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Tuesday, May 3, 2005


I have found a new band they are like hevey matel meets anime sondtrack more info later...after there cd that i ourded comes in

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

   been besiy haveint had time to post

Work,work,work,work and you gests it MORE WORK! Man seems to be all that I do these days hmmmm....anythang else i cud talk about?....oh ya I mised a day of work chuse I had food poisning man I was SICK! like BAD sick, like pukeing and shiting my guts out sick HAHA my only day off and thats what i git, well thats life for ya it sucks then you die. Thats about all i can thank about to right about today sarry


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Friday, April 15, 2005


and its guna be a long work week to...man! I dont what to work! this SUCKS!.......i'm tierd....good nite

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


ever have one of thouse days were you gust feel weard? Like some thang is right in just runing to the nerest liveing thang and killing it,or haveing sex with some random person for no reson right there on the street in frount of every passer by.......I know makes no sence I just feel crazy for some reson. Not in a bad way just, WEARD!

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

   lol there seemd to be some confusion on my last post

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ok ppl that last post was not how I!! feel about the world I'M FINE! I did not even right it MY FRIEND did at his sight i gust posted HIS POST HERE so he cud git some advice becouse he has no one that coments on his sight or even vsits.

sarry for the confusion
But thanks anyway! :)

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   damn! and I thout that I got fucking mad

this is todays post from my best friend Ichiro, plz go to his site and talk to him hes been on there for 1 year and has had no vsits and life has got him down so plz vist him......here gust read


Holy Jesus!!!!!!!!!
What the Hell? If there is anything that I want to ask Jesus right now, it is why the hell I am I not getting what I want out of life. I hate this piss pooe excuse for a world and I would not hesitate to end it at a moments notice. Nothing would pleasure me greater than to line up all of the preppy stuck up people of this world and shoot them into a pit. I would just be happier than hell to see their mangled bodies hurled skyward via a granade blast. Then after that, I would just leave them to the vultures to rot in the sun. I hate this world and it's standards so much that I prey to what ever god there is to end it. Just kill everyone including me so I dont have to keep living in the s@#thole anymore! Hell, When I go to heaven, I am going to look saint peter in the face and say "Holy dog s@#t!, It looks to me like the best part of you slid down your mama's crack and wound up as a brown stain on the matress!" I have already served my time in hell, don't send me back or I will drag you down with me! Oh, and by the way, I am canceling my service with Yahoo personals. They are a bunch of stuck up asses who build up hopes for a relationship and smash it in front of my face! I want to make them wish that they were dead for wasting my valuable time! So, If there is anything that Jesus needs to be afraid about, above all the pestilece, famine, war,and hate in this world, it is me right now, and as I see it, he is a COWARD who will not help me. I have FAILED! I have FAILED, because God has FAILED to help me. So, whenever my life F%@cks up. I am not going to blame myself. I am going to blame HIM. And the way I see it, HE owes me for one relationship! I am sick of failing, people. I will achieve my objective if it f@#$ing KILLS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   Makes sense......and shes hot

What Does Your Guardian Angel Look Like::guys and girls:: by angel_drifter
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What Your Angel Looks Like:
Why Has Your Angel Been Guarding You:to protect you from the evil within you
How Long Have You Been Guarded(years):5
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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   the carnage continues......

I only got two coments on my last post so three more kittens must die to subside my rage

(three fury cute kittens stan tied to post,blind folded with cigerits in ther mouths as a inraged voise comes out of the loud speeker of a black gundam) "my friends on Otaku have refusd to go along with my demans and assuch your lives are now forfit do you have any last words?" (duo whaits only 1sec for any words)"fine i did not want to hear them anyway" the gundam fires its buster sheld at the three condemed kittens vaperising them in a huge expolshin)

there I hope your happey. GOD!im evil anyway my demans stan, 3 coments form 3 defrent ppl OR ELSE! WHAHAHWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ;)

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Friday, March 25, 2005

You WILL comnet

no one came to visit! wolf of darkstar did ofcorse but he allways dues;) HELLO! WERE ARE ALL THE REST OF MY FRENDS! (sigh)......man this blows no one to talk to.......BANG!(shouts a kitten)I did not want to do that but for each day that there is not 3 post on my site from 3 deffert ppl I will kill a kitten only YOU can stop the carnage

you have my demans

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   A blast form the past

hahaha my very first post
----------------------------------My site is finally coming together, YAY! Thanks to the help of my best friend and roomate, hanij(check out his site too if you would). He's the reason I joined this site, that and all my other friends that were doing it too(Wulf & Kyomi, were all from the same town). I just wanted to be popular :).
But PLZ sign my guestbook, I'd love to make new friends who have the same interests as me! And I'll get back to you as soon as I can drag hanij away from the computer and his site long enough to do so.

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