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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Listening to: Various songs by Jolin Tsai.
Feeling/Mood: I need a shower _
Last film seen in cinema: Land of the Dead

Woo!! It's the beginning of October!!
My favourite month simply because do you notice that LOADS of people's birthdays are in October? Including mine ^^ Hehe.
Sweet 16 soon!!

Well ... not much to say.
I've been very into Taiwanese singer 'Jolin Tsai' lately.
She's fab, maybe I'll try putting her songs up sometime.
[EDIT: I HAVE put a song up ^_^]

Umm ... Shaun's been away somewhere to see his aunt since Thursday so I'm missing him alot. Won't be seeing him till Sunday evening.
At least I've still been able to text him and talk to him on MSN.

Me and the gang were going to see 'Four Brothers' yesterday but we weren't actually that fussed so we decided to skip it. So the last film I've seen is still 'Land of the Dead' (Which was rubbish by the way -_-#)
What I wana see next is 'Howl's Moving Castle'
I doubt any of my friends will wana see it but have any of you?
Since we're all anime fans here =p Hehe.

Sorry if you don't like long posts, I personally like posts to be short and simple but Travis is always telling me that my posts are too short so this long one is for you lol.

Visit you all soon!
xXx Gabz xXx

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Listening to: LFO Every Other Time
Feeling/Mood: Missing Shaun
Last film seen in cinema: Land of the Dead

Hey all! Just changing the theme. Hope you like SasuSaku.
And I thought Id make sure that everyone knew that I am still alive lol.
Terribly sorry that Im just not around that much anymore

Dont really have much to say not a lot happening. Same old same old.

Hmm, well Im turning 16 in 17days (15th October) Wooo!
Which reminds me. Happy be-lated Birthday to Shanny hun =)
Sorry I wasnt around for the actually day.
Hope you had a fab one.

Until next time, take care all you Nifty people ^_~
xXx Gabz xXx

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Listening to: Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply
Feeling/Mood: Stressed
Last film seen in cinema: The Longest Yard

Oh crap indeed. It's been so long since my last update -_-
I'm SO sorry everybody ... I hate to give excuses but here they are ...
*Busy with school work.
*Like always, just at the Church a lot.
*My sister and her husband came to visit us all the way from China.
*Out with friends.
*Just didn't feel like updating.

Of course not being around has consequences.
It means I haven't visited any of you either!! T_T
I'm so terrible.

When I manage to pull some extra time out of my day I will.
I just know I've missed alot.
Like Shanny taking a break from theO O_o I had no idea!!!

Maybe I'll talk to some of you on MSN soon and catch up with things =)

Love you all
xXx Gabz xXx

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Listening to: Nelly - Fly Away
Feeling/Mood: Thinking of Shaun
Last film seen in cinema: The Longest Yard

I don't know why I'm posting since I have nothing to say lol.

I might as well just mention that I'm in the process of changing the song on the site.
Eventually it will be,
Nelly - Fly Away.

A song I've been loving after seeing 'The Longest Yard'.
The funniest film I've seen since Kung Fu Hustle. I do recommend ^_~

Yeh yeh, I know, I'm going on about films and cinema again! Lol.
I'm telling you, I should just live at the cinema =p Hehe.

xXx Gabz xXx

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Listening to: DaftPunk - One More Time
Feeling/Mood: Hungry ... I feel like an omlette ^^
Last film seen in cinema: Red Eye

Thanks for the questions on yesterday's post ^_^ I had fun answering them lol.

Well all I'm posting today is the answers so I'll catch you all another time ^_~
I'm off to visit you lot now
xXx Take Care xXx

.:. [ANSWERS] .:.

Dark Phoenix
[When and how did you first discover myO?]
Ooo, a background question ^_^
I discovered theO on May 27th 2004 when I was searching for a place to get people's opinion my fan art when I got really into drawing after seeing Kare Kano.

[Are you a virgin?]
I thought I'd answer this one anyway telk =P Hehe, yes I am.

[What do you look like?]
A picture is worth a thousand words =p

[what size shoe do you wear?]
I wear size 5s. Typical Chinese girl ^^ Small feet.

Oh and by the way, no Shaun is not my boyfriend. Well only in my dreams at least lol.

[How did you and Shaun meet in the first place?]
Yeh you're right Nessy, Shaun's not in my school anymore since he left for college last year.
I met him in the church we both go to. First it was Sunday school, then youth group and now we're best buddies.

[What would be your dream date location?]
Heh, I loved this question ^^
My dream date location would be on a lush beach in the night, just sitting cuddled up on the sand.
*I'm a real sap and sucker for all the romantic stuff ^^*

[Whats your favorite meal and how do you want it done?]
Mmm, I am a great lover of foods. I think just a simple dish of lasagne or curry will do me.
But then I guess you can't go wrong with Chinese XD
How do I want it done? Just in huge portions =D Hehe.

*And here's your hug and kiss, Huggle XOXO Mwah*

Keiko Inchihara
[What would you like to go into later on, as a career choice?]
Ooo, this is interesting. As a career, I want to be a business woman, perhaps a manager of a company ...
Following in my sister's footsteps. She was a manager of Avon.
But to be honest, being the traditional lass I am,
I would be very happy to be a housewife and just catering to my husband (If I ever find one) and looking after my offsprings (If I ever have any ^^)

[If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?]
This one took a lot of thought but I think I'd want to meet Wong Fei Hung. You might not know him but ALL Chinese people do lol. He's a martial arts guy, I think it would be well cool.

.:. [END] .:.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Listening to: Holly Valance - Naughty Girl
Feeling/Mood: Sweaty *Blech*
Last film seen in cinema: Red Eye

Yeh ... so I went back to school today ...
Nothing awful but definitely nothing brilliant.
Well one thing was pretty brilliant.
Shaun texted me ^^ Hehe.
Usually he only texts if I text first but today he texted first and said along the lines of,
'Reminding you of the gang while you're in that horrible place.'

So instead of me rambling about nothing happening in school, I've decided to have a little Q&A like Shanny had on her page.
Just ask me any questions no matter how personal and I'll answer them in tomorrow's post.
Might have a bit of fun with this lol.

xXx Gabz xXx

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Listening to: Red Eye trailers, clips and featurettes.
Feeling/Mood: *I love Cillian Murphy* ^^
Last film seen in cinema: Red Eye

So yeh ... I'm still in my Cillian Murphy mood lol.
This creepy/threatning looking dude who's eyes are too light for his hair.
Why the heck would I like someone like that so much?! Lol.

Well Sunday today so I'm doing my lovely usuals. Going to Church.
Yes I think most of us knew that I'm a Christian lol.
I've just been now in the morning. Going again later in the evening.

Until then, just relaxing at home, MSN maybe, watch TV, do some of my Art homework.
[EDIT] I'm off to my bessie friend's house for cake =p [/EDIT]

Hope to visit as many sites as I can today.
xXx Take Care xXx

P.S Thanks for 4000+ Hits!!

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Listening to: Selena - Dreaming of you
Feeling/Mood: *Giddy* ^^
Last film seen in cinema: Red Eye

I am IN LOVE with Cillian Murphy!! Lol.

I saw 'Red Eye' last night (Me and my gang always see films on the day the come out ^^ haha.)

It was fab. I really enjoyed the film to the full.

Now the downside, I left my phone in the back of Shaun's sister's car last night so I asked him to look after it for me till I pick it up today.
Needless to say he certainly enjoyed himself, raiding through my inbox -_-;;

When I went to pick it up, he was in his boxers XD Hehe.
Shaun's the kinda person who just doesn't care if you're that close to him.
Hey, I ain't complaining ^_~ Haha.

Well here's some eye candy for ya.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Listening to: Vanessa Carlton - White Houses
Feeling/Mood: Missing Shaun *Oh yeh ... that's new lol*
Last film seen in cinema: Crash

My my my, school in a week and I'm going back a day early aswell because I have to look after the Year7's (The first years, aww) *SNORE!!*

I should be concentrating on this year because I'm doing my GCSEs. Finally, the things I'll be doing in this year actually count. Not pointless 'end of year exams' or 'SATs' etc ...

Well if I'm not too busy I'm going to make my next theme 'Shu Qi' (Mandarin name) or 'Shu Kei' (Cantonese name).
A gorgeous Taiwanese actress *Love her*.
She does do nekkie photos but I won't be using those lol ^///^.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Listening to: Natasha Thomas - Let Me Show You The Way
Feeling/Mood: Dillusional
Last film seen in cinema: Crash

Hi everyone! I went to see 'Crash' on Saturday.
It made me cry so it passes the test lol. Very dramatic, was a pretty cool film.

Wana hear a joke?
A blonde prays to God and says,
'Lord, if I don't get any money soon, my family is going to starve to death, please let me win the lottery.'
So God says,
'Ok, I'll let you win the lottery.'
The lottery night comes and she doesn't win so she prays again,
'Lord, why didn't you let me win?!'
And God says,
'Look ... honey, you have to work with me here ok? ... Buy a ticket.'

Lol, I love that. Sorry if I offended anyone. I personally don't have time to explain but these jokes obviously don't mean anything about anyones intelligence due to their hair colour, it's all just a joke ok? ^_~ Hope you had a laugh!

Visit you all soon!
xXx Gabz xXx

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