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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Listening to: DaftPunk - One More Time
Feeling/Mood: Hungry ... I feel like an omlette ^^
Last film seen in cinema: Red Eye

Thanks for the questions on yesterday's post ^_^ I had fun answering them lol.

Well all I'm posting today is the answers so I'll catch you all another time ^_~
I'm off to visit you lot now
xXx Take Care xXx

.:. [ANSWERS] .:.

Dark Phoenix
[When and how did you first discover myO?]
Ooo, a background question ^_^
I discovered theO on May 27th 2004 when I was searching for a place to get people's opinion my fan art when I got really into drawing after seeing Kare Kano.

[Are you a virgin?]
I thought I'd answer this one anyway telk =P Hehe, yes I am.

[What do you look like?]
A picture is worth a thousand words =p

[what size shoe do you wear?]
I wear size 5s. Typical Chinese girl ^^ Small feet.

Oh and by the way, no Shaun is not my boyfriend. Well only in my dreams at least lol.

[How did you and Shaun meet in the first place?]
Yeh you're right Nessy, Shaun's not in my school anymore since he left for college last year.
I met him in the church we both go to. First it was Sunday school, then youth group and now we're best buddies.

[What would be your dream date location?]
Heh, I loved this question ^^
My dream date location would be on a lush beach in the night, just sitting cuddled up on the sand.
*I'm a real sap and sucker for all the romantic stuff ^^*

[Whats your favorite meal and how do you want it done?]
Mmm, I am a great lover of foods. I think just a simple dish of lasagne or curry will do me.
But then I guess you can't go wrong with Chinese XD
How do I want it done? Just in huge portions =D Hehe.

*And here's your hug and kiss, Huggle XOXO Mwah*

Keiko Inchihara
[What would you like to go into later on, as a career choice?]
Ooo, this is interesting. As a career, I want to be a business woman, perhaps a manager of a company ...
Following in my sister's footsteps. She was a manager of Avon.
But to be honest, being the traditional lass I am,
I would be very happy to be a housewife and just catering to my husband (If I ever find one) and looking after my offsprings (If I ever have any ^^)

[If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?]
This one took a lot of thought but I think I'd want to meet Wong Fei Hung. You might not know him but ALL Chinese people do lol. He's a martial arts guy, I think it would be well cool.

.:. [END] .:.

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