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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Listening to: Various songs by Jolin Tsai.
Feeling/Mood: I need a shower _
Last film seen in cinema: Land of the Dead

Woo!! It's the beginning of October!!
My favourite month simply because do you notice that LOADS of people's birthdays are in October? Including mine ^^ Hehe.
Sweet 16 soon!!

Well ... not much to say.
I've been very into Taiwanese singer 'Jolin Tsai' lately.
She's fab, maybe I'll try putting her songs up sometime.
[EDIT: I HAVE put a song up ^_^]

Umm ... Shaun's been away somewhere to see his aunt since Thursday so I'm missing him alot. Won't be seeing him till Sunday evening.
At least I've still been able to text him and talk to him on MSN.

Me and the gang were going to see 'Four Brothers' yesterday but we weren't actually that fussed so we decided to skip it. So the last film I've seen is still 'Land of the Dead' (Which was rubbish by the way -_-#)
What I wana see next is 'Howl's Moving Castle'
I doubt any of my friends will wana see it but have any of you?
Since we're all anime fans here =p Hehe.

Sorry if you don't like long posts, I personally like posts to be short and simple but Travis is always telling me that my posts are too short so this long one is for you lol.

Visit you all soon!
xXx Gabz xXx

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