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This is a song from Mudvayne called "World So Cold"... I figured since it means so much to me that if Duo was here, it would be one of his favorite songs too... listen to the lyrics and you'll understand!

The God of Death is back from hell,
Bringing the wicked, Death's putrid smell,
He flys on wings of black,
Dealing justice to who's faith lack,
An angel born in hell to break Satan's spell,
The God of Death is back from hell.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

jeest been a looooong time

i dont thank ive been no here for ever! you guys prbably dont even remeber me, thats cool i gess i'll jesst have to git reaquanted with you all! post on here if you steel remeber me


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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Hi im back guys

Its a long time and im sarry for not posting but i've beed goimg throu a real hand time so you can understan but now im back and got a lot to talk about so GIVE ME A HALLER!!


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