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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Listening to: Lee Hyori - One Two Three N' Four
Feeling/Mood: Very tired.
Last film seen in cinema: King Kong

**Shock** That's right, Garbz is back, how long has it been?! Lol. Aw man I missed you all so much.

I'm not actually back on a regular basis, I just felt so guilty for having that LONG break without giving anybody an explanation or warning.
Some of you couldn't care less about whats up with me, some of you might've even forgotten me already but I am aware that a few of you have missed me and I'm sorry for worrying you.

Reason I stopped updating was because there were some changes happening. Might aswell start with the big one.
I'm seeing Shaun now =) And I haven't been happier. Been seeing him since End of November and just spending lots of time with him. And when I'm NOT with him it's MSN, text and calling lol. My phonebill SHOCKED my father last month =p

And then yano, I had mocks exams and loads of work to do at the church around Xmas.

Well that's it then, now I just await for all the updates on what was happening around here when I was away lol. I hear Sai has left ... that really brought me down.
A big wave to Nessy, Vicky, Shanny, Sephy, Hinaru, Karumi, Tiffany (KI), Shadow, Shin, SG and Dany because they are beyond fantasticness =p Hehe.

Speak to you all whenever I next speak to you then.
xXx Byeee xXx

[Note: Maybe I should've been more clear. Over here, when we say 'seeing someone' it doesn't been boyfriend girlfriend, it's not quite but getting there, like you have that status with eachother but not yet official ... if anybody gets me lol]

.: [Banner made by Sai] :.

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