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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Listening to: FHM Girls - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
Feeling/Mood: Just stuffed my face ^^
Last film seen in cinema: Corpse Bride

Hey everyone!! Update on Miss Garbo's life.

*I've been made redundant from my job - I was notified a couple months ago but it's official now. Not too big a deal, was just a Saturday job anyway. Now I get to lie in again on my Saturday mornings ^^

*I saw 'Corspe Bride' on Friday. Was a VERY sweet film =)

How has everyone been lately?
I'm on my half term now, so I've got a week break from school, woo!
Too bad I got so much coursework and revision though _ So it's hardly a break lol.

Here's a birthday card from Travis.
It's not him late giving it to me, it's me late showing everyone lol.

Thank you ^_^

Well I'm gona get off my backside now and do some work before I go to Church.
Take care everyone! Until next time.
xXx Gabz xXx

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