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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Listening to: Holly Valance - Naughty Girl
Feeling/Mood: Sweaty *Blech*
Last film seen in cinema: Red Eye

Yeh ... so I went back to school today ...
Nothing awful but definitely nothing brilliant.
Well one thing was pretty brilliant.
Shaun texted me ^^ Hehe.
Usually he only texts if I text first but today he texted first and said along the lines of,
'Reminding you of the gang while you're in that horrible place.'

So instead of me rambling about nothing happening in school, I've decided to have a little Q&A like Shanny had on her page.
Just ask me any questions no matter how personal and I'll answer them in tomorrow's post.
Might have a bit of fun with this lol.

xXx Gabz xXx

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