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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Listening to: Various Chinese artists
Feeling/Mood: In need of a shower.
Last film seen in cinema: Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest

Well there's no epic or profound way to say this, in fact it's really pointless to even try since my last post was like in January ... 7 months ago O_o I'm so ashamed.
But I've decided to officially leave theOtaku.
When I completely shut down my site is still unknown ... I might not even shut it down but just leave it abandoned ... who knows.

It's like I've already left anyway but not officially because I never really got round to announcing it properly and I am truly sorry to everyone for that. I really did think I could just leave it and get away with it.

Honestly, I just started to lose interest in this place but I never for a second lost interest in the people here. It's the only thing that's been holding me back from leaving for so long.
I really do value everyone's friendly comments just knowing you've all taken the time to just stop and visit to read my updates. And I've loved reading and listening to everyone's updates here - I'm just sorry I'm so terrible at doing so regularly ...

So I guess to put it simply, I love you all, but I gota leave because I never update, I don't visit anymore, I don't deserve to be on people's friends lists and also I'm finding myself with less spare time now.
I've just finished my GCSE exams so I'm finished with high school now!! YAY!!
I'm going to college in September to do Business studies, English language and Media studies.
Shaun has become a really big part of my life now.
I would like to dedicate all my time to him, my church, my God and my studies to come.

I really do wish the best for everyone! No need for names because all the people I care about I've kept on my friends list =)
Even if I'm no longer on yours it doesn't matter, I just hope that you will remember me from the times when I was more dedicated to this place and when we were close =)
Take care! All my love, Garbz xXx

P.S I almost forgot!! My clubs!! Oh let's be honest, they weren't exactly much of a success anyway lol, no big loss.
Banners will still be available for the taking by anyone, I just won't be updating the club sites anymore. Fare well!

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Listening to: Lee Hyori - One Two Three N' Four
Feeling/Mood: Very tired.
Last film seen in cinema: King Kong

**Shock** That's right, Garbz is back, how long has it been?! Lol. Aw man I missed you all so much.

I'm not actually back on a regular basis, I just felt so guilty for having that LONG break without giving anybody an explanation or warning.
Some of you couldn't care less about whats up with me, some of you might've even forgotten me already but I am aware that a few of you have missed me and I'm sorry for worrying you.

Reason I stopped updating was because there were some changes happening. Might aswell start with the big one.
I'm seeing Shaun now =) And I haven't been happier. Been seeing him since End of November and just spending lots of time with him. And when I'm NOT with him it's MSN, text and calling lol. My phonebill SHOCKED my father last month =p

And then yano, I had mocks exams and loads of work to do at the church around Xmas.

Well that's it then, now I just await for all the updates on what was happening around here when I was away lol. I hear Sai has left ... that really brought me down.
A big wave to Nessy, Vicky, Shanny, Sephy, Hinaru, Karumi, Tiffany (KI), Shadow, Shin, SG and Dany because they are beyond fantasticness =p Hehe.

Speak to you all whenever I next speak to you then.
xXx Byeee xXx

[Note: Maybe I should've been more clear. Over here, when we say 'seeing someone' it doesn't been boyfriend girlfriend, it's not quite but getting there, like you have that status with eachother but not yet official ... if anybody gets me lol]

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Listening to: Mariah Carey - We Belong Together
Feeling/Mood: Confused, things are so complicated.
Last film seen in cinema: Wallace And Gromit in The Curse Of The Were Rabbit

I just feel like taking a day to relax so I will be visiting as many sites as I can today =)

I'm glad that terrible week of being ill and stressed is over now. Too bad some other things have occured now ...

I'll try and shorten the situation as much as I can but I guess alot of stuff is relevant.

Basically, Shaun a few nights ago said the words I've been longing to hear. Something on the lines of,
'Sometimes I think I'm almost in love with you', 'You're the closest thing to a woman to me', 'Sometimes when I see you I just wana grab you and kiss you'.

Needless to say I was OVER THE MOON. Even though he was just really trying to imply that he's feeling so close to me now that it can be inevitable to think things like that but it's still not necessarily romantic feelings.

It's amazing how quickly that happiness went. Our friend kinda starting sneaking bits of info to me which got my hopes up because he told me things like,
'Shaun said, I do want this girl, but I want to be sure. I'd hate it if she went out with anyone else.'
However I got brought back down again when I found out that Shaun actually sorta has feelings for another girl, who's my best friend.

Well everything is actually alright. No conflicts, no awkwardness, etc. Thank God I have such amazing friends to be there supporting me even when sometimes I act like just a total fool.

And I really should thank everyone reading =) I use this place to just spill everything out and it makes me feel better.
It's nice to be listened to. I hope to do this for any of you anytime when you need it.

xXx Gabz xXx

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Listening to: Mortal Kombat
Feeling/Mood: I have a cold -_-'
Last film seen in cinema: Wallace And Gromit in The Curse Of The Were Rabbit

Hey everyone. I must say it hasn't been going all too peachy keen for me lately.

I've had so many courseworks due and my business teacher was kind enough to notice the stress I was in and gave me 3 extra weeks.
Plus, I did horendously bad on my Spanish speaking so she's given me a second chance.
HOWEVER! I'm now ill, missed my French exam and Spanish re-do and feeling terrible -_-#

I really should be resting but I thought I really needed to explain to everyone why I haven't been updating and visiting.
Please forgive me =(

Will speak as soon as I can.
xXx Love you all xXx

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Listening to: Lee Hyori - Together
Feeling/Mood: Happy
Last film seen in cinema: Wallace And Gromit in The Curse Of The Were Rabbit

Hey everyone, I'm just changing the theme of my site so if it looks all gobble-di-goop for the next past hour or you'll know why lol.

The other day when I updated I was unable to visit anyone's site =S
It was so strange, everyone's site wouldn't load past the post parts ...
So I'm terribly sorry that I didn't comment even though I tried ...

Well getting back to changing my site, speak soon!
xXx Gabz xXx

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Listening to: FHM Girls - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
Feeling/Mood: Just stuffed my face ^^
Last film seen in cinema: Corpse Bride

Hey everyone!! Update on Miss Garbo's life.

*I've been made redundant from my job - I was notified a couple months ago but it's official now. Not too big a deal, was just a Saturday job anyway. Now I get to lie in again on my Saturday mornings ^^

*I saw 'Corspe Bride' on Friday. Was a VERY sweet film =)

How has everyone been lately?
I'm on my half term now, so I've got a week break from school, woo!
Too bad I got so much coursework and revision though _ So it's hardly a break lol.

Here's a birthday card from Travis.
It's not him late giving it to me, it's me late showing everyone lol.

Thank you ^_^

Well I'm gona get off my backside now and do some work before I go to Church.
Take care everyone! Until next time.
xXx Gabz xXx

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Listening to: Ayumi Hamasaki - STEP YOU
Feeling/Mood: Thinking about Shaun
Last film seen in cinema: Land of the Dead

Well another beginning of another week. Everything's going really quickly now, it's great =D
Before you know it it will be GCSEs then May Ball then summer holidays! =D

My biggest birthday present was from my sister. A plane ticket to visit her in China in May!! Woo!! ^^ Can't wait.

One more birthday card to show ^_^
From my darling little sis Nessy

Love it AND YOU to bits!!

Hehe, well I better go now. Take care everyone!
xXx Gabz xXx

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Listening to: Alicia Keys - Diary
Feeling/Mood: Fab ^_^
Last film seen in cinema: Land of the Dead

Well let's see, how do I start ... erm maybe something on the lines of
to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and sent me cards =D
You're all fantastical ^_^

I did have a lovely day and it was spent with my best buddies so sweet 16 was certainly pretty sweet ^^ Hehe.

Here are the cards I received and I love them all =)

From Big bro Alex

From Silent Love

From Karumichan

From Hinaru

From dear ShadowLight

And last but NEVER the least, Sw33tz babe ^_^
*SQEEE XD* Eddie!!!

Thank you again and stay wonderful ^_~
xXx Gabz xXx

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Listening to: Autumn In My Heart - Reason
Feeling/Mood: Hmm, I wonder what being 16 feels like
Last film seen in cinema: Land of the Dead

Hey all!! How has everyone been lately?
I must say, I am going to go MENTAL if I get anymore flipping coursework from school!!
I've even had to stay after school for alot of this week doing work!
So please understand and forgive me for not being around lately.

Hey guess what? It's my birthday tomorrow!! Woo!! ^_^ Lol.
It's quite an exciting day because it's the official 16.

I can wake up tomorrow morning and get married with parental consent mind! Haha =D

I'm looking forward to tomorrow now, it's gona be a laugh with all my buddies ^_^

Speak to you all soon!
xXx Gabz xXx

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Friday, October 7, 2005

Listening to: Natalie - Going Crazy (Spanish Version)
Feeling/Mood: Weird mood
Last film seen in cinema: Land of the Dead

Hey all, I'm not sure what I'm feeling today ... kinda in a weird-ish mood.

Sorta just wana be on my lonesome, listening to music, think about Shaun hopelessly ...

My first thought was to come on here to update.
I just feel like I can open up here and tell you guys everything.

Well I'm gona go early, my brother wants to spend time with me, maybe that will cheer me up =)

Take care everyone!
xXx Gabz xXx

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