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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Listening to: Mariah Carey - We Belong Together
Feeling/Mood: Confused, things are so complicated.
Last film seen in cinema: Wallace And Gromit in The Curse Of The Were Rabbit

I just feel like taking a day to relax so I will be visiting as many sites as I can today =)

I'm glad that terrible week of being ill and stressed is over now. Too bad some other things have occured now ...

I'll try and shorten the situation as much as I can but I guess alot of stuff is relevant.

Basically, Shaun a few nights ago said the words I've been longing to hear. Something on the lines of,
'Sometimes I think I'm almost in love with you', 'You're the closest thing to a woman to me', 'Sometimes when I see you I just wana grab you and kiss you'.

Needless to say I was OVER THE MOON. Even though he was just really trying to imply that he's feeling so close to me now that it can be inevitable to think things like that but it's still not necessarily romantic feelings.

It's amazing how quickly that happiness went. Our friend kinda starting sneaking bits of info to me which got my hopes up because he told me things like,
'Shaun said, I do want this girl, but I want to be sure. I'd hate it if she went out with anyone else.'
However I got brought back down again when I found out that Shaun actually sorta has feelings for another girl, who's my best friend.

Well everything is actually alright. No conflicts, no awkwardness, etc. Thank God I have such amazing friends to be there supporting me even when sometimes I act like just a total fool.

And I really should thank everyone reading =) I use this place to just spill everything out and it makes me feel better.
It's nice to be listened to. I hope to do this for any of you anytime when you need it.

xXx Gabz xXx

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