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Monday, February 23, 2004

Justice is served!

The member by the name of yugis girl, who was stealing fanart from another member named Milkycat has either been removed or has left the site. GOOD RIDDANCE!! Sorry if I seem unrepentant. But as you're about to see in the post above this one, I HAVE NOT HAD A VERY GOOD DAY!! But I give you my solemn promise as a member of the Dragons, that I will keep a level head when addressing problems and people such as these in the future. I will let them know how I feel within the boundaries of the rules. That is a unanimous agreement among the members of the Dragons. I also will remain strong in my convictions to the group and what we stand for!

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

   THIS IS BULLS@#$!!!

The other members of the DRAGONS have informed me that a girl by the name of yugis girl has been stealing work and taking credit for it from Milkycat. Go to the thief's site and let her know about what we think of it! I'm going to post some nasty comments of my own towards her. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!! I know Duo would not allow the bad guy's to run amok, and I know I won't either.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

   Long live the DRAGONS

My brothers have arrived, the Dragon Clan has now been formed online! All those who lack faith in the teachings and muses of anime will smited and plunged into the firey pit of Hell ITSELF! So say I the GOD OF DEATH! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! *in english: as long as you don't diss any shows, we'll leave you be*

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   Setting people straight

There was a guy who approached me at school last week and made a comment to the sorts about my interest in anime and martial arts.

This IDIOT said:
"Dude, I think you're a little obsessed with the Japanese stuff. I mean where's martial arts going to get you?"

I just sat there staring at him for a second wondering whether or not I should break his face. And finally I said:
"Listen, "dude" obsession is just a word the lazy use to describe dedicated! Fifteen years from now, when I own my own dojo, and have more money than you could possibly ever dream of, I guess you'll see what "obsession" can do for you."

Anyway, I'd like to hear your comments on this "Dudes" and "Dudettes". Give me a holler.

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My site is finally coming together, YAY! Thanks to the help of my best friend and roomate, hanij(check out his site too if you would). He's the reason I joined this site, that and all my other friends that were doing it too(Wulf & Kyomi, were all from the same town). I just wanted to be popular :).
But PLZ sign my guestbook, I'd love to make new friends who have the same interests as me! And I'll get back to you as soon as I can drag hanij away from the computer and his site long enough to do so.

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