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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Uh-oh, it's mentaru's Kingdom Hearts mode!!
Hmm ... I'm really in a Kingdom Hearts mood ... (Don't worry, you won't have to hear any more about Chain of Memories! ^^;;)

I guess I put myself into a KH mode yesterday when I went to KH2.net and surfed through all the fanart. Heh.

And I think I pushed myself deeper into the KH mode by starting a KH fic ... OMG, it's really good. ^^ Basically, Riku and Sora switch roles in the game (where Riku's trying to find Sora, not Sora trying to find Riku), and Riku gets to have a Keyblade that the author made up called "Absolution," which is a mixture of the Keyblades "Oblivion" and "Oathkeeper."

And, of course, what could make a fanfic any better than it already is ...??

Why ... SHOUNEN-AI, of course!! ^^ Heh. Yes, it is shounen-ai. And, honestly, how can you deny RikuxSora?? It's so ... obvious!

There. ^^ Now, I know that won't convince many of you, but, hell, it's worth a try, ne? ^^

But, anyway, I have completely forgotten to tell you all the NAME of this wonderful fic! ^^;; Gomen.

It is:

Synonymy - by Ruaki

And, with that, I must bid you adieu, for I must finish reading the chapters that she has up! ^^

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

So close ... yet so far away ...
I had to give Chain of Memories back today. It was very sad. Because I got SO close to beating Riku!!

I got all the way to his green HP bar (and it goes: red, blue, green - or something like that)!! ^^ I was so proud!!

But ... then I died. And that sucked. Coz then I had to return the game. And, to think, on my third try I got down to his green HP! ^^ That makes me feel good.

I hope I get to rent the game again sometime, so I can try and beat Riku and finish the rest of the game before starting Reverse Rebirth ...

Man, that means that I won't have anything to keep me entertained during Spring Break ... I mean, after the computer and internet fail, there's really nothing left ... Drat.

Oh well. I had fun with the game! And now you won't have to hear any more about it! ^^

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Friday, March 4, 2005

It's official: I'm obsessed with Chain of Memories.
I've been playing like an addict all week. Any chance I got, I played. And I got all the way to Riku. But, fortunately, I'm leveling up before I actually FIGHT him, so I won't get my ass kicked as bad ...

Do you know how LONG it takes to level up??


OMG, you have to get, like, 9000 experience points in order to get to the next level. God. That's killing a lot of heartless, people. It gets rather tedious after a while.

I think that by the end of today I will be able to try and fight Riku. I have to return the game tomorrow, so I really want to at least try before I have to return it before noon. Heh, I'll probably get my ass kicked royally.

Ah well. At least I'll have the experience and be able to talk with my friends about it. (We're all stuck at Riku right now, heh.) And, I'll just have to be filled in on the rest of the game, or babysit again and rent it again and borrow Jazzy's GBA again so I can play Reverse Rebirth. ^^

Well, I'm off to kill more heartless so I can get to level 60 by tomorrow, when I shall meet my demise in the form of Riku ....

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Chain of Memories ... Damn you Vexen!!
Yes, I get to keep it until it's due back at Blockbuster, and Jazzy let me borrow her GBA. YES!!

I am now currently trying to kick Vexen's sorry ass - damn him, he just won't DIE!! (And, for those of you who have played, this is Vexen II, not Vexen I - Vexen I was SO FRICKIN' EASY.) I sware, right as I attack him and his HP goes bye-bye, he somehow magically HEALS himself!! >.< BAH!! And, when he does this, my poor Sora is running on adrenaline practically.

*mutters* Grr. But, I WILL beat him!


Heh, Squally was looking at the GBA to see how far I was this morning, and I was currently still in Twilight Town (STILL trying to kick Vexen's ass, BTW), and she was like, "Wow ... You've got some hidden talent for hand-held video games, Alison."

Yes, that I do! ^^ w00t!


But ... if I think Vexen II is hard, I don't know what I'm gonna be in for with Riku at the end ... I already know he's frickin' hard if Squally can't beat him. ^^;;

Ah well.

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories!!
YES!! I FINALLY got to play it!! ^^ I got to borrow my aunt's kids' GBA SP for the weekend, and I had rented the game to play while I "babysat."

I had to give it back today, though, which really sucked. T_T But, at least I got to play it!! ^^

I got all the way to Neverland! I don't know how far exactly into the game it is, but I am proud of myself. I just wish I could have kept the system longer ... I don't wanna have to start over!

Ah, well ... maybe if I ever get to borrow their system again, and I rent the game again, the people who would have previously played it might be somewhere near the vacinity of Neverland, so I wouldn't have to completely start over.

I just wish the GBA could have a memory card system. That would be so nice. Coz then I could save my rented game on the memory card, rent the game again later, and start exactly where I left off!

But, no, they have to go and make the stupid cartrage the memory card. BAH!! The only way that would be useful is if I OWNED the frickin' thing ... WHICH I DON'T!! >.< Grr.

*sigh* But I've got the experience now. And that's what counts. ^.~

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Anime Birthday Special Post: Asato Tsuzuki!!
I am so glad I checked my anime birthday calendar ... Otherwise, I would have forgotten! ^^;; I haven't really been keeping up with them lately ... I've missed about five birthdays. Ah well. Let me start my traditional anime b-day post.

So, happy birthday to Tsuzuki-san!! He is, in fact ... 105 today! ^^;; Yes, we definitely like older men ... heh. Shall we sing happy birthday to him? I think we shall!!

Happy birthday to you!!
Happy birthday to you!!
Happy birthday dear Tsuzuki-san!!
Happy birthday to you!!

And many more!!

Now, since Tsu-san is probably busy shoving his face full of any kind of sweets he can find, as it IS his birthday (he deserves lots of sweets on his b-day!), I really don't think he needs any more candy or cakes. So, please, don't give him any more than he already has -- and needs. Not that I don't love Tsu-san or anything, I just think that Hisoka really doesn't want to deal with Tsuzuki when he's on a major sugar high, so we don't need to make that sugar high any worse than it will already be. ^^

Anyway ... to finish off this post, I shall make my infamous "Don't forget to ..." List of DOOM!! ^^

Don't forget to ...
1. Wish Tsu-san a happy birthday!!
2. Glomp him!
3. Give him a present (but NO SUGAR!)!
4. Read Tsu-sanxHi-kun (or TatsumixTsu-san if you want ...) FANFICTION!!

And, with that, this post is now drawn to an end.

Until the next birthday! ^.~

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Wanted: The Lazy Ass -- Dead or Alive
Yeah, I haven't been real motivated to post here lately ... or leave comments anywhere. I still read people's pages, I just don't really see the need to use all that good effort to comment--it's not like anyone uses all that effort to comment on MY page.

But, since I'm here now, I got the fifth volume of Juvenile Orion, along with the box and keychains! ^^ Yatta! Mentaru is very happy.

And she is making her keychains do naughty things ... I mean ... *cough* Is placing them on a JO shrine ...? *looks around innocently*

Yes, I'm a pervert like that. What'cha gonna do 'bout it?


Damn straight!

I think I have also finally figured out who I am going to cosplay at A-kon this year: Kaoru from JO. The scary mind-breaker with the doll ... Yeah. Either her or Kagura Sohma. ^^

Well, I must be off now. (Oh, and please read my newest fic "Keys of Truth" in the Legal Drug fandom on ff.net!)

Ja ne. ^.~

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Late V-day
Yeah, I was busy yesterday. It's hard to post when you've got four major projects breathing down your neck.

I hope everyone had a very happy Valentine's Day. ^^ Mine was kind of depressing. Though, when all you get is candy and cards for 9+ years, it starts to get a little depressing when all these other people are getting flowers and stuffies and balloons ...

I give more than I receive. I guess that's a good thing. But, just once, I'd like to be the one receiving more than giving. JUST ONCE. That's all I ask.

I thought up an amusing line for Romeo (since we're studying R+J in English) in Speech. I mean, Romeo is a very melodramatic pain in the butt (who is seriously a pimp if you think about it). So, ahem:

"Oh, woe is me! Woe is me! The woman I love won't give up her virginity!"

Yes. Amusing. I know.

I must, however, depart now. So, once again, I hope you all had a good V-day! ^^

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Um ... *blink* Blah.
Lord, I haven't posted in a while ... I guess it's just that I've been really busy, and haven't been on the computer much.

I have been, however, reading lots of Legal Drug (or Gouhou Drug) fanfics the past couple of days. ^^;; And I've only read a chapter of the SECOND manga. I don't know how I got so obsessed with just reading one chapter ... Heh.

I've also been reading the Prince of Tennis and Naruto manga! ^^ Yay! My friend Lindsay, Jazzy, and I have started a manga rotation at school. We bring one, give it to someone, give the owner back the ones you've read, and then read the ones you're given at school and (if you don't finish) at home. It's really good because now I have access to the Naruto series! (Heh. And I got to see Naruto kiss Sasuke. *evil grin* And I don't care if it was only accidentally! >.< I'm going to have my friend photo-copy that panel so I can scan it and blow it up. Heh.)

Now I really want to SEE Naruto, the series ... Grr. Oh well ...

Well, I am going to go read more Legal Drug fanfiction, so, if you don't mind, I bid you all adieu. ^^

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Monday, January 31, 2005

How could I refuse ... to update?
Well, I've finally had time since the all famous band lock-in to update this damn thing. Yes, that's right - I was sleep deprived, so I had no time to update. And then Squally chilled with me for the whole next day, practically (she left 'round late nine-ish). Of course, I had to do my homework on Sunday, so this is REALLY the only time I've had to update.

Woo. I sure did say a lot. Anyway, the band lock-in was very fun. But I am still sore from all that Racquetball I played ... owwie.

You know what is extremely ironic? ME actually enjoying a BARBIE movie ... odd. But, really, the Princess and the Pauper Barbie Movie is a real kicker. It's extremely fun to make fun of, especially since the antagonist is a little wavier than normal ... And his famous line is: "How could I refuse?" ~snicker~

Really, you ought to force yourself to watch it, just so you can make fun of it - I mean, after all, there is this one time where the evil dudes are singing in a mine, dancing with picks and shovels. And there's a pimp dog from Jersey. And the main character likes science and has ADD. Heh.

Wow, I am in a very Final Fantasy VII mood. Ever since that new Advent Children trailer came out, I've been sucked into my FF7 mood. ~twitch~ AC MUST COME OUT SOON!! >.< ~twitch~ But, anyway ...

Nothing interesting happened in my life today, other than the fact that I get out of school at 1:46 tomorrow!! ^^ YATTA! ~does the happy-happy dance~

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