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Friday, March 18, 2005


There at work bord out my mine cant thank of anythang to post about.......................just thought i shoud so all of you wood know i'm steal here.....zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005


been a long time hu? well im back now and feeling grate! How are all of my friends here at otaku? were have i been you ask well I have a lot to do to day so i realy cant explan right now,but maybe later. Oh! wolf of darkstar ryan is haveing a bit of a money prob right now and cant pay his internet bill I meen I had to give him 100$ to git food with so...it may be a wail befor hes back on
well anyway i got to go for today its my baby sisters 16 b-day and I got to go shoping for her and setup a serprise party
well this is Duo sighing off


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Monday, March 7, 2005


I just bought 5 boxes of the InuYasha card game AND THERE FUCKING KICK ASS!! But anyway dont worry about me Im im fine that last post was becuse I COUD NOT THANK OF ANY THANG TO WRITE!!! sarry to cut this shourt but i have to go its den one of my besey periods so I havent had time to post woops! time to go

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Whats Up!

long time no see!I'm sorta tiping this at work so all make a longer post tomoro and fill you in on whats been up in my life latey. But anyway just thought I'd let you all know that im back


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Wednesday, December 1, 2004


whats up....I dont know what good it does me talking about my problems on this site but you guys are my friends so i juess it hellps to know that ppl care

(sigh)OK..here it goes I know that my situation is most likely not unique except for the way I grew up, which effect my decisions today. Just a sec... *lights cigarette* Ahhh yeah, this will help.

Anyway, *blows puff of smoke* I'm nineteen and just got out of high school last school year. Due to some shit with my family and friends, I didn't care about school and fucked off during classes. And now I find myself living with my mom and a 4 month period of being un-employed after being fired from a decent job. And as you all know because of my uncaring attitude in school, I'm not a good speller or a good writer. I basically have no skills other than martial arts and welding. But keep in mind that I am not certified in welding so I cannot get a job doing that. I don't have the money nor do my parents to put me through college, and I am currently stuck in a dead-end job at Sonic, making $5.75/hour and putting in about 20 hours per week. Most of the money I make goes to paying off medical bills (which I am being sued for by the State) which I got from having no health insurance because I lost mine when I turned 18 and my ulcers caused by stress which needed to be fixed (and are not getting any better mind you).

I am feeling alone, depressed and during the past few days I have been having recurring thoughts of suicide, which I thought were over. Before you start thinking that I am a person who needs serious mental help, the reason for these thoughts is that my mom has been having financial problems as it is and she has been having to pay my car insurance for me (which is about $180/month) and I'm just feeling like I am just a burdon on everyone and not of any help and the only way to stop that is to not be around anymore. I know that is not the right answer, but I don't think anyone can blame me for feeling that way.

So... there you go. There is MY (just like the song) "World So Cold". I don't think I ever expressed this much on this site before. At least not in detail. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated because I honestly don't like feeling this way. I just do when shit hits the fan.

On a lighter note, I'd like to thank some of my friends on this site for always being there for me. If I forgot one of you, don't take it personally, I just forgot your username.

Thanks for your happy attitude and humor. It lightens up my life a little bit. And I look forward to your continued friendship.

I'd like to chat with you on MSN sometime, cause I'd like to get to know you better. You're one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Wolf of Darkstar:
One of the few people who takes precious time out of their day to comment on each of my posts when I post them and who I honestly share some of the same views with.

And for all of my brothers:
I think you all know the "reasons" No One, Tenchi Kumori, Ichiro, and Wulf

And to my sister Lady Kumori:
You have been an inspiration in my life and a symbol of strength and courage for me and I just want you to know that.

And to everyone else:

I will check this post regularly, but will keep it up for a few days.

Thanks again, See Ya!!!

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

   How you all doin

aint got much to talk about today so I will gust leve the floor open for your ranbom thoughts

Go ahead...anythang

Dont wory i dont care what you say


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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

   WASS UPPP!!!!!!

ROCK ON EVERY ONE! thats a good turn out for my site 6 coments not bad LOL!

Anyways I just got back from a hunting trip with my dad over the weekend I HAD A HELL OF A GOOD TIME! And besieds i dont see my dad that ofen so it was good for both of us

Ok time for the Duo quote of the day.
Anyone who sees me has got a date with his maker!
Oh ya thats a classic. ME THE MAN!

F.U.T.D that meens (Fuck up thout of the day)
hmmm....I got it. What wood a man's (beep) look like if it was smasted with a slage hamer.
OH GOD! that hirts gust thanking about it!

well thanks for stoping by that all for today Duo sighing off


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Thursday, November 11, 2004


I havent gotin that meny coments on my song or site......Oh well! gess I'll just thank the ones who did

Wolf of Darkstar
and NO ONE
thanks you ROCK!!!

Anyway time for the Duo quote of the day:
It's plain to see that all most ppl care about are the pockets that thay fill and thay don't what to hear me talk about the reasons that god put us here, so thay tell me to put a sock in it. I just tell my self that I tried and then I pray for them...for all of us

Well thats a long one but hay! thays all I cud thank about to day
PS about that quote dont git the imprshon that I thank i'm perfict of somethang I just thank that if some ppl were less greedy and spint more time looking at the big picther that the world mite be a beder place.

OK! enuf being good to day Time for the morebid thoit of the day..

What if God desided to be meen and stared to grab ppl off the street, stick HUGE, LIET, fire crackers up there asses and then put them down
Hmmm.... I wonder what that plag wood be called HA HA HA !

Anyway thats about it, oh! same thing in my last post,I what to know the names of any anime that has to do with death OK
Duo sighing off


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Tuesday, November 9, 2004


New outlook on life = new site!

I want your questions and comments! Whether you think it's cool, bad!, awesome, or KICK ASS!!! Those are your only options! (WARNING: All those that picked Bad! are subject to a severe ass kicking!)

just kidding... or am I?

I have to give credit where credit is due and say thanks to No One for helping me update the look of this site. This site's sister site, Lord Ru Ookami will be updated soon too, but not for a little while longer.

Another bit of information, I intend to join No One's Poetry Guild and suggest that as a friend, you check out the poetry of those in the guild... it is very good!

Enough of that! I need some help from you guys. If you know of any anime shows dealing with Death, or Death incarnate, or... well, you get my drift.


WAIT!!! Not done yet...

I STRONGLY suggest that you listen to the words of my new song on this site... it's kinda like a window into my head on my views of this world. I know... scary isn't it? :)

I also will be posting a "Morbid thought of the day" much like No One, since he's doing it, and I'm the one who thinks that way the most, I SHOULD DO IT... NOT HIM! So, here we go:


I wonder what a human body would look like after I stepped on it with Deathscythe and then twisted it's foot back and forth as if putting out a cigarette... and then S L O W L Y lifting it's foot... think about it! ;)

Next order of business... (NO, I'M NOT DONE YET!) I will also have a quote of the day from now on.

Today's quote is: "..... I can't think of anything DAMMIT!!!"

There you go! That'll do!

Well, I guess I'm done rambling for today! So, Duo signing off...

See Ya!!!

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   Hiya every budey been a long time

To tell the truth my live has been a rollercoster for a long time now and I finly hit the ground...HARD! But as werd as this sounds Im glad! becouse it nocked some cince into me and now I know what I've been doing worng in my live and for the first time in a long time I'm working on makeing my life beder for me! So now that I'm feeling up to it Im back! So feel me in on how you all have been and whats up ok

Duo sighing off

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