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Monday, October 18, 2004

Manga, manga, manga!
Well, school was boring today. Just a boring school day. Wee.

Can you tell I like being sarcastic?

Anyway, I found this really good manga on the internet yesterday. Man, I LOVE the artwork! I WISH I COULD DRAW!! T__T Bah.

But, anyway, I found it off of ... er ... boku-tachi.net. ^_^ It's called Kamui. And it's awesome. Someone really needs to liscense it. Jeez. I mean, I think it would really make big bucks!

I also found about three other manga that I think would do well if they were liscensed. But, haven't read all of what the sites had to download, so I'm gonna go do that now. ^_~ And, one of them is a shounen-ai manga! Bwahaha!! (I downloaded it for my own amusement.)

Ja ne!

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Man, I've been in a real AMV mood since Morgan came over and downloaded like three AMVs for me. w00t.

Anyway... haven't seen that many REALLY good ones yet. But most of them I like. None of them have really blown me away yet. And I'm still downloading, so I guess I'll find one soon. ^_~

Ooh, just found a really good KH one with Bring Me To Life as the song. Yatta! ^_^

Well, I must be off to do more downloading! Ja neeeeeeeee!!

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Golden Eagle Band Night makes my feet hurt!
Aaahhh! The pain! The PAIN!!

MY feet hurt like HELL. And yours would too if you were standing for four freaking hours at a stupid football game, only playing half the songs with the band. BAH!

I only got to sit for half time, and even then I didn't get to get up and sit with my friends. Or get food. So, they starved us from 5:30 to 10:00. EBIL!! EBIL I TELL YOU!!

And I don't wanna march. Coz, one, I can't play me instrument as it is, and two, I just don't wanna. Coz I know everyone else is friggin' better than I am. Tear for mentaru.

I would quit band, but then I'd have to take PE, and I don't wanna take PE. So I have to take band. Grr. This makes mentaru mad.

Although, part of it was fun. Coz me and Morgan got to bother this senior. And that was a lot of fun. We followed him around the band hall like little ducks, so we started calling him Mamma Duck. It was very amusing.

And me and Morgan also found three (or maybe four) ukes! Bwahaha! Well, I'm one of them, and then there's this gay Clarinet dude, and this guy from German who claimed he was the Trumpet Section Leader's bitch. So he's an uke, too. We asked him if he was an uke and the Section leader was a seme, but they just gave us blank looks. Teehee.

But, now I must finish eating and go massage my feet...

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Life sucks when people know things they shouldn't know.
Good God, life sucks. And today was an especially sucky day.

I found out that Rachel told her boyfriend (Hunter, whom I do not especially like or trust) that I like Morgan. (Or something to that extent.) I was extremely confused as to how Rachel could have told Hunter, because, to my knowledge at the time, Rachel did not know that I like Morgan.

So, naturally, I ask her if she told Hunter anything about me, and she says yes. And then at lunch, I find out that she did, in fact, tell Hunter that I am bi (because I like Morgan). And that made me mad. Because she isn't supposed to know.

I ask her why she told him, and she wouldn't tell me. And that pissed me off even more. But, I did find out how she knew: apparently, I told her one time us Fearsome Foursome were over at Morgan's house. Morgan was asleep, and I was probably drunk on coke and extremely tired. And I apparently said "I like Morgan as more than a friend" and then fell asleep. But I have no memory of ever saying this. Probably because of the drunken-ness.

Bah. Thank God I finally pestered her enough to tell me that he ASKED her and she told him. She said he asked, "What was that deal at lunch?" But I have no idea what that means. And her mother made her sign off AIM before she could tell me.

Argh. It's not a nice feeling knowing someone you don't really trust knows information that should be a secret. And that should never have left Rachel's lips. Some friend, huh? YOU DON'T TELL YOUR BOYFRIEND EVERYTHING. Even if he ASKS, tell him to DROP IT. He doesn't have the right to know. And you don't have the right to tell him. IT'S PERSONAL INFORMATION, DAMMIT!!

Okay, I'm better. I'm just extremely pissed off at Rachel. But I promised I wouldn't hurt her. So I can't. And I won't. I'll just have to have another little chat with her to find out more on the little conversation she and Hunter had.

Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Anime Birthday Special Post: Vincent Valentine!!
Yes, today is Vincent Valentine's Birthday!! Say yay!! ^_^ YAY!! HAPPY B-DAY VINNY!! We love you!!

Now, join with me in the vocalizing of "Happy Birthday"!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy BIRTHday dear VINCENT!!
Happy Birthday to you!!

And many more...!!

YATTA!! Now he's been sung to THREE times today!! Coz we love Vinny very much, and he's spethul enough to get sung to THREE TIMES!! ^_^

I think he's around 27 now... (And we'll forget those thirty years he spent sleeping, right? RIGHT! ^_~)

Cloud: *glomps Vincent* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VINNY! ^____^

Vincent: ...Thank you, Cloud. *pats Cloud on the head*

(Me: God, not this again ... this is LONG, so we're not going to see the rest. || Cloud: SHUT UP! WE ARE TOO GOING TO SEE THE REST! DON'T MAKE ME HURT YOU! YOU KNOW I CAN! I'VE GOT THAT BIG-ASS SWORD, REMEMBER?? || Me: *hides* ...Okay, Cloud ... don't hurt me ... Eep!)

Seeing as I don't remember what happens next in the happy little scenario, I'll have to find it and then I'll put it up. ^_~

Don't forget to either:

1. Glomp Vincent
2. Give him a present
3. Read lots of VincentxCloud or VincentxSephiroth fanfiction
4. All of the above

Until Hisoka's birthday (Oct. 18), that's my Anime (I include all FFs and KH as anime) Birthday Special Post!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

First chapter of YGO fic uploaded on ff.net!
I almost forgot! (And, I'm too lazy to put this in my previous post, so, nyah!) I finally got the first chapter of my YGO fic uploaded on fanfiction.net! Yatta!

Look for author mentaru or title False Reality. (I'm pretty sure it's the only False Reality in the YGO section.)

I may not think I am a review obsessed author, but I am! SO ... REVIEW!! BWAHAHA!!

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Of my Day and ... of my Day.
Ah, Momiji, the poor little dear. He's getting better, but, he's still somewhat in distress. He actually took over for a short period today. I was truly amazed. He started talking to Jazzy, asking her how to play the trumpet. And I think Jazzy got confused because Momiji talks in third-person, so I guess she assumed I was still talking to her - talking for Momiji.

And, then, the best part of my whole day happened. And, of course, it was Mr. Doby's doing. Ah, how I love my band director.

We told him he should have been a preacher and I said he should be a priest for Halloween. So we started calling him Father Doby. And then he turns around to Jazzy and says ... DAMN IT! I forgot. Bah. Well, that ruins the story. *sigh*

I reminded Morgan that I'm a pacifist today, and she gave me an odd look. I don't know why ... she was the one who suggested it, after all. Ah, well.

I still find it amusing that Rachel is going out with one of Morgan's minions (Hunter). I snicker every time someone mentions it. I really can't help it.

Gasp! I didn't see the NotieBook (c) today! It's amazing ... I ALWAYS see the NotieBook! But, I guess since we didn't play in band, and Rachel and the Terrible Trio (me, Jazzy, and Morgan) didn't eat together (coz Rachel wanted to eat with Hunter *snicker*), the NotieBook didn't get around. Weird. Guess I'll have a lot of catching up to do. Well, maybe...

Stupid DVD player! It wouldn't play Blood: The Last Vampire. Bah. And it's not the DVD's fault. And since I didn't want to watch it on my computer, I didn't watch it at all. Grr. But, hey, it's a week rental, so I've still got a while.

And I think I've basically talked out everything... so I'm going to go find something else to do until my bed time of 10 pm.

Ja ne! ^_~

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Monday, October 11, 2004

OMG, Orphen is so awesome! I must find the next episode so's I can watch-eth them!! ^__^

And I'm glad the main character is sexy. And I'm glad the main character has a cute, blonde uke!! Yatta! I heart OrphenxMajic!! Woo!!

*cough* Anyway... it really pisses me off that Azalie (or Bloody August) is a friggin' girl. BAH!! You're supposed to be a sexy hot guy that's cursed, not a stupid FEMALE. GRRRRR. There are too many females in Orphen all ready. You've got the main whench, the whench's sister, and a couple of other chicks I have yet to see. TOO MANY FEMALES I SAY!!

But, alas, I still love it. Coz of the sexy main character and his cute little blonde uke. And I would definitely recommend you peeps to see it. SO GO RENT IT!! OR BUY IT!! It's worth your money!!!!

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

The spawn of my boredom compells you all!!
I am bored. Yet again. *sigh* And I don't feel like working on my YGO fic coz I've already typed seven pages, and I feel good about that. The only thing that's really still bothering me is the fact that I can't upload it on ff.net coz I don't have a frickin' title!! BAH! This makes mentaru mad. Vewwy mad.

But, anyway ...

It seems that Momiji is still in 'distress' because Kaoru is still possessed. The poor dears. But now Momiji refuses to play, or even come near, a Monopoly set - I guess Ann really frightened him. *shakes head sadly* And Monopoly was one of his favorite games ... Ah, well. I suppose anyone would be frightened away from a game if he/she played with Ann. *shrug*

I've realized just now that you people don't know who Ann is ... Well, she's Morgan's inner child. She's six years old, and she's - er - a very violent six-year-old. (Like, just a tad homicidal... Though I don't think I'd go as far as saying she's sadistic ...) She gets what she wants when she wants it, and if you comply with her wishes, she won't kill you! She's actually quite sweet in a way, though... well, when she wants to be. In fact, I like Ann. And I think I've told her this before. *shrug* But, anyway, that's Ann in a nutshell.

So, yes, Momiji is afraid of Monopoly because he played with Ann. And I think he's afraid of Ann, too... Which is sad, really. I mean, Momiji is four years older than Ann ... But, I guess if I were a sane ten-year-old with hardly any cares in the world, I'd be scared of a practically psycho six-year-old. Maybe.

I think that's enough rambling about Ann and Momiji, don't you? Yeah, I'm gonna stop talking about them now. ^_~ But now I have a strange urge to ramble on and on about all the other people in my head and in Morgan's. If I counted them up (excluding the ones I've already rambled about), I'd be talking about ... five - wait - no, six people (because I hardly talked about Kaoru). Though, I think I'll spare you for now. But don't think I won't start rambling about them in my next post! ^__~

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

200 Visits!!
Wow, I just realized I have 200 visits!! Yatta!! ^__^

(And, yes, this 'update' is comepletely pointless.)

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