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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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Well there's no epic or profound way to say this, in fact it's really pointless to even try since my last post was like in January ... 7 months ago O_o I'm so ashamed.
But I've decided to officially leave theOtaku.
When I completely shut down my site is still unknown ... I might not even shut it down but just leave it abandoned ... who knows.

It's like I've already left anyway but not officially because I never really got round to announcing it properly and I am truly sorry to everyone for that. I really did think I could just leave it and get away with it.

Honestly, I just started to lose interest in this place but I never for a second lost interest in the people here. It's the only thing that's been holding me back from leaving for so long.
I really do value everyone's friendly comments just knowing you've all taken the time to just stop and visit to read my updates. And I've loved reading and listening to everyone's updates here - I'm just sorry I'm so terrible at doing so regularly ...

So I guess to put it simply, I love you all, but I gota leave because I never update, I don't visit anymore, I don't deserve to be on people's friends lists and also I'm finding myself with less spare time now.
I've just finished my GCSE exams so I'm finished with high school now!! YAY!!
I'm going to college in September to do Business studies, English language and Media studies.
Shaun has become a really big part of my life now.
I would like to dedicate all my time to him, my church, my God and my studies to come.

I really do wish the best for everyone! No need for names because all the people I care about I've kept on my friends list =)
Even if I'm no longer on yours it doesn't matter, I just hope that you will remember me from the times when I was more dedicated to this place and when we were close =)
Take care! All my love, Garbz xXx

P.S I almost forgot!! My clubs!! Oh let's be honest, they weren't exactly much of a success anyway lol, no big loss.
Banners will still be available for the taking by anyone, I just won't be updating the club sites anymore. Fare well!

.: [Banner made by Sai] :.

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