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Monday, August 9, 2004

Random Questions
Just because I'm bored, I shall ask a few random questions, and if anyone actually takes the time to READ this post, I hope he/she might leave a comment answering one or two of these lovely questions I am about to ask. Ahem:

1. If you could ask any Yuugiou character any question, who would you ask, and what would you ask him/her?

2. Do you listen to 102.1 the Edge? Do you even GET the Edge? If so, if you do not tune into 102.1 FM, what DO you tune into to get the Edge?

3. Did you go to Edgefest XIII this year? If so, how did you get your tickets? If not, why didn't/couldn't you go, and did you WANT to?

4. How many manga do you have? How many anime DVDs? How many anime sountracks/CDs?

5. Are you going to see the Spongebob Squarepants movie? Do you even LIKE Spongebob Squarepants?

6. Do you have a muse that lives inside your head and has its own soul room? If so, what does he/she look like, and what is his/her name?

7. Did you ever go to Six Flags in hopes that you might meet the old man from the ads?

8. Are you afraid, or have you been afraid, to eat Gushers in fear that your head might turn into a fruit?

9. Have you ever been to A-kon? Or any type of anime convention? If so, did you go cosplaying as someone? (If so, who?) If not, did you see any good costumes? (If so, what character was the person cosplaying as?)

10. Do you find these questions annoying? Do you find ME annoying for asking them?

Now, enough with the random questions. I shall answer my random questions in my next post.

Over and out. mentaru.

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Monday, August 2, 2004

I now have a muse. Isn't it wonderful? Maybe his cuteness will overpower my writer's block, and I can get back to writing fics again. Would you like to meet my muse? Yes? Okay!

Kaoru, come say hello to all the nice people at myOtaku.

Kaoru: *comes out timidly, blushing* Hello.

Aww, isn't he so ADORABLE with his strawberry blonde hair and big baby blue eyes? He's so huggable! *huggles Kaoru*

Kaoru: *blushes*

And he even smells like strawberries!

Now, you can go play with Momiji (my inner child ... who happens to be male - DON'T ASK), okay?

Kaoru: *smiles* Okay, Ali-chan! *runs off to play with Momiji*

He's just the most ADORABLE thing, don't you think? I know, and he's all mine! ^_^ Yatta!

Well, you've met my muse.

Over and out. mentaru.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ack, I almost forgot about myO, I've been so caught up in all the RP sites I've joined. Which is a lot. Let me count.

Six. I am active on six.

I have accounts on nine. Whether or not I post depends on if the site is active, or if it works, or if I ever feel like posting.

So, therefore, I am on six RP sites.

Now, what is the meaning of this post? I have no idea. I just needed something to post, so I have posted this. If you do not like the fact that I am posting THIS, then I don't know why you are reading it if you ARE reading it and do not like the fact that I am posting THIS.



And, because I have nothing better to post, and I have deicded that I am, indeed, posting THIS, I shall explain the equation A + B times the square root of pi.


If you agree that A + B equals C, then you have got a good start. If you do not agree that A + B equals C, then I do not know why you are reading this.

So, having concluded that A + B equals C, let us move on.

If you agree that C in roman numerals equals 100, so therefore MUST equal 100 in this equation, you are one step closer to solving this very complicated problem. If not, I still do not understand why you are STILL reading this.

So, having concluded that A + B equals C, and that C equals 100, let us move along.

If you agree that the square root of pi equals 1.78, then 100 times 1.78 MUST be the answer, you are getting ever closer to the answer. If not, why you are still reading this is completely and utterly confusing.

Having concluded that A + B equals C, and C equals 100, and 100 times 1.78 must equal the answer, we trudge on.

If you agree that 100 times 1.78, in fact, DOES equal the answer, and that 100 times 1.78 equals 178, then you have completed the equation. But, if not, I am completely baffled at why you are still reading this.

Having concluded that A + B equals C, and C equals 100, and 100 times the square root of pi MUST equal the answer, and 100 times 1.78 DOES equal the answer, and 100 times 1.78 equals 178, the equation has been solved.

Over and out. mentaru.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Seto smiles ...
Yes, you may think it absurd, but SETO DOES SMILE!! ^_^ YATTA!! And I have proof!!

HA!! SETO SMILES!! I mean, it's kind of hard to tell it's a smile, but IT IS A SMILE. Believe me.

Hey, is THAT a smile?? It looks like one!! ^_^ Wee!! SETO SMILES!!

But, hey, while I'm on the subject of Seto, in the really new episodes in Japan, he got his hair cut or something ... but it looks A LOT better.

Eh? Doesn't he look a lot better? I don't know, I like the hair-cut Seto.

Well, over and out. mentaru.

((The screenshots came from Kokoro no Naka. They are NOT mine.))

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

I must rant, be afraid!
Okay - I MUST rant. I need to get it out of my system. So, please excuse any foul language and any CAPITAL LETTERS. Ahem:

<***RANT BEGIN***>

So, as I was watching Yugioh today on Kids' WB, Seto really started to piss me off. OH MY GOD!! HE IS NOT THAT ARROGANT, DAMMIT!! Jesus Christ. And the way he talks to Jounouchi! God, that really pissed me off. I mean, he's you LOVER for God's sake, stop talking so harshly about him. In the Japanese, YOU ACTUALLY ACCEPT HIM AS A DUELIST!! Why? BECAUSE HE ALMOST FUCKING DIED, THAT'S WHY!! AND HE ALMOST KICKED MARIK'S ASS, TOO, DAMMIT!! And then Marik goes and attacks my Jou-kun with that goddamned Ra and practically KILLS him. And Seto doesn't accept him as a duelist in the dubbed!!??!! WHAT AN ASS!! God, and poor Mokuba!! He's like, "Why don't you ever SMILE anymore?" I feel really sorry for him. I mean, seriously. It's SCARY when Seto smiles now, because HE DOESN'T SMILE. IT'S NOT IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION. I feel for you, Mokuba!

And another thing, getting off the topic of Seto, THAT FUCKING ACCENT OF JOUNOUCHI'S IN THE DUBBED REALLY PISSES ME OFF!! GOD!! HE'S NOT A FUCKING BROOKLYNER!! (And I don't care if that's not a word!!) I mean, in the most emotional moments in the show, that stupid accent makes the emotion go ka-pooey!! ARGH!! Like in the Jounouchi vs. Yugi duel, when Jou was possessed by Malik, that was supposed to be SAD, but it was CORNY because of the FUCKING ACCENT!! And the end of the Jou vs. Marik duel - I SHOULD HAVE CRIED!!! BUT DID I?!?! NO!!! WHY?? BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING BROOKLYN ACCENT, DAMMIT!! I WAS PRACTICALLY CRYING BECAUSE OF HOW STUPID IT WAS!!! GAAAHHHH!!!

<***/END RANT/***>

Okay ... I think that's really all I need to get off my chest ... wait. No, one more thing.


Why the hell are Yami's thoughts thought by YUGI'S voice? THAT IS SO STUPID! YUGI DOESN'T THINK FOR YAMI!! YAMI THINKS FOR HIMSELF!! Jeez, how stupid ARE these dubbers?! And ONE other thing ... YUUGIOU IS NOT Y7!!! IT'S AT LEAST TV15!!! GOD! IT'S NOT FOR LITTLE KIDS, DAMMIT!!

<***/END RANT/***>

Alright. End Rant. Congrats if you have gotten this far. I award you.

Over and out. mentaru

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Weiss Kreuz
Well, I thought, since I made a Weiss layout, I might as well explain for those of you who aren't familiar with Weiss Kreuz (White Cross in German).

"Weiss Kreuz (pronounced 'vice kroits') is the story of four young men—Aya, Youji, Ken and Omi—who work at a flower shop. However, that’s merely their day job. By night, the four of them are an assassin team known as Weiss.

In Japan, things aren’t what they seem. Evil organizations and corrupt politicians are pulling the strings behind some of the most sinful operations the country has ever seen. Innocent people are being used, murdered, and even experimented on. However, the people responsible are out of the reach of the police. They are free to do as they please and to destroy as many lives as they want.

Well, at least they were. With the formation of Weiss, evil has something to fear—itself. Weiss has arrived.

Weiss is a group of four men that will kill without a second thought. They are a necessary evil, who commit the act of murder to prevent suffering.

Weiss receives missions to target and kill certain key members of corrupt organizations, thereby eliminating evil from its roots. Of course, things are not what they seem to be, and sometimes the people calling the shots are merely pawns themselves.

The chess game known as Weiss Kreuz is merely getting started..." ((Thank You Lelola.net for that wonderful summary. I give you full credit! I didn't write it, and I've sited it, so you can't sue me!))

There are twenty-five episodes in total, as well as a second season and an OAV. But that isn't really important.

Though Weiss (White) is the main group of Weiss Kreuz, their nemisis group is Schwarz (Black), and there is a group of four women (Schrient - Screaming) that are also Weiss' enemies.

More information, such as images and character profiles (as well as episode summaries), can be found on Lelola.net. Weiss Kreuz is liscenced by Media Blasters, Inc. and was renamed Knight Hunters. (I don't know why.)

Over and out. mentaru

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Another layout
As my layouts usually change when I change my avatar, I've decided to change my layout again. Not because I don't love the one I had, but because I just want a change. And I feel the need to make a Weiss Kreuz layout. ^_^ Yay! (Oh, and look! My one crappy Weiss Kreuz wallpaper is up!)

Over and out. mentaru

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Monday, July 19, 2004

R Anime Movies
I find it amusing that almost every anime movie (with the exception of a few) is rated PG13 or R. Let's see ... X/1999 movie is rated R, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is rated R, Cowboy Bebob the movie is rated R .... and there are the other ones that are rated PG13 (I won't go into that because it's not really that funny). But, honestly ... when I saw the X movie at Blockbuster which said it was rated R, I had to control my laughter. I mean, I can sort of see how it would be rated so high: violence, language, nudity (mebbe), etc. But I still find it funny. I still have yet to see the movie though. A friend of mine brought it when she came over, but we never watched it. Oh well. But, I have to wonder ... would my parents notice the 'Rated R' at the bottom of the DVD, or would it completely be invisible to them like the little 13+ or 16+ rating at the bottom of some DVDs? I have yet to know, and maybe one day I'll find out.

I also have to wonder about some of those movies. I mean, I can sort of see why for Bloodlust, but Cowboy Bebop? I mean, I assume violence, language, and mabye nudity ... I don't know. I kind of have to wonder if they rate it so high just to be safe. Dunno. Maybe I'll find out, maybe not.

Over and out. mentaru

((Hey, another serious post! Wow! I like the 'over and out' thing. lol))

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Yuugiou Manga
Yesterday I visited Kokoro no Naka, a great Yuugiou site. After browsing the screencaps (and seeing Jounouchi in suspenders o_o and YAMI in white, and Bakura with blue-green hair and green eyes ...), I came along the little manga section. Yay! Yuugiou Manga! *cough* Well, turns out there's gonna be 36 of them suckers.

My thoughts: JESUS CHRIST!

Yes, that's right: THIRTY-SIX YUUGIOU MANGA. And that's just great because I have NONE. *sigh* I guess the next time I have fifty dollars I'll go and buy the first FIVE of them suckers. But, probably by then the sixth one will have come out. *defeated sigh* They just want to torture me, don't they?

Well, at least the manga will probably be better than the dubbed episodes of the Ancient Egypt season. I mean, I'm afraid of what they're going to do to poor Tomb Robber Bakura's voice!! T_T And what about Mahaado?? I ish afraid. And I doesn't want to think about it. *goes off to hide in a little corner*

((Hey, wow, a semi-serious and not completely random or completely stupid post ... amazing.))

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Japanese cross-dresser
It is SO much fun playing a Japanese cross-dresser! I mean, I'm playing a dude that CROSS-DRESSES. And people think he's a girl, so they flirt with him, and he's not used to flirting, so he blushes like mad. It's so fun!! The character's name that I RP is Akira Izumi. ^_^ And his quote is, "Women scare me." Oh yeah, you know that's an awesome quote. And I made it up myself, too! ^_^ Yatta! Well, I'm done now. So you can go away. *shoos you away*
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