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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Listening to: Red Eye trailers, clips and featurettes.
Feeling/Mood: *I love Cillian Murphy* ^^
Last film seen in cinema: Red Eye

So yeh ... I'm still in my Cillian Murphy mood lol.
This creepy/threatning looking dude who's eyes are too light for his hair.
Why the heck would I like someone like that so much?! Lol.

Well Sunday today so I'm doing my lovely usuals. Going to Church.
Yes I think most of us knew that I'm a Christian lol.
I've just been now in the morning. Going again later in the evening.

Until then, just relaxing at home, MSN maybe, watch TV, do some of my Art homework.
[EDIT] I'm off to my bessie friend's house for cake =p [/EDIT]

Hope to visit as many sites as I can today.
xXx Take Care xXx

P.S Thanks for 4000+ Hits!!

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