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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

   I Am Hope
I couldn’t help but to think about LadyMalik today and the final farewell post that she made before deleting her myO account to go to suicide therapy. I never really knew how she felt until I read her last post so I didn’t know, and I was shocked. I have seen a few people on this site who are also thinking about committing suicide. I saw an avatar the other day that said, “I wish that I could just cut my wrist and have all my worries bleed away.” I know that we all think about suicide every once in a while because that I is just plan human nature, but there is a difference in just thinking and in thinking about actually doing it. I believe that we all have so much to live for even when the road seems so dark. That is why I wrote this poem. Althought I am dedicating this poem to LadyMalik I have also wrote it for anyone else who is more then just thinking about suicide. Maybe this will change their minds.

I may never know what will happen to LadyMalik, but I wish her the best in her life and hopes see finds the peace that she seeks.

I am Hope
By Maki Bakura
Dedicated to LadyMalik

Hold on dear, don’t let go
No matter how much the darkness seems to grow

Even though you walk down a shadow path,
I’m there to hold your hand.

I am hope, to guide your way
I am hope, to light the day
There’s so much for you to see
So please believe in me

I know loneliness feeds your fears
Because I am always there and I see your tears

I may not always be by your side,
But remember that I lay deep inside

I am hope, to guide your way
I am hope to light the day
There is so much for you to see
So please belie in me

Hold on dear, don’t let go
No matter how much the darkness seems to grow

Even though you walk down a shadow path,
I’m there to hold your hand.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

I just go Yu-gi-oh The Movie sound track yesterday and it is SO GOOD. It even has a hidden track. If you don’t have it, you should get it. It has a lot of famous people singing for the CD like Black Eye Peas. Even if your not a YGO fan you should get it just to dance to. I am to have to have some as my background music soon. I even got some of the movie wallpaper to put up with it. ~_0
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Me: *sits down next to Seto.* Happy Birthday!!!

Seto: My Birthday isn’t for another two weeks.

Me: I know, but I am going to be on vacation then so I am celebrating now. Here, *hands Seto slice of cake with a candle on top* Bakura and I made you some cake.

Seto: *Looks at cake* Do you really think that I would eat this? You and Bakura properly put poison in it.

Me:*curses under breath*

Seto: What was that?

Me: *Big smile* I said what gave you that idea?

Seto: *Looks suspicious*

Me: *hands Seto an envelope*

Seto: What’s this?

Me: It’s your Birthday present. Go ahead and open it.

Seto: *opens envelope and looks inside* I own a multi-million dollar gaming company, and you give me cash.

Me: Well, it was either that or I could put more blackmail pictures of you on the internet.

Seto: *folds envelope and puts it in his coat pocket* Cash is fine.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

   Yami Marik in math class.
Very odd dream the other day. All the YGO characters where in math class. Yami Marik was grinning evilly at Joey who sat a few chairs up and in the next row. Yami Marik then scribbled something on a piece of paper and tried to pass it up class to Joey. However, the teacher intercepted it. “Well, well. What do we have here? Shall we read it out loud?” the teacher said and opened the note and read it before reading it to the class. The teacher’s eye then got big. “Um, well…not this one.” And she crinkled up the paper and put it in her desk draw.

Then I woke up. Humm…I wonder what Yami Marik’s note to Joey said. You can tell it was something evil though. Boy! was the look on that teachers face hilarious!!

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

   500 HITS!!!

Dang! Yami Bakura is so sexy in this picture. I am going to have to keep it up for a while. ~_0

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   Popularity Madness.
Well, my greetings have been updated almost a hundred folds, so you should check out all my new ones. A Yugi/Yami friendship card I made on firday is already #3 on the popularity list for my greetings. But wait there’s more!!! If you look at the most popular wallpapers for the Yug-gi-oh category , you will find three of mine on the first page and one of them is #2!!! YHAAAY!!!!

I had better start making a “thank you for 500 hits” picture. Only one more hit to my site and it will be five hundred. Dang! I never new I would get so popular so fast.

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   A little help from you guys...
Before I can start making somemore avatars I need this certain kind of font that is like the universal avatar font. Unfortunately, I don’t have it and I have no idea what it is call so maybe some of you may know what it is called. Here is an example. The font I need is the font used in this animation.

If anyone can comment and give me the name of this font, I will be very very grateful.

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

This is a HTML test. Don't mind me.
Click here

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   The Limo Conspiracy: Part 3
Yes the ending is here!!

*Yugi and is friends are coming home from school. Joey taps Yugi on the shoulder and points down the street.*

Joey: Hey, Yugi. Is that what I think it is?

*Swerving down the street comes a big black limo. The limo stops, then starts, then stops, goes in reverse before finally coming towards the Pharaoh at top speeds. Unfortunately, a light poll gets in the way.*


Bakura: *Points to Yugi* We’ll get you next time Pharaoh!

Me: *starts home in a big huff*

Bakura: *Glares evilly at the Pharaoh and follows Maki home*

Yugi: *looks confused* I wonder what that was about?

Joey: Doesn’t matter. Let’s just go get some pizza.

Everyone: OK!!!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

   I AM BAKURA!!!!
Sorry for not posting in a while. Have been bsessing about his YGO RPG that I play Yami Bakura. It is getting really good too. Here is the link if you all want to have a lookie. Well, got to go steal the Millennium items. Later.

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