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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   the carnage continues......
I only got two coments on my last post so three more kittens must die to subside my rage

(three fury cute kittens stan tied to post,blind folded with cigerits in ther mouths as a inraged voise comes out of the loud speeker of a black gundam) "my friends on Otaku have refusd to go along with my demans and assuch your lives are now forfit do you have any last words?" (duo whaits only 1sec for any words)"fine i did not want to hear them anyway" the gundam fires its buster sheld at the three condemed kittens vaperising them in a huge expolshin)

there I hope your happey. GOD!im evil anyway my demans stan, 3 coments form 3 defrent ppl OR ELSE! WHAHAHWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ;)

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