving ME the damn respect! I have the Almighty Stick Wand of Doom!!

Zax: *rolls eyes* Big whoop. I have a BUSTER SWORD. XP

Nuh-uh! Cloud took it! Haha!

Zax: O_O WHAT?! You mean ... no more Buster Sword for me...? T__T

Aww, there, there, Zacky. *pats Zax on the head and huggles him*

Zax: *turned chibi and now sucking his thumb* Waahh!! I want my Buster Sword back!! T__T

Would you like a mini replica until I get you your real one, Zacky?

Chibi-Zax: *big, sparkling eyes* Weally? A chibi Buster Sword? Yatta!

*hands him a chibi replica* There you go! ^__^ *looks at readers - if there ARE any* Oh, hello. Yes, well, I suppose this post is over ... ^_^;;

Over and out. mentaru.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

New layout
I am tired of white. I'm sure everyone else is too. So, guess what? No more white! Wow, that's amazing. We should all try out for the part of Sherlock Holmes.

Ahem. Anyway. Yes, another prettyful layout. I don't know WHAT it will be, so don't ask. And if you do, I will tell you I don't know. So there isn't a point in asking now is there? No. Good.

I will start thinking up ideas ... maybe. It depends on how I feel. Who knows when it will change. Probably sometime tomorrow ...

Over and out. mentaru.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New glasses
Well, you probably don't give a crap, but, hey, I got new glasses! Though, I don't know if I like the frameless or not ... they're really uncomfortable right now ... Maybe I just need to get used to them ... *shrug* Good thing I've still got me old ones ... ^_^

Over and out. mentaru.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Okay, this post is really just my rabid fangirly squealing about something that a fangirl would squeal about. So, let it commence.


OH MY GOD!!! ZACKY IS AT LEAST GOING TO BE IN A FLASHBACK IN ADVENT CHILDREN!!! YATTA!! ^___^ I AM SO HAPPY!! *hyperventilating* I have seen him in the scan and everything!!


It's so AWESOME!! *huggles Zacky and congratulates him*

Zack: ...???


Zack: ... Is that good or bad?

GOOD, DAMMIT, GOOD!! ^___^ God, I absolutely love the DETAIL they put into the designs of the characters!! *squeals and huggles Zack again* I WUV YOU ZACKY!!

Zack(y): Er... Zack-y?

YES!! ZACKY!! Just like Sephy (Sephiroth: DON'T CALL ME SEPHY!!) and Cloudy (Cloud: *glare*) and Vincy (Me: Wow, nothing happened ...)!! Z-A-C-K-Y!! ZACKY!!

Zack(y): ... Right.

*fangirlish squeal and a glomping for Zacky*


All right, good to get that out of me system. Whoo. I had fun with the pointless post of doom, didn't you? Sure you did.

Over and out. mentaru.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Answers to my random questions!
Well, here they are, the ANSWERS TO MY RANDOM QUESTIONS! (Just like I said I would in my last post. ^_^)

1. If you could ask any Yuugiou character any question, who would you ask, and what would you ask him/her? I would ask Yuugi how much hair gel he has to use every morning to get his hair to spike like it does, and I would also ask which brand of hair gel he uses.

2. Do you listen to 102.1 the Edge? Do you even GET the Edge? If so, if you do not tune into 102.1 FM, what DO you tune into to get the Edge? YES!! The Edge is all I ever listen to anymore, and YES it IS 102.1 FM, the Edge.

3. Did you go to Edgefest XIII this year? If so, how did you get your tickets? If not, why didn't/couldn't you go, and did you WANT to? No, sadly, I did not go. But I sure as hell WANTED to! I wanted to see Evanescence and Blue October!! (I even had a DREAM about Edgefest - that's how much I wanted to go.)

4. How many manga do you have? How many anime DVDs? How many anime sountracks/CDs? I, currently, have 28 (soon to be 29) manga. I have 9 DVDs and 4 (homemade, mind you) anime CDs.

5. Are you going to see the Spongebob Squarepants movie? Do you even LIKE Spongebob Squarepants? Yes, and yes.

6. Do you have a muse that lives inside your head and has its own soul room? If so, what does he/she look like, and what is his/her name? YES!! His name is Kaoru and he has strawberry blonde hair and big baby blue eyes. (And he even smells like strawberries!)

7. Did you ever go to Six Flags in hopes that you might meet the old man from the ads? Yes, infact, I did. But my friend told me he was just an actor, and he wouldn't actually BE at Six Flags.

8. Are you afraid, or have you been afraid, to eat Gushers in fear that your head might turn into a fruit? ^_^;; Yes. I'm still afraid my head might turn into a fruit ....

9. Have you ever been to A-kon? Or any type of anime convention? If so, did you go cosplaying as someone? (If so, who?) If not, did you see any good costumes? (If so, what character was the person cosplaying as?) Well, not A-kon, but I went to the Chibi Anime Convention at our mall! But, no, I didn't go cosplaying. Though I DID see two really good costumes: Cid Highwind and Utena Tenjou. (GO CID THE STUDMUFFIN!! lol)

10. Do you find these questions annoying? Do you find ME annoying for asking them? Well, since it was ME asking the questions, no, lol. ^__^

Well, those are my answers.

Over and out. mentaru.

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